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"rare" reel to reel and F1 digital SRV recordings ("Ryan :-" )
"rare" reel to reel and F1 digital SRV recordings ("Ryan :-" ) (V6 D217)
* ISO 9/16/90 Phish Wesleyan Middletown CT ("Eric G. Postel \(home\)")
* ISO 9/16/90 Phish Wesleyan Middletown CT ("Eric G. Postel \(home\)") (V6 D299)
* ISO Blasters shows ("Eric G. Postel \(home\)")
* ISO Blasters shows ("Eric G. Postel \(home\)") (V6 D276)
* ISO MOils 2001 ("Eric G. Postel \(home\)")
* ISO MOils 2001 ("Eric G. Postel \(home\)") (V6 D254)
ATTN : Sioux City, IA area tapers ("Ryan :-" )
ATTN : Sioux City, IA area tapers ("Ryan :-" ) (V6 D240)
B Raitt ("Eric G. Postel \(home\)")
B Raitt ("Eric G. Postel \(home\)") (V6 D270)
BTAT ? ("Hay Robert A \(Bob\) KPWA")
BTAT ? ("Hay Robert A \(Bob\) KPWA") (V6 D265)
Creative Labs Extigy ("Brian \(Pink Floyd\)")
Creative Labs Extigy ("Brian \(Pink Floyd\)") (V6 D229)
Dylan, The Band, Radiators X-TRAS
Dylan, The Band, Radiators X-TRAS (V6 D266)
FS: MP2 in mint condition
FS: MP2 in mint condition (V6 D257)
FS: Portable 24-bit/96 KHz Mic Pre-Amp & A-to-D
FS: Portable 24-bit/96 KHz Mic Pre-Amp & A-to-D (V6 D265)
FS: Practically new MBHO 603/KA200N matched pair ("Clingan, John \(CAP, CORP\)")
FS: Practically new MBHO 603/KA200N matched pair ("Clingan, John \(CAP, CORP\)") (V6 D289)
FS: Pro Digital Battery Pack for DA-P1 ("Friedman, David \(DFRIEDMA\)")
FS: Pro Digital Battery Pack for DA-P1 ("Friedman, David \(DFRIEDMA\)") (V6 D237)
ISO: Starsailor/Charlatans UK Irving Plaza NYC
ISO: Starsailor/Charlatans UK Irving Plaza NYC (V6 D202)
ISO: The Who 7/22/89 Alpine Valley
ISO: The Who 7/22/89 Alpine Valley (V6 D253)
Looking for some Sabbath
Looking for some Sabbath (V6 D233)
Mic question & maybe even a sale ("Clingan, John \(CAP, CORP\)")
Mic question & maybe even a sale ("Clingan, John \(CAP, CORP\)") (V6 D256)
re: 32khz
re: 32khz (V6 D285)
re: Bad trader brouhahahaha or whatever
re: Bad trader brouhahahaha or whatever (V6 D242)
Re: ISO .... Bethlehem, PA ... tapers ("Ryan :-" )
Re: ISO .... Bethlehem, PA ... tapers ("Ryan :-" ) (V6 D284)
RE: Jon Spencer Blues Explosion taping? ("Hay Robert A \(Bob\) KPWA")
RE: Jon Spencer Blues Explosion taping? ("Hay Robert A \(Bob\) KPWA") (V6 D242)
Re: Pete Yorn Taping Policy? ("Brian \(Pink Floyd\)")
Re: Pete Yorn Taping Policy? ("Brian \(Pink Floyd\)") (V6 D249)
Taper Wanted - Blue Floyd Beatlejam Shows ("Hay Robert A \(Bob\) KPWA")
Taper Wanted - Blue Floyd Beatlejam Shows ("Hay Robert A \(Bob\) KPWA") (V6 D241)
tenacious D 4/12 Chicago tix avail ("Eric G. Postel \(home\)")
tenacious D 4/12 Chicago tix avail ("Eric G. Postel \(home\)") (V6 D272)
that blues-rockin' band - INDIGENOUS ("Ryan :-" )
that blues-rockin' band - INDIGENOUS ("Ryan :-" ) (V6 D207)
Time Warner Cable Box Digi out- Help
Time Warner Cable Box Digi out- Help (V6 D258)
X-TRA Radiators/Dylan DAT's for CD trade
X-TRA Radiators/Dylan DAT's for CD trade (V6 D214)
"Down From The Mountain" shows and artists Wanted FT
Zoso483103@aol.com (V6 D213)
"George S." RE:250+ cassettes
Eric Eckberg (V6 D237)
"King of the Hill" has a Bluegrass theme tonight
Gary Davis (V6 D228)
"rare" reel to reel and F1 digital SRV recordings
L Sean Kennedy (V6 D218)
"unbalancing" a mic signal
Dave C (V6 D295)
Matt (V6 D296)
*paging* Marc Brown (Bloomington, IL)
Marc Jacobson (V6 D264)
1 channel (stereo) DAT<>PC, SPDIF or Coax I/O for Firewire, SCSI, USB,
Amitava Sarkar (V6 D256)
10 DAT batch for CDR trade.
JH (V6 D238)
11-15 King Crimson B&P offer is closed
Steve Marshall (V6 D203)
250+ analog cassetts are up for trade here...
Eric Eckberg (V6 D227)
3-mic omni recordings
rob landis (V6 D259)
311 is Taper Friendly: Daud's Allowed
Tatina, Bill (V6 D239)
From Chaos Tapers (V6 D240)
From Chaos Tapers (V6 D241)
311 Taping Policy
Chris And Berryman (V6 D258)
311>> Datheads" New Approach" FOB Stealth or Permission to use y
Tatina, Bill (V6 D240)
32 khz help...
john e. bogus (V6 D292)
Seth Breidbart (V6 D286)
Mr. Data (V6 D287)
32mhz good for bootlegging?
Karl R (V6 D282)
Mr. Data (V6 D283)
4/3/96 2nd set matrix
Alan Saferstein (V6 D274)
4022 current draw
Scott C. Brown (V6 D212)
48 vs 32
acffh (V6 D262)
48vs 32
Mike Hooker (V6 D260)
Alex Prestin (V6 D261)
5 dats up for a quick cdr trade....
Wavy Davy D (V6 D220)
50 pack Fuji's for $4.95 @ Best Buy!
Bob Silver (V6 D245)
Bob Silver (V6 D246)
7-pin cable avail (exerpt from email from Doug Oade)
L Sean Kennedy (V6 D239)
90 degree X-Y
Winnie Olmer (V6 D218)
99 minute CD-Rs
Colin Liston (V6 D216)
9V rechargeables
randy@monkeybiz.Stanford.EDU (V6 D281)
: Same dumb "Best CD-R" question, but this is SERIOUS :)
Slipkid (V6 D297)
: George S.
Eric Eckberg (V6 D229)
hiroyuki tanaka (V6 D239)
Mr. Data (V6 D262)
=?utf-8?Q?bagatella@libero.it?= (V6 D294)
? for Drider
Alan Saferstein (V6 D224)
???? Recording String Cheese Incident????
JamesHelgerson@aol.com (V6 D210)
[ANN]: 6V D and 6/9V AA battery sleds
Andrew Nemeth (V6 D232)
[DAT_into_CDR] DAT transfers using a Sony DDS unit
Paul (V6 D217)
Mark Mayhle (V6 D217)
[digi-pmb] cd burning software
nathan ringelstetter (V6 D210)
[Fwd: [BManNYC] OT: Live concerts cd's at a discount]
Jesse Lackey (V6 D208)
Bendes, Richard (V6 D210)
[Fwd: Austin CoIncidents Festival Pre and post cheese]
Jeff Anderson (V6 D256)
[SHN-Bin] VIRUS????? (RE: new photos from my party!)
Paul (V6 D200)
[Tapers-Filmers] ISO:Peter Murphy DAT/MD Tapers
Edward Davis (V6 D284)
A Batch-o-DATs for trade for cdr....
Wavy Davy D (V6 D242)
A special funny website
DAT-heads-Distribution (V6 D278)
a threat regarding the bad trader warning!!!
Slipkid (V6 D239)
Chris Rees (V6 D240)
Bob Griesel (V6 D240)
A train is leaving for USA...
alf (V6 D247)
A-Ha on tour
sec1968@ezl.com (V6 D277)
A/D with FireWire
Wayne Brissette (V6 D226)
Abandoned Pools / Shelby Lynne
Steve Marshall (V6 D232)
abb beacon 2002
Dave Stephens (V6 D274)
ABB Los Angeles Taping
Keith Bode (V6 D266)
AC Feat this weekend in Chi-town
Chris Cafiero (V6 D299)
active cables
Doclazzaro@aol.com (V6 D249)
Doclazzaro@aol.com (V6 D264)
Doclazzaro@aol.com (V6 D265)
Adam And The Ants
Mr. Data (V6 D208)
ADAT PCI Lightpipe Wanted
Jacob Alifrangis (V6 D283)
administrator on vacation
L Sean Kennedy (V6 D250)
Matt C. (V6 D208)
Aerosmith Japan 2002
trow_rico (V6 D244)
after a year...Python stopped working?
Louie Rendek (V6 D264)
Alejondra Escovedo 02-28-2002
Dan Witt (V6 D236)
all tommorrow's parties at UCLA
rob landis (V6 D247)
alll tomorrow's parties - LA (3/15-17)
cory rayborn (V6 D219)
Allman Brothers Band Videotapes
RootBoyG@aol.com (V6 D250)
Allman Brothers Taping @ Chicago Theatre?
hf (V6 D263)
Seth Breidbart (V6 D263)
Bob Griesel (V6 D263)
Seth Breidbart (V6 D263)
Allman tix for sale - nPMBc, nDMBc
Eric C Zlotogura (V6 D251)
amplitude issues
Winnie Olmer (V6 D257)
Analog in a digital age
lee bittner (V6 D288)
Analog recording
Mathias Rombach (V6 D288)
Analog Taping In 2K2!!!
Michael Bogdan (V6 D287)
eD (V6 D297)
Ani Difranco Tapers wanted...
Taperguy (V6 D282)
Annual Tape search 4-4-92 Phish
Zach (V6 D274)
another dead hero
spahni (V6 D299)
Another one bites the dust
Marc Nutter (V6 D200)
(V6 D255)
any berkeley, ca tapers out there?
tom lippi (V6 D267)
Any DAT/DDS SCSI experts out there...
Jason (V6 D270)
Any HDTV tapers here?
bigjazzfan@hdni.cc (V6 D227)
anybody tape PMG in Syracuse?
Jeff Chard (V6 D259)
Anybody taping Kristin Hersh @ The Knitting Factory?? (See Notice Below)
David_Olstein/NY/DEWEY@deweyballantine.com (V6 D294)
Anybody want to trade a portable DAT recorder for my 8 Trk Alesis ADAT???
Vitamin Worm (V6 D281)
Anyone going to All Tommorrows Parties in the UK??
geoff /morgan (V6 D201)
anyone lookin to get rid of an mp2?
Supernash (V6 D232)
Anyone looking to sell a pair of at853 cardiods?
Mike Zodun (V6 D232)
Anyone still trading with Dave Merz??
geoff /morgan (V6 D201)
anyone tape ani difranco 4/19
cory (V6 D294)
Anyone tape B-52's 2/4/02 Irving Plaza?
Delano (V6 D207)
Delano (V6 D222)
Anyone tape Breeders in Baltimore?
Rob Gronotte (V6 D222)
Anyone tape Willie Nelson last night in Athens??
gordon wilson (V6 D283)
anyone taping 99x fat tues. show 2/12 atl.?
John.Stanfield@furman.edu (V6 D210)
Anyone taping Brendan Benson at Shuba's Chicago, 3.20.02?
Thomas Plum (V6 D256)
anyone taping Charlie Hunter/Bobby Previte
Alan Kayser (V6 D275)
Anyone taping Daniel Ash?
Steve and Jen Robinson (V6 D252)
Anyone taping Down From the Mountain (O Brother...) concerts?
O Nelson (V6 D209)
anyone taping Peter Murphy next month in Vancouver?
Derrick Belbas (V6 D274)
anyone taping the slip 4/19, 4/21?
John.Stanfield@furman.edu (V6 D273)
anyone tried the Neumann digital mic?
BHance@BroadViewNet.com (V6 D224)
anyone use 120meters - trade offer
artood2 (V6 D297)
Anyone want a barebones system?
Bill Stewart (V6 D223)
Bill Stewart (V6 D225)
Appleseed Cast?
Aleal5687@cs.com (V6 D295)
Appleseedcast Tapers
Aleal5687@cs.com (V6 D298)
Are Sony DG60P tapes any good?
Rob Gronotte (V6 D276)
DRider (V6 D277)
Are the new Sony DDS tapes causing excessive head wear?
Digital Ambience (V6 D298)
Zach Payne (V6 D299)
Alex Prestin (V6 D299)
David Carmean (V6 D299)
Are There Any Traders Out There?????
Mexminute@aol.com (V6 D241)
mark wilkins (V6 D242)
L Sean Kennedy (V6 D242)
are you iso an old web page \ trader list etc???
artood2 (V6 D232)
Art Alexaxsis in St. Louis?
Danny Thweatt (V6 D267)
art DIO - tube 96/24 a/d converter...
Nick Zuccaro (V6 D210)
at853 hyper cap question
William Draper (V6 D296)
Attention Portland Oregon Tapers!!!
cream of mushroom (V6 D223)
attn (stealth) NOLA tapers
ZepMan@aol.com (V6 D203)
Attn Phoenix Datheads: Chris Smither@Kerr this Sat nite
PeterE (V6 D210)
Attn Sony D-10 owners (brand new accesories fs)
ZepMan@aol.com (V6 D230)
ATTN: Japanese tapers
CatalystX (V6 D250)
ATTN: David Sylvian Tapers
Aleal5687@cs.com (V6 D283)
attn: euro tapers
Cale Wedell (V6 D235)
ATTN: everyone taping Tool this year
CatalystX (V6 D275)
ATTN: Seattle tapers...
Cale Wedell (V6 D276)
Audience taper needed in NY, PA(, VA)
f bion (V6 D221)
audio CDs available for B&P
pwking (V6 D222)
Audio firmware chip for DDS drive
Mark Mayhle (V6 D206)
Audio tutorial
carlos martinez (V6 D254)
Aussie tapers: Mercury rev
Javi Dieguez (V6 D239)
Austin Co-Incidence Pre/Post Parties (Schedule)
Jeff Anderson (V6 D271)
Austin CoIncidents Festival Pre and post cheese
Jason Hicks (V6 D256)
b+ p offer
eric nelson (V6 D200)
b+p offer
eric nelson (V6 D227)
eric nelson (V6 D234)
Bad trader
bad trader alert brouhaha
randy@monkeybiz.Stanford.EDU (V6 D240)
Bad Trader Brouhaha disappoints
Otto, Michael (V6 D241)
Tom Crabtree (V6 D242)
Bad Trader List
Charles Quinn (V6 D287)
bad trader very wierd situation - looking for advice
EZ Rider (V6 D235)
Slipkid (V6 D235)
EZ Rider (V6 D236)
bad trader very wierd situation - looking for advice - LONG POST
Slipkid (V6 D231)
Bad Trader Wierdness
Gary Gilliland (V6 D234)
Seth Breidbart (V6 D235)
Bad trader....
Chris And Berryman (V6 D236)
Baldwin Brothers 4.12.02 for Trade or BnP
Schwigiddy (V6 D297)
basic DAT-to-computer digital transfer question
Marc Macauley (V6 D205)
Gordon Gidluck (V6 D206)
Edwin Hurwitz (V6 D216)
BBE on recordings
rob landis (V6 D218)
Beatles Livegig on 30.01.1969 (Let it be ??)
