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* ISO Joe Jackson taper for 4/1 Milwaukee ("Eric G. Postel \(home\)")
* ISO Joe Jackson taper for 4/1 Milwaukee ("Eric G. Postel \(home\)") (V5 D823)
* ISO Sting May 2001 ("Eric G. Postel \(home\)")
* ISO Sting May 2001 ("Eric G. Postel \(home\)") (V5 D898)
* ISO taper for London Television show ("Eric G. Postel \(home\)")
* ISO taper for London Television show ("Eric G. Postel \(home\)") (V5 D851)
* Knopfler - Boston gets Milwaukee ("Eric G. Postel \(home\)")
* Knopfler - Boston gets Milwaukee ("Eric G. Postel \(home\)") (V5 D881)
Can cooledit automatically sync two tracks?
Can cooledit automatically sync two tracks? (V5 D877)
Eliminating pops and clicks
Eliminating pops and clicks (V5 D816)
FA: Pro Digital Sony 7 Pin I/O cable NEW!!
FA: Pro Digital Sony 7 Pin I/O cable NEW!! (V5 D842)
FA: Sony SBM1 A/D converter
FA: Sony SBM1 A/D converter (V5 D843)
FA:Midiman CO2 optical>coax converter
FA:Midiman CO2 optical>coax converter (V5 D842)
FS: Assorted HOSA studio patching cables ("Chris van Rensburg \(a.k.a. Tom Kidding\)")
FS: Assorted HOSA studio patching cables ("Chris van Rensburg \(a.k.a. Tom Kidding\)") (V5 D888)
ISO : Berkeley, CA & Omaha, NE area tapers ("Ryan :-" )
ISO : Berkeley, CA & Omaha, NE area tapers ("Ryan :-" ) (V5 D839)
ISO AC-DC 5-5-01 Spectrum
ISO AC-DC 5-5-01 Spectrum (V5 D881)
ISO: Known Gen Deftones shows / Master clones ("Jonas \(a.k.a. MiKeJ\)")
ISO: Known Gen Deftones shows / Master clones ("Jonas \(a.k.a. MiKeJ\)") (V5 D826)
Radio Shack NiMH Power Pack
Radio Shack NiMH Power Pack (V5 D875)
Re: Battery fuses? and Ratdog BnP DAT offer ("BOROWSKI,DON \(A-Spokane,ex1\)")
Re: Battery fuses? and Ratdog BnP DAT offer ("BOROWSKI,DON \(A-Spokane,ex1\)") (V5 D821)
Re: digital sound cards? (Holas "Ondøej")
Re: digital sound cards? (Holas "Ondøej") (V5 D874)
Someone who can transfer MD > CDR digitally? ("Jonas \(a.k.a. MiKeJ\)")
Someone who can transfer MD > CDR digitally? ("Jonas \(a.k.a. MiKeJ\)") (V5 D813)
Terapin VCD maker
Terapin VCD maker (V5 D878)
VCD or SVCD for me, please ("Ryan :-" )
VCD or SVCD for me, please ("Ryan :-" ) (V5 D880)
WTB: RM-D3K for Sony TCD-D8 ("Chris van Rensburg \(a.k.a. Tom Kidding\)")
WTB: RM-D3K for Sony TCD-D8 ("Chris van Rensburg \(a.k.a. Tom Kidding\)") (V5 D803)
"audio" CDR's
Rob Bertrando (V5 D813)
"LP" and dynamic range
Gary Davis (V5 D834)
"Rock For Choice" archive? Pretty please?? :)
musiclover (V5 D847)
"Splitting" an AES/EBU- How?
Beast914@aol.com (V5 D803)
$2 to $3 each???
Dan (V5 D813)
'86 Minneapolis GD Show
Dan Gale (V5 D862)
(no DAT content) win a free copy of the new Blind Faith deluxe
Steve Marshall (V5 D814)
-12dB DAT Walkman max record levels
Andrew Nemeth (V5 D877)
Jeff Lester (V5 D878)
1 4 woody
Nick Georges (V5 D820)
Seth Breidbart (V5 D820)
Michael Hackett (V5 D821)
1 4 Woody Source
Charlie Miller (V5 D819)
Seth Breidbart (V5 D819)
L. Sean Kennedy (V5 D819)
Charlie Miller (V5 D819)
12.11.98 MM&W offer closed
Caesar S. Carnevale (V5 D808)
120 meter tapes on ebay or for trade
r2d2@quik.com (V5 D814)
2 extra tix for Allman's Beacon Thurs. March 22
DATJAMS@aol.com (V5 D823)
24-bit audio and computer drives
Romain Kang (V5 D871)
24-bit portadat?
Chris M Hickman (V5 D843)
Jeff Lester (V5 D844)
3/2/01 Ben Harper show
Josh Durham (V5 D806)
350 Free Cd jewel cases-with a catch
Carl Mink (V5 D856)
4-18-92 phish SBD question
Stuart Gerber (V5 D865)
4/16 phil for b&p or trade
UCHAIN319@aol.com (V5 D873)
4/24 DC PHIL
Sieving, Charles E. (V5 D855)
4/8/01 Govt Mule...grovel
james peterson (V5 D848)
48 to 44.1kHz resampling
Christopher Lull (V5 D843)
48k DATs looking like 44.1 DATs ??
michael peachey (V5 D822)
Seth Breidbart (V5 D822)
7 pin bible rkda10 v/s rkda10p
Erick del Valle (V5 D817)
7 pin>female mini?
Robert O'Haire (V5 D836)
Len Moskowitz (V5 D840)
7-pin to double ended coaxial
DHami44862@aol.com (V5 D897)
8 tracks........
michael (V5 D850)
8 tracks...the way it was
Dan Greenberg (V5 D851)
: DPA 4051 vs 4060 (Digest #855)
GuySonic@aol.com (V5 D858)
Peter.Snowdon@cec.eu.int (V5 D859)
DMB & Steve Earle 3/17/99 On DAT
Clancey (V5 D881)
[Fwd: SONY DTC-P7 & DTC-750]
Pierre Rose (V5 D860)
[newbie question] 60m vs 90m for taping
Rick B. (V5 D817)
rob@allstarupgrades.com (V5 D818)
a 'skip' in one my masters.. HELP!
rudolf (V5 D839)
a few .shn CDrs available for trade
*~ pwk ~* (V5 D876)
a few ISO's and offer
ZAndersson@aol.com (V5 D812)
A few Xtras for trade...
Brian - Network Administrator (V5 D832)
A great taping opportunity.
Mike Swize (V5 D836)
A question of resistance
Warren Melnick (V5 D809)
A re-Introduction
Peter Albee (V5 D840)
A reminder, to catch "Scratch"...
Orest Seniuta (V5 D805)
Orest Seniuta (V5 D805)
A/D converter......HELP
PWKOMANECKY@aol.com (V5 D849)
A/D converter......HELP is on the way (super SBM-1 :)
E T (V5 D850)
ABB & Gregg Allman
Eddie Woodward (V5 D801)
ABB at the beacon - taping from seat?
james peterson (V5 D815)
Seth Breidbart (V5 D815)
AC/DC Boston 2000 dat for trade
Luigi Bagatella (V5 D864)
Ad500 Battery Choices
Carl Beck (V5 D856)
Administrator Away
L Sean Kennedy (V5 D821)
AEROSMITH 03-24-01 Munich secret club gig-Additional info
BlackCrowes@gmx.net (V5 D829)
Aerosmith 2001 Tour Dates
Tatina, Bill (V5 D862)
Air [French Band]
Owen Renn (V5 D860)
Aiwa CD-recorder from Crutchfield - WARNING.
Eric Reichenbach (V5 D812)
Aiwa HHB1Pro Dat Recorder FS
BenJD2B@aol.com (V5 D807)
Aiwa MM-X500 Portable MP3 Recorder
K.A. Long (V5 D849)
Alanis Morissette - El Rey 5/25-5/26
music rocks (V5 D896)
Alejandro Escovedo in Lexington (4/23)
Jai Sanders (V5 D863)
ALERT: MMW-Santa Cruz venue change.....TODAY!
jay@3rdperson.com (V5 D859)
allmans 3-24
Scott C. Brown (V5 D816)
alternative software to cut cd?
Joshua (V5 D803)
Warren Melnick (V5 D803)
Amazing show
Toby Germano (V5 D818)
AMM/Evan Parker etc
Alan Kayser (V5 D868)
Analog tapes
Vikas Bhatia (V5 D880)
Anolog tape disposal
Jay Fitzgerald (V5 D882)
Another free DAT
Ray Quinlan (V5 D826)
ANOTHER PLEASE TAPE: David Thomas Tour Dates in USA, Denmark & UK
da9ve stovall (V5 D802)
Another Stinking Virus(read this)
Bob (V5 D852)
answering my own question on DIO 2448 pops/crackles
Owen O'Neill (V5 D840)
The Chapper (V5 D841)
anti-virus software and cdr
david (V5 D854)
MadManMead@aol.com (V5 D855)
antibalas at wetlands this week and next
O Nelson (V5 D877)
Any tapers in Salt Lake City on the list?
mark (V5 D843)
any tapers in Sydney, Australia and rest of OZ ??
Tom Bjelland (V5 D843)
any tapers near Tempe, AZ?
Rob Gronotte (V5 D860)
Anyone looking for Merlefest Tickets?
L Sean Kennedy (V5 D860)
Anyone out there want to trade some DATs????
Eric Eckberg (V5 D875)
anyone tape with AT mics?
Nick Georges (V5 D866)
Anyone taping The Cult?
Lane Kelly (V5 D877)
Lane Kelly (V5 D890)
Anyone Taping U2 this weekend?
Drew (V5 D826)
Anyone Taping Van Morrison @ New Orleans Jazz Fest Next Weekend ?
KPS61@aol.com (V5 D864)
anyone to tape Alphaville 4-13-01 SLC?
GaoBest@aol.com (V5 D845)
Anyone use the Stanton STR8-80 turntable with the spdif digital
geoff nicholson (V5 D880)
apogee 1000E-20 & apogee ps-1000E Power Supply
travitz (V5 D813)
Apogee 500e 15 pin questions
Chris Bozzelli (V5 D815)
Apogee AD 1000 for sale
Seth Breidbart (V5 D847)
Apogee AD1000 for sale
ABielefeldt (V5 D861)
Apogee AD1000 Help
Charles Quinn (V5 D863)
April - Steve Kimock Band in Colorado
Eric Williams (V5 D877)
arboretum's ionizer for mac
j manniello (V5 D866)
Are "Klone" CDRs any good?
Scott Hansen (V5 D884)
American-Digital (V5 D885)
Slipkid (V5 D886)
Deadtour@cs.com (V5 D887)
Onno J.R. Bakker (V5 D861)
AT shock mounts SOLD
E (V5 D806)
AT822 - Speaker Vs. Headphone sound quality
Sean Madigan (V5 D802)
ATI ML200 Pre-Amp
tony (V5 D807)
Atlanta Music Midtown Trades ?
LAO (V5 D892)
Attention Re-Sellers.... Looking for prices on ...
Thomas_Denman@lotus.com (V5 D819)
Attention Tapers Located in Japan
Adam Smith (V5 D865)
ATTN: All TOOL tapers/filmers
CatalystX (V5 D849)
ATTN: All TOOL Tapers/Filmers 2.0
CatalystX (V5 D852)
Auctioning off Casio portable DAT recorder & Opcode DATPort
Evan Morris (V5 D857)
datman (V5 D857)
Audio CD-R
audio cdrs
taperroy (V5 D813)
audio editing software
Robert Walsh (V5 D867)
audio magic cable
Jmratman@aol.com (V5 D865)
Audiophile 2496 & DA20?
Jason Michael Kreuter (V5 D811)
Audiophile 2496 and Windows volume control??
EZ Rider (V5 D888)
=?iso-8859-2?Q?Holas_Ond=F8ej?= (V5 D889)
AUDIOPHILE 2496 card info
Degrado, Rob (V5 D835)
Len Moskowitz (V5 D836)
Authoring And Recording DVD-Audio Discs
Art Munson (V5 D888)
available FT: medeski-ribot-randolph, david byrne in NYC
*~ pwk ~* (V5 D890)
b&p jason crosby & friends 3-14-01
Scott C. Brown (V5 D837)
B&P Offer & ISO Boston Dead
Conor O'Reilly (V5 D811)
Bad Trader Scott Hutchinson - Stay away!
BlackCrowes@gmx.net (V5 D891)
Bad Trader?
Darrin McKeehen (V5 D860)
Badly Drawn Boy in Vancouver (5/14/01)
Tyler Bradford (V5 D892)
Bands that allow taping list...
BlackCrowes@gmx.net (V5 D800)
john e. bogus (V5 D810)
john e. bogus (V5 D821)
john e. bogus (V5 D843)
john e. bogus (V5 D858)
john e. bogus (V5 D876)
Adam Smith (V5 D820)
batteries on airplanes
Seth Breidbart (V5 D846)
Battery fuses? and Ratdog BnP DAT offer
Rich Perlman (V5 D819)
battery pack/batteries for sony m1
Eric Carr (V5 D869)
BBC jazz on RADIO 3----reliable contact needed!!
Tompixie@aol.com (V5 D812)
Toby Germano (V5 D803)
Beatles rooftop source question
Jim (V5 D801)
james tierney (V5 D802)
Beck on "Futurama" for West coast Fox viewers
Gary Davis (V5 D863)
Ben harper 2-3-96
John.Stanfield@furman.edu (V5 D820)
Ben Harper Fans Rejoice
Tatina, Bill (V5 D858)
ben harper taping policy
Popivchak, Pete (V5 D823)
Ben Harper w/ E.Vedder streaming audio via triplej
crak therapy (V5 D864)
Bernie Worrell taping policy?
james peterson (V5 D877)
james peterson (V5 D877)
Best "Y" cable for D-8 daisy chains?
Ryan Haskell (V5 D842)
best minidisc?
Bill Pannifer (V5 D897)
best minidisc?Digest #897
GuySonic@aol.com (V5 D898)
Big Frog
Masato Kato (V5 D823)
Big hard drives in old computers
Bonnie & Cleve Svetlik (V5 D897)
Big mail merger
Paul Kolber (V5 D824)
Bill Frisell's New Quartet
Alan Goldenberg (V5 D862)
Billie Joe Shaver/ Jesse Taylor
Music Lover (V5 D890)
Billy Joel / Elton John ?'s
Richard Hammond (V5 D880)
billy joel tour... anyone tape it?
VAHCBFC@aol.com (V5 D869)
binaurals/preamp for sale/trade
kip martin (V5 D848)
Black Crows taping policy
tony (V5 D815)
blake babies
~ pwking ~ (V5 D812)
Blake Babies/Juliana Hatfield
BadRep2000@aol.com (V5 D883)
Blue Tube follow up
Mike BB (V5 D882)
Bluegrass sessions
BNC connectors/cables for the DMIC20
schwigiddy (V5 D896)
Bob Dylan, KISS, AC/DC 2001 Japan tour
hiroyuki tanaka (V5 D873)
bond...james bond? :)
pro audio (V5 D824)
Bono says "tape our shows"
Paul Kolber (V5 D826)
Bootlegger of the Week: Interscope Records
Gary Davis (V5 D800)
Bose QuietComfort Noise-Canceling Headphones
Thomas Plum (V5 D850)
Andrew Nemeth (V5 D851)
L Sean Kennedy (V5 D851)
Boston area taper
Jay Lyons (V5 D836)
Boston DAT Repair?
Barnett Helzberg (V5 D815)
boston tapers--can i borrow a power source?
james tierney (V5 D859)
Brave Combo
Alan Goldenberg (V5 D813)
Brian Wilson Tribute, Paul Simon Texas shows
Roy Dripps (V5 D814)
broken 3700 for free
Christopher Lull (V5 D859)
Broken Dat
Bill Shaw (V5 D857)
Broken Dats
Andrew Goldstein (V5 D854)
building 1/8" to XLR cable
Gary Davis (V5 D815)
Building battery for Apogee AD500
LIIlIIllll@aol.com (V5 D818)
Built To Spill...
Brad Burleson (V5 D897)
Ben Ringo (V5 D819)
BUSTED Knopfler Wallingford ct 04/24/01 HELP !!!!
Steve Hussong (V5 D867)
Steve Hussong (V5 D868)
Can cooledit automatically sync two tracks?
