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Volume 6, digest 599:
Sony CD-R pens. (Keith Bode)
Sennheiser E604 Drum mic for sale on ebay (Keith Bode)
DDS2 DAT tapes (Keith Bode)
[BUDD] New 40x Plextr SCSI (Keith Bode)
New 40x Plextr SCSI (Keith Bode)
FS: New Adaptec 2940U 50 pin, 3 conector Cable, New Plextor Ultraplex 40 (Keith Bode)
FS: Oade modsbm1 w/ecocharge cable ( FS: Oade modsbm1 w/ecocharge cable )
Is exact copy of DAT tapes with timecode possible? (Wolf Vogel)
Apogee pre (Candace Horgan)
Help Please: Recording to CD Ideas... (TheSchoolNerd@aol.com)
bad batch of blanks? (Todd Romero)
Favorite SHOW List 2002 !!! (Matthew Thayer)
Iso: PFM mini worldwide tour (alf)
I.S.O. Matched pair of Earthworks SRO's (Paul-Peter Polak)
New Model Army DAT Master (Wayne Ellis)
Satriani for trade (Smashmark@aol.com)
FA: AKG 391's w/ cables and power (Kris Kjellquist)
FS: Nakamichi CM-100 and accessories (Andy Liu)
FS: several d8's & a d7 (brian durham)
mystery grab bag b&p offer (pwking)
Extra Phish 1-2, 1-3 & 1-4 For trade (Thomas A Small)
Nomad & Time code (Jamie Lutch)
FS: Tascam DA-20 MKII (edan)
I am Offering Another DAT's for Blanks Trade (Chris Brown)
FS: Zefiro ZA2 (edan)
ISO: mic stand (Holland, John)

Volume 6, digest 598:
FS: Grace Design Lunatec V2 (Bethany White)
I.S.O. Sony CDR Pens (Mexminute@aol.com)
ISO Jimmy Buffet Shows (Mark Paterick)
airport security for international travel (Vikas Bhatia)
stack of extra B&P SHN discs for B&P (jcarvalh)
Sennheiser E604 Drum mic for sale on ebay!!!!!! (Jagjit Chadha)
Nomad (Seth Breidbart)
BON JOVI IN ALBANY 2001 (Axl 2076)
Dat clones (and a master) for trade (Luigi Bagatella)
DDS2 DAT tapes (drkstr)
ISO Phish taper ticket trade (My Continental for your Spectrum) (NotDATyet@aol.com)
zoltrix & tascam da-20mkll was: zoltrix & windows XP (Richmond Mike)
ISO: mics for an AD1000 advice (Holland, John)
FS: V2 ("Clingan, John \(CAP, CORP\)") ( FS: V2 ("Clingan, John \(CAP, CORP\)") )
FS: SS-DSM6's/EL with PA-6LC3 filter-power supply (Smagmapig333@aol.com)

Volume 6, digest 597:
zoltrix & windows XP (Richmond Mike)
acoustic treatment (rob landis)
Nomad (Thomas Wulf)
dollar value for an HHB Portadat? (Michael Murphy)
Nomad (Mike Wren)
Nomad (Mike Wren)
Denver Phish Tapers to trade (zach)
ISO: John Hartford Show Info (Keith S. Kreider)
4 D-cell powering of a D100 (MattB)
A bigtime Thanks to all! (Kidpocono@aol.com)
New AA NiMh Cells (Warren Melnick)
ISO live shows by THE STREETS (acffh)
Q on copying DVD to CDR (GaoBest@aol.com)
eric johnson dates (Slipkid)
ISO D7/8 battery holder (Barry Welch)

Volume 6, digest 596:
the Newest batch of Fuji CDRs... (Mark McKay)
FS: schoeps mk41v caps (=?iso-8859-1?q?Mr.Binaurals?=)
Sound deadening (Gary Davis)
Skeletal Family Leeds 2002 (Wayne Ellis)
DAT clones available for trade (Wayne Ellis)
FT: Toad December Tour (JPas4308@aol.com)
New AA NiMh Cells (Klay Anderson)
Building a new platform (Mike Perkins)
Nomad (Mike BB)
Nomad (Thomas Wulf)
Atlanta tapers/traders group? (Rich Vining)
4 D-cell powering of a D100 (Joe Bethity)
Nomad (Seth Breidbart)
soundproofing a music room (mike hooker)
iso coldplay tix (Scott C. Brown 02)
iSO: Lucinda Williams, Aimee Mann, Norah Jones (karatebabies)