Mathias Rombach (V6 D296)
Ben Folds solo tour
Jared Williams (V6 D258)
Ben Kweller on tour
Ildcll@aol.com (V6 D231)
Best 3hr. DAT tape?
bigjazzfan@hdni.cc (V6 D276)
Best Audio CD Recorder A/D converter?
bigjazzfan@hdni.cc (V6 D237)
best portable digital recorder??
Don Steck (V6 D267)
Beware of bad seller
Michael James (V6 D217)
Beyer MV100 Run-time on lithiums
Zach (V6 D240)
Big Brother is listening
Joe Rioux (V6 D281)
Big Wu 2-3-02
Dan Witt (V6 D207)
Bill Frisell shows
Mark Baldwin (V6 D223)
Billy Joel
JAGABRIELJR@aol.com (V6 D220)
Bizarre Sony D3 Behavior
SWG (V6 D285)
Blue New World Shows - Attn. Chicago and Wisconsin Tapers!!!
Chris Black (V6 D266)
Bob Dylan: Dallas, Texas February 22, 2002 Offer
Comnaround@aol.com (V6 D264)
bonnaroo2002 yahoo groups has begun
Schwigiddy (V6 D261)
Bonnie Raitt last night
William Craig (V6 D276)
BR/Jon Cleary Shows
ZepMan@aol.com (V6 D271)
Brand New Oade 7-pin for auction
kadie renner (V6 D229)
Brand New Oade 7-pin on ebay...
kadie renner (V6 D237)
Breeders at Bowery Ballroom
h Grape Minkoff (V6 D213)
eD (V6 D238)
Breeders taping policy?
jvan (V6 D203)
Brian Wilson UK
TRANEHEAD@aol.com (V6 D241)
Bruce Cockburn anyone?
DAVEDARC@aol.com (V6 D249)
Bruce Hornsby
JAGABRIELJR@aol.com (V6 D220)
bruce Springsteen Clearwater Fest NJ 8-18-01
paul gluchanicz (V6 D261)
Buddy Guy 2-16-02
Shawn Chesley (V6 D225)
BUDDY GUY 2CDR SET LIVE FT 3-2-02 Providence
eD (V6 D238)
Build/buy a cheap "battery box"?
Scott.Goodwin@AstenJohnson.com (V6 D226)
Wayne D. Hoxsie Jr. (V6 D226)
BUT in STEALTH MODE? (WAS Re: Death of dat)
alf (V6 D248)
Butterfly Jones tour - looking for tapers
Steve Marshall (V6 D247)
Buzzy Linhart Benefit 4-22-02 ... I'll pay your admission if you can record the show !!!
JoeRay Skrha (V6 D293)
Cable Clamp
Charles Quinn (V6 D262)
Colin Liston (V6 D267)
California Guitar Trio
Meurglys3@att.net (V6 D281)
Tom Cavanaugh (V6 D288)
California Guitar Trio taping policy?
Wayne Brissette (V6 D294)
California venue help
Robert Kane (V6 D293)
Calling all Clumsy Lovers tapers--the band needs your help
PeterE (V6 D231)
Calling all tapers, announcing Cowboy Junkies spring tour
Candace Horgan (V6 D280)
Can Anyone Recommend Carrying Case??
Stephen Gatzos (V6 D208)
Can high voltage IN damage Tascam DA-40 RCA coax digital Input?
Studiowiz (V6 D272)
Can you name these Leo Kottke tunes?
Ryan Haskell (V6 D215)
CARLA BOZULICH & FRIENDS catch 'em before it's over!
JBABC0CK@aol.com (V6 D294)
Casio DA-7 DIYers?
jp (V6 D283)
eD (V6 D276)
Catfish Keith 4/1/02 -- Cedar Falls,Iowa/UNI/KUNI radio
Robert Moose (V6 D274)
CD burning problems with the Superdrive iMac
Richard Levy (V6 D266)
Brian Porter (V6 D267)
cd burning software
William Draper (V6 D210)
Cd Recorder w/ Hard Drive
Mark Baldwin (V6 D227)
cdr special
Les Gordon (V6 D275)
CDWave resampling sounds grainy and weird. Use Goldwave or
JH (V6 D289)
Changing Discs in portable CD-R
Marc Nutter (V6 D202)
Mark Baldwin (V6 D203)
Cheap DAT storage at IKEA
Mark Mayhle (V6 D244)
Drew Caruso (V6 D245)
cheap dat storage...? I Got it ! .....
Wavy Davy D (V6 D246)
cheap jewel cases
Jeff Chard (V6 D261)
Cheap Trick Tapes
Jonathan Lerman (V6 D200)
checking head hrs on a sony dtc-700
mike hooker (V6 D271)
chocolate genius live wanted
eD (V6 D263)
eD (V6 D238)
Christy McWilson & TOM RUSSELL
mike lyons (V6 D266)
Ciplollina Copperhead question/Ratdog 2-2-02 for trade
paul gluchanicz (V6 D234)
Cleveland - Agora Theatre taping?
Brian Skalinder (V6 D259)
Henry H. Owings (V6 D252)
club d'elf with John Medeski tour begins today!
James Tierney (V6 D263)
CO / UT tapers needed ! Will Bernard & Motherbug tour
Jon Weber (V6 D236)
Coax to M1
Matt (V6 D209)
collection for sale - digest #206
K.A. Long (V6 D209)
Comments the Behringer SRC2000?
Beast914@aol.com (V6 D286)
Complete rig FS
Joe Galbraith (V6 D271)
COMPLETE Schoeps Rig Forsale
Daniel Blanchat (V6 D272)
Compressor settings in CoolEdit 2000?
Mark Mayhle (V6 D220)
Mike Edmonson (V6 D226)
Compressor settings-> SF 4.5
Delano (V6 D227)
Concrete Blonde
Steve Randolph (V6 D227)
considering a usb device..got questions
Jonathan Edwards (V6 D227)
Convert Real Player Video Files Into DVD or VCD?
J. Steven Svoboda (V6 D254)
converting MS Publisher files to ....?
Dan Greenberg (V6 D206)
Copywriter Live and Soundcard info
Frank Rinaldi (V6 D260)
Correction!! New E-mail address for Gary Davis & The DAT Store
Gary Davis (V6 D269)
costello in NYC?
Mike Hooker (V6 D292)
Cracker Taping Policy
Matt Edlhuber (V6 D256)
Cracker Taping Policy?
ja;lfkjd a;lkdjf;lkdas (V6 D255)
Cracker, Daniel Ash, Billy Bragg, The Waifs
Brian Gemborys (V6 D284)
Cranberries Euro tour
Bas Ruesink (V6 D236)
Cranky D8 a good bargain?
Mac (V6 D273)
Bob Siegl (V6 D299)
Creative Labs Extigy
Charles Simons (V6 D238)
Creative Soundblaster EXTIGY (USB Sound Card) re-samples Digital I/O
SAlpert5@aol.com (V6 D258)
CSN&Y info
sean stevens (V6 D229)
Steve Marshall (V6 D216)
CSNY 2/7/02
Kevin A Kraska (V6 D211)
CSNY 3/2/02 Boston
RIANGIE3@aol.com (V6 D250)
CSNY Milwaukee 3/11/02 Help
decohen (V6 D248)
CSNY Sunrise Fl for trade
dolphin smile (V6 D286)
CSNY Taping / NRBQ / bwt
Richard Davis (V6 D264)
CSNY trade
hiroyuki tanaka (V6 D241)
csny@dc and abb@nyc tix for sale at cost
John R. Vanderpool (V6 D229)
CT. NY. MA. Artists & Musicians.
Steven Kingsley (V6 D256)
current Motorhead tour
john e. bogus (V6 D292)
D7 buzzing loading sound
Eduardo Malvido (V6 D265)
d8 clean
Matt C. (V6 D207)
d8 for sale
Scott C. Brown (V6 D219)
D8 High/ Low Mic sensitivity question
cream of mushroom (V6 D229)
acffh (V6 D230)
d8 man
Matt C. (V6 D207)
DA-20 MK II head hours?
Jeff Chard (V6 D276)
Dave C (V6 D243)
Duncan Oldham (V6 D217)
DA-P1 power issues
Degrado, Rob (V6 D203)
Rich Perlman (V6 D204)
DA-P1 Question
Alan Saferstein (V6 D202)
Dallas, TX Reunion Arena taping info?
mwilliamson@juno.com (V6 D272)
DAn Hicks and hot licks taping
Colin Liston (V6 D228)
DAP-1 service
Brian Conner (V6 D260)
kwayman@csc.com (V6 D216)
DAT / CDR Questions
J. Williams (V6 D205)
DAT > SonicPort > CDWav HELP!
Ivan (V6 D232)
dat >pc>cd question....
PWKOMANECKY@aol.com (V6 D209)
DAT beginner
Huntleycat@aol.com (V6 D294)
DAT cases
Robert Gervais (V6 D282)
DAT collection gone
Jude James McElroy (V6 D297)
DAT collection Liquidation
Jude (V6 D206)
Jude James McElroy (V6 D295)
DAT drive for Computer - recommendations?
J W Norris (V6 D283)
Wayne D. Hoxsie Jr. (V6 D284)
DAT Drive Info...
S Bastable (V6 D286)
DAT gear for sale
Gideon Cohen (V6 D218)
DAT head problems
Cougercat (V6 D256)
DAT neede for>>>Buzzy Linhart Benefit 4-22-02 at Bottom Line, NYC
JoeRay Skrha (V6 D292)
dat phone
Matt C. (V6 D242)
DAT repair in Georgia
Henry H. Owings (V6 D261)
dat stability, nomads and wet cleaning
Jamie Lutch (V6 D298)
DAT to CDR...again
jeff.ruben@mail.sprint.com (V6 D280)
DAT-heads Digest #210
Jamie Lutch (V6 D211)
DAT-heads Digest #229 D8 High/ Low Mic sensitivity question
acffh (V6 D230)
DAT-heads Digest #247
Nick Georges (V6 D248)
DAT-heads Digest #259
WMMSLaw@aol.com (V6 D260)
DAT-heads Digest #274
mboden1579 (V6 D284)
DAT-heads Digest #280
mboden1579 (V6 D281)
DAT-heads Digest #290
Matt Urban (V6 D291)
DAT-heads Digest #294
Wayne Brissette (V6 D295)
Studiowiz (V6 D269)
Greg (V6 D274)
DATs for CDr
Deaver, Glenn (V6 D239)
DATs for CDRs @ 2:1 Dylan,Trower,Hornsby,Mayall
fortyacrerock (V6 D299)
DATS For Sale
=?iso-8859-1?q?Onkar=20Sound?= (V6 D209)
Erik Spring (V6 D231)
Unbroken2@aol.com (V6 D242)
DATs for trade
David Stark (V6 D269)
Kevin A Kraska (V6 D201)
DATs to newbies?
Kevin A Kraska (V6 D278)
Dave Jackson...whre R-U...
Wavy Davy D (V6 D216)
David Gilmour RFH addendum.
a.patrizio@verizon.net (V6 D201)
David Gilmour RFH Jan 16,17 & 18 to trade.
a.patrizio@verizon.net (V6 D201)
David Gilmour, again, plus the Wall 2/28/80
a.patrizio@verizon.net (V6 D273)
DC area taper needed for May 8
David J (V6 D201)
dead power supply in Sony TCD-D3
Martin (V6 D264)
Dealers for the buying Sony M1?
bigjazzfan@hdni.cc (V6 D241)
Default & Nickelback taping?
Rawknya@aol.com (V6 D270)
del mccoury band taping
Blackpete@aol.com (V6 D229)
Delta Dio 2496 and WinXP
mark t weygandt (V6 D232)
Steve Corey (V6 D233)
Did anyone tape Beck/Eddie Vedder The Wiltern Theatre 02/25/02
Stephen Griffiths (V6 D231)
Matt C. (V6 D214)
L Sean Kennedy (V6 D214)
digi-soundcard up on eBay
Phunk1 (V6 D277)
Digigram VXPocket Feedback
Dan Gale (V6 D261)
Digital Camera Q
scott charles (V6 D241)
digital cameras
randy@monkeybiz.Stanford.EDU (V6 D242)
Sherm Clow (V6 D243)
DiO 2448 in XP
=?iso-8859-1?B?UGF0cmlrIEJhcnJz5HRlcg==?= (V6 D200)
DiO 2448 in XP (whooooooa)
Scott (V6 D200)
disappearing errors
randy@monkeybiz.Stanford.EDU (V6 D286)
Seth Breidbart (V6 D286)
randy@monkeybiz.Stanford.EDU (V6 D287)
DISK-Heads@Yahoo.com new group
Mike Parker (V6 D290)
Mark Mayhle (V6 D290)
displaying sample rate on M1
Degrado, Rob (V6 D248)
Wayne D. Hoxsie Jr. (V6 D248)
distance recording with at853
William Draper (V6 D214)
Tom McCreadie (V6 D215)
tom lippi (V6 D224)
dmic 20 trouble
Dave Stephens (V6 D202)
DOS resample utility
Darryl Deyerle (V6 D265)
DOS resample utility?
pwking (V6 D264)
pwking (V6 D264)
Wayne D. Hoxsie Jr. (V6 D264)
doves/elbow US tour (tapers?) plus A1 and padded envelopes
GaoBest@aol.com (V6 D298)
Down From The Mountain 2-8-02 Chicago is ready + I WANT new McCartney shows!
Zoso483103@aol.com (V6 D285)
DPA 4023 mics (best place to buy)
Robert Kane (V6 D237)
dpa 402x windscreens
Scott C. Brown (V6 D206)
Wayne D. Hoxsie Jr. (V6 D206)
DPA 4061's - cheaper price?
Stephen Pzynski (V6 D204)
Dr. Chad shows
Robert O'Haire (V6 D209)
Dream Theater Mexico/US tour dates
bpkelley (V6 D221)
DSL OR Roadrunner
KUZEN J (V6 D288)
Dummy's question about Sennheiser ME102 mic capsules
Mirko Horstmann (V6 D233)
DVD Question
Cherie Ruff (V6 D291)
Keith Shapiro (V6 D292)
Keith Bode (V6 D293)
DVDS For Trade
Jonathan Lerman (V6 D283)
Dylan 1/14/74
Jay Powers (V6 D200)
Dylan 2002 wtd
paul gluchanicz (V6 D213)
Dylan in Birmingham AL 2/2002
paul gluchanicz (V6 D222)
Dylan New Orleans/Atlanat wtd
paul gluchanicz (V6 D234)
Dylan shows in Florida wanted
paul gluchanicz (V6 D208)
Dylan Tour
KUZEN J (V6 D210)
Dylan/Jerry Jeff Walker in Tx
paul gluchanicz (V6 D226)
EAC running on XP
Steve Sanford (V6 D225)
Mark Mayhle (V6 D225)
Easter Blessing from Alaska...
JoeRay Skrha (V6 D266)
ebay excalibur IIs
Scott C. Brown (V6 D231)
EBAY plugs on Dat-Heads
geoff /morgan (V6 D239)
Echobrain tour
DavidJaymz (V6 D246)
Eco-Charge Powered Denecke
DRider (V6 D282)
Robert Fisher (V6 D283)
Edirol UA-5 Driver Installation Problems
Kevin Main (V6 D272)
edirol ua-5 for sale
Sam Hain (V6 D251)
Edirol UA1 USB
augwest@telepath.com (V6 D273)
editing and transfering
spahni (V6 D236)
editing and transfering (Mac)
Michael Hackett (V6 D237)
Editing and transferring (MAC)
Dan Updike (V6 D238)
Ego-Sys U2A
Keith Bode (V6 D213)
egosys u2a w/ XP?