Thomas Wulf (V5 D878)
cd artwork for the Dead's Capitol Threatre, 11-6&8-70, CD Tree:
Venezia, Frank P (V5 D894)
CD sleeves (black - clear plastic with black 'fabric') who
willard robinson (V5 D811)
CD-Burner Market Posting?
Bob Stone (V5 D822)
mark wilkins (V5 D823)
cdr special
Les Gordon (V5 D845)
CDR/hard drive/old pc questions
Joshua (V5 D896)
Change of E-Mail
kmstraker@mindspring.com (V5 D848)
Charlie Hunter - Is on stage allowed?
Tyler Bradford (V5 D898)
Cheap (or free) ticket avail- 3/24 Robyn Hitchcock NYC show
Owen O'Neill (V5 D822)
check it out!
KUZEN J (V5 D848)
Chicago Noise Pop Festival?
Rob Gronotte (V5 D848)
Chilli Peppers / Neil Young in LA last week.....
Matthew Thayer (V5 D814)
Choosing new portable & sound card...
Jackson Gibbs (V5 D854)
City of London Festival
Matthew Thayer (V5 D897)
ck8 capsules with 480s
Gray Proulx (V5 D886)
Eugene Hu (V5 D887)
CLAPTON - Europe 2001 Shows Wanted
Mal Barker (V5 D810)
Clapton live looking for someone to trade with
mark (V5 D860)
cleaning question...
chris rees (V5 D802)
Cloning from: DAT>PC, PC>DAT or CD
Bennett Forrest (V5 D827)
CMC6>KCY actives>4Vs??
Joshua (V5 D897)
Coalition for the Preservation of Performed Music
Disc N Dat (V5 D800)
Coaxial signal loss?
Jay Fitzgerald (V5 D868)
Colonel Les Claypool's Fearless Flying Frog Brigade October 8
John Fink Jr (V5 D882)
Colorado tapers group
Joshua (V5 D845)
Joshua (V5 D885)
Colorado Tapers Group/Telluride Bluegrass Festival
DHami44862@aol.com (V5 D894)
Colorado Taping Group
Joshua (V5 D884)
commander cody- taping friendly??
Cjyellow@aol.com (V5 D822)
Cool Edit Pro Questions
Rich Gomes (V5 D844)
Correction ISO: SCI 6/5/98 - Hoodoo Bash!
David Maley (V5 D816)
Creeper Lagoon@ Amoeba in SF
SlvrRcr@aol.com (V5 D860)
Crowded House
KindTaper@aol.com (V5 D814)
CSBs 4 Sale
Mr Mxblxyxh (V5 D817)
current billy joel/ elton john tour
taperroy (V5 D854)
cutting tracks on Sector boundries=very important!!
Chris Jonus (V5 D887)
D-3 and MidiMan CO3 For Sale
Stanley Willey (V5 D828)
D-3 and MidiMan for sale.
Stanley Willey (V5 D849)
D-7 / M-1
DHami44862@aol.com (V5 D838)
D-8 decision: Oade mods, SBM-1 or Inbox?
Phillip303@aol.com (V5 D860)
D-VHS format
john kupchik (V5 D805)
D7-No Input message
Gary Johnson (V5 D821)
ev (V5 D823)
D8 Light Noise
Gary Davis (V5 D853)
d8 problem
GuitarBud7@aol.com (V5 D852)
D8 question
JazzGtrL4@aol.com (V5 D879)
DA-20 mkII
Andrew Fritz (V5 D885)
DA-302 / DDS incompatibility
acffh (V5 D802)
DA-302 Help!?
Robert Kane (V5 D801)
DA-302 tape problems
David A Kochman (V5 D803)
DA-P1 for trade or sale
Scott Mogol (V5 D841)
DA-P1 problem, for a friend
Ray Quinlan (V5 D850)
mattz62@juno.com (V5 D835)
Seth Breidbart (V5 D835)
Len Moskowitz (V5 D836)
Alan Silverman (V5 D863)
Danny O'Keefe? warm-up for Bromberg
Robert O'Haire (V5 D892)
Robert O'Haire (V5 D843)
DAT "LP" mode
Gary Davis (V5 D830)
Len Moskowitz (V5 D831)
Gary Davis (V5 D832)
Mehool Patel (V5 D833)
Warren Melnick (V5 D833)
DAT -> CD s'ware / sound card suggestions.
manesh.chudasama@gecm.com (V5 D899)
DAT > CD, Nightingale Sampling
Tom Baylor (V5 D832)
rob@allstarupgrades.com (V5 D833)
Wayne D. Hoxsie Jr. (V5 D835)
DAT > CDR setup
Vikas Bhatia (V5 D875)
DAT > PC transfer small cuts, errors? need help
Eduardo Malvido (V5 D866)
Dat deck For Sale
SHOWDUDE@aol.com (V5 D847)
SHOWDUDE@aol.com (V5 D890)
datman (V5 D852)
datman (V5 D853)
DAT Equiptment For Sale
Marcus Thunich (V5 D892)
DHami44862@aol.com (V5 D845)
Dat heads submission
DaKingB@aol.com (V5 D816)
Dat help
WAREAGLEBART@aol.com (V5 D848)
DAT ID recognition
Simona Sanvito (V5 D888)
Andy Loening (V5 D889)
DAT LP mode vs DV 12-bit mode (OT?)
Peter.Snowdon@cec.eu.int (V5 D832)
DAT maintanance
Gary Davis (V5 D894)
Linus P Sweers (V5 D810)
dat offer
chris wallace (V5 D865)
DAT Recorder rental
Marc Nutter (V5 D807)
dat rentals in San Francisco
rob landis (V5 D805)
dat repair in the S.E. region US
Jay Lyons (V5 D897)
DAT Store used and Demo Sale! DAT or CDR from $494!
Gary Davis (V5 D817)
DAT Store Used/Demo sale continues!
Gary Davis (V5 D843)
DAT tape liquidation
Michael Walter Connors (V5 D890)
DAT to CD (via computer) Question
David Minches (V5 D848)
Warren Melnick (V5 D848)
Mark Mayhle (V5 D848)
MadManMead@aol.com (V5 D849)
Cruz, Charles (V5 D849)
Thomas Wulf (V5 D849)
Mark Mayhle (V5 D849)
Slipkid (V5 D849)
Thomas Wulf (V5 D850)
Degrado, Rob (V5 D850)
Degrado, Rob (V5 D851)
Mark Mayhle (V5 D852)
Seth Breidbart (V5 D880)
DAT to CD (via computer) Question and SOFT BOYS
digests (V5 D849)
DAT to computer
Adam Pease (V5 D828)
Warren Melnick (V5 D829)
Adam Pease (V5 D829)
Warren Melnick (V5 D829)
Len Moskowitz (V5 D829)
dat to pC
Jason Michael Kreuter (V5 D830)
Wayne D. Hoxsie Jr. (V5 D830)
rob@allstarupgrades.com (V5 D831)
DAT trades wanted
Drew (V5 D862)
Dat's for sale..
Mark Kabella (V5 D832)
Mark Kabella (V5 D832)
DAT's for trade/blanks
Scott Mogol (V5 D842)
DAT's up for grabs
Deadtour@cs.com (V5 D831)
DAT-heads Digest #801
Paul Kaytes (V5 D803)
Warren Melnick (V5 D803)
DAT-heads Digest #803
pkaytes@att.net (V5 D804)
DAT-heads Digest #817
Lane Kelly (V5 D818)
DAT-heads Digest #828
DHami44862@aol.com (V5 D829)
DAT-heads Digest #832
DHami44862@aol.com (V5 D836)
DAT-heads Digest #868
Chris M Hickman (V5 D869)
DAT-heads Digest #869
GuySonic@aol.com (V5 D870)
DAT-heads Digest #870
Blackpete@aol.com (V5 D871)
jay@3rdperson.com (V5 D888)
dat2wav help
Daryan Lenz (V5 D888)
DAT>CD question??
Brooks J. Taffner (V5 D817)
Marc Nutter (V5 D816)
DAT>CDR how to increase loudness of recording????
Gareth Gowan (V5 D815)
DAT>PC problem solved!
Eduardo Malvido (V5 D884)
DAT>PC sound card problems: a solder-free future?
Peter.Snowdon@cec.eu.int (V5 D831)
DAT>PC, cheap digi soundcards etc.
Owen O'Neill (V5 D834)
Datport os
Pat K (V5 D835)
DATport question
David Minches (V5 D857)
DATs for CDr
Deaver, Glenn (V5 D809)
Dats For Sale
Mark Kabella (V5 D824)
DATs up for grabs....
Robbie Dunn (V5 D829)
dave mason taping NO WAY
Colin Liston (V5 D867)
Dave Mason taping policy
Colin Liston (V5 D865)
David Gans Tour Dates
Darrin McKeehen (V5 D823)
david gray taping policy??
ZAndersson@aol.com (V5 D875)
DDS drives that support Audio
Richard Campbell (V5 D883)
dea(r)th of dat machines
randy@monkeybiz.Stanford.EDU (V5 D807)
Dead 10-10-94 USAir Arena - Landover, MD
mike lyons (V5 D818)
dead DAT
Jmratman@aol.com (V5 D839)
Dead DAT's for trade
Scott Mogol (V5 D841)
Dead show sourcing
Andrew Fritz (V5 D845)
deals on blanks?
Your Friend, Bill W. (V5 D873)
American-Digital (V5 D874)
acffh (V5 D874)
Warren Melnick (V5 D875)
Deck FS
Bernyx@aol.com (V5 D846)
Deep Banana Blackout 4/24/01 - Help
Monty Allen (V5 D867)
deep banana blackout offer...any trades for trey tour?
kashmir (V5 D861)
Deep Banana Blackout Tapers needed
Bill from PHLORiDA (V5 D808)
Bill from PHLORiDA (V5 D840)
Delbert McClinton Tour
vito (V5 D891)
Demagentizing and errors
DATJAMS@aol.com (V5 D894)
Denon DTR-80P, any good?
Bas Ruesink (V5 D895)
Derek Trucks w/ Eric Johnson taping policy?
Colin Liston (V5 D854)
Despartly needing a New Orleans area taper
dAMN bAND (V5 D837)
Desperately ISO ticket for SCI in chicago
Drew . (V5 D846)
desperately searching for Rod Stewart tapers in Texas
Frank (V5 D888)
desperatley seeking moe.3-6-01
Ralph Struzziero (V5 D810)
Did ANYONE tape Tool last night?
CatalystX (V5 D892)
Digi-Cable Help?!?!
WFUNKDADDY@aol.com (V5 D868)
diginoise...how does it happen
phunk1 (V5 D801)
digital editing
mike lyons (V5 D838)
Digital Matrix
Klay Anderson (V5 D814)
Digital Multi input matrix
Jacob Alifrangis (V5 D813)
digital patchbay
randy@monkeybiz.Stanford.EDU (V5 D817)
Digital recording device
Ewout (V5 D853)
Gary Davis (V5 D854)
digital sound cards?
Bill Pannifer (V5 D873)
Digitial Soundcards
Jon Hinchliffe (V5 D855)
Disco Biscuit B&P
Ray Quinlan (V5 D816)
Disco Biscuit B&P closed.
Ray Quinlan (V5 D817)
DIY project for simple portable HD recorder?
l-dat (V5 D897)
Keith Shapiro (V5 D898)
vince (V5 D877)
dmb taping policy
Stu Jones (V5 D882)
DMIC 20 for sale $325
LIIlIIllll@aol.com (V5 D880)
DMIC 20 technical question
Zac Williams (V5 D866)
Do I Owe You a Beatles Tape?
John Shepherd (V5 D815)
Do I owe you tapes? (NDC)
KindTaper@aol.com (V5 D885)
Documentation for the DTC-A6
Stanley Willey (V5 D802)
TJH (V5 D861)
Doves tour dates (US) please archive really
GaoBest@aol.com (V5 D874)
DPA vs ?
Klay Anderson (V5 D856)
DPA 4051 vs 4060
Andrew Nemeth (V5 D855)
Len Moskowitz (V5 D859)
DPA4061s for sale
j manniello (V5 D878)
Drive for DAT2WAV
spreadhead72 (V5 D837)
drive on ebay
Drunk Horse and Fucking Champs
O Nelson (V5 D892)
DTC-60ES Hour Counter & F.M.V.
Chet B. Eppert (V5 D824)
dumb 8 track question (ndc)
KindTaper@aol.com (V5 D849)
DVD audio?
d kelly (V5 D813)
Dylan infos
Alf (V5 D898)
ear plugs
jay@3rdperson.com (V5 D889)
Eliot Byron (V5 D889)
ear plugs
Rich Perlman (V5 D890)
Easy CD help, please
Rick Gebhard (V5 D848)
MadManMead@aol.com (V5 D849)
mark wilkins (V5 D850)
MadManMead@aol.com (V5 D851)
E T (V5 D852)
eddi reader??
Mike Hooker (V5 D891)
editing digital recording
Delano (V5 D871)
editing help wanted for RnR HoF/VH1 tapes
Gary Davis (V5 D894)
elminating pops and clicks
Owen O'Neill (V5 D817)
Elton/Billy Chicago May 9
BrianK01@aol.com (V5 D881)
lpsweers@juno.com (V5 D872)
Tom McCreadie (V5 D873)
entry level non stealth mics.. recomendations
r2d2@quik.com (V5 D879)
Equipment Selection and Sound Quality (was: re:1 4 Woody Source)
Marc Nutter (V5 D822)
eric williams joel/john shows
taperroy (V5 D857)
eric williams............re: joel/john concert
taperroy (V5 D855)
Etymotic Earsets
Klay Anderson (V5 D856)
Etymotics ER-4P
Gary Davis (V5 D852)
ABielefeldt (V5 D853)
exact copy
Gary Davis (V5 D833)
Ext. battery for Schoeps VMS 02 IB
Donald Becker Jr (V5 D824)
External Power for the Zefiro Inbox
Stagger Lee (V5 D898)
Extra 120M Tapes
Fares Halteh (V5 D815)
extra ABB 3/24/01 for B+P
Dan Greenberg (V5 D859)
Extra CDs for trade
Paul and Jen Beichert (V5 D805)
Extra Copies Rat Dog 4/6/01 4/10/01
Mark Paterick (V5 D866)
Extra DAT's f/t
Spoozehead@aol.com (V5 D853)
EXTRA DAT: Allman Brothers Starlake 6/25/97
Clay R. Caroselli (V5 D823)
EXTRA DAT: Grateful Dead 3/21/94
Clay R. Caroselli (V5 D824)
EXTRA DAT: Phil and Friends 4/22/00
Clay R. Caroselli (V5 D835)
Clay R. Caroselli (V5 D800)
twoodruff@knobias.com (V5 D811)
Clay R. Caroselli (V5 D818)
Paul deLima (V5 D845)
Clay R. Caroselli (V5 D854)
Matt Edlhuber (V5 D856)
Random Gnome Generator (V5 D874)
twoodruff@knobias.com (V5 D879)
extra dats for b&p
Seanhite1@aol.com (V5 D805)
extra DATs for trade
Hanno Bunjes (V5 D802)
Michael Walter Connors (V5 D864)
MTutts1@aol.com (V5 D894)
Extra DATs for Unidecker or Newbie
Jon Weber (V5 D862)
Extra DATs FS
Ross Carlson (V5 D854)
Extra Dead 4-19-86 and set 1of 11-8-85....
dimar (V5 D880)
Extra GD 3-9-81 for trade
Carl Mink (V5 D878)
Extra JGB 11-26-83 DAT Early and Late Binghampton...
dimar (V5 D864)
Extra Karl Denson's 2/13/00
Clay R. Caroselli (V5 D851)
extra modest mouse for trade
KindTaper@aol.com (V5 D849)
extra moe 3/15/01 for trade
sadiks (V5 D828)
extra Oregon 3/23/2001 (on DAT) for B+P
Dan Greenberg (V5 D854)
EXTRA Phil and Friends 10/15/00
Clay R. Caroselli (V5 D846)
Extra Phil and Friends 8/8/98
Clay R. Caroselli (V5 D814)
Extra Phish Dats
Clay R. Caroselli (V5 D852)
Extra RATDOG on DAT.
Deadtour@cs.com (V5 D898)
Extra SCI 5-3 & 5-4 Jazzfest shows for Trade
Thomas A Small (V5 D881)
Extra SCI Floor ticket for KC Show??