Volume 6, digest 595:
Nomad (Mike Wren)
Noise Control (Klay Anderson)
fs: mod sbm1 and oade 7pin>coax>coax passive cable (Blackpete@aol.com)
FS: AKG 391 and other stuff. (Mtn Green)
Sound Card Advice (Dan Boardman)
Nomad (Seth Breidbart)
Ebay, and illegal bidding (Colin Robinson)
Indigo Girls (Jeff Lester)
way off topic, but need advice (Ryan)
one more comment on Pish tickets (Chris Siegl)
DAT2WAV (skomp)
still ISO JEFF BECK UK 02 (TRANEHEAD@aol.com)
Nihon-jin: ISO Taper in Japan ("Eric G. Postel \(home\)") ( Nihon-jin: ISO Taper in Japan ("Eric G. Postel \(home\)") )
ISO : Therapy? Swedish P3 FM broadcast Dec 18th / 19th, 2002 (Andreas Ott)
the Newest batch of Fuji CDRs... (Gary Davis)
Dats for B&P (Chris Bozzelli)
the Newest batch of Fuji CDRs... (Mark Mayhle)

Volume 6, digest 594:
EgoSys WT 2496 (digit)
Truckin lyrics changed?? (Winnie)
ISO: Other Ones in Oakland - 12/2-3/02 and 12/31/02 (Santa Cruz Taper)
way off topic, but need advice (mike hooker)
Repost: Sony TCD-D8 Owners/Service Manual (Keith S. Kreider)
Ticket Scalping On eBay! (ISTEIN2@aol.com)
Portable Firewire HD (aneurhythms)
FS: Earthworks SR77s (TheWarehouse41@aol.com)
FS: SoundPros Premium Slimline AT mics w/ battery box (Brian Skalinder)
FS: MBHO 603A, PS-2, transformers, windscreens (Brian Skalinder)
Nomad (Thomas Wulf)
ISO Brian Wilson & friends - UCLA Oct 6 2002 (fasgadh)
FS: MBHO 603 A / KA 200 N ("Clingan, John \(CAP, CORP\)") ( FS: MBHO 603 A / KA 200 N ("Clingan, John \(CAP, CORP\)") )
one more comment on Pish tickets (DRider)

Volume 6, digest 593:
iso stones 2002/2003 (Matt Korman)
Ebay tix or scalping (Keith Bode)
Seeking 'John & Mary and their band LIVE ' (Scott Goodwin)
FT: Phish Tickets (DAVID HEBER)
Tool masters for trade (T. Simpson)
Nomad (August West)
Ebay tix or scalping (drkstr)
Nomad (Seth Breidbart)
Truckin' ? (Don Landis)
I.S.O. James Brown 12-30-02 (stuart)
test (Jason)
FS: AKG 480's matched pair (Jason)
Mis-load prevention (Gary Davis)
one more note on Mis-load prevention (Gary Davis)

Volume 6, digest 592:
Indigo Girls (Thomas Avallone)
Ebay tix or scalping (Potter, Ray)
FS: Pentium Pro 180 system (Randy Dobkin)
ISO Fall 2002 Dylan trades & B/P (Tim Call)
D8 service manual (Erick del Valle)
ISO: Dead 9-20-91 front of board (Kathy & Mike)
dat2wav ?'s (Greg Teltschik)
Truckin' ? (Steve Novy)
dale-pro-audio (Bill J)
D5 vs. D8 pre-amp (Dan Gale)
dale-pro-audio (Todd Romero)
fs: d7 with oade pasv and mp2 (badhat)

Volume 6, digest 591:
eBay tickets (Charles Quinn)
FS: 2 NYE TOO tix for $100! Must act super-quick! (Ken Kleber)
dat2wav ?'s (fmjqm@aol.com)
Guitar Shorty Taping (Keith Bode)
Scalper (Keith Bode)
dat2wav ?'s (Seth Breidbart)
cdr identifier and macintosh (Richard Russell)
cdr identifier and macintosh (Wayne D. Hoxsie Jr.)
SCI DAT B&P (Matt Edlhuber)
eBay tickets (Chris Siegl)
trade list of DYLAN masters (Cap Spaulding)
are you planning to tape DG in 2003 let me know (m c)
* ISO Sphere WBGO Sept 2002 ("Eric G. Postel \(home\)") ( * ISO Sphere WBGO Sept 2002 ("Eric G. Postel \(home\)") )
ISO complete shows (stuart)