PWKOMANECKY@aol.com (V6 D211)
Onno J.R. Bakker (V6 D212)
EgoSys U2A (and U24) Wavestudio is NOT bit for bit
salpert5@aol.com (V6 D275)
Ekene & The Source 5/26/01 and Soulive Avalon
MBurgio@lightbridge.com (V6 D299)
Elvis Costello In-Store Performances -- Anybody Taping? (See Notice Below)
David_Olstein/NY/DEWEY@deweyballantine.com (V6 D290)
emphasis switch on dat machines
Gianni Pavan (V6 D275)
Tom McCreadie (V6 D276)
Alan Saferstein (V6 D277)
Tom McCreadie (V6 D278)
emphasis switch on dat machines - what do they do?
avps (V6 D273)
Seth Breidbart (V6 D273)
Scott Bernstein (V6 D274)
Employment Opportunity
American-Digital (V6 D233)
equip. for sale
kristi jo (V6 D213)
kristi jo (V6 D229)
Erik Brady -- If You're Out There, Please Send me an E-mail (See Notice
David_Olstein/NY/DEWEY@deweyballantine.com (V6 D298)
Europe NDR2 listeners
Thomas Avallone (V6 D273)
European Alien Ant Farm/Dredg tour dates
Steve Mew (V6 D205)
European Taper Mailinglist "Dead-Center"
Alex (V6 D273)
Europian&Amerikan Trader-SATSUKI TOMONO
Satsuki Tomono (V6 D262)
Evan Dando Offer
Comnaround@aol.com (V6 D254)
Evan Dando Taping?
Comnaround@aol.com (V6 D248)
Everyone I owe DATS
gordon wilson (V6 D275)
Extigy cloning question
Killion, Jeff (V6 D255)
Jamie Lutch (V6 D256)
Extra Bill Frisell DATs for Trade
Paul & Jen Beichert (V6 D223)
Paul & Jen Beichert (V6 D265)
extra breeders tix for baltimore tonight
Steve Sanford (V6 D210)
extra cd's: vida blue 12-31-01 btp
durham_b (V6 D200)
extra CDr b&p offer - perfect for newbies!!!
pwking (V6 D239)
Extra CDs to trade or B&P
JPollQs@aol.com (V6 D283)
Extra CSN&Y Tickets for sale
Bob Silver (V6 D284)
extra dats
jeremy berliss (V6 D271)
Extra DATS 4 sale
Jagjit Chadha (V6 D209)
Extra DATs for trades
Boulder Taper (V6 D285)
Extra DATS: Phish Japan 7/30/99
Clay R. Caroselli (V6 D297)
extra Dylan on CD for trade
Eric Reichenbach (V6 D274)
extra funk cd's for trade
brian durham (V6 D252)
extra jewel cases
clint morrison (V6 D200)
Extra pass for Paul Westerberg concert @ Virgin Megatore Union Square 4/28
David_Olstein/NY/DEWEY@deweyballantine.com (V6 D295)
Extra Phish 12-31-95 for bnP
Matt Edlhuber (V6 D259)
extra phish 7-23-97 on cd, ISO some PHISH cd trades
brian durham (V6 D228)
Clay R. Caroselli (V6 D267)
Extra SCI 11-7-01
Carlos Riegler (V6 D228)
extra SCI DATs
gordon wilson (V6 D202)
Extra shows for trade (Remember Shakti & Miles Davis)
John Fink Jr (V6 D261)
Extra tix for B.B. King Club at B.B. King's Blues Club and Grill in NYC (See
David_Olstein/NY/DEWEY@deweyballantine.com (V6 D298)
extra to trade
alf (V6 D282)
Extra Who Tix, MSG August 4
DATJAMS@aol.com (V6 D279)
Extreme WOB apology/tax
Killion, Jeff (V6 D256)
eyes adrift
Cale Wedell (V6 D227)
Eyes Adrift soundman?
hewitt@panix.com (V6 D208)
F/S - Dats and Decks
Otto, Michael (V6 D235)
FA: Microboard dsr 1081
Trey Woodruff (V6 D231)
FA: Opcode Sonicport Optical USB digital i/o
mark t weygandt (V6 D237)
FA: Samson MIXPAD 4 Portable Mixer
mrcool (V6 D256)
FA:Tascam cdr-w5000
Trey Woodruff (V6 D225)
Fareed Haque Taping Policy
hudson fowler (V6 D287)
skomp (V6 D288)
Bob Siegl (V6 D230)
Felix Diguisto ... are you out there?
Jesse Lackey (V6 D207)
femi kuti
=?iso-8859-1?q?el=20paquisto?= (V6 D215)
Femi Kuti taping policy
Sean Cartwright (V6 D225)
flash recorders
randy@monkeybiz.Stanford.EDU (V6 D250)
Flogging Molly
Mexminute@aol.com (V6 D254)
Floyd '70 Upgrade?
Kevin A Kraska (V6 D239)
Foo Fighters
Mr. Data (V6 D293)
For you: BRMC la boule noire,Paris & The strokes Birmingham, England FM BRODCAST
Chris.VOYNET (V6 D230)
For Sale....
Charlie Miller (V6 D273)
For Sale: 1 Sony D8 DAT deck
Troy, Danny (V6 D219)
For Sale: audio DAT capable SCSI tape drive
Brian Gemborys (V6 D239)
FOR SALE: CSNY Tix's to Chicage show 4-25-02 gold circle
JoeRay Skrha (V6 D293)
For Sale: Neumann SKM184s, xstream audiomagic cables, and t-bar
george wang (V6 D230)
For Sale: Shure b98 microphones w/Cardiod and Supercardiod capsules
Brian Dowling (V6 D212)
For Sale: Sonic Studios DSM-6S w/PA6LC3
Brian Dowling (V6 D212)
For Sale: Sonic Studios DSM-6S w/PA6LC3 Digest #212
GuySonic@aol.com (V6 D213)
Chris.VOYNET (V6 D208)
Frank D (V6 D213)
For trade: CSNY Tampa 4/14/02
John D. Tsalikes (V6 D288)
For Trade: springsteen HBO / Live IN NYC Outtakes
John D. Tsalikes (V6 D292)
for trade: Jon Spencer Blues Explosion 10/16/01 pre-FM
Reboot (V6 D295)
for trade: Loreena McKennitt 1992 pre-FM
Reboot (V6 D295)
fostex d-5 hrs display?
Mike Hooker (V6 D282)
FOUND: Sony PCM-2500...
Stanley W. Smith (V6 D267)
Fox in Boulder
Matt (V6 D208)
LJM65@aol.com (V6 D285)
Frank Black
spnews@fnac.net (V6 D243)
spnews (V6 D265)
spnews@fnac.net (V6 D281)
Fred Eaglesmith
rich (V6 D267)
free to good home motherboard
John McGuire (V6 D219)
frisco jazz tapers...bill frisell this sunday??
Nick Zuccaro (V6 D272)
Frog Brigade Tour Dates
DRider (V6 D258)
JEBAAD@cs.com (V6 D283)
FS shure beta 57s
Jim and Angie O'Malley (V6 D223)
FS - Allmans @ Beacon 3/16
Eric C Zlotogura (V6 D249)
FS D-7 & D-8
JEBAAD@cs.com (V6 D299)
FS Neumann AK 130 capsules
richmays (V6 D225)
FS or Trade: My D-5 for a preamp-slash-ad converter...
Clancey (V6 D201)
FS pair of AKG C1000S mics <--the simplest rig
Seth Goldberger (V6 D251)
FS- Core Sound Binaural Battery Box mics
Daniel Mahoney (V6 D266)
FS-D-100 and SBM-1(mint)
Spyro Bouras (V6 D204)
FS: AD2K+ w/ eco-charge 12v
Mike Labuda (V6 D216)
FS: Beyerdyamic mv-100 preamp
Kevin Hatton (V6 D203)
FS: Cloning Deck
Wade Cooper (V6 D281)
FS: CMC34--D + Aeta PSP3
G. Vomacka (V6 D254)
FS: CSB > roll off > MD
DMB6string92@aol.com (V6 D258)
FS: CSB's with switchable roll-off box
Eric Naylor (V6 D258)
FS: Denecke AD-20/Zefiro Inbox and Denecke PS-2
Derek Swingley (V6 D215)
FS: Denecke PS-2
Derek Swingley (V6 D291)
FS: Graham Patten ADC-20, 44,100Khz
ryan@virtualtourbus.com (V6 D249)
FS: Santana tickets for 3/22 West Palm Beach, FL
king lerxst (V6 D226)
FS: Schoeps MK41V Hyper Caps
ryan@virtualtourbus.com (V6 D280)
FS: Sek'd Prodif Plus Digitial I/O PCI Card
ryan@virtualtourbus.com (V6 D251)
FS: Sennheiser MD421 II & more...
DMB6string92@aol.com (V6 D261)
FS: Shure A15AS Switchable Attenuators
Lance Stack (V6 D261)
FS: Sound professionals CMC-6 Premium Bineural Mics
ryan@virtualtourbus.com (V6 D251)
ryan@virtualtourbus.com (V6 D258)
FS: Soundprofessionals CMC-6 Premium Bineural Mics
ryan@virtualtourbus.com (V6 D250)
FS: Soundprofessionals CMC-6 Premium Bineural Mics . . . ;)
Stanley W. Smith (V6 D251)
FS: Tascam DAP1
PWKOMANECKY@aol.com (V6 D247)
FS: Teac/Tascam PE-120s (Nak CM-300s)
Nic Brokenleg (V6 D297)
FS: Teac/Tascam PE-120s (Nakamichi CM-300s)
Nic Brokenleg (V6 D207)
FS: Technics SV-MD1
Wade Cooper (V6 D239)
fs: 15 foot AM excalibur II xlr
Scott C. Brown (V6 D211)
FS: 15 foot pair excalibur II xlrs
Scott C. Brown (V6 D227)
FS: 2 Sony D8s
John McGuire (V6 D222)
FS: 4 Belle & Sebastian tickets Detroit 5/10
Erik B (V6 D287)
FS: 40 Used Dats
Tom Morrison (V6 D249)
FS: ad1000, ps 1000, and batteries
AGROSKIN@aol.com (V6 D201)
FS: AKG 391 Blueline microphones
James G. Lykos (V6 D216)
FS: AKG 480 w/ matched ck63 capsuls and D-MIC20
Brian Beggs (V6 D238)
FS: Apogee A/D500e & Beyer MV-100
Tim Markham (V6 D290)
FS: Apogee AD 1000
Brian Dowling (V6 D212)
FS: Apogee AD1000
brian durham (V6 D201)
FS: Apogee AD500e (cheap) and Waveterminal 2496
Chris Bozzelli (V6 D280)
FS: AT4041 mics
Erich S (V6 D259)
FS: barely used premium AT853 mics and battery module
Adam Klein (V6 D273)
FS: Belle and Sebastian tickets-Chicago and Detroit
KindTaper@aol.com (V6 D280)
FS: Bobby McFerrin Tix for Philly - 3rd row April 7, 2002
Jeremy Moskowitz (V6 D229)
Jeremy Moskowitz (V6 D238)
FS: Brand New Sony DG15CL DAT Head Cleaning Cassette
Keith Bode (V6 D296)
Stanley W. Smith (V6 D297)
FS: Brand NEW Unopened Sony PCM-M1
Fares Halteh (V6 D296)
FS: CMC6/MK4'S and Oktava MC012's
Bergerboy4@aol.com (V6 D211)
FS: Core Sound Digital Format Translater
Chris Inglesi (V6 D212)
FS: Core Sounds Binaurals
Will Herrmann (V6 D230)
FS: Core Sounds binual BB mics
Daniel Mahoney (V6 D274)
FS: CTD-8000 Audio-capable DDS drives
Anthony Mirabella (V6 D218)
FS: D8 + extended warr. & Extras
Erik Spring (V6 D224)
FS: DA-20 mkII
Donald Forsha (V6 D230)
FS: DA20 w/ extended warranty
Jamie Lutch (V6 D256)
FS: Denecke / Zefiro AD20 InBox
TriscitMan@aol.com (V6 D223)
FS: Denecke AD-20
Mr. Groovunit (V6 D223)
FS: Denecke AD-20 and Stewart BPS-1s
James G. Lykos (V6 D261)
FS: Denecke AD-20 Preamp and A/D Converter
TriscitMan@aol.com (V6 D202)
FS: Denecke AD/20
Kris Kjellquist (V6 D207)
FS: Digital Soundcard / Prodif Plus
Phunk1 (V6 D255)
Phunk1 (V6 D259)
FS: Earthworks SR-71 Pair (NEW but used price)
Kevin Hatton (V6 D287)
FS: Earthworks SR71's
Marcel (V6 D271)
FS: Earthworks SR77s $625.00
CWDATHEAD@aol.com (V6 D256)
FS: Edirol UA-3
BostonEA@aol.com (V6 D228)
FS: eMagic Audiowerk 2 Production Kit
BB (V6 D226)
FS: Graham Patten DMIC-20 (48 kHz) and Eco-Charge Beta Plus
Matthew Bobiak (V6 D250)
FS: High End Biaural Microphones
Phillip Busteed (V6 D229)
FS: Lunatec V2 preamp
Paul deLima (V6 D237)
FS: Lunatec V2, G.P. ADC-20, etc.
Balisong13@aol.com (V6 D217)
fs: marantz cdr 630 pro standalone
Blackpete@aol.com (V6 D260)
FS: Matched Oktava MC012 with Cardiod Capsules
Jordan Shapiro (V6 D271)
FS: mic gear
Marty Bacardi (V6 D266)
FS: Mic Stand
Jefferey J Arango (V6 D260)
FS: Microboard dsr 1081
Trey Woodruff (V6 D217)
FS: Microtech Gefell SMS2000/M21 package
Greg (V6 D217)
FS: Midiman Audiophile 2496 Soundcard
Michael Palumbo (V6 D248)
FS: Mindprint Di-Port & Nak CM300's
jjjewett (V6 D271)
FS: Nakamichi CM-300's w/cp1 and cp2
jjjewett (V6 D258)
FS: Neumann SKM-140 stereo kit
george wang (V6 D210)
FS: Neumann skm184s
phishsdank@aol.com (V6 D287)
FS: New Quantegy Professional 124 minute tapes (9 avail)
Edwin T. Pankau (V6 D296)
FS: Oade bros active 7-pin I/O cable
Eric Angel (V6 D238)
L Sean Kennedy (V6 D238)
Len Moskowitz (V6 D239)
Eric Angel (V6 D239)
FS: or Trade: TASCAM CD-RW700
Eric Eckberg (V6 D279)
FS: Pair of 15 foot Audiomagic X-streams
Bergerboy4@aol.com (V6 D213)
FS: Pair of 15 foot Audiomagic Xtreme XLR's
Bergerboy4@aol.com (V6 D216)
FS: Paul McCartney Tix 4/21 Nassau Coliseum
Computorney (V6 D272)
Nick Georges (V6 D262)
FS: pcm-m1 revisited...
Nick Georges (V6 D262)
FS: Pro Digital battery pack m1/d100
hall (V6 D250)
FS: Prodif 32 Digital Soundcard
Keith Forman (V6 D277)
FS: Prodif Plus, d8, V2, etc.