Brian Price (V5 D859)
Extra Trey 2-24-01 in philly for trade
Thomas A Small (V5 D809)
extra U2 5-1-01 to give away
Oomph! (V5 D881)
extra ZAPPA for trade
Boxcephus@aol.com (V5 D804)
Extras FT
Kevin A Kraska (V5 D815)
f/s..robert plant tix at the roseland nyc
George S. (V5 D894)
F/T Neil Finn / Marr / Germano
David Carroll (V5 D876)
FA (Ebay): DA-P1 + Oade External Battery + Sonicase
Kevin Hatton (V5 D850)
FA: Audio Technica AT822 Stereo Mic
D. Oliver Henderson (V5 D855)
FA: Core Sony 7-pin-to-XLR cable
Bill (V5 D819)
FA: Marshall MXL600 Mics; Matched Pair
Klay Anderson (V5 D890)
FA: Sony 7-pin-to-XLR cable
Bill (V5 D821)
FA:AKG 480's with ck61 caps
Eric (V5 D805)
Faraday Cage
Klay Anderson (V5 D881)
Faster than real-time DAT
engdev (V5 D876)
Warren Melnick (V5 D877)
John R. Vanderpool (V5 D879)
Bob Ramstad (V5 D880)
Wayne D. Hoxsie Jr. (V5 D881)
Warren Melnick (V5 D881)
Wayne D. Hoxsie Jr. (V5 D881)
Jay Fitzgerald (V5 D882)
Wayne D. Hoxsie Jr. (V5 D882)
Eduard Ungemach (V5 D883)
Jamie Lutch (V5 D883)
Fiji Pro Soundcard on EBay
Bil Girton (V5 D887)
firmware upgrade for 4326 drive -- has anyone actually done it?
David Gingold (V5 D876)
Fixing wind sounds ..
Mason Deming (V5 D810)
Alan Saferstein (V5 D845)
FM tuner/capture cards for PC?
mikeedmo@voicenet.com (V5 D840)
Brian Kelley (V5 D810)
Thom McLean (V5 D853)
Thom McLean (V5 D861)
Thom McLean (V5 D865)
For Sale: NAKAMICHI CM-700's (Stealth Version)
Thom McLean (V5 D881)
for sale: david gray tix thurs
Scott C. Brown (V5 D864)
For Sale: Ratdog Tickets
Grateful Prite (V5 D840)
For Trade : GBV, Malkmus
D W (V5 D889)
bensphishing@cs.com (V5 D843)
For Trade:Neil Finn & Freinds (Eddie Vedder, Ed OBrien/Phil Selway (Radiohead) ECT.
Gareth Gowan (V5 D855)
Fostex D5's, last chance, just $594 !!!
Gary Davis (V5 D874)
Frank Black recent shows
spnews (V5 D858)
Frank Black's gear stolen!
Matthew J. Updike (V5 D852)
Fred Neil/Dino Valenti
paul gluchanicz (V5 D841)
FREE Cale and Slip CD offer closed!
Andy Liu (V5 D878)
free DAT
Ray Quinlan (V5 D824)
Ray Quinlan (V5 D825)
Free DAT taken
Ray Quinlan (V5 D825)
Ray Quinlan (V5 D826)
Free DATs and videos are gone
sprinklers@core.com (V5 D852)
FREE John Cale 4-27-01 CD offer!
Andy Liu (V5 D877)
FREE Slip 12-17-00 offer!
Andy Liu (V5 D876)
Frogwings on Rockline
Rick Gebhard (V5 D825)
FS : DenonDTR-80P
Dan Sisler (V5 D875)
FS AKG 480's with ck61 caps
Eric (V5 D817)
FS AKG 481's and accessories
Eric Pellegrino (V5 D846)
FS Maxell OEM 60 and 90 meter new
Robert Moose (V5 D897)
FS on Ebay....Oktava MC012's & Samson Mixpad 9
E (V5 D804)
FS or trade Portabrace
Dave Morrison (V5 D813)
FS Sekd Prodif 24 digital I/O card
Robert Moose (V5 D893)
FS Sony D-8
Kirk Gipson (V5 D847)
FS Sony PCM-M1 w/ Extended Warranty
WJLP (V5 D803)
FS Tascam CD-RW 700
Barnett, Mitchell (V5 D856)
FS Tascam DA-P1
CTTAPER@aol.com (V5 D849)
FS Zoltrix Nightingale with Optical Cable...
Tom Morrison (V5 D885)
FS--Sonicase Deluxe Equipment Case
WJLP (V5 D841)
FS-CSB pair and CSC pair at fair price!
Thomas Rosander (V5 D877)
FS: Graham Patten ADC-20
Kevin Boyd (V5 D897)
FS: AKG480/61 Rig (minus Recorder)
Joe Dobrota (V5 D854)
FS: Marantz PMD-430 cassette; Sony PCM-2500 DAT deck (PRICE REDUCED)
whisper mulch (V5 D848)
FS: Oasis / Black Crowes tix - Philly 5/30/01
RT Radel (V5 D886)
FS: PCM-M1 w/ Oade cable & battery
Brian Bond (V5 D824)
FS: Tascam DA-P1 Professional DAT recording unit
bk@cloud9.net (V5 D873)
FS: Teac PE-120s (Nak 300s)
Nic Brokenleg (V5 D891)
FS: Weezer 3/9/01 + 3/10/01
Chris M Hickman (V5 D856)
mark t weygandt (V5 D857)
FS: Zefiro InBox
larry horton (V5 D860)
FS: AKG Blue Lines w/ ck91 & ck98 Caps
Tim Murray (V5 D814)
FS: AKG c1000s + xlr cable
Scott Southerland (V5 D830)
GuitarBud7@aol.com (V5 D814)
fs: apogee ad500e
Taraszki, Craig (V5 D866)
FS: APOGEE da1000E-20, APOGEE PS1000, and rack mount
Eric Reichenbach (V5 D884)
Eric Reichenbach (V5 D884)
FS: AT933 Microphones with Battery box and t-bar
Brian (V5 D821)
FS: Audio Technica 4050/CM5 Mics
Dan O'Neal (V5 D810)
FS: Audio Technica AT822
D. Oliver Henderson (V5 D826)
D. Oliver Henderson (V5 D851)
FS: Audio Technica AT8410a shock mounts
E (V5 D804)
FS: B&K 4006 on eBay
Rich Mays (V5 D850)
FS: B&K 4011's, Cables and Shockmounts
Ron Dalton (V5 D848)
FS: B&K/DPA 4011's and accessories....
Ron Dalton (V5 D855)
FS: Core Sound Binaural mics w/ battery box
CatalystX (V5 D883)
FS: DA-40 Tascam with 89H on Drum
Robert Kwon (V5 D892)
FS: Datport
Pat K (V5 D844)
David J (V5 D875)
FS: Ego-Sys WaveTerminal 2496
Degrado, Rob (V5 D881)
FS: FP11s Preamps/Pair
chris evans (V5 D807)
FS: GP DMIC20 44.1 and power supply/charger
mburgio@lightbridge.com (V5 D868)
FS: Graham Patten ADC 20
Matthew Blum (V5 D816)
FS: Graham Patten DMIC 20
Ty Voyles (V5 D867)
FS: Graham Patten DMIC-20
LIIlIIllll@aol.com (V5 D853)
FS: Graham patten DMIC20
LIIlIIllll@aol.com (V5 D809)
FS: HHB PortaDat PDR-1000
Paul Cady (V5 D843)
FS: Lucid pci24 soundcard for a Mac
Brian Porter (V5 D827)
Edwin Hurwitz (V5 D828)
FS: Lunatec V2 (egads!), MG m300, Eco Charge Sigma, accessories
Michael Kreidler (V5 D866)
FS: M-Audio DiO2448
mattz62@juno.com (V5 D882)
FS: M300's/DMIC20/Various Taping Gear
mburgio@lightbridge.com (V5 D865)
FS: MG300 Matched Pair & Dual Phantom Power Supply
mburgio@lightbridge.com (V5 D867)
FS: Microtech Gefell M300 full rig
mburgio@lightbridge.com (V5 D817)
FS: Microtech Gefell M300 Recording Rig
mburgio@lightbridge.com (V5 D842)
mburgio@lightbridge.com (V5 D856)
FS: Mics, preamp and accesories
Nick Georges (V5 D858)
FS: Monster M1000i rca cables
Paul deLima (V5 D871)
FS: Monster Microphone Cables
bensphishing@cs.com (V5 D892)
FS: Oade passive cable
Kirk Gipson (V5 D839)
FS: Pair of AKG C1000S
GuitarBud7@aol.com (V5 D807)
FS: Panasonic 3700 & ISO: LC3 neumann actives
twoodruff@knobias.com (V5 D839)
FS: Phil & Friends Tix
Darrin McKeehen (V5 D828)
FS: Phil 4/13 Sunrise & 4/16 Birmingham (MUST SELL!!!) - REPOST
Brian Kelley (V5 D846)
FS: PHIL 4/13 Sunrise & 4/16 Birmingham TIX
Brian Kelley (V5 D841)
FS: Phil Taper Tix for Richmond
Lowman, David (V5 D851)
FS: Pioneer D-HS5
Doug Hagewood (V5 D803)
FS: Plextor 8/20 Burner and Ultraplex 32x Cdrom
Pat K (V5 D817)
FS: Plextor 8/20,Plextor 32x and Adaptec SCSI Card
Pat K (V5 D822)
FS: Schoeps Rig
FS: Sonic Studios DSM-6S/L and PA-6LC3B Bass Roll off filter
MiKeJ (V5 D864)
FS: Sonosax SXM2
Chad M. Fagin (V5 D855)
FS: Sony 7-pin connector...
Brian - Network Administrator (V5 D858)
FS: Sony D7
D. Oliver Henderson (V5 D826)
FS: Sony PCM-M1
John McGuire (V5 D892)
FS: Sony PCM-R300
Eric Reichenbach (V5 D845)
FS: Sony POC-DA12P 7-pin to dual I/O optical (Toslink)
Jeff Ishaq (V5 D893)
FS: Sound Devices MP-2 Pre-amp
Stuart Carter (V5 D815)
FS: Sound Devices MP-2 Preamp
Stuart Carter (V5 D825)
FS: Tascam CD-RW700
Paul Gibian (V5 D805)
Paul Gibian (V5 D820)
FS: Tascam CDR 700
mjbarnet (V5 D895)
FS: Tascam DA 30 mkII
Greg Starks (V5 D882)
FS: Tascam DA-20
Osman Balkan (V5 D808)
LenG58@aol.com (V5 D867)
FS: Tascam DA-20 mk II
Osman Balkan (V5 D830)
FS: Tascam DA-302 (price reduced)
Scott Hansen (V5 D857)
FS: Tascam DA-302 dual-well DAT deck
Scott Hansen (V5 D851)
FS: Tascam DA-P1
Ron Dalton (V5 D843)
FS: Tascam DA-P1 + Oade Battery Pack + Sonicase
Kevin Hatton (V5 D837)
FS: Tascam DA20, $350
Andrew Gustin (V5 D821)
FS: Tascam MKII DA30
Michael Cheney (V5 D875)
FS: The infamous M300's/DMIC20/Various Taping Gear
MBurgio@lightbridge.com (V5 D897)
FS: U2 ... 1 pair Tickets for Fleet 6/9/01 show
Thomas_Denman (V5 D890)
FS: U2 Hartford 6/3 GA's
Bill (V5 D890)
FS: U2 San Jose 4/20
David Danek (V5 D857)
FS: Used 60, 90 & 120 Meter DAT tapes
bk@cloud9.net (V5 D873)
FS: Used Sonosax
twoodruff@knobias.com (V5 D890)
FS: Zefiro ZA2
Frank Rinaldi (V5 D834)
FS:Nak DR2 3 head - (NRC)(NDC)(NVC)
Ryan (V5 D896)
FS:Opcode Sonicport Optical
Jeremy (V5 D821)
FS:Sonosax SXM2
Chad M. Fagin (V5 D834)
FS:Sony D7 DAT Recorder
SlvrRcr@aol.com (V5 D826)
FT Great White Munich march 4th ;ISO:Other Great White shows
BlackCrowes@gmx.net (V5 D811)
FT Phil Atlanta Tapers Tickets
Brad Wright (V5 D835)
FT- Ben Harper JJJ with Eddie Vedder
Spyro Bouras (V5 D865)
FT: Phil Constitution Hall floor seat for taper ticket
Tom and Meg Scholl (V5 D836)
FT: 2 4.20 SCI for 1 4.21 SCI + face
Michael Walter Connors (V5 D850)
ft: 5/2/98 Disco Biscuits
Knicks1680@aol.com (V5 D808)
FT: Allman Bros. 3-17-01
SONNY144@aol.com (V5 D822)
FT: Dylan/Simon "SBD" Jones Beach Ampitheatre 7-30-99
Oomph! (V5 D859)
FT: Evan Dando, London 2.20.01
Gary (V5 D811)
FT: Glenn Hughes @ Voodoo Lounge 3/24/01
Steve Vahey (V5 D828)
FT: HOLY SHIT!! I did it again. Cept'...alls better-like(U2 5-9-01)
Oomph! (V5 D885)
FT: J Mascis on CD-R
Dave (V5 D864)
FT: Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey 1-18-01 1st Set
Hood Rat (V5 D829)
FT: Jazz is Dead
SONNY144@aol.com (V5 D824)
FT: LOS... My Denver 3-10-01 for your recent SF Fillmore LOS
RossOther1@cs.com (V5 D813)
FT: More U2 Elevation
KMciver81@aol.com (V5 D887)
FT: Placebo Dusseldorf 03/18/01 Bochum 03/15/01 - ISO: U2 2001
tradingmusic (V5 D828)
FT: RatDog 4.3.01
Ed Olivere (V5 D881)
FT: Ratdog 5/4/01 Tix
Charlie Miller (V5 D849)
FT: Something Wonderfull(hint: it's a U2 show! Zoinks!)
Oomph! (V5 D875)
FT: Sunrise Tapers
Darrin McKeehen (V5 D837)
FT: U2 4-20-01 Compaq San Jose Arena: San Jose, CA
Rick B. (V5 D863)
Len Moskowitz (V5 D864)
Mark Mayhle (V5 D864)
Rick B. (V5 D864)
Len Moskowitz (V5 D865)
FT:Aerosmith Promo Gig Munich 03-24-01
BlackCrowes@gmx.net (V5 D827)
FT:Counting Crowes SBD Dane County Coliseum Madison WI 5/20/00
Oomph! (V5 D861)
FT:David Gray (cdr)sbd New York 9-23-00
Oomph! (V5 D853)
FUGAZI 4 Corners Tour
The Chapper (V5 D845)
Fuji Bulk DAT Tape
Art Munson (V5 D876)
Fw: Apes, June Mid-West Tour Dates (nsci)
swsmith@ix.netcom.com (V5 D890)
Fw: Do not open HOMEPAGE, virus fwded to you?, Cures
Scott Wise (V5 D884)
Fw: eBay Listing Confirmation - Item 1228080538: Pcm-M1,SBM-1,Core Sound Binaurals
pixiedave (V5 D843)
FW: GD: Reconstructed Capitol Theatre, 11-6&8-70 CD Tree is
Venezia, Frank P (V5 D863)
Fw: ISO Phil & Friends 4.30.01
Brendan K Murphy (V5 D876)
Fw: PCM-1 p/s
cougercat (V5 D834)
Seth Breidbart (V5 D834)
Fwd: Collective Soul
Outman77@aol.com (V5 D838)
Fwd: failure notice
Blackpete@aol.com (V5 D871)
Fwd: FW: VERY URGENT!!!!!!
Stephen Pzynski (V5 D861)
Fwd: Los Hombres at HOB N.O. 4/4 for CD Release...Cambridge
Delano (V5 D840)
FWD: Piedmont Jazz Festival April 4th-8th, 2001
Solomon Baker (V5 D836)
FYI > www.timreynolds.com
Disc N Dat (V5 D834)
FYI - Joan Osborne
mike lyons (V5 D871)
FYI: Black Crowes News
Tatina, Bill (V5 D817)
FYI: Car DAT player found on eBay
Darryl Craig (V5 D821)
FYI: MegaDeth Fans
Tatina, Bill (V5 D843)
FYI: NEW G3 2001 Tour dates = Satch, Vai and John Petrucci
Tatina, Bill (V5 D868)
FYI: Red Rocks Seating Fun
Tatina, Bill (V5 D858)
FYI: Robert Plant Announces 2001 Mini Tour
Tatina, Bill (V5 D858)
FYI: Stealth Wear
Tatina, Bill (V5 D844)
FYI: They're Back
Tatina, Bill (V5 D835)
G Love taping policy?