Volume 6, digest 590:
Finally, a good DAT alternative soon? (joost@zeus.its.tudelft.nl)
My eBay sales (Keith Bode)
one more comment on Pish tickets (Keith Bode)
extra to trade (alf)
questions about Pro Digital (TNACJED@aol.com)
ISO: Guitar Shorty Taping Policy? (Son Volt)
FS: Schoeps mics, V3, Audio Magic, Ecocharge Systems--2 and access. (William J. LaPier Jr.)
Mitsui/TY media, CDR brands (Dan Boardman)
Anyone tape Jason Falkner at the Troubadour 12/4/02? (KindTaper@aol.com)
Sony discs & Multiple Choice (Gary Davis)
ISO: Jk Labs DVC owner (Zach Payne)
ISO: CLAPTON 'Boards (fasgadh)
iso clean seldom scene 3-1-73 on dat or cd..... (gordon wilson)
Looking to get two shows taped (Christopher D Gacek)

Volume 6, digest 589:
Portable HD Recording.... (Klay Anderson)
eBay tickets (Sean Cartwright)
re: ebay tickets and Keith's comments ( re: ebay tickets and Keith's comments )
Verve shows? (Danny Thweatt)
Springsteen (Drew Caruso)
Mitsui/TY media, CDR brands (Benjamin Cho)
Sony Media myth (Keith Bode)
eBay tickets (ISTEIN2@aol.com)
Paul McCartney taping on ebay STOP THIS! (Eduardo Malvido)
Paul McCartney taping on ebay STOP THIS! (Seth Breidbart)
FS: Panasonic SV-3800 (Bryan Fox)
ISO CDR TRADES (Mark Paterick)
ISO: hampton hotel reservation (Todd Romero)
Nomad -- Any more details? (Royal Repis)
FS: Apogee AD1000 (Rory Heller)
ISO: any of the Sony 7 pin optical POC-DA12xx DAT cable (Tom Reizes)

Volume 6, digest 588:
FAA docs for eco batteries? (Ethan Alpert)
eBay tickets (Keith Bode)
CDR media - use what works best for you (Joe Rioux)
CDR media - use what works best for you (Liam Sean Kennedy)
Photocopiers, Magnetism and DATs? (Dan Wellman)
Photocopiers, Magnetism and DATs? (Liam Sean Kennedy)
Sony 7 pin optical POC-DA12SP DAT cable on ebay ( Sony 7 pin optical POC-DA12SP DAT cable on ebay )
David Crosby (MarkS Barnett)
WANTED: clean version of AUD version of CSNY 8-sep-1974 Westbury, NY (John R. Vanderpool)
jayhawks taping (sec1968@ezl.com)
Fuji media (rob landis)
mic question (David Killion)
CD-R media stuff (Memorex engendered) (Richard Levy)
Save our sounds on history channel (Eliot Byron)
CDR Blanks: What about Kodaks? (TheSchoolNerd@aol.com)
CDR Blanks: What about Kodaks? (Seth Breidbart)
* ISO Rosanne Cash - DOwn From the Mountain ("Eric G. Postel \(home\)") ( * ISO Rosanne Cash - DOwn From the Mountain ("Eric G. Postel \(home\)") )
Paul McCartney prohibited taping for sale on ebay (Eduardo Malvido)
CD Brands (Gary Davis)
Nomad -- Any more details? (Kevin)

Volume 6, digest 587:
cdr media (Dan Babcock)
TY and Mitsui (Keith Bode)
ISO John Hartford (Jeffrey Mankin)
Phish and WSP dat clearance (kindtaper@aol.com)
Jayhawks taping policy? (Ryan Gear)
Mitsui (h Grape Minkoff)
test (sec1968@ezl.com)
toad tour dates (sec1968@ezl.com)
Mitsui CDR's ( Mitsui CDR's )
Mitsui (Mark Mayhle)
taper tickets on ebay (Ian Stone)