Balisong13@aol.com (V6 D224)
FS: PS-2 + Hosa Line Transformers
Bendes, Richard (V6 D264)
FS: Rockford Fosgate 10" woofers
Anthony Mirabella (V6 D258)
FS: SBM-1 & 7-pin digital cable
Paul deLima (V6 D229)
FS: SBM-1 & digi cable - SOLD
Paul deLima (V6 D231)
FS: SBM-1 (maybe)
PHISHsDANK@aol.com (V6 D207)
FS: Schoeps VMS5U - $750 - Mint
RKWON (V6 D223)
FS: SCI AtlantaTapers Tix
DRider (V6 D289)
FS: SCI taper ticket for Louisville 4.17
Kcc1195@aol.com (V6 D277)
FS: SCI Tapers Tix
DRider (V6 D274)
FS: SGI DAT drive with audio firmware $129
Mark Mayhle (V6 D227)
FS: Sonic Studios DSM6S/EL + PA-6LC3B
Drew Hintze (V6 D230)
FS: Sonicase
Hazard59@aol.com (V6 D250)
FS: Sonosax SX-M2 preamp
Beau Colburn (V6 D285)
FS: Sony D-8 and 7 Pin to Coax In/Out Digi Cable
Keith Forman (V6 D276)
FS: Sony D8
D-Lenz@cornellcollege.edu (V6 D274)
Chris And Berryman (V6 D217)
FS: Sony DTC-790
Naumoff, Jason (V6 D295)
FS: Sony DTX-10 Car DAT Receiver
Paul Jones (V6 D210)
FS: Sony Laptop Recording Rig
Mike Labuda (V6 D216)
FS: Sony PCM-601esd
avps (V6 D214)
FS: Sony PCM-M1 w/ 7Pin and Ecocharge
Killion, Jeff (V6 D241)
FS: Sony PCM-R500
Paul deLima (V6 D207)
FS: Sony PCM-R500 - NEW
Jason S. Fitz (V6 D214)
FS: Sony PCM-R500 DAT *NEW*
Fitz, Jason (V6 D208)
FS: Sony PCM-R500 Mint w/ Sony PDPs
MVAIL70@aol.com (V6 D257)
FS: Sony PDP-125c Pro Dat Plus Blanks
MVAIL70@aol.com (V6 D258)
FS: Sony SBM-1
Zach (V6 D268)
kurt ruthe (V6 D279)
FS: Sony TCD-D8 + Oade Active 7pin and Pair Earthworks SR71
BB (V6 D234)
FS: Sony TCD-D8 and Neumann SKM140s
John D'Auria (V6 D287)
FS: taping stuff
james tierney (V6 D212)
FS: Tascam CD-RW700
Eric Eckberg (V6 D284)
FS: Tascam DA-20 mkII
Steve Schatteman (V6 D221)
FS: Tascam DA-20mkII
Dave Cohen (V6 D218)
Dave Cohen (V6 D233)
Peter Hicks (V6 D265)
Peter Hicks (V6 D272)
Peter Hicks (V6 D278)
Peter Hicks (V6 D287)
Peter Hicks (V6 D292)
FS: Tascam DA-P1 w/ rechargable system
jakehall (V6 D203)
FS: Tascam DA20
Jamie Lutch (V6 D239)
FS: Tascam DA20 MKII / extra dats up for grabs
Chris Bozzelli (V6 D215)
FS: Tascam DAP-1
Brian Conner (V6 D238)
Brian Conner (V6 D298)
FS: Two 4/24/02 WSP Savannah Taper Tickets
JHudson199@aol.com (V6 D288)
FS: Two Shure Beta 98 mics
Michael guess (V6 D204)
lee bittner (V6 D275)
FS: VXpocket V2 Laptop Soundcard
CWDATHEAD@aol.com (V6 D270)
FS: ZA-2 digi soundcard
Erik Spring (V6 D230)
FS: ZA-2 soundcard
Erik Spring (V6 D218)
FS: Za2 Computer Audio Worstation
NashPhil (V6 D228)
Fs: Zoltrix Nightengale Pro 6 $30
Pat K (V6 D263)
Frank D (V6 D213)
FS:D8 with extended warr & Extras
Erik Spring (V6 D221)
FS:Neumann KM 184s
Comnaround@aol.com (V6 D223)
FS:Shure Beta 98 mics
Michael guess (V6 D218)
Trey Woodruff (V6 D212)
FS:SONY EMC-909 mic
Cale Wedell (V6 D267)
FT : garbage, nickelback, rammstein, dream theater...
bas bloemendaal (V6 D282)
FT/ISO garbage, nickelback, rammstein, dream theater...
bas bloemendaal (V6 D284)
FT: Ricky Skaggs 4 6 02 Marshalltown, IA
Tom Baylor (V6 D278)
FT: Zwan - Grand Rapids
Vikas Bhatia (V6 D219)
FT: 311 03-05-02 THE Fillmore Denver
Tatina, Bill (V6 D240)
FT: 311 at the Tabernacle, Atlanta 03/18/02 DAT FM
Tim Dignam (V6 D258)
FT: adrian belew and the bears , 2-23-02 NYC
mike hooker (V6 D229)
FT: Big Wreck/Tea Party 04/06/02
Steve Mew (V6 D294)
FT: Bob Dylan - 2/23/2002 - Centurytel Center - Bossier City, LA
mwilliamson@juno.com (V6 D261)
FT: Concrete Blonde 3/23/02
Steve Marshall (V6 D264)
FT: Creative Labs Digital I/O
digit (V6 D261)
FT: Crispy 2k2 Disco Biscuits DATs
Joe Totoraitis (V6 D299)
FT: GD 7/17/89 S:D
Conor M. O'Reilly (V6 D249)
FT: King's X 2/12/02 NYC
(V6 D216)
FT: Pat Travers Band 2/16/02
Tom Baylor (V6 D230)
FT: Rare Black Crowes
andy massura (V6 D204)
FT: Ratdog 3-26-02
Boulder Taper (V6 D268)
FT: robyn hitchcock , bottom line 4-12-02 both shows
Mike Hooker (V6 D285)
FT: Sheryl Crow 4/9/02
Drew Caruso (V6 D281)
FT: Steve Kimock Band 2-7-02 Charlotte, NC Visulite
Jacob Jordan (V6 D211)
FT: the mahavishnu project, and david sancious with will calhoun and
mike hooker (V6 D263)
FT: Yo La Tengo covers-fest on WFMU
Farrell, John H, CPG (V6 D257)
FT:extra Cowboy Junkies DATs
Robert Kane (V6 D216)
FT:Jimi Hendrix Black Gold
Tatina, Bill (V6 D279)
FT:PRETTY MAIDS 04-11-02 Munich/Germany
BlackCrowes@gmx.net (V6 D283)
FT:SHERYL CROW@Metropolis Munich/Germany
BlackCrowes@gmx.net (V6 D265)
FT:Sheryl Crow@Metropolis Munich/Germany 03-25-02 UPDATE
BlackCrowes@gmx.net (V6 D266)
fugazi in birmingham 03-25, questions???
Todd Green (V6 D258)
Furthur Festival 8-1-96 & 7-31-97
cream of mushroom (V6 D288)
FW.. Club D'Elf tapers
Tim Call (V6 D233)
FW: ???? Recording String Cheese Incident????
Charles Quinn (V6 D211)
FW: DAT/Disk Shelving for Sale
Jayney Wallick (V6 D281)
Fw: ISO tapers in Vt, Mass and NY this week.
Thomas Reizes (V6 D224)
FW: Looking for used omni-directional stealth mics
Roman Tuero (V6 D252)
FW: WEEZER tapers
The Chapper (V6 D287)
Chris Maler (V6 D288)
FW: What is Bonnaroo?
Killion, Jeff (V6 D247)
FW: When studio recordings just won't do
bebop (V6 D258)
Fwd: MG M300s
Joshua (V6 D217)
Fwd: Nutter and Sonic Sense
Blackpete@aol.com (V6 D211)
Alex Prestin (V6 D212)
G3 sound card for Peak
Will Mitchell (V6 D250)
richmays (V6 D251)
Andrew Nemeth (V6 D251)
Garaj Mahal Needs Tapers
Charlie Miller (V6 D238)
Garbage 04-20-02 Cleveland
greengoblin (V6 D293)
GD July4,90 Search
Phil Harris (V6 D237)
Gear bags?
Matt (V6 D293)
gear for sale
chris wallace (V6 D252)
CohaNick@aol.com (V6 D268)
Gear For Sale 7 pin plus more
Mark Dulisse (V6 D218)
Gear for sale!
Phishy2@aol.com (V6 D270)
Gear For Sale!!
Phishy2@aol.com (V6 D273)
Gear FS
Joe Galbraith (V6 D266)
Gear Sale!
Peter Min (V6 D292)
Genesis 12-1-1983 Hartford
JAGABRIELJR@aol.com (V6 D237)
George Harrison
Larry J Abballe (V6 D229)
George Harrison special on BBC2 radio Sat.night
Mike Parker (V6 D226)
Larry J Abballe (V6 D258)
GERMAN tapers needed (dredg tour dates)
Steve Mew (V6 D289)
Getting Back....
Paul G (V6 D254)
Gigs Wanted!!!!!!!
Mr. Data (V6 D285)
Gilmour London & Paris
cream of mushroom (V6 D267)
cream of mushroom (V6 D267)
Gilmour: London & Paris shows.....do you want them?
cream of mushroom (V6 D265)
Gong 9/29/00 - 2 minidiscs up for grabs
CDcollectr@aol.com (V6 D267)
Good Name/Bad Name
Gary Gilliland (V6 D242)
Gram Parsons/NRPS
john.clarke@saltlake2002.com (V6 D251)
Grammy music available...
Gary Davis (V6 D234)
Grateful Dead Dats Offer - Round 6
Paul Gibian (V6 D249)
Grateful Dead Dats Offer - Round 6 Is Closed
Paul Gibian (V6 D250)
Great method of Mono > Synthethic Stereo
James Simpson (V6 D244)
hank 3 for shn trade
Joshua (V6 D206)
Hank Williams III in Midwest heading West
nuttn (V6 D255)
Wayne Brissette (V6 D256)
Hank Williams III... its never ending...
nuttn (V6 D212)
Happy Birthday - Fox Theater Boulder
Tatina, Bill (V6 D234)
Happy Birthday Johnny DAT offer
gordon wilson (V6 D231)
Hellborg, Lane & Sipe Shows
DRider (V6 D297)
help with taping minutia, please read
William Draper (V6 D209)
Bob Griesel (V6 D209)
HELP! Trouble with my SV-3800......
JamesHelgerson@aol.com (V6 D275)
Jeff Lester (V6 D276)
Help!!! Ratdog 3-31-02!!!!
cream of mushroom (V6 D267)
HELP/Radio Margartaville 3-23
paul gluchanicz (V6 D261)
Help: D100, Oade Active cables, Tascam CDRW700 & startids...
Mike Deneen (V6 D224)
HELP: Need to get in contact with Irving Plaza event manager
WeAreThel@aol.com (V6 D269)
Herbie Hancock - Chicago tapers?
Stephen Pzynski (V6 D241)
Herbie Hancock Future2Future tapers?
pwking (V6 D259)
Herbie Hancock taping??
Stephen Pzynski (V6 D256)
HHB Portadiskdrive
Bob (V6 D293)
HHb And Cable News
Klay Anderson (V6 D279)
HHB PDR-1000 Portadat for sale
matthewkelly@juno.com (V6 D234)
HHb Portadisc
Klay Anderson (V6 D291)
HHb Portadrive
Klay Anderson (V6 D279)
David Carmean (V6 D285)
Hi...First Time POster...ISO: Used A/D (pref SBM-1)
steven wolf (V6 D295)
hiding tracks on a cdr
randy@monkeybiz.Stanford.EDU (V6 D201)
Hold the Willie...
Beast914@aol.com (V6 D282)
hopefully my last post on the bad trader wierdness situation
Slipkid (V6 D243)
Joe Rioux (V6 D244)
how do I find out sampling rates with an M1?
Matt Spolansky (V6 D230)
Wayne D. Hoxsie Jr. (V6 D230)
How do I get rid of the second gap between cuts on CD-R...
JoeRay Skrha (V6 D205)
how is the digital I/O on the Soyo Dragon+ mother board?
31st330i@roadfly.com (V6 D207)
Wayne D. Hoxsie Jr. (V6 D208)
31st330i@roadfly.com (V6 D208)
Wayne D. Hoxsie Jr. (V6 D208)
how much sound
Phunk1 (V6 D250)
How to go about getting a Sony DAT serviced.
Patrick Moughan (V6 D295)
David Carmean (V6 D295)
Mac (V6 D296)
David Carmean (V6 D296)
How to record a symphonic orchestra ?
Marco Santini (V6 D243)
Dennis Bathory-Kitsz (V6 D244)
Tom McCreadie (V6 D244)
matt Sohn (V6 D244)
How to record an orchestra (longish)
Clark Guy (V6 D247)
How to record an orchestra - thanks !
Marco Santini (V6 D257)
Howling Diablos
Chris Rees (V6 D212)
hybrid cd question
randy@monkeybiz.Stanford.EDU (V6 D236)
Jason Neely (V6 D237)
I need Soundcard Info:
KUZEN J (V6 D274)
I taped 2 shows of Aerosmith Japan tour 2002.
HIRATA (V6 D213)
I taped 2 shows of CSNY American tour 2002.
HIRATA (V6 D273)
I'm looking for some info about this microphone: TSM 125 from sony I think..
Chris.VOYNET (V6 D240)
I.S.O. John Hiatt from The Netherlands - 1884
Mexminute@aol.com (V6 D226)
iBook digital audio interface
Andrew Gustin (V6 D276)
IC-based recorders (was "The Death of DAT?")
Andrew Nemeth (V6 D250)
If you get a "forbidden" error...
CatalystX (V6 D275)
If you thought the RIAA was bad...
Dave Cohen (V6 D251)
iMac disc burning problem resolved
Richard Levy (V6 D269)
iMac Superdrive disc burning problem
Richard Levy (V6 D261)
Info Sought on Portable HD Recording
Eric Bogart (V6 D241)
Installation of Dat2wav on WinXP
Paul Kaytes (V6 D248)
Mark Mayhle (V6 D248)
Interest in PortaDAT & AD-1000
Sean Kennedy (V6 D240)
is digital---digital?
Winnie Olmer (V6 D213)
Is there a definitive list of JGB shows out there somewheres?
Ethan Alpert (V6 D231)
Jeff Lester (V6 D232)
ISO aerosmith japanese 2001\ 2002 soundchecks
artood2 (V6 D257)
ISO Becky Barksdale
bfand (V6 D284)
ISO Zero 7, Carla Bozulich/Nels Cline
Erik B (V6 D258)
ISO "from the Hollar to the Hood"
stuart (V6 D275)
ISO - Livid Festival 1999
Ildcll@aol.com (V6 D219)
ISO - Mason Jennings on DAT
Ildcll@aol.com (V6 D228)
ISO - Ryan Adams 10/3/01
Mexminute@aol.com (V6 D271)
ISO 10-27-01 Chicago Dylan
Tim Call (V6 D208)
ISO 2 Bela tix - Sat., 3/9 (Hagerstown, MD)
Chris Black (V6 D242)
ISO 60m and 90m DATs
Graham Newton (V6 D296)
ISO 70's Commander Cody and His Lost Planet Airmen
Keith Bode (V6 D256)
ISO : decent microphone cables
DMB6string92@aol.com (V6 D261)
ISO : Beck Orpheum 11 and 12 Feb 2000 (or anything not on my list)
Stephen Griffiths (V6 D253)
ISO : New Soundcard
Mike (V6 D231)
ISO : Siouxsie 2002
scott zumsteg (V6 D256)
ISO : Spyro Bourus - AUSTRAILIA
BOB1355740@aol.com (V6 D250)
ISO : Tortoise 5/25/96 Bimbo's, SF
J. Van (V6 D214)
ISO Alison Krauss
Dano (V6 D272)
iso amherst people
Scott C. Brown (V6 D298)
ISO any live LOVE
GaoBest@aol.com (V6 D286)
ISO Arcata,CA. tapers
lochs o' dread (V6 D226)
ISO AT 8410a shockmount
Richard Davis (V6 D240)
ISO AT8410a Shock mounts
Mike BB (V6 D218)
ISO B. Wilson/High llamas/stereolab UKfeb2002
TRANEHEAD@aol.com (V6 D218)
ISO Band & related material
David Foley (V6 D214)
ISO Big Day Out Festival 2002
Jeremy . (V6 D218)
ISO Black Crowes shows
Alfred Ritter (V6 D232)
ISO Bruce Cockburn 1/6/02 KFOG Broadcast
Robert Zeien (V6 D203)
ISO Buddy Guy @ Boulder Theater 02-18-02
SlipStTh@aol.com (V6 D242)
ISO Cecil Taylor in NYC 2/28
Amjad (V6 D240)
ISO Chicago taper for Tuesday the 19th
Alfred Ritter (V6 D256)
ISO Cockburn Fillmore 3/19/02 & Indigo Girls Slims (KFOG)
David Danek (V6 D264)
ISO Complete Garbage B-Side Collection
Olympian90@aol.com (V6 D266)
ISO Concrete Blonde 1/25/02
Jeff Lester (V6 D200)
ISO CSNY Philadelphia 2002
paul gluchanicz (V6 D270)
iso current Pat Metheny Group shows
Red Eye (V6 D252)
ISO D.C. area taper
Todd Norman (V6 D297)
ISO DAT or SHN Allman Brothers Band - 07/31/93
Clancey (V6 D251)
ISO David Gilmour 2002 shows
cream of mushroom (V6 D240)
ISO David Sylvian Tapers
Aleal5687@cs.com (V6 D220)
ISO Delay Unit
Adam Smith (V6 D241)
ISO DMB 4/29 tickets
adam meyer (V6 D284)
ISO DMB trade
Joe Galbraith (V6 D286)
ISO Dylan Euorpean shows 2002
paul gluchanicz (V6 D277)
ISO Dylan Europe 2002
paul gluchanicz (V6 D282)
ISO Dylan Houston 2002 and some others
paul gluchanicz (V6 D275)
ISO Eagles Shows any Year!