Jeffrey A. Stockman (V5 D860)
G. Love & Special Sauce
leche@micron.net (V5 D800)
gd 6-16-85
Joshua Feldman (V5 D898)
gear for sale
Nick Georges (V5 D865)
Gear FS
Joe Galbraith (V5 D832)
Gear Sale
Carl Beck (V5 D897)
German repair for Sony decks
Marc Haber (V5 D896)
glenn hughes
Slipkid (V5 D826)
Glenn Hughes Taping Policy?
Steve Vahey (V5 D826)
Going to lower 48 for 2 weeks...
Joe Ray Skrha (V5 D848)
GONG---Japanese 3 dates: April 15 16 17 ---any tapers please!!
Tompixie@aol.com (V5 D849)
got Harry?
Robert O'Haire (V5 D871)
Got My Tool (s)
dAMN bAND (V5 D881)
Got some extra items for sale...
Rick Rombak (V5 D815)
grant hart tour
Stonecutter15@aol.com (V5 D821)
Grant Hart, 12 Rods, Quillen Roe, Accident Clearinghouse
JH (V5 D862)
Grateful Dead 4-21-84 U87s
Joshua (V5 D874)
Grateful Dead, Reconstructed Capitol Theatre, 11-6&8-70, CD
Venezia, Frank P (V5 D819)
great deal on aiwa standalone CDR
ohfortuna@hushmail.com (V5 D805)
Toby Germano (V5 D887)
Grovelling in Sonoma for U2
Toby Germano (V5 D864)
Grundig DAT-9000 decks - NEED YOUR HELP!!
BlackCrowes@gmx.net (V5 D877)
guided by voices fillmore tapers?
GaoBest@aol.com (V5 D838)
Guided By Voices will change your life
KindTaper@aol.com (V5 D809)
Matthew Giller (V5 D842)
Guster @ Rochester aud
Mike Thurley (V5 D866)
Hal Willner's Harry Smith Project
Robert O'Haire (V5 D807)
hammond/waits gamh show
david (V5 D826)
Hank Williams III - with Melvins, then WarpTour '01 for summer
dAMN bAND (V5 D827)
Hank Williams III next week @ pre-show SXSW Austin, TX Double Date
dAMN bAND (V5 D810)
Hard Rock trades ! many dat masters.
purple (V5 D807)
Harry Smith Tribute LA April 25-26
Andrew Goldstein (V5 D870)
Have 2.22.01 TREY, ISO more...
T W (V5 D815)
Have An Extra Mule Dat....
dimar (V5 D878)
Head replacement for Sony TCD-3
enrico@pemo.com (V5 D808)
Heads up for Phillips CDR-880 owners
ABershaw@aol.com (V5 D845)
Slipkid (V5 D846)
Hear It For Yourself--(Sonic Sense Rental Program Special)
Marc Nutter (V5 D824)
HELLBORG /LANE /SELVAGANESH----R3 on 4/27 2330--1 [London '01 show]
Tompixie@aol.com (V5 D863)
help for a taping newbie at phil & friends
Jamie McCormick (V5 D852)
Help needed resampling to 32k
rudolf (V5 D841)
Seth Breidbart (V5 D841)
Help needed with SoundForge
Erik Spring (V5 D897)
help w/mic's [CDub} & DAT>CDR loudness increase
Owen O'Neill (V5 D816)
Help with inexpensive soundcard (midiman???)
ChopCG@aol.com (V5 D856)
Len Moskowitz (V5 D858)
Andy Liu (V5 D862)
Michael Hackett (V5 D862)
Len Moskowitz (V5 D868)
Neal Copperman (V5 D868)
Help with inexpensive soundcard (midiman???) (Len
Len Moskowitz (V5 D860)
Neal Copperman (V5 D861)
Help with inexpensive soundcard (midiman???) (Len Moskowitz)
Neal Copperman (V5 D859)
Help with mics
C Dub (V5 D815)
augwest (V5 D810)
Henry Rollins Taping info?
Brian Price (V5 D824)
Herbie Hancock
rob@allstarupgrades.com (V5 D844)
Herbie Hancock and the Sextant
kount yansurak (V5 D894)
HHB 850 for sale
Mike Parker (V5 D832)
HHB 850 fs
Mike Parker (V5 D891)
HHB CDR830/Nakamichi CD Player 2
a.patrizio@verizon.net (V5 D869)
HHB Portadat PDR 1000 for sale
ABielefeldt (V5 D852)
hi folks
WAREAGLEBART@aol.com (V5 D826)
hi please place my add
babar khan (V5 D877)
Holmes Brothers tour dates
O Nelson (V5 D838)
How many DAT machines are there?
J P Fitch (V5 D805)
How old is too old with DATs?
Bill W. (V5 D878)
How To Fix Badtrans & Ethan Virus
Darrin McKeehen (V5 D856)
How to post to the list from AOL
DATJAMS@aol.com (V5 D879)
HP 60MTR (120 Minute) DAT Sale $1.75 each.
Art Munson (V5 D827)
HQ/low-cost digital I/O soundcard?
other1@azstarnet.com (V5 D866)
HS Duplicacter 4 sale
Duncan Oldham (V5 D879)
hucht copyprocessor mkII
taperroy (V5 D834)
I 'm Back I hope...
Michael Ryan (V5 D851)
I can't copy standalone burned disc???
Eliot Byron (V5 D803)
Warren Melnick (V5 D803)
Eliot Byron (V5 D804)
i need more older Zappa recordings!
E (V5 D878)
i taped 8 acts at new orleans jazz fest 1rst week
avps (V5 D878)
I thought dogs only ate homework!
Nemo (V5 D841)
i'm infected--don't open attached file or you'll be f*cked--my sincerest apologies
WJLP (V5 D884)
ian hunter in chicago
Slipkid (V5 D882)
ian moore taping policy
Bobby Gervais (V5 D832)
Mark E. (V5 D834)
inbox power supply
winnie (V5 D851)
david (V5 D854)
gruvenon@netzero.net (V5 D858)
mark wilkins (V5 D859)
indiglo on tcd-d7 or all sony decks
Eric Phipps (V5 D895)
Information about the Zefiro ZA2 and VIA chipsets
Warren Melnick (V5 D873)
Irving Plaza taping polcies etc.
Owen O'Neill (V5 D844)
Is pc-daw list dead?
Garrett Derner (V5 D891)
Eliot Byron (V5 D824)
ISO sean kennedy
Eliot Byron (V5 D869)
ISO 'Easy to Slip'
Michael Ryan (V5 D814)
ISO CD manufacture program
Michael Ryan (V5 D814)
ISO - Salt Palace show from 8/12/81
Thomas_Denman (V5 D894)
ISO - U2 Elevation Tour Recordings
Matthew Giller (V5 D873)
ISO 03/16/01 moe, lawrence, ks
kashmir (V5 D881)
ISO 1 TOM WAITS show and 1 OYSTERHEAD show
dimar (V5 D844)
ISO 2 tix for moe. Omaha
Julie Glendenning (V5 D816)
ISO 2001 Phil and Friends
Scott Greenbaum (V5 D866)
ISO : Shawn Colvin NYC March 2001
John (V5 D844)
ISO : WFUV radio tapers
mike lyons (V5 D836)
ISO :The Cult : London Marquee show 1992(?) part II
BlackCrowes@gmx.net (V5 D823)
ISO a few DATs
Jonathan Seff (V5 D826)
ISO a new home for this vinyl
Olympian90@aol.com (V5 D872)
phunk1 (V5 D873)
ISO ABB 94' w\ crowes
r2d2@quik.com (V5 D803)
ISO ABB One for Woody source
Alan Saferstein (V5 D818)
ISO abb tix 3-24
Scott C. Brown (V5 D824)
iso aimee mann/michael penn at bimbo's (SF) recent
GaoBest@aol.com (V5 D866)
iso allmans tix for 3-15
Scott C. Brown (V5 D808)
ISO any crisp marley u have to offer ;)!
deadhead@netway.com (V5 D841)
ISO any live Tenacious D on DAT, MD, CD, what ever you got.
Thomas Reizes (V5 D884)
ISO Any U2 from the Elevation Tour
Richard Anderson (V5 D882)
ISO Ben Harper 1996 Bimbo's San Francisco
Blaisdell, Gary (V5 D859)
ISO Ben Harper Claremont, CA
Aaron Merrill (V5 D845)
ISO best price on mk21 matched pair
Eric McRoberts (V5 D845)
ISO Billy Squier 2001 DATS
Weber, Scott (V5 D889)
ISO Black Crowes/Oasis @ the Hard Rock-Las Vegas 5/11/01
J. Ricci (V5 D890)
iso bogus date Phil
Jay Lyons (V5 D888)
iso cd storage
Duncan Oldham (V5 D820)
ISO contacts for....
Michael Ryan (V5 D895)
ISO crowes dats pre 98 only
r2d2@quik.com (V5 D804)
ISO Current SCI
Duncan Oldham (V5 D816)
ISO Dave Mathews Band 5/18, 5/19
CC (V5 D898)
ISO David Bromberg Town Hall 05/12/01
Brendan K Murphy (V5 D892)
ISO Dead 7-17-94
S and NK (V5 D892)
ISO Dead Can Dance DATs
john kupchik (V5 D859)
ISO Double Trouble tapers
Edbro23@aol.com (V5 D837)
ISO Dylan - Melbourne
Ronnie Blazev (V5 D826)
ISO Femi Kuti
ZepMan@aol.com (V5 D877)
ISO Florida Tapers
Dan Gale (V5 D816)
ISO GD 4.11.87 (UIC Pavilion, Chicago)
Steve Brothers (V5 D810)
ISO GD 6-13-94
Gary Johnson (V5 D862)
ISO German DAT repair
Thomas Wulf (V5 D840)
ISO German DAT repair (repost)
Thomas Wulf (V5 D877)
ISO Good SCSI Hard Drive for Audio Apps
Alan Saferstein (V5 D818)
ISO Horde 8/6/97 Hartford CT
Joe Reed (V5 D807)
tom lippi (V5 D884)
ISO Jane's Addiction 4/26/01 Santa Barbara
Bill Shaw (V5 D870)
ISO Jeff Beck
Gear119348@aol.com (V5 D807)
ISO Jim Peckham
rover (V5 D845)
iso Joe Jackson at Park West recently...
brian (V5 D843)
ISO KDTU 5/9/01 - Jazz Fest
David Maley (V5 D886)
ISO KDTU @ Tipitina's 01.5.5
vito (V5 D885)
ISO Manic Street Preachers UK 2001 dates/etc
GaoBest@aol.com (V5 D841)
ISO mic stand and clamp
John D'Auria (V5 D843)
ISO MMW 8/11/97 GSAC
jay (V5 D827)
ISO Mojave 3's March 1st 2001 gig
john kupchik (V5 D805)
iso mule
Dave Stephens (V5 D894)
ISO new Bruce Hornsby shows
Chris Cafiero (V5 D888)
ISO new ISA slot motherboard for my za2
r2d2@quik.com (V5 D800)
Warren Melnick (V5 D800)
Mike Harvey (V5 D801)
ISO nick cave 3/01
TRANEHEAD@aol.com (V5 D836)
ISO NICK CAVE from last night (PoFA...SF)
jay (V5 D831)
ISO NYC Frisell-heads
Jonathan Epstein (V5 D823)
ISO oade active cable
Brandon WIlliams (V5 D849)
iso of Trey 2-26-01
Duncan Oldham (V5 D802)
ISO Old & In the Way/Great American String Band
Brandon (V5 D833)
ISO One for Woody
Tommy & Robin Danscuk (V5 D831)
ISO One NAK CM 300 Microphone
imissmybus:First imissmybus:Last (V5 D812)
Dav (V5 D893)
ISO P & F 4-25-01
Robert D. Fighter CPC (V5 D880)
ISO P&F ticket upgrade?
Bob Silver (V5 D845)
ISO Paco de Lucia
DHami44862@aol.com (V5 D855)
ISO part for Sony d10 pro II
twoodruff@knobias.com (V5 D849)
ISO Paul Simon Jazzfest sets and Jazzfest appearance with DMB
Roy Dripps (V5 D884)
ISO Pearl Jam 6-18-92 Zurich
Stoker, Aaron M. (V5 D817)
iso Pet Shop Boys musical 5-15-01 london
GaoBest@aol.com (V5 D866)
ISO Phil @ Maritime Hall 2-15-01
Jonathan Seff (V5 D841)
ISO Phil Atlanta Tapers Ticket
Todd & Ferrell Druhot (V5 D835)
ISO Phil Taper Ticket for Atlanta
Todd & Ferrell Druhot (V5 D853)
ISO Phil Trade 4/19 for your 4/20
kmstraker@mindspring.com (V5 D862)
ISO Phish 9/29/95 Greek Theatre Schoeps MK4. or the person who bought dats from Joe Doheny a couple of weeks ago.
Nathan Hifko (V5 D828)
ISO Pro-Digital mailing address
Eric McRoberts (V5 D837)
ISO Ratdog 4/21/01
chris evans (V5 D865)
ISO Ratdog 5-4-01
Jonathan Seff (V5 D883)
ISO recent Black Crowes shows!
Alfred Ritter (V5 D828)
ISO recent Dylan shows
gwms (V5 D897)
ISO recent REM, Jeff Tweedy, Ben Kweller and Counting Crows
Brett Lowman (V5 D891)
iso recent SF Pavement gigs
GaoBest@aol.com (V5 D866)
iso rhonda vincent show
kip martin (V5 D848)
kip martin (V5 D855)
ISO Robert Plant's Strange Sensations Recording
Laurent Hotte (V5 D886)
ISO Robert Randolph recordings
O Nelson (V5 D872)
ISO Rufus Wainwright
slowdivingblue . (V5 D897)
ISO Schoeps UMSC universal stand clamp
ZepMan@aol.com (V5 D841)
ISO SCI 2001 Trades
Jeremy (V5 D870)
sadiks (V5 D804)
ISO Shuggie Otis/Bjork Manhattan Mystery
Elegymart@aol.com (V5 D896)
ISO some Richie Havens
ZAndersson@aol.com (V5 D866)
ISO Sonny Landreth
phil saltonstall (V5 D832)
Ziegler, Richard S (V5 D867)
ISO Sony RK-DA10P Cable/FS or Trade--Audio Magic Mic Cables
WJLP (V5 D895)
ISO Spring Cheese
Chinascats@aol.com (V5 D880)
ISO Tapers April 20 - 21 Pocahontas AR
d kelly (V5 D821)
ISO tapers ticket for either/both P&F sunrise 4/13&14
Thomas Reizes (V5 D836)
ISO Texas and Arkansas Tapers
Dan Gale (V5 D899)
ISO The Cure 5/20/00 West Palm Beach, 6/9/00 Chicago
J Simmons (V5 D808)
ISO Trades (Jimi Hendrix, Housemartins, June Tabor)
Robert Moose (V5 D874)
ISO Travis 2000 gigs w/ substitute drummer
GaoBest@aol.com (V5 D883)
ISO U2 at Gund Arena
Steve Randolph (V5 D880)
Dave (V5 D881)
ISO U2 dats 2001
scott zumsteg (V5 D832)
ISO U2 Elevation Recordings on DAT
Matthew Giller (V5 D889)
ISO U2 Live Recordings from Elevation Tour
Matthew Giller (V5 D829)
Matthew Giller (V5 D839)
iso U2 tix for boston
Scott C. Brown (V5 D883)
ISO Uncle Sammy Spring tour
Jonathan Riesenfeld (V5 D893)
ISO used sonosax or mp2
Tim Cochrane (V5 D866)
iso v2
Doug Nawrocki (V5 D889)
ISO Van Morrison on "Midnight Special"
KPS61@aol.com (V5 D828)
ISO Willie Nelson 02.27.97 Charlie's Bar, Maui, HI
gordon wilson (V5 D882)
sadiks (V5 D817)
ISO----> Gov't Schools DATS
RossOther1@cs.com (V5 D842)
iso--beth orton and johnny dowd
david (V5 D898)
Sascha Kremer @ U2 News (V5 D896)
ISO: Beck Wilshire Theatre 10/25/00
hewitt@panix.com (V5 D802)
ISO: EFO and Guster trades
Brandon (V5 D806)
ISO: Eric Johnson / Derek Trucks Tampa 5/3/01
John D. Tsalikes (V5 D881)
ISO: few Nirvana shows
Vikas Bhatia (V5 D820)
ISO: Jane's Addiction/Coachella Valley 4/28/01
Aaron Byous (V5 D879)
ISO: Jazzfest shows
Wade Cooper (V5 D883)
iso: Phil and Friends - Orlando, FL 4/15/01
steve washick (V5 D875)
ISO: Radio Shows
John D. Tsalikes (V5 D828)
ISO: recent Kraftwerk live shows
jeffc (V5 D821)
ISO: Remote for PCM-M1 Portable DAT
Steve Vahey (V5 D886)
ISO: SCI 6/5/99 - Hoodoo Bash!