Volume 6, digest 586:
Hot Tuna at the Beacon (mike lyons)
cd-r info. (Joe Rioux)
Sony r300 home dat deck for trade for tickets (DancinFace@aol.com)
Taiyo Yuden (Digital Ambience)
Memorex, Imation, Ritek, CMC, Fuji and TY media (Keith Bode)
Taiyo Yuden (Digital Ambience)
holiday jam (wilkinsmd@attbi.com)
Huge Dat B+P Offer ( charlie miller)

Volume 6, digest 585:
Joe Stummer (RIP) (Wayne Brissette)
Memorex CD-R's, and Fuji, as they were brought up (Joe Rioux)
cd-r info. (Les Gordon)
FS- Schoeps MK4, CMC6, KC5- matched pair (fishwater@attbi.com)
ISO Peter Gabriel 12-14-02 Oakland (Jonathan Seff)
livephish is now online (Eric Angel)
Problems with Aiwa HD-S100 out (Dr. Rainer Meergans)
Burning Live Recording to CD issue Resolved (Royal Repis)
memorex CDR's (USERCRE8S@aol.com)
Re PNB Mics (German made) - Anyone know anything about these? (Erick del Valle)
Sony RK-DA10P (Degrado, Rob)
ISO Dylan 11/20/02 Kingston & 11/21/02 Wilkes-Barre (Michael J. Savage)
jackjohnson rebroadcast on WBCN Christmas day... can anyone tape? (jcarvalh)
Memorex CD-Rs again (Richard Levy)
Sony D100 Questions (Dan Boardman)
PNB Mics (German made) - Anyone know anything about these? (Tom McCreadie)
I.S.O. - George Harrison Tribute set list! (Junglework@aol.com)
holiday jam (wilkinsmd@attbi.com)
Tascam DA-P1 power cord replacement (Bonnie & Cleve Svetlik)
Taiyo Yuden (Christopher D Gacek)
ISO:DMatthews Band 12/21,22/02 (Marcello Gasperini)
PNB Mics (German made) - Anyone know anything about these? ("Matt (Mathias Rombach)
24 bit/96khz DVD-Audio Discs (Mathias Rombach)
Blank CD-Rs for long-life (Mathias Rombach)

Volume 6, digest 584:
anyone get (scott charles)
PNB Mics (German made) - Anyone know anything about these? (Matt Vernon)
DA-P1 power supply END neededd!!! (Stanley Lobitz)
Re: Memorex CD-Rs (Stanley W. Smith)
FS: sonic case pro $125 (AGROSKIN@aol.com)
Memorex CD-Rs (Rich Mays)
Memorex CD-R's, and Fuji, as they were brought up (Keith Bode)
24 bit/96khz DVD-Audio Discs (Brian Dowling)
Everclear 12-21-02 Portland (Brian Dowling)
service advice (dolphin smile)
Memorex CD-R's, and Fuji, as they were brought up (Todd Romero)
Memorex CD-R's, and Fuji, as they were brought up (Mark Mayhle)
Buringing my live Recording to CD (Royal Repis)
FT: they might be giants , 12-21 long island (mike hooker)
Memorex CD-R's, and Fuji, as they were brought up (Matt C.)
looking for a DA-P20 user manual (=?iso-8859-1?Q?s=E9bastien_Cirotteau?=)
Warren Haynes Christmas Jam 2002 Questions (Dan Boardman)

Volume 6, digest 583:
DA-P1 power supply END neededd!!! (Karl L)
serious trader looking for top quality trades (Jim Weddle Jr)
ISO Other Ones... (Steven Kingsley)
FT Bonamassa -Cleveland ,12-17-02 (bfand)
Memorex CD-Rs (Richard Levy)
DAT > CD - play deck question (Jeff Lester)
DAT > CD - play deck question (Seth Breidbart)
ISO Robert Plant UK & Euro. Tour recordings (Laurent Hotte)
Memorex CD-Rs (Todd Romero)