Robinson Brooks (V6 D268)
ISO Eric Marienthal/Najee/Mule on DAT
William J. LaPier (V6 D296)
iso GD 10-9-89 FOB by Jim Oade
brian durham (V6 D280)
ISO Gotthard, Shakra, Bonfire, Burning Rain and Blackburn
bfand (V6 D273)
ISO Gov't Mule 2-16-01 B'ham
Jim (V6 D221)
ISO Gregg Allman & Atlanta Rhythm Section
Eddie Woodward (V6 D224)
ISO Hilary Hahn
David Foley (V6 D204)
ISO info on taping at the catalyst in santa cruz......
Todd Green (V6 D283)
ISO Jackson Browne 2/27/02 Fox Theatre
Susan (V6 D244)
ISO Jayhawks Tapers for their current tour
Todd Norman (V6 D266)
iso JEWEL from last night in NYC
Eric Reichenbach (V6 D203)
ISO John Paul Jones recordings
Laurent Hotte (V6 D297)
ISO Keith Jarrett
David Foley (V6 D292)
ISO King Crimson 12-11-01 show
RedBarchetta81@aol.com (V6 D228)
ISO L.A. taper
Alfred Ritter (V6 D284)
ISO Len Moskowitz !!!
Reto Wieduwilt (V6 D275)
ISO Live Alison Krauss
Dano (V6 D233)
ISO Live Gillian Welch
Taperguy (V6 D282)
ISO McCartney 4/1/02 Oakland Arena
Susan (V6 D272)
ISO mystery trader??
mike hooker (V6 D271)
ISO Nick Layman (old tapetree.com admin)
tforbath@Nervewire.com (V6 D264)
ISO No Doubt 3-16-02 Caracas (Festival)
GaoBest@aol.com (V6 D271)
ISO of Peter Szymanski
Mark Paterick (V6 D243)
ISO Orlando, Florida area tapers
Jim Amentler (V6 D285)
ISO Patty Griffin: unreleased A&M Silver Bell CD
JPollQs@aol.com (V6 D262)
ISO Paul Simon/Brian Wilson 2001
Dave Kent (V6 D254)
ISO ph1998-07-16 - the Gorge
Ryan Boone (V6 D271)
ISO PMG 2002 shows
Red Eye (V6 D287)
ISO recent 400 Bar Benefit shows
Todd Norman (V6 D252)
ISO recent PMG shows
Red Eye (V6 D234)
ISO Reliable DAT Repair
h Grape Minkoff (V6 D267)
ISO Richard Bona
ihor cheecha (V6 D228)
ISO Richard Thompson Feb 02 US shows
David Danek (V6 D214)
William J. LaPier (V6 D250)
iso robert randolph shows (esp. on cd)
brian durham (V6 D237)
ISO Ryan Adams taping policy
SCHUBIDOO@aol.com (V6 D241)
iso SCI 7-14-01
Matt Korman (V6 D220)
ISO Seven Nations
Eddie Woodward (V6 D203)
ISO Sir Paul 4/17/02 Continental Airlines Arena
keith e januszak (V6 D295)
ISO SKB 2-5-2002 Conduit Trenton, NJ
Tim Newman (V6 D215)
ISO some Springsteen/Dylan
dolphin smile (V6 D277)
JWInc95@aol.com (V6 D279)
ISO Springsteen Toronto 2000
john e. bogus (V6 D278)
ISO STS9 Bob Wiely
Matt Edlhuber (V6 D293)
ISO Taper for Mountain Stage this weekend, MCC at UCLA 1/26/02
David Danek (V6 D202)
ISO taper: Laurie Anderson, Minneapolis, this weekend
Derrick Belbas (V6 D288)
ISO tapers for Justin Sullivan (New Model Army)
Bas Ruesink (V6 D242)
iso tapes using mc012>ps-2>ad-20/inbox
William Draper (V6 D280)
ISO The Black Crowes 10-28-92 Vancouver
artood2 (V6 D266)
iso these traders
artood2 (V6 D296)
ISO Tragically Hip DATs, and several other techinical questions...
Peter Padjen (V6 D243)
alf (V6 D299)
ISO Used M1 or D8
Comnaround@aol.com (V6 D258)
ISO Van Morrison
mark wilkins (V6 D230)
ISO Versailles
David Foley (V6 D250)
ISO White Stripes
TRANEHEAD@aol.com (V6 D210)
ISO Widespread Panic 7/4/91
Carrington Crawford (V6 D218)
iso Will Foy
Tom Haughton (V6 D278)
iso WSP & ABB
Matt Korman (V6 D253)
ISO your dank KVHW FOBs...
Chris Black (V6 D237)
ISO Zero @ The Little Bear in Evergreen, CO 12-14-97
SlipStTh@aol.com (V6 D227)
ISO- Bob Dylan Floor ticket for 3/1/01 NCRC?
Bob Silver (V6 D202)
ISO- Extra ABB @ Beacon Tickets!
Bob Silver (V6 D232)
ISO- Govt Mule- Athens, Ga 02/14/02 & Savannah Woody Contribution Update!
Bob Silver (V6 D219)
ISO--Tool tix for Japan
G. Vomacka (V6 D251)
ISO-Midnight Oil 2002 USA tapers`
Spyro Bouras (V6 D234)
Spyro Bouras (V6 D221)
ISO: Bill Hicks
Erik B (V6 D210)
ISO: Delano Collins
Louie Rendek (V6 D250)
ISO: Foo Fighters Olymipc Medals Plaza - CBC Canada
Michael Hanson (V6 D231)
ISO: FWAP shows
C. Chambers (V6 D273)
ISO: Gov't Mule - Albany 2/24/2
James D. Kerr (V6 D232)
ISO: Jerry Cantrell @ SXSW
Vikas Bhatia (V6 D256)
Vikas Bhatia (V6 D256)
ISO: Mic Pre-Amp
Dennis Bryant (V6 D229)
T.J. Hoffman (V6 D277)
ISO: R.E.M. Unplugged 2.0 Audio or Video
Keith Shapiro (V6 D244)
ISO: Recent McCartney shows
John D. Tsalikes (V6 D272)
ISO: Virgos/Tantric/Creed 2002 tour tapers
JBrink7402@aol.com (V6 D202)
ISO: (hate to admit what I'm looking for)
Chris (V6 D229)
ISO: 1 Trey Deer Creek taper ticket
Killion, Jeff (V6 D283)
ISO: 2002 CSNY shows
Steve Marshall (V6 D285)
ISO: AD1K or SBM-1 (mod or no mod)
Mike Labuda (V6 D234)
ISO: advice on win XP
ALF (V6 D214)
ISO: Andrew Lowell
Tatina, Bill (V6 D233)
ISO: Ani Difranco 3-7-02 Sacramento Anyone tape this show?
Taperguy (V6 D244)
ISO: Ani DiFranco 4/8/02 Buffalo
Craig Lefort (V6 D282)
ISO: Ani Difranco 5-26-96 Laguna Seca and 7-12-99 Fresno
Taperguy (V6 D235)
ISO: Ani Difranco solo show ticket (anywhere)
KindTaper@aol.com (V6 D260)
ISO: any good live Steps and one specific Love request
GaoBest@aol.com (V6 D291)
ISO: any live Sigur Ros
Tim Dignam (V6 D262)
ISO: ANY Tenacious D
JamesHelgerson@aol.com (V6 D224)
ISO: Apogee Case
Mike (V6 D285)
ISO: Australian Bands
Andy Liu (V6 D291)
ISO: Beck - Glass House, Pomona, CA 6-28-96 AUD 1:25:17 B+
Steve Griff (V6 D257)
ISO: Beck at Coach House 2/21/02
hewitt@panix.com (V6 D249)
ISO: Best Mics for $400???
S Bastable (V6 D250)
ISO: Blues Traveler at Foxwoods
Eliot Byron (V6 D286)
ISO: Bob Dylan 11/17/01 Philly and Charlotte 2/10/02
George Carson (V6 D237)
ISO: Bob Dylan 2002 tour
KUZEN J (V6 D255)
ISO: Cake@Taft Theater...
Steve Bartz (V6 D208)
ISO: Cibo Matto Side Projects
Matthew Thayer (V6 D203)
ISO: CSN&Y Boston 3/2/02
Ziegler, Richard S (V6 D261)
ISO: CSNY 2002 Shows
Steve Rodgers (V6 D286)
ISO: CSNY Feb 25 Cleveland Gund
Terry Berrett (V6 D233)
ISO: D8 and/or 7-pin
S Bastable (V6 D261)
ISO: D8, misc. gear
S Bastable (V6 D250)
ISO: DAT Trades, rock/metal/industrial
Karl R (V6 D275)
ISO: David Bryne
Matthew Thayer (V6 D230)
ISO: David Gilmour 2002 shows
Taka (V6 D270)
ISO: Deftones at Roskilde Festival 2001
Steve Mew (V6 D244)
ISO: digital sound card recommendation
Mr. Groovunit (V6 D280)
ISO: Dream Theater Tapers
Tatina, Bill (V6 D260)
ISO: Flecktones from Australia!!!
J Levene (V6 D290)
ISO: Friday and Sat. WSP Oak Mtn Taper Tix
Carrington Crawford (V6 D271)
ISO: Fu Manchu, Lawrence, KS 02.08.2002
Michael James (V6 D213)
ISO: Garbage Stabler Arena, Bethlehem, PA 10/29/99
Eric (V6 D283)
lochs o' dread (V6 D219)
ISO: GD 9/24/93
Joe XXIV (V6 D281)
ISO: george harrison material
mike hooker (V6 D213)
ISO: Grateful Dead 10/13/68
Stanley Willey (V6 D255)
ISO: Hawksley Workman 4/14/02 UK
Erik B (V6 D285)
ISO: Help from taper in Ft. Worth,TX area
mark extrom (V6 D276)
ISO: Help on DAT2WAV errors
Richard Hammond (V6 D293)
ISO: help w/ Speed Correction
Delano (V6 D259)
ISO: Hoku
Andy Liu (V6 D218)
iso: Hot Tuna 2002 west coast tour
Jbg0402@aol.com (V6 D253)
iso: hound dog taylor shows
avps (V6 D289)
ISO: Idlewild live shows (Christopher D Gacek
gace0003@gace0003.email.umn.edu) (V6 D215)
ISO: IN tapers
Eric Zlotogura (V6 D298)
iso: james brown from seattle 6/25/00
Jbg0402@aol.com (V6 D259)
ISO: Jeff Beck 3.21.01 Portland, ME set info
ed wawrzyniak (V6 D288)
Darryl Deyerle (V6 D290)
ISO: Jim O'Malley
novy@UNIVERSAL-PRESS.com (V6 D288)
ISO: John Butler Trio
Bendes, Richard (V6 D287)
ISO: John Mayer
Dean (V6 D286)
ISO: Jonathon Schuster
cps . (V6 D254)
ISO: live Jimmy Eat World or Get Up Kids
KindTaper@aol.com (V6 D287)
ISO: Live Miles / Coltrane / Rollins
Paul & Jen Beichert (V6 D213)
ISO: Los Angeles area taper
Nathan Spindel (V6 D262)
ISO: Los Angeles taper for prog show
Jim Amentler (V6 D291)
ISO: Marilyn Manson DATs
Karl R (V6 D253)
iso: Max Creek 12/31/91
alf (V6 D239)
ISO: McCartney 2002
Brian Sleeman (V6 D278)
ISO: Melvins 5/11/01 SBD COMPLETE
Jim Hirte (V6 D288)
ISO: Mercury rev current tour
Javi Dieguez (V6 D288)
ISO: Mic Stand
Runaway Jim (V6 D249)
ISO: Michael (aka mookiestink@worldnet.att.net)
Ivan (V6 D273)
ISO: Michael Hedges/Nico/Thurston Moore
KindTaper@aol.com (V6 D241)
ISO: Mike Palumbo
Tatina, Bill (V6 D208)
ISO: MMW 2001-10-18 schoeps mk4v clone
james tierney (V6 D207)
ISO: moe in Birmingham, AL
Robert Kane (V6 D233)
ISO: More dates for Zwan anouced
Jason Roth (V6 D230)
ISO: Mule 2/15/01 FOB set 1
Delano (V6 D219)
ISO: Neumann SKM-184's or TLM-103's
Mike Wren (V6 D284)
ISO: New Orleans Taper for 03-11-02 >> 311 Day
Tatina, Bill (V6 D240)
ISO: Oade active 7-pin cable
bpkelley (V6 D229)
ISO: Oysterhead SETLIST 5/4/00
Eliot Byron (V6 D204)
ISO: Pat Metheny Group 2/26/02 Easton, PA
Mr. Groovunit (V6 D232)
ISO: Pat Metheny@Calvin Theater 3/4/00 & other Metheny CD-R's
Mr. Groovunit (V6 D209)
ISO: Paul MaCartney Chi-town
kathy and mike (V6 D285)
ISO: Paul McCartney 4/21 - Nassau, NY
Michael B. Green (V6 D296)
ISO: Paul Simon - 2001 St. Louis Riverport Show
Steve Brothers (V6 D214)
T.J. Hoffman (V6 D232)
ISO: Pink Floyd/Waters collectors (Tool also)
james stidham (V6 D298)
ISO: power cord for DA-P1
Killion, Jeff (V6 D260)
iso: Project Object & Zappa trades
Damon Ritter (V6 D275)
ISO: Project Z 11-29-2001 Mercury Lounge, NYC (DAT,CDR, whatever)
Tim Newman (V6 D263)
ISO: Ratdog Ticket for 2/23 (Taper)
novy@UNIVERSAL-PRESS.com (V6 D214)
ISO: recent COBHAM / Jazz is DEAD shows
Tompixie@aol.com (V6 D295)
ISO: RHCP from Californication Tour
Robert Warren (V6 D227)
ISO: Richard Cruz
Steve Marshall (V6 D202)
iso: richard warren
Tatina, Bill (V6 D260)
ISO: Santana 08/09/95
Michael Bogdan (V6 D284)
rkp (V6 D202)
ISO: SCI 2/3/00 --Need Complete Show
JamesHelgerson@aol.com (V6 D218)
ISO: Sex Mob w/medeski: Knitting Factory 2-28-02
JBABC0CK@aol.com (V6 D245)
ISO: SKB 2-9-2001 Neumann source
Stuart Gerber (V6 D233)
ISO: SKB Athens show
Stuart Gerber (V6 D237)
ISO: Sonosax SX-M2
Zach Payne (V6 D274)
ISO: Sony TCD-D7 Manual
Vitamin Worm (V6 D287)
ISO: Soundforge manual
Bas Ruesink (V6 D287)
ISO: source info/DAT upgrade for Edie Brickell 4/19/91
Mark Domyancich (V6 D203)
ISO: Taper for Modest Mouse in Salt Lake City on 2/18
Jason Roth (V6 D205)
ISO: Taper for Thurs. 4.25 Hamilton, ON, CA show
ed wawrzyniak (V6 D293)
ISO: Taper near Toronto for this Thursday
ed wawrzyniak (V6 D296)
ISO: tapers for Neil Halstead
J. Van (V6 D266)
iso: tapers for upcoming DOWN tour!