David Maley (V5 D815)
ISO: SRV 1985 studio sessions
Dave Forbis (V5 D844)
ISO: Tool shows
Vikas Bhatia (V5 D813)
ISO: "Diary" era Sunny Day Real Estate shows
KindTaper@aol.com (V5 D807)
ISO: 1 taper ticket for Phil & Friends 4/20 Charlotte show
george wang (V5 D830)
ISO: 1 ticket to TOOL in Atlanta
Brian Anderson (V5 D876)
ISO: 2 early DMB shows: 11/9/93 and 11/3/92, both at TRAX
KindTaper@aol.com (V5 D885)
ISO: 4/1 - AC/DC Raleigh, NC
Sean Cartwright (V5 D847)
ISO: 4/15-4/17/99 Phil & Phriends SBD's
George Carson (V5 D862)
ISO: 4/8/01 GOVT MULE...
james peterson (V5 D865)
ISO: 6-19-93 Soldier Field Dead~;}
kathy and mike (V5 D845)
ISO: 75-79 Hell, Dead Boys, PSG, Clash, Pistols
Chet B. Eppert (V5 D890)
ISO: A Sony D7 or D8
PHISHsDANK@aol.com (V5 D870)
PHISHsDANK@aol.com (V5 D870)
ISO: ABB 08/24/94 Richmond
Eddie Woodward (V5 D826)
ISO: ABB beacon 23-mar
John R. Vanderpool (V5 D836)
ISO: ABB Beacon Theater 3/23
Ziegler, Richard S (V5 D829)
ISO: ad500e w/ latest MC (20-bit AD)
Richard Campbell (V5 D875)
ISO: Adrian Legg
Adam Aronson (V5 D818)
ISO: Allman Brothers 5-12-96 and 8-16-97
kathy and mike (V5 D827)
ISO: Any Bob Dylan, esp. recent shows...
George Carson (V5 D882)
ISO: APC 2001 Tour aka A Perfect Circle
Tatina, Bill (V5 D855)
ISO: Aussie DAT Heads that recorded The Cure October 2000.
J Simmons (V5 D818)
ISO: Ben Harper on E-town
James Ballen (V5 D821)
ISO: Ben Harper Sydney 11-April-01 & Neil Finn April-01 shows
Michael Hanson (V5 D850)
ISO: Bill Laswell or Materials
Stu Jones (V5 D857)
Steve Hussong (V5 D886)
ISO: Black Crowes 2001 Tour SBD Download Traders
Media Magnet (V5 D887)
ISO: Black Crowes London 04-09-2001
Tatina, Bill (V5 D848)
ISO: Bob Dylan in Boulder - April 18, 2001
Les Irvin (V5 D860)
ISO: Boulder, CO Taper...
Glenn & Shellbee (V5 D892)
ISO: Browne/Lindley/Zevon Santa Monica 3/15/98
David Danek (V5 D822)
ISO: Carole King 1982 Tour Only
Tatina, Bill (V5 D816)
ISO: Core Sound Binaural Omnis (Matsushita Capsules)
Andy Liu (V5 D809)
ISO: CREED Live Shows for Trade
Most High (V5 D802)
ISO: CREED Live Shows For Trade.
Most High (V5 D802)
ISO: current oasis shows
jeffc (V5 D892)
ISO: D8 and good home deck
Stuart Gerber (V5 D892)
ISO: D8 Cover/Case
Joe Dobrota (V5 D830)
Joe Dobrota (V5 D830)
Eric Bogart (V5 D832)
ISO: DBX Cassette Deck or just DBX unit
Disc N Dat (V5 D806)
ISO: digipatch for RatDog in FL.
Ed Olivere (V5 D817)
ISO: DMB @ Jazzfest
Drew (V5 D885)
ISO: DMB Chicago 9/14/93 + 3/19/94
Carl Sylvester (V5 D863)
ISO: Documentarys on bootlegs/taping etc.
Bas Ruesink (V5 D869)
ISO: Dream Theater 6/9/95 Birch Hill, NJ
Tatina, Bill (V5 D829)
ISO: Dylan Asheville HAVE: Knoxville
Delano (V5 D877)
ISO: Earplugs
Darrin McKeehen (V5 D868)
ISO: Edmonton Folk Fest 2000, Neil Finn, MCC/Colvin
David Danek (V5 D890)
ISO: Elton and Billy...Allstate Arena...
kathy and mike (V5 D888)
ISO: European Tool Tapers > Get Ready!
Tatina, Bill (V5 D818)
ISO: Florida area tapers and shows
John D. Tsalikes (V5 D828)
ISO: G Love and Special Sauce
Alex Coluzzi (V5 D801)
ISO: Gary Lucas shows
Hans (V5 D805)
ISO: GD 05/08/80 - 08/31/79
RAM110@aol.com (V5 D842)
ISO: GD 3-19-90 Hartford, CT
Mr. Groovunit (V5 D873)
ISO: GD 3/30/90
tfoster (V5 D850)
ISO: Gov't Schools DATS
RossOther1@cs.com (V5 D841)
ISO: Hard Rock Live Info..
Darrin McKeehen (V5 D824)
Paul Chrostowski (V5 D825)
ISO: Help w/ Turtle Beach Fiji I/O Card
Brian Kelley (V5 D809)
ISO: Info on Terratec EWX 24/96 Sound card
Sebastian Boschert (V5 D842)
ISO: Janes Addiction shows
Bill Shaw (V5 D897)
ISO: Jeff Tweedy 2001
Brett Lowman (V5 D829)
ISO: Jerry Cantrell in Vegas
rob landis (V5 D824)
ISO: Joe Jackson 3/15/01
Alan Lipset (V5 D822)
Brian Kelley (V5 D862)
ISO: just ONE song from a common Robin Hitchcock recording
ABershaw@aol.com (V5 D863)
ISO: Knopfler in Boston
David Danek (V5 D869)
ISO: Lee 'Scratch Perry trades
w4574@bellatlantic.net (V5 D828)
ISO: Lee Renaldo
Mr. Groovunit (V5 D870)
iso: les claypool
Cjyellow@aol.com (V5 D810)
ISO: Live Aid
D Heatherly (V5 D848)
ISO: Live Transglobal Underground
xbv (V5 D869)
ISO: Lodo Festival
C Dub (V5 D806)
ISO: Los Lobos from High Sierra last year
Dean (V5 D843)
iso: LosLobos Joliet,IL 4-2001
Jim and Angie O'Malley (V5 D873)
ISO: Maceo Parker
deadhead@netway.com (V5 D843)
ISO: Mark Knopfler 5/20/01
J W Norris (V5 D898)
ISO: Mark Knopfler NJPAC 4-28-01
Norris Thomlinson (V5 D874)
ISO: Medicine/My Bloody Valentine
KindTaper@aol.com (V5 D853)
ISO: Memphis in May Tapers
James H. Pollock (V5 D898)
ISO: Moe ticket for the ranch bowl 3/16
Drew . (V5 D812)
ISO: Mogwai
Gary (V5 D832)
ISO: more Meters from the 70's
Delano (V5 D894)
ISO: Nakamichi cm700
michael coats (V5 D802)
ISO: Neil Finn Auckland and Europe
Matthew Giller (V5 D851)
ISO: Neil Finn New Zealand Feb-Mar 2001
David Danek (V5 D802)
ISO: Nick Cave & Dirty Three
Hans (V5 D813)
Hans (V5 D829)
ISO: Oasis, Weezer 2001
mark t weygandt (V5 D894)
ISO: Oasis, Weezer 2001 (corrected email)
mark t weygandt (V5 D894)
ISO: Old Leftover Salmon or Left Handed String Band
C Dub (V5 D802)
ISO: Phil 4-15-01 Pittsburgh
Jason7675@aol.com (V5 D887)
ISO: Phil and Friends 4/30/01
Ziegler, Richard S (V5 D877)
ISO: Phil Atlanta/Asheville HAVE: Charlotte
Delano (V5 D864)
ISO: PJ Harvey
Rogier v.d. Gugten (V5 D809)
ISO: PJ Harvey in Amsterdam (FM)
Rogier v.d. Gugten (V5 D835)
ISO: Plaid/Squarepusher @ Great American Music Hall 4/26/01
john van (V5 D874)
ISO: Portland 9/30/00 Neil Young/Beck
hewitt@panix.com (V5 D802)
ISO: Project Object from new years!!!
jimmy sellers (V5 D836)
Dave DiMartino (V5 D830)
ISO: RATDOG 4/1/01
Glenn & Shellbee (V5 D868)
ISO: Ratdog HOB, NOLA 3/30/01, Atlanta 4/1/01 FM
liverich@sunlink.net (V5 D840)
Deadtour@cs.com (V5 D841)
ISO: recent coldplay shows
Jeff Carvalho (V5 D861)
ISO: Recent Cult shows
Lane Kelly (V5 D898)
ISO: recent HQ stealth FOB's
TaperB (V5 D889)
ISO: Recent New Model Army/Levellers stuff
Bas Ruesink (V5 D873)
ISO: Sam Bush 3/1/2001 Rams Head Tavern
Tim DiPaula (V5 D816)
ISO: Schoeps W20 windscreen
Chris Maler (V5 D827)
ISO: SCI 3/12,14,15,16,17/2001
GnPhsn2@aol.com (V5 D894)
ISO: SCI 4-27-01 columbus
Jason7675@aol.com (V5 D875)
ISO: Shrimp Boat
J. Van (V5 D815)
ISO: some missing cdrs WSP 11-6-98+4-9-00
Dave DiMartino (V5 D839)
ISO: Someone from London
Sebastian Boschert (V5 D888)
ISO: Someone who lives in Japan
Ryan Kennedy (V5 D804)
ISO: someone with broadband cable
John D. Tsalikes (V5 D828)
ISO: Sonosax or MP2 preamp
PHISHsDANK@aol.com (V5 D890)
ISO: Sony PCM- R500
Darrin McKeehen (V5 D818)
ISO: Sony RK-DA10
Mr. Groovunit (V5 D857)
ISO: Sony SBM-1 A/D
Jeff Hoelter (V5 D889)
ISO: Source info for New Bohemians 07/26/00
Mark Domyancich (V5 D811)
ISO: Spring 2001> KWS and Double Trouble Tapers
Disc N Dat (V5 D849)
ISO: String Cheese Incedent - Santa Barbara 3/4
MickeyDav@aol.com (V5 D807)
ACR7@aol.com (V5 D847)
ISO: taper for Slobberbone @ Borderline, London, UK - May 1st
Michiel J.J.M. Oudendijk (V5 D864)
Iso: taper in Hollywood, Ca.
Alf (V5 D832)
ISO: Tapers for Joe Ely Band & Flatlander shows
William.Otten@LibertyMutual.com (V5 D814)
iso: Tapers for Uncle Sammy's Spring Tour
Knicks1680@aol.com (V5 D835)
ISO: Tapes of Dylan's current tour
Les Irvin (V5 D866)
ISO: tech help on PCM decoding
Aaron Westendorf (V5 D864)
ISO: Tennessee SCI Shows
James H. Pollock (V5 D891)
ISO: The Black Crowes 02-03-01 NYC
Tatina, Bill (V5 D817)
ISO: The Grays live
KindTaper@aol.com (V5 D852)
TJH (V5 D891)
ISO: TOOL Tapers for May 2001> Atlanta, Chicago, Detroit and NYC
Tatina, Bill (V5 D847)
ISO: Toronto Stealth Taper
Fares Halteh (V5 D826)
ISO: Trey shows
Delano (V5 D822)
ISO: Tuatara
Osman Balkan (V5 D840)
ISO: U2 4.26.01 + PMB Dats for Grabs
Joe Dobrota (V5 D842)
ISO: U2 @ Philips Arena in Atlanta 3/30/01 - DAT SOURCE
Steve Vahey (V5 D846)
ISO: U2 Elevation Tour
Matthias (V5 D873)
ISO: U2 ticket for bradley center 5/9/01
Donald Becker Jr (V5 D838)
ISO: Van Morrison 1/3/01 Warfield
Jeff Anderson (V5 D821)
ISO: Verve &/or Richard Ashcroft solo Dats
JSmoliak@aol.com (V5 D822)
ISO: Virgos Merlot recordings
Kris Sproul (V5 D816)
ISO: Wall to Wall Miles Davis (3/24)
Osman Balkan (V5 D827)
ISO: Website for Japanese Import CD Single's-LP's
Tatina, Bill (V5 D857)
ISO: WSP 5/1/01
Darrin McKeehen (V5 D880)
ISO: WSP, Red Rocks Sat or Sun
chris evans (V5 D890)
ISO: Yngwie 2001 Tour
Tatina, Bill (V5 D829)
ISO: Zefiro Inbox/AD20
chris evans (V5 D810)
Steve Hussong (V5 D871)
ISO:Black Crowes March 16, 2001 SXSW @ STUBB'S - AUSTIN, TX
BlackCrowes@gmx.net (V5 D822)
TJH (V5 D805)
ISO:David Sylvian Tapers/Traders
Aleal5687@cs.com (V5 D852)
ISO:Hancock, Ely...and more
Otten, William (V5 D802)
ISO:Iron Maiden and Bruce Dickinson
Seanhite1@aol.com (V5 D803)
ISO:JID S.D. and H.O.B. tonight L.A.
Dave DiMartino (V5 D813)
iso:michael hampton 3/23/01
Jbg0402@aol.com (V5 D853)
ISO:Recent Tesla and Jerry Cantrell shows
BlackCrowes@gmx.net (V5 D822)
ISO:soft boys
steve fukawa (V5 D848)
dave dimartino (V5 D843)
ISO:Warren Haynes acoustic-FM broadcast.
james peterson (V5 D891)
ISO; PETER ROWAN AND/OR GUY CLARK Suwannee Springfest 3-23-25
TJH (V5 D837)
It's contest time at The Night Owl! (no DAT-Heads content)
Steve Marshall (V5 D890)
it's official...
=?ISO-8859-1?Q?mat=AEix~marty?= (V5 D895)
It's time for a new portable recorder
Chris M Hickman (V5 D876)
Warren Melnick (V5 D876)
bensphishing@cs.com (V5 D871)
J Mascis & The Fog
Adam Smith (V5 D868)
J Mascis and Mike Watt shows
Smashmark@aol.com (V5 D856)
James Taylor Hollywood Bowl 1977
Alan Goldenberg (V5 D812)
jason crosby b&p
Scott C. Brown (V5 D838)
Jay Farrar and Dave Alvin acoustic, DSBD
enrico@pemo.com (V5 D823)
Jazz Mandolin tapers on 4/21?
Ryan Haskell (V5 D842)
Jazzfest trades
Jacob Jordan (V5 D886)
Jeff Beck Portland, ME Tree
Jmratman@aol.com (V5 D831)
Jeff Beck Portland,ME
Jmratman@aol.com (V5 D827)
Jeff Beck/Roseland 3/22 needed
John Fink Jr (V5 D832)
Jeff Tweedy - 02/27/01 Somerville
Bill Hoy (V5 D800)
Jeff Tweedy @ The Alladin 3/5/01
RRopek@aol.com (V5 D810)
Jerry Cantrell tour dates:
Bruno Globensky (V5 D813)
jeremy h (V5 D800)
Joan Osborne taping policy
mike lyons (V5 D843)
Joan Osborne Tour dates
stryder@mindspring.com (V5 D830)
Joe Jackson
Matt Korman (V5 D863)
joe jackson at beacon theater
Slipkid (V5 D862)
Joe Jackson Traders
cotter (V5 D888)
Joey Ramone RIP
Sam Hain (V5 D854)
John Frusciante
Paul G (V5 D851)
John Hammond and Tom Waites
DAVEDARC@aol.com (V5 D867)
John Mayall taping????
Jonathan Riesenfeld (V5 D882)
John Molo's new group....MoDeReKo
Michael and Bella (V5 D884)
Johnny Polonsky playing in Chicago
Rob Gronotte (V5 D855)
Jonathan Richman, Soft Boys masters from Mpls.