Volume 6, digest 582:
brian setzer orch xmas tour (Tony Guagliardo)
ISO Trades Punk band and Jam band cdrs (Mark Paterick)
FS: like new sony d8 and 7 pin cable (SnowRide@aol.com)
DAT > CD - play deck question (Tidmarsh Major)
Zwan on MuchMusic / Four Tet (Philip Smoker)
I.S.O. Big Apple Unity Jam 11/20/01 (stuart)
who encore series (Slipkid)
To those who got in on the P.J. b&p (Bill J)
All SNL Dates are available at... (Gary Davis)
SNL date - second thought (Gary Davis)
I.S.O. Zappa - Sat Nite Live date! (David Nolan)
ISO: ABB-12-31-73 (Cherie Ruff)

Volume 6, digest 581:
Ebay links (Kris Kjellquist)
Peter GABRIEL - USA/Canada tour 2002 (gupman@webmails.com)
I.S.O. Zappa - Sat Nite Live date! (Mexminute@aol.com)
Dat>CD-playback deck (Keith Bode)
Two High String Band Colorado Tour (Jeff Anderson)
who encore series (tapeboy@aol.com)
WANTED: leftover salmon and comotion from telluride 2001 (John R. Vanderpool)
Soundboard at Sweetwater-Mill Valley, CA? (Zach Sheeran)
FS: 2 Deep Banana Blackout Tix 12/30 Toad's Place (T W)
ISO: Peter Gabriel 12-18-2002 (Lost my master, Help!!) (Colin Robinson)
New to the DAT realm, anyone have a manual for a PCM-R300? (Jason Gladys)
SPRINGSTEEN IN ALBANY 12/13/02 (Axl 2076)
ISO: Greyboy Allstar 12-27-02 tix w/ BWT (john crouch)
keller williams Tokyo 2002 (Tommy)

Volume 6, digest 580:
ISO: 2 Worcester Phish Tix. Have others to trade. (MBurgio@lightbridge.com)
DAT > CD - play deck question (Joe Rioux)
Extra taper for Xmas jam (Michael Miller)
CD Track marks/cue sheets (Darryl P. Hirschler)
eco charge question (gordon wilson)
Little Feat Waiting for Columbus 2002 (John R. Vanderpool)
ISO: 'Hay Robert A (Bob) KPWA' (Degrado, Rob)
yet another digicard question (Todd Romero)
Portland Beck taper (Chris Mcgrath)
Springsteen Trades (Drew Caruso)
Phish on Letterman tonight! (Gary Davis)
HP 35470a (Consorzio R.T.E.)
FA: AKG 391's w/ power supplies (Kris Kjellquist)
HP 35470a (Wayne D. Hoxsie Jr.)
Mahler Symphony No.3 (Masato Kato)

Volume 6, digest 579:
FS: Sony TCD-D8 w/ digi cable on Half.com (Jagjit Chadha)
Phish NYE Taper Tix *TRADE* (Just some random dude)
ISO AT 8410 Shockmounts ( ISO AT 8410 Shockmounts )
CD Track marks (Slipkid)
to dampen that backlight (david)
Coldplay-8/14/02-Minneapolis, First Avenue-Dat master for trade... (Corey Present)
Midiman CO2 problem (Jeff Lester)
what kind of rigs gonna be at x mas jam?? (gottajiboo40@mac.com)
FS: Aiwa portable DAT (Todd & Margo Ramsden)
to dampen that backlight (Mark Mayhle)
ISO Tom Petty 12/13 MSG (Rbglea@aol.com)
Re Little Feat Waiting for Columbus 2002 ("Eric G. Postel \(home\)") ( Re Little Feat Waiting for Columbus 2002 ("Eric G. Postel \(home\)") )
Sony PCM-M1 recording to Turtle Beach Pinnacle (Alec McLane)
FS Tix - Clark, Lovett, Ely & Hiatt (michael ryan)
Sony PCM-M1 recording to Turtle Beach Pinnacle (David Carmean)
Sony PCM-M1 recording to Turtle Beach Pinnacle (Todd Romero)
ISO: KROCK xmas show 2002 (giorgi@xs4all.nl)
FA: AKG 391's w/ extras - CORRECTED LINK (Kris Kjellquist)
yet another digicard question (Bill Gardner)
Sony PC-M1 for 3rd night Hampton (Darin Shackelford)