luigi.bagatella@serenacom.net (V6 D272)
ISO: Tapers for Upcoming Zwan dates
Jason Roth (V6 D225)
ISO: Tea Party tapers/trades
Steve Mew (V6 D294)
ISO: THE STROKES - Anything 2002 or previous - Lots To Trade
Vitamin Worm (V6 D274)
ISO: The Strokes, Mates Of State, White Stripes, Rasputina - Lots To Trade
Vitamin Worm (V6 D214)
ISO: The Walkmen, White Stripes, Air
jcarvalh (V6 D255)
ISO: Tony Guagliardo
Vikas Bhatia (V6 D244)
ISO: Tool
Mooney Monteilh (V6 D243)
ISO: Tool and\or Pavement shows
Mooney Monteilh (V6 D215)
ISO: Tori Amos DATs (2001 tour)
Robert Kane (V6 D213)
ISO: TRAFFIC 1994 Tour Tapes - USA & Europe
Mal Barker (V6 D234)
ISO: Upcoming Patty Griffin BROADCASTS
ABershaw@aol.com (V6 D274)
ISO: Used Sonosax
ATTTi2DE@aol.com (V6 D258)
ISO: used sonosax sx-m2
Michael Lubbering (V6 D259)
ISO: Victor Wooten\Bela Fleck shows
Rich Gomes (V6 D269)
iso: vida blue 12.31.01
Stu Jones (V6 D258)
ISO: Ween All-Acoustic Performance
Gareth Gowan (V6 D228)
Joe XXIV (V6 D291)
ISO: West Coast Tapers for Johnny A
Tatina, Bill (V6 D247)
iso: Western NY Tapers
Matt Spolansky (V6 D227)
ISO: Wilco and Cracker 2002 Shows
Brett Lowman (V6 D269)
ISO:DEAD 9/20/91
Marcello Gasperini (V6 D267)
ISO:Dead Left coast 83 Digi Auds
Wavy Davy (V6 D259)
ISO:Dead shows
Marcello Gasperini (V6 D221)
ISO:DMB 4/13/02 Buffalo
Arnold, Joseph (V6 D294)
Wavy Davy D (V6 D247)
Joe XXIV (V6 D290)
ISO:Peter Murphy DAT/MD Tapers
Aleal5687@cs.com (V6 D283)
ISO:Sheryl Crow - El Rey Theater, L.A. 2/11/02
William.Otten@LibertyMutual.com (V6 D216)
Wavy Davy (V6 D272)
ISO:Suwannee Springfest
Otto, Michael (V6 D264)
ISO:Taper Tickets for DMB in Buffalo
cory (V6 D273)
Wavy Davy D (V6 D232)
It Ain't Heavy....
Klay Anderson (V6 D297)
It Crawled Out Of The Vaults Of KSAN : 1966-1968
JPollQs@aol.com (V6 D257)
Items for Sale
Keith Forman (V6 D279)
James & Saint Etienne
Digital Ambience (V6 D298)
James Taylor / 11-14-92
Mexminute@aol.com (V6 D214)
Jazz Is Dead taping policy?
Tim Newman (V6 D249)
Jazz Mandolin Project Portland 10-01??
cream of mushroom (V6 D254)
Jefferson Airplane Delray Beach, FL 2001
paul gluchanicz (V6 D206)
Jethro Tull 8/8/97 Next for trade
JAGABRIELJR@aol.com (V6 D246)
JEWEL tapers wanted
Thomas Avallone (V6 D243)
JGB 08-08-93 SOURCE?
Marty Bacardi (V6 D269)
JJ Cale set length
CCage@aol.com (V6 D292)
JJ Cale Taping
Dan Gale (V6 D251)
Brad Burleson (V6 D254)
John Kupchik (V6 D266)
joe strummer in brooklyn!!!!
Stonecutter15@aol.com (V6 D274)
John Butler Trio recordings?
Bendes, Richard (V6 D256)
John Denver - one of his last shows for trade
JAGABRIELJR@aol.com (V6 D249)
Johnny Cash/ Bob Dylan Live?
Marty Bacardi (V6 D255)
join the circus!
randy@monkeybiz.Stanford.EDU (V6 D222)
Jon Spencer
Graham Nelson (V6 D245)
jon spencer blues explosion
Stonecutter15@aol.com (V6 D243)
matt Sohn (V6 D244)
Jon Spencer Blues Explosion taping?
David Carmean (V6 D241)
jon spencer, again
rob landis (V6 D244)
jorma kaukonen
mike hooker (V6 D204)
Jukebox 3 (was Re: is digital---digital?)
Mark Mayhle (V6 D213)
Kasey Chambers on World Cafe
Mark Mayhle (V6 D254)
KCRW SNAP live performances list?
Bill Wilner (V6 D255)
Kenny Garret
Robert Warren (V6 D256)
kind recordings
Bob Siegl (V6 D263)
King's X taping policy?
Donald Forsha (V6 D214)
Kit for Building M/S Mics
Jayney Wallick (V6 D291)
spahni (V6 D274)
Kyuss? Other stoner rock?
O Nelson (V6 D242)
L.A. tapers' efforts needed 4/18
Halesbop@aol.com (V6 D283)
LA Guns Elgin,IL 2-28-02 DAT for trade
Zoso483103@aol.com (V6 D235)
Lackluster trade experiences
Ryan Haskell (V6 D250)
Laptops & Security
Brian Price (V6 D275)
last minute post...
Chris Rees (V6 D235)
latest & greatest Rock B&P offer
artood2 (V6 D201)
le tigre
=?iso-8859-1?q?Mr.Binaurals?= (V6 D295)
Lego DAT loader
Eugene Hu (V6 D203)
lego DAT tape loader
Robert O'Haire (V6 D203)
Lensic Center
Matt (V6 D232)
Leo Kottke 02-02-2002 B&P offer
Ryan Haskell (V6 D214)
let's make a trade!!!
Marc Jacobson (V6 D237)
Liquidating tapes
Otto, Michael (V6 D237)
Live recordings
Mathias Rombach (V6 D285)
live shows
vze2364m (V6 D289)
London Wavelengths BBC Rock Hour
Delano (V6 D229)
eD (V6 D289)
Looking for a few trades...
DM13DM@aol.com (V6 D233)
Looking for a preamp
Thomas Riger (V6 D202)
looking for Aerosmith US/Japan 2002 shows on DAT tape
Tom Bjelland (V6 D205)
Looking for Cheap Trick 1/02 Florida shows
king lerxst (V6 D209)
Looking for ChicagoMilwaukee Area Tapers....
Chris Black (V6 D258)
looking for Cockburn, Hank 3
rich (V6 D223)
Looking for early Beck DAT's
Stephen Griffiths (V6 D213)
Looking for Jim Peckham
Adam Aronson (V6 D263)
Looking for KARSTEN in MUNICH
Thomas Avallone (V6 D248)
looking for mics
Roman Tuero (V6 D252)
Looking For Nak Cable for MX/PS-100
Michael B. Green (V6 D243)
Looking for recording of CSNY- Cleveland 2-25-02
JoeRay Skrha (V6 D233)
Looking for Santana 3/30/02 Charlotte
Facesplashed@aol.com (V6 D291)
looking for some laptop recording advice
Jbg0402@aol.com (V6 D274)
Mark Mayhle (V6 D274)
looking for some Randy Newmans
paul gluchanicz (V6 D266)
Looking for some Stereolab
Ethan (V6 D295)
Looking for Strokes/White Stripes shows
Vinesh Narayan (V6 D287)
Looking for Strokes/White Stripes tapers/traders
Vinesh Narayan (V6 D247)
Looking for trades etc
janque@webtv.net (V6 D291)
Looking for WHO Trades
Rbglea@aol.com (V6 D201)
Looking for:
Jim Hirte (V6 D247)
Looking to but some new mikes
Simon Wimpenny (V6 D203)
Lost 7-pin
Dan Sisler (V6 D253)
lost dig cable
Frank D (V6 D264)
Lucinda set length
Shawn Chesley (V6 D272)
Lucinda Williams, Filmore, April 19 & 20, 2002
john.clarke@saltlake2002.com (V6 D294)
Lucy Kaplansky Taping Policy
Michael Ryan (V6 D236)
Lunatec V2 - SOLD
Paul deLima (V6 D239)
M-S Mike Kit
Sherm Clow (V6 D296)
M1/D100: display error rates? Alignment drift: how fast?
Dave C (V6 D288)
Jeff Lester (V6 D289)
Marcello Gasperini (V6 D208)
Magnetic Fields 3/1-3/2
John Kupchik (V6 D233)
MAHAVISHNU / D Sancious-----dates upcoming/taping policies
Tompixie@aol.com (V6 D273)
MAHAVISHNU / SANCIOUS----gigs upcoming and taping policy
Tompixie@aol.com (V6 D265)
MAHAVISHNU PROJECT: new tour & policy // D.SANCIOUS group dates
Tompixie@aol.com (V6 D253)
majek fashek taping policy / johnnyhickman.com
Richard Davis (V6 D218)
make my own battery pack.
purple (V6 D202)
Manual for SONY DTC-670 for trade...
DATJAMS@aol.com (V6 D221)
Jamie Lutch (V6 D275)
marc sounds query
Chris Rees (V6 D255)
Mark Knopfler - Toronto 2001 / San Francisco KFOG 2001
Geetarz (V6 D254)
Mark Vann Tribute Show
DRider (V6 D243)
Marty Dread ....bueller, bueller?
Zach (V6 D235)
Masato Kato (searching for)
Tommy & Robin Danscuk (V6 D213)
matrix tapes
Bobby Gervais (V6 D215)
Alex Prestin (V6 D217)
Matrix tapes- Info from Tom
Bobby Gervais (V6 D216)
Matrixing a SBD-Mic combo
Maximum 75 ohm Coaxial Cable length RCA SPDIF
Studiowiz (V6 D269)
MBHO setup for acoustic recording?
Thomas Rosander (V6 D218)
MC012 - Cardiod, Omni, Hypercardiod
Michael T. Olivier (V6 D260)
Meurglys3@att.net (V6 D247)
McCartney Chicago shows
Thomas Avallone (V6 D285)
McCartney Chicago shows closed
Thomas Avallone (V6 D287)
McCartney Security
Bob Siegl (V6 D290)
McCartney Security Question
MOZ52259@aol.com (V6 D288)
Merlefest 2002 Prime Stealth Seats for Sale
CCage@aol.com (V6 D264)
Message for BOB HAAG
Spyro Bouras (V6 D223)
Message for XJAKSTRAWX-david
Spyro Bouras (V6 D220)
Metal Meltdown IV (Rob Rock, Saxon, Diamond Head)
Jim Amentler (V6 D275)
mic choice???
Desmond Curran (V6 D298)
mic power supply question
mike (V6 D277)
mic power/voltage question
William Draper (V6 D233)
mic question
Master Recordings (V6 D291)
Mic shaped like human head
Delano (V6 D223)
Eric Angel (V6 D224)
acffh (V6 D224)
Paul Butterfield (V6 D224)
Tom Semans (V6 D225)
Mic shaped like human head #224
GuySonic@aol.com (V6 D225)
mic stand for crowded SRO shows?
Dave C (V6 D282)
Mic Stand Tape & Dies
Klay Anderson (V6 D216)
Mic Threads
Zach (V6 D215)
Michael Dolin
Gareth Gowan (V6 D277)
microboards recorder
Jamie Lutch (V6 D260)
MicroDrive Digital Recorder as DAT replacement ?
Bob (V6 D221)
Microphone positioning (Indoor -vs- Outdoor)
Kevin (V6 D251)
Microphone Voltages
Klay Anderson (V6 D234)
Microtech Gefell line-in question
James G. Lykos (V6 D216)
Microtech Gefell mics?
Joshua (V6 D216)
Mics for sale
Scott C. Brown (V6 D206)
mike lyons (V6 D216)
Mike Hooker (V6 D259)
Mics shaped like human head
Jack R. Lebowitz (V6 D224)
Sean Kennedy (V6 D225)
Mike Doughty Tapes
greengoblin (V6 D224)
Mini-Me question.
Onno J.R. Bakker (V6 D217)
MiniMe and AD2K+
Marc Nutter (V6 D203)
misc equipment for sale
mike lyons (V6 D207)
Misc items for sale
mark wilkins (V6 D247)
modify/buy a fm radio that goes to 75.475?
Monty-Jay (V6 D244)
Modifying US DVD Player to Play Asian sourced English Language titles
DATJAMS@aol.com (V6 D252)
MONDO GENERATOR 3-13-02 at the Troubadour in Los Angeles
Brian (V6 D244)
Moon Boot Lover Archives
Alexander Lenz (V6 D210)
Joe Rioux (V6 D212)
John.Stanfield@furman.edu (V6 D211)
more 32 khz....
john e. bogus (V6 D294)
Jeff Lester (V6 D295)
More ?'s on stereo techniques
Matt (V6 D248)
Tom McCreadie (V6 D252)
Wavy Davy D (V6 D205)
ABielefeldt (V6 D206)
Seth Breidbart (V6 D206)
More Industry "Deaths"
Klay Anderson (V6 D243)
MORPHINE 03/08/94
Larry J Abballe (V6 D267)
mounting OKMIIR mics
mark t weygandt (V6 D260)
Mr. Quimby's Beard European Tour Schedule
DRider (V6 D270)
My previous Leo Kottke B&P offer
Ryan Haskell (V6 D215)
Chris Siegl (V6 D271)
Nak cm-300 question
nak. mx-100 question
Tom Haughton (V6 D278)
National Treasures - Tape Archive
Charles Quinn (V6 D275)
nBc, taping gear for sale...
Jeff Dawson (V6 D216)
Need 1st set Ratdog 3/8/02 EF
mrk27@webtv.net (V6 D248)
Need advice on D-8 repairs asap
Stefan V Morosky (V6 D216)
walkabout@att.net (V6 D217)
Need advice please (esp. Celtic music lovers in NYC area)
Powers SF (V6 D224)
Need CDarchitect "guru"
alf (V6 D288)
need help from a norwegian :o)
dc (V6 D289)
need help from baltimore/dc area tapers
daniel crowell (V6 D282)
Need help resampling 48k>44.1k
Sean Cartwright (V6 D274)
Mark Mayhle (V6 D274)
Len Moskowitz (V6 D283)
BHance@BroadViewNet.com (V6 D286)
Andy Liu (V6 D287)
Thomas Wulf (V6 D288)
BHance@BroadViewNet.com (V6 D290)
Need help tracking down Bridge 2000 & Springsteen 6/23/00
Tom Semans (V6 D210)
need help with DAT>Cd transfers
Barley (V6 D274)
Need Info on Soundcards
KUZEN J (V6 D272)
Need Info-SHURE SM94-LC....Any Good???
JamesHelgerson@aol.com (V6 D201)
need PCI sound card with digital I/O to replace my ISA Fiji
31st330i@roadfly.com (V6 D209)
Need taper of 1 show in Minneapolis, MN next monday 3/4/02
f bion (V6 D234)
Need Tapers to tape Barefoot Manner in Colorado/TN/OH
Jonathan Edwards (V6 D233)
Need tapers!
Jim Hirte (V6 D247)
Need WSP sit n Ski soundboards!