JH (V5 D839)
sloansimpson@mindspring.com (V5 D833)
Karaoke CDs?
JH (V5 D846)
Keller Williams
Charlie Miller (V5 D841)
Kelly Joe Phelps
Alan Goldenberg (V5 D862)
kevin coyne
Bill Pannifer (V5 D891)
Gary Davis (V5 D888)
Kid-Nappster ("Gary Davis")
Michael Miller (V5 D889)
King Crimson, etc.
Adam Aronson (V5 D874)
Kings of Convenience?
KindTaper@aol.com (V5 D858)
Klay is correct, thanks very much!
acffh (V5 D800)
Klay's eBay 21 May; SV3800, New Peavey Portable Mixer; Tascam CD, More!
Klay Anderson (V5 D897)
Klay's eBay; A Few DAT Items
Klay Anderson (V5 D803)
Dan O'Neal (V5 D866)
acffh (V5 D870)
Wakko Ellington Warner-Warner III (V5 D867)
Knopfler - Security & Sound?
music rules (V5 D875)
Slipkid (V5 D876)
Knopfler 2001
dstr8s (V5 D886)
Knopfler taping???
David Danek (V5 D833)
Kokomo and/or Go Ahead
Vernon A Webb (V5 D821)
kudoes to sony service
randy@monkeybiz.Stanford.EDU (V5 D807)
LA Area Dat Heads-Harry Smith Project Ticket Offer
Al Hudock (V5 D866)
laptop as a portable recorder?
H V Sahasrabuddhe (V5 D897)
Laptop PC Recording from DAT
Blaisdell, Gary (V5 D863)
Laptop Recording anyone?
Paul (V5 D873)
Laptop recording...
mattz62@juno.com (V5 D876)
laptop sound cards + more questions
Adam Pease (V5 D864)
Onno J.R. Bakker (V5 D865)
Larry on tour again
Jonathan Riesenfeld (V5 D898)
Last call for Piamenta tree
O Nelson (V5 D835)
Leftover Delight
david gatewood (V5 D824)
Leftover Salmon - 3-24-01, St. Louis B&P
Wayne D. Hoxsie Jr. (V5 D829)
Leftover Salmon taping policy?
Jeffrey A. Stockman (V5 D827)
Wayne D. Hoxsie Jr. (V5 D827)
Leftover Salmon, Galactic, Skerik
WAREAGLEBART@aol.com (V5 D828)
Len's 7-Pin Bible
Beast914@aol.com (V5 D816)
Lenny Breau Documentary
Adam Aronson (V5 D814)
Levon Helm Taping Policy?
Eric Carr (V5 D870)
Lexicon Core 2 PCI
Jason Kreuter (V5 D808)
Lexicon Core 2 soundcard
Jim (V5 D837)
Live Rush
Smashmark@aol.com (V5 D852)
living colour 2001
kount yansurak (V5 D892)
Looking for 4/23/01 U2 show
Lane Kelly (V5 D875)
Looking for a shure vertical bar, and a pair of AT8410a's
GuitarBud7@aol.com (V5 D898)
Looking for a Zoltrix soundcard?
rob@allstarupgrades.com (V5 D839)
Looking For Advice on a Digital Patchbay Or Selectable I/O box
Thomas_Denman@lotus.com (V5 D814)
Looking for Blue Floyd 8/10/00 Cleveland
Lane Kelly (V5 D811)
Looking for Bon Jovi tapers Worldwide/free DATs
sprinklers@core.com (V5 D851)
Looking For Cherry Poppin' Daddies or Voodoo Daddies (or something like that).... for a co-worker...
LostSailor (V5 D832)
Looking for Clutch from LaMour in Brooklyn last nite
E (V5 D837)
Looking for help on Peter Brotzman playing boston, buffalo, roche
tforbath@Nervewire.com (V5 D851)
Looking for Los Super 7
hewitt@panix.com (V5 D839)
Looking For Metallica Trades!
Andy Swinburnson (V5 D808)
Looking for opinions on Oktava MK012's vs. MK013's
Rick Ground (V5 D847)
looking for pavement related SXSW taper...
cory rayborn (V5 D800)
Looking for Salvador Trepat in Spain
Rob Gronotte (V5 D848)
Looking for Scott Hutchinson
BlackCrowes@gmx.net (V5 D867)
Looking for some DAT trades
Drew (V5 D869)
looking for some recent nyc shows
Stonecutter15@aol.com (V5 D812)
looking for tapers in Albuquerque, NM and Phoenix, AZ
Frank (V5 D882)
looking for tapers in Australia and Japan
Tom Bjelland (V5 D841)
looking for tapers in Dallas, Houston and San Antonio, TX
Frank (V5 D876)
looking for tapers in Sacramento, Concord and San Diego, CA
Frank (V5 D875)
looking for trades
Drew (V5 D877)
looking for U2 Elevation shows - ALDs/earpieces?
Martin (V5 D882)
Looking for Zefiro Inbox power supply
winnie (V5 D850)
Los Hombres 5/19/01
Delano (V5 D896)
Los Hombres dates
Delano (V5 D804)
Los Lobos - Morning Becomes Eclectic 10.4.00
hewitt@panix.com (V5 D837)
Los Super Seven Tapers Needed
Dan Gale (V5 D816)
LOS video
david gatewood (V5 D832)
Lost schoeps ORTF bar upfront at P&F Ashville
Eric Reichenbach (V5 D863)
lost trader..
chris rees (V5 D837)
low-priced DVHS machine
Gary Davis (V5 D806)
LP and dynamic range
DHami44862@aol.com (V5 D836)
LP mode
DHami44862@aol.com (V5 D830)
Rob Gronotte (V5 D830)
Linus P Sweers (V5 D832)
Bobert (V5 D837)
Bob Griesel (V5 D838)
Bob Ramstad (V5 D839)
M-1 / RMD-3K Compatability
DHami44862@aol.com (V5 D849)
GuySonic@aol.com (V5 D850)
M-1 newbie-ish prob
maki futo (V5 D818)
m-audio audiophile 2496
v. stickel (V5 D845)
M1 + 6 Volts
Pat K (V5 D868)
M1 + 6 Volts (Let's end the hysteria with a few facts)
GuySonic@aol.com (V5 D869)
M1 and 6V power
Len Moskowitz (V5 D867)
Warren Melnick (V5 D867)
Len Moskowitz (V5 D868)
M1 and 6V power /
GuySonic@aol.com (V5 D866)
M1 and 6V power / Trade for Phil 4/20
kmstraker@mindspring.com (V5 D865)
M1 Power & Stealth Mics
Darrin McKeehen (V5 D868)
Michael Miller (V5 D869)
Mac burning software?
Bill (V5 D818)
Michael Hackett (V5 D820)
Dean (V5 D821)
DHami44862@aol.com (V5 D822)
Mac CD burning
Dan (V5 D819)
Mac Hardware
Sherm Clow (V5 D840)
Mac hardware and software
Neal Copperman (V5 D836)
David McGee (V5 D837)
Neal Copperman (V5 D837)
mac powerbook users using UA-30 usb?
jeffc (V5 D886)
Mac TiBook recording
Sherm Clow (V5 D887)
Madison WI tapers!!
Bill Shaw (V5 D819)
Magnetic Field From Window Air Conditioner
Carl Mink (V5 D878)
Charles Quinn (V5 D879)
MAHAVISHNU PROJECT---tape these guys!! NY and MA shows
Tompixie@aol.com (V5 D878)
Many thanks to Greg Chaney!
Bob Stone (V5 D807)
Marcel Marceau trades anyone? :-)
Winnie Olmer (V5 D827)
acffh (V5 D828)
Mark Knopfler - Tower Theatre - 4/27/2001 Tree Closed
Matthew Williamson (V5 D888)
Mark Knopfler CT DAT offer, U2 CT ticket grovel
digitalman01@earthlink.net (V5 D894)
Mark Knopfler taping policy
KindTaper@aol.com (V5 D852)
Jeff Lester (V5 D855)
Mark Knopfler-Tower Theatre-4/27/2001 Tree sign up
mwilliamson@juno.com (V5 D885)
TRANEHEAD@aol.com (V5 D873)
Matador SXSW showcase and I-Mac question
j manniello (V5 D835)
Matrix ?s (SBD + DAT)
Heikki Laine (V5 D830)
acffh (V5 D831)
GgergM@aol.com (V5 D832)
Matthew sweet taping policy?
Owen O'Neill (V5 D804)
mbho's and V2 for sale
Trevor Pratte (V5 D846)
McGarrigles SF GAMH 4-29-01
GaoBest@aol.com (V5 D874)
Meat Puppets, too
john e. bogus (V5 D810)
MerleFest patron pass and taper ticket
John Bartol (V5 D863)
Mic Boom Adaptor Alert
Stuart_Lang@agfg.com (V5 D801)
Mic Cabling
Klay Anderson (V5 D814)
Mic setup for sale!
John_Clingan@brown.edu (V5 D894)
microphone differences
Gary (V5 D817)
mics for sale
david gatewood (V5 D807)
david gatewood (V5 D876)
Midiman CO3, SCMS stripper?
a.patrizio@verizon.net (V5 D825)
Mike Clark in Chi. on sat. Open taping???
Jason & Monique Riggs (V5 D809)
Minneapolis 6-26-86
Mike Thurley (V5 D863)
Minus 5 / Young Fresh Fellows wanted
Brett Lowman (V5 D807)
max erenberg (V5 D811)
MM&W set list page
Caesar S. Carnevale (V5 D807)
MMW and Phil
jopeter1 (V5 D826)
MMW w/Fishman offer (12-15-00)
Stephen Pzynski (V5 D819)
Larry Brent (V5 D881)
sean stevens (V5 D884)
ModeReko in Asheville
kmstraker@mindspring.com (V5 D887)
MoDeReKo spring Tour
Michael and Bella (V5 D884)
moe 3/15/01 dats gone.
sadiks (V5 D830)
moe @ Rochester NY
Mike Thurley (V5 D860)
Moe. & Jazz Mandolin Project 4/20/01 Tapers?
Ryan Haskell (V5 D853)
Mono>Stereo with CoolEdit 96 Help
Gear119348@aol.com (V5 D844)
Monster Magnet
Smashmark@aol.com (V5 D852)
More DAT liquidation...
Joe Doheny (V5 D801)
more DAT>PC questions, trading offer
Bennett Forrest (V5 D830)
More Extras for Trade
Dave Cohen (V5 D809)
more on "LP"
Gary Davis (V5 D832)
More Post-it Note Bummer
Bob Griesel (V5 D820)
Darrin McKeehen (V5 D821)
more tcd-d7 question
Mike Hooker (V5 D894)
more tcd-d7 question- battery sled for AA's
acffh (V5 D896)
More Virus Info
Darrin McKeehen (V5 D856)
MOTU 828
CatalystX (V5 D842)
mp-2 help
cheez60m (V5 D894)
mp-2 help??
cheez60m (V5 D884)
mp2 wanted...
Tim Cochrane (V5 D804)
Beast914@aol.com (V5 D879)
Music Midtown - mic stands?
james peterson (V5 D872)
Music MidTown in Atlanta...
Jay Lyons (V5 D842)
MXL 603?
Erick del Valle (V5 D882)
NAB 2001 Field Report (some DAT content)
Marc Nutter (V5 D870)
nak cm300s, lo or flat cut?
PHISHsDANK@aol.com (V5 D857)
nakamichi mx-100
taperroy (V5 D858)
NDC but still very improtant !!!!!!!!!!
michael ryan (V5 D803)
NDC...Extra Roger Waters cdr's
LenG58@aol.com (V5 D846)
nDMB, nPMBc: david gray tix
Donald Becker Jr (V5 D845)
Need a David Gilmour/Sparklehorse taper in London
a.patrizio@verizon.net (V5 D889)
Need A Taper In Atlanta This Sunday
Dirk Cota (V5 D810)
Need Allman Bros. INFO
KUZEN J (V5 D840)
Need GD 06/25/92 Soldier Field with encores upgrade
John Flannery (V5 D828)
Need help Sony D-10 Pro
Pat K (V5 D863)
Need help to insert track breaks with a r-300
jb (V5 D809)
Need help with a DAT tape that wont load
SCHUBIDOO@aol.com (V5 D814)
need help with D3 DAT deck / battery pack
Rob Gronotte (V5 D889)
Need mixer help
Pat K (V5 D809)
acffh (V5 D810)
need pcm-m1 1/8" mic in to (2)xlr wiring diagram
avps (V5 D811)
Nero question (burning problems resolved)
Joshua (V5 D816)
Seth Breidbart (V5 D816)
network cards and audio
Joshua (V5 D847)
Neumann AK40 caps for sale
rob@allstarupgrades.com (V5 D815)
New group for tapers/traders of Blueground Undergrass
Brad & Julie Hefner (V5 D878)
New Lower Prices on Danish Pro Audio Microphones
Len Moskowitz (V5 D852)
New Nakamichi Mics?
Kurt Vogel (V5 D882)
new preamp
Mike BB (V5 D880)
New Schoeps VMS5U question
ZepMan@aol.com (V5 D822)
New Sealed DAT's $1.00 (I'm dumping about 500)
Terry L. Harrison (V5 D891)
New Sony DGP shells...
Stanley W. Smith (V5 D879)
Slipkid (V5 D878)
new Sony DGs - what's the difference?
Boxcephus@aol.com (V5 D882)
Wayne D. Hoxsie Jr. (V5 D882)
new tapers group
Steve Marshall (V5 D814)
NEW vintage Janis Joplin & Van Morrison to trade
ABershaw@aol.com (V5 D804)
jopeter1 (V5 D816)
Newbie a/d question
Dave Morrison (V5 D838)
newsgroups specifically for audio editing?
Joshua (V5 D829)
No International Shipments (AUDIO CAPABLE COMPUTER DAT FOR SALE $245)
Richard Hempsall (V5 D858)
Gary Davis (V5 D865)
L Sean Kennedy (V5 D865)
Mark Mayhle (V5 D865)
Len Moskowitz (V5 D866)
Len Moskowitz (V5 D868)
Len Moskowitz (V5 D870)
No Sales Pitch
Darrin McKeehen (V5 D886)
Nocentelli jazz fest
Bill Shaw (V5 D883)
Gianni Pavan (V5 D810)
Warren Melnick (V5 D811)
Len Moskowitz (V5 D811)
Warren Melnick (V5 D813)
North Mississippi Allstars taping policy
SCHUBIDOO@aol.com (V5 D807)
Wayne D. Hoxsie Jr. (V5 D807)
North MS All-Stars 1/26/01 - Metro Chicago
Alan Goldenberg (V5 D808)
Northwest tour : Will Bernard & Motherbug
Jon Weber (V5 D873)
Not intresting: Denon DTR-80P, any good?
Bas Ruesink (V5 D897)
Random Gnome Generator (V5 D818)
NYC Venue Problems
Ephraim Diament (V5 D803)
Oktava microphones
Nick Georges (V5 D875)
Oktava MK319
Bonnie & Cleve Svetlik (V5 D864)
old computers / new hardware
Gary Davis (V5 D897)
Old Rads CDR Trade Offer
Delano (V5 D827)
One for Woody source
Darrin McKeehen (V5 D819)
BenJD2B@aol.com (V5 D821)
Ron Dalton (V5 D822)
Seth Breidbart (V5 D822)
ev (V5 D823)
OOPS! ISO 4-25-01 pittsurgh phil, not 4-15-01
Jason7675@aol.com (V5 D888)
Oops: 7-Pin Bible
Len Moskowitz (V5 D815)
Opcode DATport problems
Carl Schwink (V5 D891)
Opcode DATport problems #891
GuySonic@aol.com (V5 D892)
Opinions on NEW CD burners
Brian Kelley (V5 D824)
Opinions wanted on dat to hard drive transfers...NDC
LenG58@aol.com (V5 D855)
Bob Griesel (V5 D855)
optical s/pdif or tos-link?
J.Garcia (V5 D858)
Seth Breidbart (V5 D859)
OT Posting: Anyone interested in some cassettes?
Olympian90@aol.com (V5 D857)
OT: audio for video cameras questions
crak therapy (V5 D856)
Len Moskowitz (V5 D858)
Peter.Snowdon@cec.eu.int (V5 D859)
OT: audio for video cameras questions (Digest #856)
GuySonic@aol.com (V5 D858)
P1 > D8 error ?