Volume 6, digest 578:
Midiman CO2 problem (Jamie Lutch)
My Vegas for your Hamptons (Killion, Jeff)
have 2 extra 3rd night hampton, need pa or nj tapers (Chris Siegl)
My Vegas for your Hamptons (Liam Sean Kennedy)
FS: Pelican 1400 Case (Joe Totoraitis)
backlighting (lee bittner)
West Coast Pro Digital??????????????? (michael ryan)
recent Peter Gabriel shows (Mark Rodriguez)
what kind of rigs gonna be at x mas jam?? (gordon wilson)
Sony PCM-M1 and Back Light (Michael Hackett)
ISO: Neumann LC-3 cables (Jason Sherrett)
Sony PCM-M1 and Back Light (Todd Romero)
Little Feat Waiting for Columbus 2002 (digitalman01@earthlink.net)
FS: Tascam DA-20MKII (John Cocci)
ISO Neil Finn Los Angeles 2002 (David Carroll)
For Auction: AKG 391's w/ extras (Kris Kjellquist)
FT: francis dunnery, mercury lounge NYC 12-16-02 (Mike Hooker)

Volume 6, digest 577:
Sony PCM-M1 and Back Light (Adrian Fernandes)
have 2 extra 3rd night hampton, need pa or nj tapers (Kevin Landry)
Warren Christmas Jam (DRider)
anyone taping francis dunnery in NYC monday? (mike hooker)
Fw: Captain Beefheart Town Hall Oct 28 1972 30th Anniversary B&P CLOSED (pam marki)
Anyone have Pro Digital Contact info? (Keith Bode)
ISO TOO Cleveland (Dave)
ISO/FT: Ryan Adams, Counting Crows (janque@webtv.net)
Anyone have Pro Digital Contact info? (Seth Breidbart)
FS: Tascam DA-20 MKII and 340 DAT's for B&P (MGr1944360@aol.com)
CD Track marks (Gary Davis)
Looking for Mason Jennings tapers... (Corey Present)
Problem with AIWA XD-S260: No playback, but full volume level on the display, but no useful audio signal, only "krrrrr" (Guido.Quiram@ubsw.com)
Looking for Gorge Harrison Memorial Concert (Tommy)
The Sale Continues at Sonic Sense (Marc Nutter)
Petty/J Browne, Jewel, T Amos masters (Thomas Avallone)
WTD: Brotzmann, Nels Cline, Masada, Bar Kokhba (JAZZPUNKER@aol.com)
Wanted: Sony PCM-601, Sony PCM-501 or Nakamichi DMP-100 ( Wanted: Sony PCM-601, Sony PCM-501 or Nakamichi DMP-100 )
Which WHO discs? (Slipkid)
Pro Digital Contact Info (Keith Bode)
FS: Graham-Patton A/D Converter (steven knapp)
Midiman CO2 problem (Jeff Lester)

Volume 6, digest 576:
Which WHO discs? (Gary Davis)
Dividing Track for CDR Burning (R Sheepherder)
Dividing Track for CDR Burning (Mark Mayhle)
Portable Mixer & AT4041 Mic 4 sale (stryder@mindspring.com)
Sony DAT Repair (Keith Bode)
Looking for 2nd part of Stones 9/23/97, DSBD (enrico@pemo.com)
Looking for 2nd part of Stones 9/23/97, DSBD (enrico@pemo.com)
for trade Dylan MSG 11-11 and 11-13-02 (dolphin smile)
ISO: Tom Petty - Palace of Auburn Hills 12/7/02 (Ivan)
Jack Johnson shows? (ron)
ISO: Rads @ Variety Playhouse - Atlanta (Alan Saferstein)
ISO Other Ones in Pgh,11/29/02 (Todd Romero)
Joe Cocker/Tony Joe White (Charles)
aimee mann 12.14.02 dpa4061 (ma solituda)
ISO: Enemymine (Jim Hirte)
KROQ FM Almost Acoustic X-mas (vikas Bhatia)
ISO: Audioslave (vikas Bhatia)

Volume 6, digest 575:
WANTED: luther allison mountain stage & zoo bar blues video (John R. Vanderpool)
Got TOO 12/2, need 11/29 (Jeff Franzreb)
mad season (Chris Siegl)
Captain Beefheart Town Hall Oct 28 1972 30th Anniversary B&P (pam marki)
have you ever taped...? (m c)
SPRINGSTEEN IN ALBANY 12/13/02 (Axl 2076)
Phish on SNL tonight (Gary Davis)
What's wrong with this mic? (Joe Rioux)
* ISO Japan taper - Suede ("Eric G. Postel \(home\)") ( * ISO Japan taper - Suede ("Eric G. Postel \(home\)") )
ISO Other Ones in Pgh,11/29/02 (S Randolph)
ISO: Bill Evans recordings... (JSmoliak@aol.com)
Sony DAT repair (Todd Romero)