Mincey, Patrick (V6 D215)
Seth Breidbart (V6 D215)
Need WSP Sith and Ski Tour '96
Mincey, Patrick (V6 D203)
eD (V6 D276)
Neil Halstead taping policy
Marcus Winfree (V6 D275)
Neil Young 4/18/99 Boston Wanted
Todd & Jen Guite' (V6 D222)
Nels Cline Singers/Carla Bozolich does "Red Headed Stranger" tour
Gary Davis (V6 D272)
Nero Bug confirmed & resolved
Thomas Wulf (V6 D240)
Nero Bug: But Is It Real? (Not Really)
Thomas Wulf (V6 D204)
Bob Griesel (V6 D205)
Matt (V6 D205)
Nero Bug: Real After All?
Thomas Wulf (V6 D204)
Keith Bode (V6 D299)
Netflix Phone # ?
Dead Head (V6 D298)
New "Microboards Copyrighter Live"
Mark Baldwin (V6 D259)
New (?) GD Reels
Scott.Goodwin@AstenJohnson.com (V6 D231)
new (free) sound recording and real-time analysis software
Gianni Pavan (V6 D224)
Paul (V6 D225)
new address notification
Neil Sturtevant (V6 D244)
new cdr burning question: TAO vs DAO
randy@monkeybiz.Stanford.EDU (V6 D201)
Slipkid (V6 D202)
New Fostex D5's: $594 (re: Broken Home Deck)
Gary Davis (V6 D265)
New fresh DSBDs for trade
enrico@pemo.com (V6 D228)
New mic preamp
carlos martinez (V6 D220)
new refurbished d8 for auction
george wang (V6 D230)
New SBM-1 availible now
Spyro Bouras (V6 D209)
New Tascam CDRW 700s for only $500.00
Comnaround@aol.com (V6 D233)
New Zealand DATers
Karl R (V6 D299)
Newbie B&P Offer
Kevin A Kraska (V6 D267)
Newly Uncovered GD Reels?...Possibly...May Need Assistance!
Keith Forman (V6 D230)
newsgroup services
david (V6 D272)
Nick Cave - U.S. Tour 2002
umlaut (V6 D295)
nickelbag or stevie salas live
Slipkid (V6 D226)
NO new U2 tour in Europe!
Bas Ruesink (V6 D248)
NOLA venue help ----- Jazzfest taping ------
Jon Weber (V6 D259)
nomad 3
Nick Georges (V6 D293)
Nomad Jukebox 3
SWG (V6 D288)
Matthew V Pfeil (V6 D290)
Mike Wren (V6 D292)
Nomad Jukebox 3 #290
GuySonic@aol.com (V6 D291)
Nomad Jukebox 3(#288)
GuySonic@aol.com (V6 D289)
Adam Smith (V6 D263)
Comnaround@aol.com (V6 D264)
NRBQ California Tapers?
Comnaround@aol.com (V6 D299)
Nutter and Sonic Sense
Dan Gale (V6 D212)
NYC last weekend - New Legends of Jazz Guitar / Will Bernard
Jon Weber (V6 D243)
OADE 7 Pin Active Cable on eBay
MrLens (V6 D291)
ok, it finally happened to me
scott charles (V6 D235)
OKMII/R with M1 settings
Eduardo Malvido (V6 D238)
Opening act for Robert Randolph - Shannon McNally
Thomas Avallone (V6 D295)
Optical to COAX
roarke (V6 D203)
Beast914@aol.com (V6 D206)
OT : hi 8 editor guidance
Chris Rees (V6 D212)
OT: Any Streambox VCR experts?
O Nelson (V6 D213)
David Cox (V6 D214)
OT: CD box that holds 8 cds?
Bas Ruesink (V6 D278)
OT: Looking for new CD player
jcarvalh (V6 D262)
OT: looking for WSP Raleigh
mcm (V6 D273)
OT: Mini Disc question
Scott Hansen (V6 D225)
Over the Rhine on WFPK webcast, Friday, April 5 at noon
Ragan Todd (V6 D275)
Over the Rhine webcast, WRVG-FM, April 12, Lexington/Georgetown, KY
Ragan Todd (V6 D281)
Paging Tim Desai...
fortyacrerock (V6 D293)
pat metheny group
Skiadikt@aol.com (V6 D241)
Winnie Olmer (V6 D242)
patty griffin silver bell
david (V6 D258)
patty griffin--catch her if you can
david (V6 D297)
paty griffin in nashville--silver bell
david (V6 D281)
paul kelly on WFUV
Mike Hooker (V6 D281)
Chris Siegl (V6 D290)
Paul McCartney United Center 4/11 ("yesterday") wanted for trade !!!
Zoso483103@aol.com (V6 D283)
Paul Westerberg Tour Dates/NYC Info (See Notice Below)
David_Olstein/NY/DEWEY@deweyballantine.com (V6 D289)
PCM M1's
Klay Anderson (V6 D242)
David Carmean (V6 D242)
Pepsi Arena - ALBANY?
Tony Guagliardo (V6 D214)
Performer for Popcorn
Beast914@aol.com (V6 D263)
Pete Yorn and Elbow Taping Policies, the answer
ja;lfkjd a;lkdjf;lkdas (V6 D282)
Pete Yorn Taping Policy?
ja;lfkjd a;lkdjf;lkdas (V6 D248)
Peter Mulvey/Chris Smither
Norris Thomlinson (V6 D222)
PFM live in Japan 2002!!! and next to USA!!!
alf (V6 D223)
Phil, Willie and Tenacious D Taping Policy
john.clarke@saltlake2002.com (V6 D249)
Phish DATs for a newbie
Robert Garland (V6 D287)
Robert Garland (V6 D287)
places to send tascams for service?
melissa . (V6 D214)
Please Help
spahni (V6 D242)
Please help in my search for a new Venue for NE Open Mic Night
Glen E Peladeau (V6 D278)
PLEASE READ THIS NOTE:Black rebel motor cycle club
Chris.VOYNET (V6 D202)
Mr. Data (V6 D262)
Portable Digital HD recorder coming......
cjonus@mwt.net (V6 D217)
Alan Saferstein (V6 D218)
Possible new virus...???
Michael Ryan (V6 D226)
post matrix time streching queston...
Nick Zuccaro (V6 D223)
Prayers for Michael Houser
CCage@aol.com (V6 D268)
Pre-Owned equipment Sale At Sonic Sense
Marc Nutter (V6 D200)
Preamp advise
Matt (V6 D214)
mark wilkins (V6 D215)
Len Moskowitz (V6 D216)
preamp help
jjjewett (V6 D217)
Preservation AND Capture
acffh (V6 D208)
Preservation vs Capture
Tom McCreadie (V6 D204)
Price correction
Keith Bode (V6 D297)
Prince "One Night Alone" 3/3/02 Chicago 2 CDs for Trade (!!!)
Zoso483103@aol.com (V6 D239)
prince 3-3-02 CD problems?
Peter King (V6 D280)
Pro digital
Brian Dowling (V6 D274)
Jack R. Lebowitz (V6 D275)
Problem with iMac CD-RW drive
liverich@sunlink.net (V6 D221)
Problems with DTC-690
kwayman@csc.com (V6 D222)
Prodif Plus soundcard for sale
Phunk1 (V6 D251)
Prodigital 7-pin for sale
kadie renner (V6 D278)
Puddle Of Mudd @ Munich, Metropolis 02-21-02
BlackCrowes@gmx.net (V6 D225)
put my Turtle Beach Fiji up for sale
31st330i@roadfly.com (V6 D229)
puter question
Duncan Oldham (V6 D215)
QOTSA 3-7-02 Troubadour in Los Angeles
Brian (V6 D244)
QOTSA with Dave Grohl 3/7/02
Lackofdave@aol.com (V6 D280)
Question / Yamaha has audio cd recorder & Hard Drive in one box
bigjazzfan@hdni.cc (V6 D226)
question about powering the at853...
William Draper (V6 D249)
Wayne D. Hoxsie Jr. (V6 D249)
Degrado, Rob (V6 D252)
r.e.m in nyc
Stonecutter15@aol.com (V6 D221)
R: [ABB] Digest Number 240
Aldo Torre (V6 D246)
Radiohead 2002.Jul.24 ticket
Paulo Vieira (V6 D276)
Rani Arbo
lee bittner (V6 D241)
Rare Hendrix tracks on KPFA, Sunday,4-14-02
Mike Parker (V6 D276)
rare jaco - trade for other rarities
Boxcephus@aol.com (V6 D281)
Rat Dog Freebie
john.clarke@saltlake2002.com (V6 D287)
Ratdog 3/1 Royal Oak, MI (looking for a patch)
Robert Kane (V6 D230)
Ratdog Northwest Tour
cream of mushroom (V6 D281)
RE sony deck questions
Sean Cartwright (V6 D264)
re-amplitude issues
Jay Lyons (V6 D260)
RE:Thoughts on SHN
RE; HHb Portadiscdrive tempting...
Beast914@aol.com (V6 D292)
David Carmean (V6 D292)
Rebus 4/2/02 B&P
Killion, Jeff (V6 D280)
rebuttal to Dave Winkleshteim's "This guy is a rip off artist" Post, and an update to Savannah Woody Trust Fund Drive!
Bob Silver (V6 D246)
recent Pat Metheny
stuart (V6 D281)
Rechargable 9v for phantom
Matt (V6 D280)
rechargables from the shack
steve fukawa (V6 D290)
Rechargeable AA batteries for an M1
The Chapper (V6 D282)
Wayne D. Hoxsie Jr. (V6 D282)
Steve Sanford (V6 D283)
mark wilkins (V6 D284)
Rechargeable AA batteries for an M1 & D8
Mark (V6 D284)
eD (V6 D273)
Recording Telephone
Klay Anderson (V6 D243)
ReE: Seeking advice for "budget" laptop recording
Len Moskowitz (V6 D233)
Regarding Nero 5.5 **DO NOT USE**
C. Chambers (V6 D203)
region free dvd players
sec1968@ezl.com (V6 D253)
Register at Rush.com for Concert Tickets!
Tatina, Bill (V6 D299)
Repaired DAT Tape
greengoblin (V6 D296)
replacement drive
Phil Maass (V6 D223)
Spyro Bouras (V6 D251)
RIP Mark Vann
Candace Horgan (V6 D238)
Rival Schools@Backstage, Munich/Germany 03-16-02
BlackCrowes@gmx.net (V6 D254)
rob lamothe/craig erickson
Slipkid (V6 D235)
eD (V6 D297)
Robert Hunters current tour...taper friendly?
Nick Georges (V6 D295)
robyn hitchcock
mike hooker (V6 D291)
Rodney Crowell, Richard Thompson-Mtn. Stage
michael ryan (V6 D253)
roger waters "tour forest"...sign-ups for#14+#15
George S. (V6 D288)
Roger Waters 2002
a.patrizio@verizon.net (V6 D261)
Roger Waters Japan shows
Hideshige Harada (V6 D272)
Satsuki Tomono (V6 D267)
RollinsBand in Bawlmer
michael (V6 D229)
Roseland Taping Question
Rbglea@aol.com (V6 D287)
Smashmark@aol.com (V6 D275)
Royer SF-12 or Neuman USM-69
Nick Georges (V6 D228)
Paul Tumolo (V6 D229)
Royer SF-12 or Neumann USM-69
Onno J.R. Bakker (V6 D229)
RR/FF on a dat
GaoBest@aol.com (V6 D296)
Barry Welch (V6 D297)
Joe Rioux (V6 D298)
Rufus Wainwright/Antony & the Johnsons Orchestra
Robert O'Haire (V6 D217)
rufus wainwright?
Paul Thomson (V6 D250)
Rush Tapers
Adam Aronson (V6 D297)
Sam Bush Taping
Dan Gale (V6 D215)
Same dumb "Best CD-R" question, but this is SERIOUS :)
Chris M. (V6 D294)
Santana 3/30/02 Charlotte
Facesplashed@aol.com (V6 D271)
Saving a brickwalled original
DATJAMS@aol.com (V6 D271)
Mike Edmonson (V6 D272)
Saxon U.S dates...
BlackCrowes@gmx.net (V6 D231)
SBM-1 service manual 4-sale
stryder@mindspring.com (V6 D232)
SBM-1 vs. Mini-Me vs. AD2K+
Fitz, Jason (V6 D215)
Schoeps Capsule Swap?
Deadtour@cs.com (V6 D256)
schoeps mk41 caps fs
Bootzila@aol.com (V6 D240)
SCI 2-17-02
Zach (V6 D234)
SCI 4/12&13/02 Chicago to trade for other 2002 shows
JamesHelgerson@aol.com (V6 D294)
sci fillmore tix wanted
sadiks (V6 D253)
SCI Tapers Tix
DRider (V6 D241)
scratched discs
Mike Hooker (V6 D251)
BHance@BroadViewNet.com (V6 D252)
JH (V6 D229)
Seagate audio-capable DDS drive
Paul (V6 D234)
J. A. O'Malley (V6 D284)
Seeking "Assisted Listening Device" info
SWG (V6 D280)
seeking A/D converter with Firewire out advice
ABershaw@aol.com (V6 D225)
Onno J.R. Bakker (V6 D226)
Seeking advice for "budget" laptop recording
Scott.Goodwin@AstenJohnson.com (V6 D231)
Seeking advice on DAT-less new recording methods
SWG (V6 D285)
Seeking first-time Stealth advice (and/or Natalie Merchant stealth advice)
Scott.Goodwin@AstenJohnson.com (V6 D221)
Seeking repair options for my Sony D3
SWG (V6 D298)
Seeking repair options for my Sony D3 and Re: Sony DAT
Mac (V6 D299)
Seeking some GD shows
Nick Georges (V6 D260)
seeking venue info for SHAKTI 11-5-00
Boxcephus@aol.com (V6 D271)
Seeking Willie Nelson (Please Read)
Beast914@aol.com (V6 D279)
Selling: Sony D8, American Digital 7 Pin, and Eco Charge
Thomas Riger (V6 D202)
Service manual for Sony D7/D8
Anders Bolager (V6 D270)
service manuals
rob landis (V6 D271)
service manuals....
Tim Cochrane (V6 D274)
sexmob does bond
randy@monkeybiz.Stanford.EDU (V6 D247)
datman (V6 D278)
Sheryl Crow - 20 March
Thomas Avallone (V6 D261)
Sheryl Crow - London & Munich
Thomas Avallone (V6 D265)
Sheryl Crow Germany & UK PRE-tour
Thomas Avallone (V6 D239)
Shim Sham Club Taping (New Orleans)
Tony Guagliardo (V6 D200)
SHN files introduce no additional noise
acffh (V6 D208)
Shnzzz, my $0.02
Scott (V6 D255)
shorten tricks
Nick Georges (V6 D221)
Mark Mayhle (V6 D221)
Sir Paul
Tom Cavanaugh (V6 D245)
Skatalites taping policy
Alisdair Menzies (V6 D294)
Skatallites taping policy?
james peterson (V6 D293)
Skynyrd @ Sunrise Musical Theater 3/08/02 Woops.... I did it again!
Bob Silver (V6 D244)
Sneaking in a D8?
cream of mushroom (V6 D217)
Snuffed on taper tics for Trey shows
Steve.Wren@ing-dm.com (V6 D271)
something to tape in CHICAGO 3/23-3/30
WericBowne (V6 D252)
Sonic Youth is looking for these shows-1986 tour
KindTaper@aol.com (V6 D297)
Sonosax SX-M2 Users
Joe Totoraitis (V6 D279)
Andrew Nemeth (V6 D280)
Eugene Hu (V6 D281)
Sons of Herman Hall in Dallas
Marcus Winfree (V6 D213)
Sony 120m DATS
novy@UNIVERSAL-PRESS.com (V6 D298)
Sony D-7 for sale
Gerhard Cernek (V6 D255)
Sony D-8 and 7-Pin to Coax In/Out For Sale!