Bob Wiely (V5 D841)
P2 Sweden and/or Per Eric Johansson contact??----jazz shows
Tompixie@aol.com (V5 D842)
Paging: Enrico Perissinotto
Dimar (V5 D888)
Panasonic 3200 question
JazzGtrL4@aol.com (V5 D805)
Panasonic SV-250 for sale
JHCWSP@cs.com (V5 D813)
Panasonic SV-4100: selecting digital input
acffh (V5 D887)
jesse@celestialaudio.com (V5 D887)
Panasonic SV-4100: selecting digital input - stupid question!
Jesse Lackey (V5 D886)
Panasonic SV3700 For Sale - CHEAP
Jim Jasmin (V5 D845)
Patti Smith taping??
mike lyons (V5 D880)
PC with ZA2 and Zoltrix Nightingale soundcards
Mark McHarg (V5 D844)
PCM-M1 on mixing desk ?
Jeroen Zuiderhoek (V5 D885)
pcm-m1/tcd-d100 stealth question
v. stickel (V5 D860)
jff@ix.netcom.com (V5 D861)
Michael Hackett (V5 D862)
PCM100 Tape Duplicating Question
Tom Baylor (V5 D827)
rob@allstarupgrades.com (V5 D828)
Pearl Jam "Grievance" SVCD
Gary Davis (V5 D834)
PF B+P - Closed!!
Bob Griesel (V5 D847)
Phil & Friends taping policy.....
John Callery (V5 D846)
Phil 4/19
jopeter1 (V5 D857)
Phil 4/19 -4/20
jopeter1 (V5 D837)
Phil and Phish and others B&P
Thomas Reizes (V5 D804)
Phish B&P offer
Thomas Reizes (V5 D803)
Phish DAT tapes for trade for blank CD-R's
Scott Mogol (V5 D841)
photon flashlights
randy@monkeybiz.Stanford.EDU (V5 D844)
Seth Breidbart (V5 D844)
Piamenta tree
O Nelson (V5 D826)
Pink Floyd '94 tour
a.patrizio@verizon.net (V5 D875)
Pink Floyd B&P Offer
Bob Griesel (V5 D846)
Pioneer-Press article about tapers
John Petroskas (V5 D828)
PJ Harvey -- Chicago radio tonight
hewitt@panix.com (V5 D890)
Dave DiMartino (V5 D821)
please tape this!!
=?iso-8859-1?q?mujtaba?= (V5 D803)
PLEASE TAPE: Robyn Hitchcock/Soft Boys reunion tour
da9ve stovall (V5 D801)
Plextor CD burners?
Joshua (V5 D829)
Plextor Disc Dupe 2000?
Jay Fitzgerald (V5 D842)
Seth Breidbart (V5 D842)
Pop/crackle problem in one channel on SPDIF transfers... solutions?
Owen O'Neill (V5 D840)
Pops and Clicks
Charlie Miller (V5 D817)
Pork Tornado Tour Dates
Darrin McKeehen (V5 D816)
Portable "Pro" CDR...
gthrush@du.edu (V5 D842)
portable cd-players
phunk1 (V5 D839)
portable power for a DMic20 and a PCM-M1
Brian (V5 D822)
Smashmark@aol.com (V5 D816)
possible solution - DAT > PC transfer small cuts, errors? need help
Owen O'Neill (V5 D869)
Potential SBM-1 problems??
Eric McRoberts (V5 D812)
Power for a Sony D-3?
Richmond Mike (V5 D869)
Power Problems
WAREAGLEBART@aol.com (V5 D828)
pro burners: HHb 830
Andrew Fritz (V5 D834)
pro burners: Tascam CDR2000 vs. HHb CDR830
Andrew Fritz (V5 D832)
Bill Shaw (V5 D833)
Pro DAT deck service in Los Angeles area?
Bill W. (V5 D875)
pro Digaital
DHami44862@aol.com (V5 D882)
Pro Digital
Jeetneal@aol.com (V5 D869)
a.patrizio@verizon.net (V5 D870)
PRO SONY manufactures Tascam DAT decks
Bryce (V5 D803)
Pro Tools Free 5.0.1 . . .Windows w/o extra hardware!
Stanley W. Smith (V5 D882)
Problems posting to list from AOL
Carl Mink (V5 D878)
L Sean Kennedy (V5 D878)
problems w/ Sony DDS
rob landis (V5 D840)
Python DAT > computer DAT2WAV question..
Louie Rendek (V5 D850)
Wayne D. Hoxsie Jr. (V5 D850)
Q: Cool Edit 2k
Vince Horst (V5 D825)
Qs about Nick Cave current tour
GaoBest@aol.com (V5 D829)
Question - Neumann PMV70 Mic preamp
Rupert Pupkin (V5 D897)
Question reagrding Tascam DA-20 Errors
Clay R. Caroselli (V5 D861)
Question: How works a sony D3?
Richmond Mike (V5 D878)
Quick question about DVD burners.
Dean (V5 D825)
Jonathan Pressman (V5 D826)
quick SHN trades
Bob Ramstad (V5 D831)
Quick Trades Anyone?
LAO (V5 D850)
r.w. "tour forest"...6 is up,signups for #7
George S. (V5 D852)
r.w."tour forest" tree#7 up,8+9signups, gilmour in london
George S. (V5 D898)
R300 4 Sale: $375 obo
rob@allstarupgrades.com (V5 D835)
Radiators 3/23/01
Charlie Miller (V5 D881)
Radio Audio/Video Patchbay
Pat K (V5 D814)
CosmicKC@aol.com (V5 D816)
Radio Shack Universal rechargeable Ni-MH power pack
Thomas Plum (V5 D860)
GuySonic@aol.com (V5 D861)
Thomas Plum (V5 D862)
Radiohead and Zeke for B+P
mark wilkins (V5 D843)
Radiohead USA tour dates
Paulo Vieira (V5 D877)
raging slab shows
Mark E. (V5 D807)
rare nanci griffith up for grabs
Boxcephus@aol.com (V5 D850)
david gatewood (V5 D857)
RATDOG 4-1-01 offer dat only
cheez60m (V5 D841)
Ratdog 4-24-01 Seattle
Gary Johnson (V5 D866)
Gary Johnson (V5 D866)
Ratdog 4-6-01
Mark Paterick (V5 D850)
Mark Paterick (V5 D857)
Ratdog 4/17/01
DAVEDARC@aol.com (V5 D858)
Ratdog At Pompano 4-4-01
Grateful Prite (V5 D841)
Ratdog BnP DAT offer ***CLOSED****
Rich Perlman (V5 D822)
Ratdog FM- Atlanta 4-1-01
J.Lerman-Behemoth1 @WebTV.Net (V5 D840)
RATDOG Patch in New Orleans
Deadtour@cs.com (V5 D818)
Ratdog sbds?
Gary Johnson (V5 D859)
Ratdog Sets
Alan Saferstein (V5 D838)
RatDog Taping Policy
Wayne D. Hoxsie Jr. (V5 D830)
Ratdog Tickets For Trade
Grateful Prite (V5 D839)
re teratec card-sebastian
Onno J.R. Bakker (V5 D856)
Re Virii & such (nsci) (nbgug) (ndat)... Delete if attached to
Stanley W. Smith (V5 D886)
Re: ISO DATPort #833
GuySonic@aol.com (V5 D834)
GuySonic@aol.com (V5 D867)
Re: NO NO NO! #869
GuySonic@aol.com (V5 D870)
RE: Radio Shack Universal rechargeable Ni-MH power pack
GuySonic@aol.com (V5 D863)
re: something really different
GuySonic@aol.com (V5 D844)
RE: Sony TCD-D3 power usage #800
GuySonic@aol.com (V5 D801)
Re: Source Help?
Stanley Willey (V5 D860)
datman (V5 D860)
datman (V5 D860)
datman (V5 D860)
Re; Mac burning Software
Beast914@aol.com (V5 D821)
Recent Jeff Beck
Jmratman@aol.com (V5 D825)
recent NYC gigs available FT
*~ pwk ~* (V5 D897)
Recent Recordings in San Francisco
Matthew Thayer (V5 D830)
recent soundboards...
rich (V5 D861)
Reconstructed Capitol theater tree / Franks Picks
Jason & Monique Riggs (V5 D877)
Recording head for DA-7
Pierre Rose (V5 D835)
Recording Telephone
Klay Anderson (V5 D844)
recordings of foreign FMs----need help---UK/Sweden/Germany/France/etc
Tompixie@aol.com (V5 D820)
rem and radiohead in france
Stonecutter15@aol.com (V5 D878)
rem fans in nyc
Stonecutter15@aol.com (V5 D894)
Remittance on sale of Weezer shows
Chris M Hickman (V5 D857)
Removing Buzz
Gary Davis (V5 D839)
Gary Davis (V5 D839)
Repairing a cable
Delano (V5 D853)
Req: More info about 10-12-95 Gainesville Phish Schoeps
Michael Gouker (V5 D869)
Charlie Miller (V5 D844)
reusing dat tapes?
J.Garcia (V5 D813)
Seth Breidbart (V5 D813)
RIAA's Secret Weapon
Joe Rioux (V5 D826)
Richie Havens - 2/18/01
sean stevens (V5 D812)
Rig Advice
twoodruff@knobias.com (V5 D843)
Right Angle XLR's
Alan Saferstein (V5 D813)
Robbie Kreiger taping policy?
Colin Liston (V5 D808)
Robbie Krieger allows taping !!!!!!
LAO (V5 D809)
Rock n roll B&P (or quick trade)
r2d2@quik.com (V5 D804)
Rod Argent & Colin Blunstone
Tom Cavanaugh (V5 D895)
Roger Waters 8/04/99 and more...
Danny McCarthy (V5 D855)
Roland UA30/Wavterminal U2A/VX Pocket PC MIDI Recording Card???
Ruderallis@aol.com (V5 D868)
Royce Hall UCLA - anyone taped?
hewitt@panix.com (V5 D843)
RV: 7 pin rkda10 v/s rkda10p
Erick del Valle (V5 D820)
RV: MXL 603?
Erick del Valle (V5 D883)
Wayne D. Hoxsie Jr. (V5 D884)
RV: sony SBM-1
Javi Dieguez (V5 D805)
RV: Zerifo Inbox Question
Erick del Valle (V5 D831)
San Francisco Nights DAT set
Steven Popkin (V5 D845)
San Francisco tapers -- please help!
O Nelson (V5 D837)
SB live
Thomas Wulf (V5 D834)
Schematics for Line and Mic inputs on PCM-M1 and MZ-R37
Brad Wiseman (V5 D860)
Schoeps discussion group?
Joshua (V5 D895)
schoeps KC5 users
=?iso-8859-1?q?el=20paquisto?= (V5 D857)
bensphishing@cs.com (V5 D843)
Schoeps UMS-20 t-bar
Colin Liston (V5 D867)
schoeps VMS 5 U
jay (V5 D858)
SCI 3day pass help(NOT looking to buy)
schwigiddy (V5 D822)
SCMS problem on a PCM-M1
Steve Marshall (V5 D823)
scms stripper for D7 -> consumer cdr burner??
d kelly (V5 D834)
Len Moskowitz (V5 D835)
scms strippers
Andrew Fritz (V5 D844)
SCREAMING Headless TORSOS---NH gig on 4/25 at Stone Church
Tompixie@aol.com (V5 D867)
scsi cdr
J.Garcia (V5 D857)
sdmp2 and shure.....
Cjyellow@aol.com (V5 D850)
sealed lead-acid batteries on airplanes
Taraszki, Craig (V5 D847)
Searching For: 1999 , 2000 & 2001 Marilyn Manson
Disc N Dat (V5 D837)
SEATTLE TAPER needed - March 16 Will Bernard & Motherbug
Jon Weber (V5 D802)
Security @ the Hollywood Palladium ?
pro audio (V5 D822)
security @the joint in LV
J. Ricci (V5 D828)
seeking Black Crowes
Alfred Ritter (V5 D867)
Seeking SnoCore Shows
MudShark29@aol.com (V5 D803)
Seeking U2 tapers/extra floor tix for taper-helpers
Norris Thomlinson (V5 D874)
Seeking Van Morrison 30.Apr.01 Lowell, Mass.
Niall Connors (V5 D895)
Segate DDS drive prices
gruvenon@netzero.net (V5 D861)
Senheisser MKH 416
Erick del Valle (V5 D897)
Sennheiser 416's
Klay Anderson (V5 D898)
server crashed....
michael ryan (V5 D815)
Several ISO's
Darkstarracing@aol.com (V5 D855)
Scott C. Brown (V5 D842)
short intro, questions/suggestions
DJ Arcanus (V5 D892)
Shorten files
Andrew Fritz (V5 D867)
Wayne D. Hoxsie Jr. (V5 D867)
Jackson Gibbs (V5 D868)
acffh (V5 D870)
Jackson Gibbs (V5 D872)
Sigur Ros
Matthew Thayer (V5 D878)
Sigur Ros taper available
TRANEHEAD@aol.com (V5 D859)
Sister Hazel Available
cotter (V5 D826)
SKB jazzfest for trade
phunk1 (V5 D884)
Slaid Cleaves Band
rich (V5 D885)
sleazy bootleggers
Joshua (V5 D872)
Joshua (V5 D873)
Sleazy bootleggers . . .
David Danek (V5 D869)
So Cal Tapers
vito (V5 D892)
SOLD: Sony POC-DA12P 7-pin to dual I/O optical
Jeff Ishaq (V5 D894)
something really different
Deaver, Glenn (V5 D843)
Something really different: "Shakedown Street" Deadhead Land
GuySonic@aol.com (V5 D842)
SONIC AD2K+ (Still More Clarifications)
Marc Nutter (V5 D847)
SONIC AD2K--DAT and Laptop recording information
Marc Nutter (V5 D842)
Sony Blanks FS, Extras at discount...
MVAIL70@aol.com (V5 D815)
Sony cartridge stuck on a D8 :(
Paulo Vieira (V5 D887)
Bryce (V5 D848)
sony d 10 for sale
jeff travitz (V5 D801)
sony d100/m1 mods?
l-dat (V5 D835)
Sony D3 Problem
Michael Bogdan (V5 D887)
Sony D7 for sale
Dan Witt (V5 D825)
Sony D7 manual
Bonnie & Cleve Svetlik (V5 D897)
Sony DAT deck on ebay--cheap
twoodruff@knobias.com (V5 D841)
Sony DAT Walkman Accessories for Sale
Robert Ingves (V5 D868)
Sony DG60 & DG90
Greg Hessel (V5 D862)
Sony DGP's new lower price
Aaron Miller (V5 D860)
American-Digital (V5 D861)
sony dgp/dap1 tape help
melissa . (V5 D811)
Marc Nutter (V5 D812)
Seth Breidbart (V5 D813)
ev (V5 D815)
Pierre Rose (V5 D858)
sony parts - take 'em!
c a l i b a n (V5 D856)
Sony PCM 2300 manual?
Drew (V5 D862)
SHOWDUDE@aol.com (V5 D855)
Sony PCM-700,PCM-500 VS Tascam DA-40
Bryce (V5 D803)
Sony PCM-R300 or similar
Evan Radecki (V5 D812)
SONY PCM-R500 Margin Counter Inconsistencies
Bryce (V5 D808)
SONY PCM-R500 Numerical Margin Counter
Bryce (V5 D807)
sony POC-DA12 cable
James Ballen (V5 D811)
Seth Breidbart (V5 D813)
Len Moskowitz (V5 D814)
Sony Rig For Sale
pixiedave (V5 D835)
sony rk-da10
j manniello (V5 D816)
Sony TCD-D3
Donald S. Konicoff (V5 D864)
Sony TCD-D3 power usage
GuySonic@aol.com (V5 D800)
Warren Melnick (V5 D800)
Sony TCD-D7 + CSB
Markus Einarsson (V5 D875)
Len Moskowitz (V5 D877)
Sony TCD-D8 display chip
Scott Wise (V5 D829)
sony tcd7 for sale
Invisable101@aol.com (V5 D811)
sorry I should have checked
Jeetneal@aol.com (V5 D869)
Soulive 4/19-20/01
Chris Maler (V5 D843)
Sound Devices and Shure (MP-2/FP24)
Marc Nutter (V5 D848)
sound devices and shure...