Volume 6, digest 574:
ISO: Get Up Kids shows... (KindTaper@aol.com)
ISO: Tapers of upcoming Holly Cole Shows (Karl-Heinz Kuth)
TWO TAPER Tickets for Warren's Christmas Jam (Dan Boardman)
What's wrong with this mic? (James B. Wilkinson)
Over 120 Phish shows on DAT for blanks (William J. LaPier)
DAT-heads Digest #573 (MattB)

Volume 6, digest 573:
I Owe some people Morrissey Tapes!!! (Jason C.)
Spindle trade... (James Ballen)
DAT B&P Offer (DRider)
FS: complete rig (Robert Kane)
The WHo Live Legal Releases (TheSchoolNerd@aol.com)
ISO: bay area bands - missing children (grafixx@jps.net)
Dats for Sale (Sokhi, Aman S)
WTB: Oktava 012 Cardioid Cap or Whole Mic (Scott Goodwin)
What's wrong with this mic? (Scott Goodwin)
Sony DAT repair (Jazzman)

Volume 6, digest 572:
Who Encore Series (Michael Hackett)
ISO Good Charlotte, VAST, Hoobastank...FTP b+p? (William J. LaPier)
ISO: Outlaws and/or Marshall Tucker Band (Kathy & Mike)
Sony Mics for sale (Paul-Peter Polak)
Happy Holidays from Sonic Sense (Marc Nutter)
ISO Jim and Jennie and the Pinetops (sean madigan)
pearl jam b&p closed...unless.... (Bill J)
Help needed completing Smothers Bros Music Guests Anthology 1967-69 (ABershaw@aol.com)
FT: the Blaster 12/10/02 (Degrado, Rob)
FT: the Blaster 12/10/02 (Mark Mayhle)
K-Rock Claus Fest taping tonight (GA tickets here) (PromTheme@aol.com)
FT: 2 Phish NYE Taper Tix (Rus T)

Volume 6, digest 571:
iso Mike Dolin - new addy?? (P. Florin)
For Trade: Eyes Adrift 12-03-02 Cleveland OH (greengoblin)
ISO: Sleater-Kinney 10/19/02 Philadelphia (Eric Shewack)
for the hardcore pearl jam fans (Bill J)
ISO: TOO 12/2/02 Allstate Arena, Chicago, IL (Jeff Franzreb)
Phish 2/21-2/22/03 (DCA)
DAT deck service in the SF Bay Area? (James Ballen)
ISO: Who/Counting Crows 9/29 Toronto (Slipkid)
FT: Joe Satriani, Hoobastank 2002. (Steve Mew)
CSC mics for sale (=?iso-8859-1?q?alberto=20agostini?=)
ISO... (Eddie Woodward)
Xtra Tom Petty ticket - 12/11 Chicago (TONIGHT) (Thomas Avallone)
ISO: Indigo Girls 10/01/02 - Calvin College - Grand Rapids, MI (b.kohn@attbi.com)
FS: Lovett, Clark, Hiatt, Ely Fox Theatre Redwood City 2/14/03 (David Danek)

Volume 6, digest 570:
I.S.O. - Trey @ The 9:30 Club 5/11/99 (Mexminute@aol.com)
DA~302 problem...tapes won't unload (Richard)
FS: 2 Tapers Tickets to 30th & 31st Mule NYE Shows ("Friedman, David \(DFRIEDMA\)") ( FS: 2 Tapers Tickets to 30th & 31st Mule NYE Shows ("Friedman, David \(DFRIEDMA\)") )
Radiator's Stowe B+P + info please (Keith Bode)
Sony v. Lacie DVD Burners (J. Steven Svoboda)
ISO: Who/Counting Crows 9/29 Toronto (keith e januszak)
ft: phish vegas second night ticket (Stu Jones)
ISO tapers of recent gilby clarke shows (Slipkid)
Mic Recommendation (Barry Welch)
ISO: Taper w/ high end rig for ZWAN in TO (Fares Halteh)
ISO Dixie Chicks (stuart)
ISO Dixie Chicks (stuart)
tcd d100 to soundcard? (McForce)
ISO: Peter Gabriel from this tour (Geoff Lynch)
ISO YES tapes/tapers from the Fall 2002 tour. (JBABC0CK@aol.com)