Keith Forman (V6 D276)
Sony D100 New Head Installation Woes (UK) - Help Required
Wayne Ellis (V6 D201)
Sony D7 repair (UK)
Master Recordings (V6 D291)
sony d8 decks for sale.
mike hooker (V6 D223)
Sony DAT repairs
Tom McGee (V6 D297)
John (V6 D298)
sony deck grief
mike hooker (V6 D213)
sony deck questions
mike hooker (V6 D263)
SONY DTC-1000 help please
Paul (V6 D266)
Sony DTC-1000 tech help needed please
Paul (V6 D256)
sony dtc-700 hours counter
mike hooker (V6 D273)
Bob Griesel (V6 D274)
Sony DTC1000ES & 44.1kHz
Turner, Mike (V6 D233)
Sony M1 etc
GaoBest@aol.com (V6 D243)
sony manuals
Jamie Lutch (V6 D276)
Sony PCM 300 vs Sony DTC 60ES & SDT 9000 firmware
Jamie Lutch (V6 D296)
Sony PCM 300 vs Sony DTC 60ES and Pro Digital
Keith Bode (V6 D295)
Kevin Brown (V6 D296)
Sony PCM 300 vs Sony DTC 60ES, 2.0
Kevin Brown (V6 D296)
Sony PCM R-300 vs DTC 60ES
Keith Bode (V6 D287)
Sony PCM-R300 for sale.
Jagjit Chadha (V6 D208)
Sony PCM2500 - Problems making digital compilations from CDs ...
Graham Nelson (V6 D240)
Sony PDP 125 Pro Dats - new, wrapped.
MVAIL70@aol.com (V6 D275)
Sony R500
MMW (V6 D224)
Sony SBM-1 and SCMS (from Digest #198)
acffh (V6 D200)
Sony SDT 9000 firmware and software For Audio
Keith Bode (V6 D295)
Sony TC D-8
Cougercat (V6 D248)
Sony TCD-D7 / PCM-M1 digital connector voltage difference
Paul (V6 D241)
sorta newbie question re: 48khz->44.1khz
Steve Mew (V6 D228)
Sound Devices 442 field mixer?
Dave C (V6 D289)
Sound Forge cutting on proper CD sector boundaries
pwking (V6 D202)
Sound Forge Resample Questio
Peter Popivchak (V6 D201)
Sound of Sony PCM-M1 versus PCM-R500 - please help...
Fitz, Jason (V6 D203)
Soundcards... Is there a FAQ out there?
Kevin (V6 D258)
Slipkid (V6 D259)
South by Southwest Music festival in Austin this weekend
SlipStTh@aol.com (V6 D248)
sp ad2000
badhat (V6 D241)
SP and LP mode 32K DAT.
JH (V6 D293)
Splicing a few secs here and there...suggestions?
BB (V6 D256)
Splicing Tape
Eric R. McRoberts (V6 D211)
Jeff Lester (V6 D214)
Splitting a concert onto CD
Beast914@aol.com (V6 D256)
Seth Breidbart (V6 D256)
Wayne D. Hoxsie Jr. (V6 D257)
Springsteen 4-13/14-02 wtd
dolphin smile (V6 D287)
dolphin smile (V6 D287)
Spyro - SBM-1
BOB1355740@aol.com (V6 D257)
BOB1355740@aol.com (V6 D257)
Spyro Bourus = FOUND! :)
BOB1355740@aol.com (V6 D251)
SRV Setlist Link
Tatina, Bill (V6 D203)
Stealth D8
cream of mushroom (V6 D219)
Stephen Malkmus Transfer
john.clarke@saltlake2002.com (V6 D297)
Stevie Nicks AHI Benefits
Thomas Avallone (V6 D218)
Stevie Nicks Arizona Benefits
Thomas Avallone (V6 D214)
Stevie Ray Vaughn
Paul Gibian (V6 D202)
sticky tape mess
John F. Whitehead (V6 D271)
Sticky Tape Syndrome
Klay Anderson (V6 D272)
(V6 D273)
stiff cables
Scott C. Brown (V6 D240)
Still seeking USB or Firewire Digital I/O Solution For Laptop
SAlpert5@aol.com (V6 D271)
Bob Siegl (V6 D243)
STS9 needs tapers for spring tour!
Bob Wiely (V6 D227)
Stupid Shorten tricks
Mark Mayhle (V6 D220)
Subject: Bizarre Sony D3 Behavior
Bill Shaw (V6 D286)
Subject: Lackluster trade experiences
Thomas Avallone (V6 D251)
Subject: Sony SBM-1 and SCMS
Bill Shaw (V6 D200)
Seth Breidbart (V6 D200)
Subject: sticky tape mess
richmays (V6 D272)
David Carmean (V6 D272)
SUCK ASS MEDIA that by the way is long gone
Bob Siegl (V6 D235)
Superfly Schedule
DRider (V6 D219)
Suppliers for blank DATs in Germany/Switzerland
Mouncey, Nigel J {VFB~Kaiseraugst} (V6 D200)
Slugger Onions (V6 D281)
SV3800 Owners Manual
Klay Anderson (V6 D290)
SWSX festival
scott charles (V6 D208)
Slipkid (V6 D231)
eD (V6 D249)
Symphonic Yes-Hollywood Bowl available for other nice DAT recordings
Darryl Deyerle (V6 D228)
Synchronizing DAT/Cool Edit clocks???
Chris Black (V6 D270)
Tanya Donelly KCRW 4/23/02?
Reboot (V6 D295)
eD (V6 D285)
taped a few shows recently (vaco, emma gibbs)
William Draper (V6 D205)
taped: Bob Dylan, Ravenna Italy 19 april 2002 (2nd attempt)
luigi.bagatella@serenacom.net (V6 D295)
Taped: Slayer/Hatebreed/Diecast
Steve Mew (V6 D226)
taper for Fugazi/Shipping News/Rachels gig
Gareth Gowan (V6 D254)
Taper Newbie ISO Dig. Sound Card help
Chris M. (V6 D267)
Tapers & Traders in East Tennessee area
Delano (V6 D248)
tapers in Austin for JJ Wlaker 3-23
paul gluchanicz (V6 D258)
tapers needed CA, OR, WA, CO
Steve Mew (V6 D221)
Taping at Avalon in Boston
Marold, Andrew (V6 D249)
Taping at Chateau Ste. Michelle (Seattle area)?
Mark Mayhle (V6 D274)
taping at the cat's cradle in chapel hill, nc
William Draper (V6 D201)
taping info needed
Steve Marshall (V6 D240)
Taping Jazzfest
Schwigiddy (V6 D288)
Taping Policies for 311 and Dashboard Confessional
Lackofdave@aol.com (V6 D258)
taping policy of Rev, Horton Heat?
NOCHAJSKI@aol.com (V6 D246)
taping policy of reverend horton heat
Ryan Haskell (V6 D247)
Taping policy....?
michael ryan (V6 D269)
Taping Policy: The Be Good Tanyas??????
Matthew Bobiak (V6 D288)
Taping Positions
Mike Parker (V6 D267)
tascam da 30 manual
artood2 (V6 D278)
Tascam DA-20 Hours
Bendes, Richard (V6 D241)
Tascam DA-30 ?
Mark Baldwin (V6 D208)
Tastey SHN's of AcidTest Compilation on GDLive.com
Dean (V6 D252)
tcd 8 help
spahni (V6 D248)
Tcd-d10pro2 - external battery power???
Dan V (V6 D209)
tcd-d10proII - battery question - DCP-80
Dan V (V6 D209)
Toby Germano (V6 D235)
Smashmark@aol.com (V6 D260)
thanks for the bad trader weirdness feedback
Slipkid (V6 D232)
The 11 year Playing in the Band
John F. Whitehead (V6 D280)
John F. Whitehead (V6 D280)
The B-52īs New Orleans Feb-2-2002 FOX private party
Eduardo Malvido (V6 D214)
The Breeders
greengoblin (V6 D219)
The Death of DAT?
Kevin Brown (V6 D247)
Paul Chrostowski (V6 D247)
Seth Breidbart (V6 D247)
mark wilkins (V6 D249)
Cale Wedell (V6 D233)
The Jukebox 3
Larry J Abballe (V6 D297)
Matthew V Pfeil (V6 D298)
Matthew V Pfeil (V6 D299)
Len Moskowitz (V6 D299)
the mighty GK
sec1968@ezl.com (V6 D262)
The Mission UK policy?
Erick del Valle (V6 D279)
The Old Human-Head Mic Trick...
Klay Anderson (V6 D224)
the samples in boston
Scott C. Brown (V6 D240)
the slip + guest horn david boyce
kount yansurak (V6 D283)
The Vines (Christopher D Gacek
gace0003@gace0003.email.umn.edu) (V6 D224)
The Waybacks
lee bittner (V6 D238)
The Who at Watford 31 Jan 2002
Tim Anderson (V6 D206)
Thoughts on SHN trading
Kevin Hatton (V6 D254)
Tim O'Brien & The Crossing - Austin - Tomorrow.
Jeff Anderson (V6 D238)
tix FS: Laurie Anderson, MPLS, 20 Apr
Derrick Belbas (V6 D231)
To trade- SBD: Trey A Band@Red Rocks 7-18-01
JPollQs@aol.com (V6 D293)
To Trade: Shakedown Street Studio Outtakes
JPollQs@aol.com (V6 D289)
To trade: Stones Hartford 81 Soundboard Master
JPollQs@aol.com (V6 D278)
tom waits in austin at SXSW
david (V6 D228)
tony levin taping ?
Matt Korman (V6 D275)
too old to whoa
lee bittner (V6 D225)
tool / radiohead available for b&p
pwking (V6 D207)
Tool tapers Present and past
Smagmapig333@aol.com (V6 D292)
Tool Tokyo 04/10/2002
Satsuki Tomono (V6 D282)
tracking questions
DAVEDARC@aol.com (V6 D223)
J. Garcia (V6 D244)
Trade Avant-garde, japanese noise, free jazz on CDR?
CDcollectr@aol.com (V6 D273)
CDcollectr@aol.com (V6 D298)
Traders list
Bob (V6 D280)
Chris Siegl (V6 D259)
treasure trove of Widespread masters available FT
Peter King (V6 D289)
trey 8/3/01
Chris Maler (V6 D228)
Trey Board offer-Yet another!No dat Content, But cd content!
Todd & Jen Guite' (V6 D283)
Trim the Fat....
Klay Anderson (V6 D256)
Elegymart@aol.com (V6 D276)
fortyacrerock (V6 D294)
Trying to find Alex Chin
Mac (V6 D286)
trying to get in touch with Alan Goldenberg
tforbath@Nervewire.com (V6 D294)
UA-30 USB on Windows XP problem
c t (V6 D241)
Uher 4200 or 4400
Masato Kato (V6 D260)
Uncle Sammy needs Southern Run Tapers
Matt Aronowitz (V6 D238)
United Center/ McCartney taping query
Funkaderek@aol.com (V6 D271)
unpacking tapes
scott charles (V6 D223)
BHance@BroadViewNet.com (V6 D224)
USB audio limitations ?
Onno J.R. Bakker (V6 D225)
USB Audio Devices
Keith Bode (V6 D226)
USB Device
Keith Bode (V6 D278)
USB Digital Audio Capture Devices
Keith Forman (V6 D277)
Len Moskowitz (V6 D282)
Jesse Lackey (V6 D283)
USB Digital I/O Cards
SAlpert5@aol.com (V6 D230)
USB- Limitations
Onno J.R. Bakker (V6 D226)
usb2 vs firewire (IEEE1394) comparison article
Boogie Shafer (V6 D277)
Use of a minidisc for a mic pre-amp to DAT
Judson_Maurer (V6 D211)
Len Moskowitz (V6 D214)
Using compression in SAMPLITUDE - hints and tips?
Christian Aamodt (V6 D204)
jp (V6 D238)
Chris And Berryman (V6 D278)
Vincent Gallo Japanese Gigs
Paul G (V6 D258)
virus from "DAT-heads-Distribution@datheads.phish.net"
Slipkid (V6 D278)
Michael Ryan (V6 D227)
Vital Information/ Billy COBHAM / JIDead---recent shows taped?
Tompixie@aol.com (V6 D287)
Voices on The Verge
nuttn (V6 D221)
VX Pocket Help...
Marc Nutter (V6 D206)
VX Pocket Help....
Chris Black (V6 D205)
vxpockets aren't just for laptops
randy@monkeybiz.Stanford.EDU (V6 D276)
Wanna Tape WEEN
Mickey Forvey (V6 D218)
Wanted...Lords of Acid and/or Universal Honey
BadRep2000@aol.com (V6 D252)
WANTED: ABB@NYC fri 22-mar and sat 23-mar
John R. Vanderpool (V6 D264)
WANTED: ABB@NYC fri 22-mar and sat 23-mar ("John R. Vanderpool")
Scott C. Brown (V6 D265)
Wanted: Suwannee Spring Fest sounds
Otto, Michael (V6 D271)
was this your trade ?
artood2 (V6 D224)
Wav Editing Software
Kevin Main (V6 D277)
Len Moskowitz (V6 D282)
Slipkid (V6 D283)
way off topic
Mike Hooker (V6 D206)
WeeN at the Point 2.21
Bob Siegl (V6 D227)
WEEN last night in Trenton, NJ
Mickey Forvey (V6 D211)
ween tour dates
cps . (V6 D254)
Ween, anyone?
eric nelson (V6 D209)
weird question regarding diginoise
a.patrizio@verizon.net (V6 D201)
Seth Breidbart (V6 D201)
Marc Nutter (V6 D202)
What about Kristin's sister Tanya?
Dave C (V6 D294)
What happens to a Sony PCM-M1 if...
Jason (V6 D278)
Wayne D. Hoxsie Jr. (V6 D278)
Len Moskowitz (V6 D282)
what's the story about some sound cards resampling digital I/O?
31st330i@roadfly.com (V6 D215)
what's with my -M1?
Len Moskowitz (V6 D217)
what's with my m1??
Nick Zuccaro (V6 D216)
When to do the 48 to 44.1??
Beast914@aol.com (V6 D271)
Where can i find cheap CD jewel cases?
Zoso483103@aol.com (V6 D260)
where to buy Soundman mics?
mark t weygandt (V6 D226)
Whisper Quiet CPU fans for the AMD 1700xp
Schwigiddy (V6 D201)
eD (V6 D276)
who's a bad trader???
Matthew Thayer (V6 D241)
wierd "oasisbootleg" email
rob landis (V6 D278)
Wilco Spring '02 shows
Blackpete@aol.com (V6 D265)
Wilco trades
Blackpete@aol.com (V6 D275)
Will anyone be taping Spring Cheese?
Mincey, Patrick (V6 D209)
WSP B&P Offer
DRider (V6 D269)
WSP Coming To Europe
DRider (V6 D249)
WTB AKG ck62 caps
mitchell@hibbs.com (V6 D242)
WTB: AT-4053a capsules
Moran, Doug - Denison (V6 D234)
WTB: Schoeps SCTg ORTF bar
SYockus@aol.com (V6 D255)
WTD Dead Orlando 1994 sdb
dolphin smile (V6 D270)
WTD: Billy Bragg and the Blokes 2002 tour
RT Radel (V6 D277)
WTD: Nels Cline / Mike Watt shows on CDR
CDcollectr@aol.com (V6 D266)
Louie Rendek (V6 D250)
XP sucks ? (no..it doesn't suck)
Nick Georges (V6 D217)
XP sucks?
alf (V6 D216)
You guys amaze me.
Dean (V6 D200)
You'd think that I'd finish one fiasco before starting something else...
Jason (V6 D272)
Zefiro ZA-2 & Win XP or 2000
Michael B. Green (V6 D215)
Mark Mayhle (V6 D215)
Zoltrix and XP?
Chris (V6 D248)
Zoltrix Pro6 coax OUT problem
David Reid (V6 D226)
ZZZ - off topic help/info needed on plextor PX-W2410T a\SW
Tim Egan (V6 D218)