Cjyellow@aol.com (V5 D847)
sound forge help
dwb (V5 D886)
Erich Eyler (V5 D886)
Warren Melnick (V5 D886)
Les Irvin (V5 D887)
Slipkid (V5 D887)
Soundblaster Live Platinum Edition
esoma (V5 D814)
Warren Melnick (V5 D815)
Soundcard advice (long - was Re: ISO DATPort)
John Blackmore (V5 D833)
Warren Melnick (V5 D833)
soundcard feedback
Andrew Fritz (V5 D897)
soundcard in ASUS A7xxx motherboards
J.Garcia (V5 D863)
Soundcards (and Laptop Recording anyone?)
Marc Nutter (V5 D874)
SoundForge question
Erik Spring (V5 D898)
Sounds Better?
Klay Anderson (V5 D803)
Source Help?
Matt Edlhuber (V5 D858)
Eugene Hu (V5 D859)
L Sean Kennedy (V5 D859)
ev (V5 D860)
SP-AD2000 a/d
Pat K (V5 D899)
Spare FS Jorma ticket for 4.01.01
ted mann (V5 D833)
SPDIF to Analog converter?
Beast914@aol.com (V5 D835)
Owen O'Neill (V5 D836)
Len Moskowitz (V5 D836)
geo (V5 D837)
Spirit Caravan
john e. bogus (V5 D898)
spring ratdog
vince (V5 D837)
Spring Specials At Sonic Sense
Marc Nutter (V5 D807)
Spring Tour Sale at Sonic Sense
Marc Nutter (V5 D847)
St. Germain
Jim Andrisani (V5 D897)
Stand alone help
Bmisch773@aol.com (V5 D806)
stealth flashlights
Joshua (V5 D843)
Seth Breidbart (V5 D843)
Eliot Byron (V5 D846)
stealth flashlights (cont.)
Joshua (V5 D845)
Barnett Helzberg (V5 D846)
stealth flashlights (cont.) #845
GuySonic@aol.com (V5 D846)
stealth flashlites...
Jay Lyons (V5 D844)
Stephen Malknue TP?
spoogles (V5 D823)
Steve Marriott Memorial Concert - The Astoria 20th April 2001 -
Slipkid (V5 D863)
Still looking for Scott Hutchinson!
BlackCrowes@gmx.net (V5 D886)
BlackCrowes@gmx.net (V5 D886)
Sting shows 2001
Rogier v.d. Gugten (V5 D877)
Stolen gear
Nemo (V5 D862)
Stooopid qwestion
michael ryan (V5 D898)
styx/bad co. tix for sale
Scott Olsen (V5 D884)
(V5 D858)
mike * (V5 D859)
Subject: DAT > PC, Nghtingale Thanks
Tom Baylor (V5 D835)
summer tour 1986
Mike Thurley (V5 D861)
Super Bit Mapping
Linus P Sweers (V5 D841)
Rick Gebhard (V5 D882)
Supersuckers acoustic - SF 3/31
hewitt@panix.com (V5 D823)
SVCD site
Gary Davis (V5 D880)
Warren Melnick (V5 D881)
Aaron Taylor (V5 D816)
SXSW Festival
Smashmark@aol.com (V5 D823)
SXSW Robert Randolph tonight @ Antoine's
LiveAir995@aol.com (V5 D818)
taking apart the AT 822 or 825
schwigiddy (V5 D875)
Tape U2 from the Heart for the best sound!
Bob Silver (V5 D838)
Taped Trey Gunn Band 2/2/2000
joe Najera (V5 D875)
Taped: Eric Clapton 03.06.2001
Sebastian Boschert (V5 D808)
Taped: Muse/Feeder May 4th
Sebastian Boschert (V5 D879)
Tapers in NY? Piamenta on Thursday
O Nelson (V5 D823)
Tapers needed
Candace Horgan (V5 D889)
Taping at Radio City Music Hall
a.patrizio@verizon.net (V5 D823)
Taping at the Mercury Lounge
Drew (V5 D808)
taping at the palladium in worcester, ma
Gray Proulx (V5 D816)
Taping Geekery at its finest
ZAndersson@aol.com (V5 D829)
Wakko Ellington Warner-Warner III (V5 D830)
Taping Mike Clark 3.10.1 Chicago
kurt ruthe (V5 D810)
Taping of Slash's Snakepit......?
Jeffrey A. Stockman (V5 D808)
Taping policy??
Michael Ryan (V5 D869)
Taping the Aladdin Dave acoustic show?
RAARAIR23@aol.com (V5 D894)
Taping U2
APlay1@aol.com (V5 D838)
Taping U2 info: Denver 4/6
brayburn (V5 D837)
Taping with a Sony PCM-M1
Marc Jacobson (V5 D811)
Len Moskowitz (V5 D814)
Eugene Hu (V5 D815)
Tascam DA-302 - tape stuck in deck 2
BlackCrowes@gmx.net (V5 D823)
Tascam DA-302 / DDS Incompatibility
Paul and Jen Beichert (V5 D803)
Tascam DA-P1 for sale
bk@cloud9.net (V5 D868)
tcd-d7 portable
Mike Hooker (V5 D894)
Teac DAP-20 question
Donald Forsha (V5 D861)
Teac DAP-20 question..... Digest #861
GuySonic@aol.com (V5 D862)
TECH TV "Ultimate" Music PC Dates
Chet B. Eppert (V5 D842)
techno-talk and sound
Warren Melnick (V5 D842)
Telluride 8-16-87 Dead Dat up for grabs
dimar (V5 D881)
Terapin CD Audio/Video Recorder sold at Micro Center
Thomas Plum (V5 D877)
Warren Melnick (V5 D877)
Gary Davis (V5 D878)
Terapin VCD maker
Warren Melnick (V5 D878)
EZ Rider (V5 D885)
Terratec EWX24/96
J.Garcia (V5 D854)
Sebastian Boschert (V5 D855)
Terratec/VIA compatibility
J.Garcia (V5 D858)
Rich Gomes (V5 D846)
Steven Popkin (V5 D826)
SHOWDUDE@aol.com (V5 D845)
SHOWDUDE@aol.com (V5 D846)
Testing New Gear
Charlie Miller (V5 D848)
Testing sending plain text as suggested.
DATJAMS@aol.com (V5 D879)
Texas Tapers for Paul Simon Shows
Roy Dripps (V5 D856)
Thanks and 8/2/97 Phish
Stanley Willey (V5 D804)
Thanks for the blumlein info...!!!
Nick Georges (V5 D823)
the "forest"...tree#5 up,signups for #6
George S. (V5 D818)
The Black Crowes @ SXSW
bo@theblackcrowes.com (V5 D820)
The Black Halos
Alfred Ritter (V5 D804)
The Bootlegger & more
r2d2@quik.com (V5 D811)
the continuing DAT>PC discussion
Bennett Forrest (V5 D833)
The Egg, LTJ Bukem, St. Germain
Lerdawg@aol.com (V5 D827)
The ol` tape stuck in the deck problem
Mike Parker (V5 D848)
ticket for tape - psychedelic furs 4-12-01 fillmore
j manniello (V5 D850)
tim christensen "on parade"
Slipkid (V5 D809)
Tim Reynolds @ Wetlands 5/7/01
Drew (V5 D882)
TMBG taping policy?
Wakko Ellington Warner-Warner III (V5 D854)
to let you all know
john e. bogus (V5 D810)
Todd Rundgren
Meurglys3@att.net (V5 D867)
Tom Petty "Mini Tour" Dates
Darrin McKeehen (V5 D831)
Tom Petty San Anotnio?
Aleal5687@cs.com (V5 D888)
Tom Petty Tickets For Trade
American-Digital (V5 D867)
tom waits at john hammond's GAMH show wednesday night
david (V5 D822)
tool @ hammerstein
Steven Kingsley (V5 D894)
Tool in Chicago?
da9ve stovall (V5 D878)
Tortoise taping?
Mike BB (V5 D875)
tos-link + s/pdif
J.Garcia (V5 D862)
Toslink TX and RX modules
Len Moskowitz (V5 D841)
tour forest #5 deadline extension
George S. (V5 D808)
Alan Saferstein (V5 D846)
Trade 2 90 Meter DATs Dead 12-31-86+8-22-87
Dimar (V5 D896)
Trade anyone! DAT or CDR.
Eric Eckberg (V5 D865)
Trade: DA20mkII for D8, D10, etc?
DAT Head (V5 D842)
Trade: mint DA-20mkII for portable DAT
Donald Forsha (V5 D860)
Drew (V5 D818)
Transfer DAT ID to audio files...
Gianni Pavan (V5 D890)
trouble with discs in Phish Broadcast 2000 tree?
Gary Davis (V5 D834)
Florek, John (V5 D840)
Turtle Beach Digital I/O Card
Tom Morrison (V5 D885)
U2 3/24/01 Up for grabs
Beast914@aol.com (V5 D888)
U2 5/1/01 TREE Request
Darrin McKeehen (V5 D876)
U2 & PJ Harvey - May 01, 2001 Mpls,MN
dAMN bAND (V5 D875)
U2 3/24/01 offer closed
Beast914@aol.com (V5 D891)
U2 5/1/01 up for trade
Tr168@aol.com (V5 D886)
U2 DAT Master-Portland, OR (4/15/2001)
Matthew Giller (V5 D855)
U2 DAT Masters: Portland and San Jose (4/19 & 4/20)
Matthew Giller (V5 D864)
U2 info for tapers
Delano (V5 D836)
george wang (V5 D837)
U2 Milwaukee 5-9-01 Again!
Oomph! (V5 D890)
Todd & Jen Guite' (V5 D829)
U2 taping
Mark Mayhle (V5 D845)
Todd & Jen Guite' (V5 D892)
U2-BOSTON-Need tx-ix will pay and give copy
Todd & Jen Guite' (V5 D884)
U89 v. TLM-170
Johnny Longwood (V5 D821)
Bryan Austin (V5 D822)
U89s v. TLM-170s
Brandon WIlliams (V5 D820)
UK taper needed for Radio 3 JAZZ and Radio 2 rock (or satellite perhaps??)
Tompixie@aol.com (V5 D874)
Uli Jon Roth tour: ISO European/Japanese tapers...
Orest Seniuta (V5 D883)
ultra-fatty, superdank windscreens
Joshua (V5 D855)
Uncle Sammy 4/4/01 B&P offer
David Maley (V5 D884)
Up For Grabs:Clapton DAT 4-27-87 NYC DSB
Dimar (V5 D889)
Up For Grabs:Dead 12-31-86
Dimar (V5 D895)
Upcoming NYC shows for Cindy and everyone
Aaron Miller (V5 D820)
V2 Power Issues
L. Sean Kennedy (V5 D800)
Van Halen @ Cow Palace
david gatewood (V5 D818)
various artists to trade on my hd time sensitive offer
avps (V5 D849)
rover (V5 D879)
Venue Security-Legal Help.
Wes Wagnon (V5 D802)
Village Underground
Tom Cavanaugh (V5 D887)
Vintage Blondie SBD surfaces
ABershaw@aol.com (V5 D825)
Virus Warning - Please Read
Darrin McKeehen (V5 D856)
Virus Warning!!!!!!!! Not A JOKE!
Bob Silver (V5 D851)
Want to start taping, what's the best way to go?
FC2 Day (V5 D887)
wanted - AT813's
Sean Madigan (V5 D823)
Nemo (V5 D894)
WANTED-SBM-1 (Oade modified ok)
Ruderallis@aol.com (V5 D896)
wanted: Captain Beyond trades/Florida tapers
john e. bogus (V5 D810)
WANTED: knopfler 2001 recording
John R. Vanderpool (V5 D876)
Wav Editor...(NDC)
LenG58@aol.com (V5 D826)
WDVX 89.9 FM Knoxville, Terri Hendrix tonight
mikeedmo@voicenet.com (V5 D867)
Weezer boot info
Chris M Hickman (V5 D860)
Wet Cleaning Kits; In Stock.
Klay Anderson (V5 D819)
Wet vs. Dry
mattz62@juno.com (V5 D818)
Jack R. Lebowitz (V5 D819)
Eugene Hu (V5 D823)
Wet vs. Dry #818
GuySonic@aol.com (V5 D819)
WFMU taper needed
Marcus Winfree (V5 D882)
Where can I buy a PCM-M1 in the UK?
=?iso-8859-1?q?Barry=20Murray?= (V5 D857)
Where does Cool Edit Pro save its settings/presets?
Christian Aamodt (V5 D839)
Where to buy....
Peter Albee (V5 D886)
Which legal Pearl Jams are the best?
Beast914@aol.com (V5 D832)
Who is this band?
ZAndersson@aol.com (V5 D890)
Who's looking for some mics?
Rick Rombak (V5 D810)
Whole Lotta Shakin' - No list Subjects
Bob Griesel (V5 D801)
Whoops....I did it again!
Bob Silver (V5 D828)
Wildlife Field recordings ?????
Michael Ryan (V5 D851)
Joe Rioux (V5 D852)
jff@ix.netcom.com (V5 D853)
Will anyone be taping New Order at Area One (AKA Mobypalooza) this summer?
Steve and Jen Robinson (V5 D872)
win a free copy of the new Eric Clapton CD & press kit!
Steve Marshall (V5 D845)
Klay Anderson (V5 D856)
Wiring Terms; Pin Two, More
Andrew Nemeth (V5 D800)
Woodstock '69...
Henry Hart (V5 D802)
Would anyone in the NORTHEAST be willing to lend me a pair of stealth mics?
GuitarBud7@aol.com (V5 D863)
WTB Shotgun mics dead or alive
Ray Collins (V5 D874)
bensphishing@cs.com (V5 D873)
bensphishing@cs.com (V5 D852)
WTB: DPA 4061
David J (V5 D884)
WTB: Drum Assembly for TCD-D8
scott (V5 D874)
WTB: Oade Active (7-pin coax/coax) or RK-DA10P
Joe Totoraitis (V5 D868)
WTB: Opcode DATport
Chris Jones (V5 D889)
WTB: SONY D8 Used....
Brian Schmitt (V5 D873)
WTB: Sony PCM-R300 or R500
Kris Sproul (V5 D876)
WTB: sound devices mp-2
james tierney (V5 D873)
WTB: used Sonosax
chris wallace (V5 D870)
WTB: Used Sonosax sxm2 or Lunatec V2
twoodruff@knobias.com (V5 D817)
WTD: Asia 2000/2001?
Joost (V5 D896)
WTD: Beck '94 shows
Stephen Griffiths (V5 D895)
WTD: Marantz microphone information
Gary: Anglo-Saxon word for 'spear' (V5 D847)
WTD: Tom Petty 97 Fillmore shows
Josh Lombardi (V5 D852)
WTD: Tom Petty's 1997 Fillmore Run
Josh Lombardi (V5 D812)
bensphishing@cs.com (V5 D871)
xtra dats for b/p
chris wallace (V5 D824)
bensphishing@cs.com (V5 D850)
BENSPHISHING@cs.com (V5 D890)
yamaha burner
J.Garcia (V5 D827)
YET ANOTHER Please Tape: Mike Keneally
da9ve stovall (V5 D809)
Yngwie Malmsteen 05-15-01 Munich
BlackCrowes@gmx.net (V5 D892)
Yo La Tengo shows up for grabs
Mr. Groovunit (V5 D846)
Yo La Tengo taping policy?
Paulo Vieira (V5 D840)
You Been Warned! Hank WIlliams III is 100% Taper Friendly
dAMN bAND (V5 D885)
You can get audio only discs cheaper than $2-3
KindTaper@aol.com (V5 D813)
za2 and yamaha scsi burner for sale
Jamie Lutch (V5 D874)
ZA2 For Sale
Craig J. Helmreich (V5 D805)
Slipkid (V5 D806)
David Hollister (V5 D881)
ZA2 on ebay
David Hollister (V5 D882)
ZA2 Question
Rich Gomes (V5 D883)
ZA2 Support
Steve Corey (V5 D804)
Zefiro ZA2
David Minches (V5 D831)
Slipkid (V5 D833)
Zerifo Inbox Question
TheWarehouse41@aol.com (V5 D829)
Len Moskowitz (V5 D830)
Erick del Valle (V5 D831)
Zoltrix Nightangale warning
Pat K (V5 D831)
Warren Melnick (V5 D831)
matt shudtz (V5 D832)
zoltrix nightengale
Nick Georges (V5 D832)
Zoltrix Nightingale
mattz62@juno.com (V5 D827)
Tig (V5 D834)
Zoltrix Nightingale Card?
Tom Morrison (V5 D881)
Zoltrix nightingale pro 6 -- Where to buy
Brian (V5 D836)
L. Sean Kennedy (V5 D836)
zoltrix shortage
Pat K (V5 D834)
Stuart Gerber (V5 D836)