Volume 6, digest 569:
merge wav files on harddrive - thanks (Steve Sanford)
FS @ ebay: Tascam DA-P1 + Extras (Tim Murray)
slint recordings?? (Brian Gemborys)
PBS Concert: This Land is Your Land - date? (Gary Davis)
Inexpensive SPDIF PCI cards? (Michael Miller)
Apogee a/d1000 + Ecocharge Gamma Pro battery system FS (Joe Galbraith)
ISO: Eclectic music trades (JAZZPUNKER@aol.com)
Mic Recommendation (Royal Repis)

Volume 6, digest 568:
DAT Drives, SCSI cards, and error correction (Jamie Lutch)
recent or upcoming Brian Setzer Christmas shows (CC)
Taper-friendly Bluegrass in Northeast (-bob)
COLDPLAY: Tokyo 12/6/2002 trade (hiroyuki tanaka)
LiveRecording.org (Brian Price)
WTD: TOO November 30, 2002 Palace of Auburn Hills (Darren)
Sony 2700 DAT recorder (LeeHazen@aol.com)
DAT Liquidation for CDR Blanks (David Minches)
FS: Sony DG15CL Dry Head Cleaning Cartriges (Keith Bode)
Mic question - no answer found in FAQ (Charles)
FS @ ebay: Tascam DA-P1 + Extras (Tim Murray)
Internal Audio capable DAT Drive (Keith Bode)
ISO: Springsteen Atlanta 12/2/02 - Florida shows to trade (Dark Star Enterprises)
21st Century Schizoid Band in Japan (Toshitaka Kuniyoshi)

Volume 6, digest 567:
DAT Drives, and SCSI cards (Keith Bode)
B&P Offer For Newbie OR Unidecker (james helgy)
SCSI DAT Drives (Keith Bode)
SCSI DAT Drives (Wayne D. Hoxsie Jr.)
FS:Portabrace Case (john crouch)
warren haynes xmas jam (MarkS Barnett)
Mic question - no answer found in FAQ (DCA)
WTB: MINT SONY D-100 (Eric Eckberg)
Bit for bit perfect (Mathias Rombach)
Mic question - no answer found in FAQ (DCA)
FS Audio Magic Excalibur II 15ft Mic Cables (Mark Gehl)
flashing a dds (Fmjqm@aol.com)
FT: Frank Marino 10 05 02 (Tom Baylor)
ISO Sam Bush 1999-05-01 schoeps (Ryan Boone)
merge wav files on harddrive (Steve Sanford)
merge wav files on harddrive (Mark Mayhle)

Volume 6, digest 566:
Jambase Rhapsody FREE this week.... (Michel Pacifici)
iso:HOT TUNA tapers (Jbg0402@aol.com)
PA-6LC PA-6LC2 PA-6LC3 PA-6LC3B - in need of used one (Dan Boardman)
WTB: DAT drive (Alan Saferstein)
WTB: DAT drive (Wayne D. Hoxsie Jr.)
fs @ebay: sp standard binaurals w/croakies + battery box (Warren Zane)
ISO: Taper Zwan 12/16/02 Columbus, OH Free ticket (Zach Payne)
PG 2002 tour questions... (CJS)
D7 woes (Richard Russell)
ISO Power Supply and I/O for D-10 Pro (matt Sohn)
TEST (james helgy)
Wtd: Dave Matthews Gorge 2002 shows (vinylhound@msn.com)
Mike Gordon & Leo Kottke on NPR (CCage@aol.com)
Selling Tom Petty tix for Boston Dec 14 (Alfred Ritter)
AD1000 help (Holland, John)
FT: Phish MSG Tapers Tix 12-31 ( FT: Phish MSG Tapers Tix 12-31 )
ISO Sony RMT-D100 (David Danek)
ISO: LEMO to 1/8" mini-plug adapter (Dave M)
ISO: LEMO > 1/8" mini-plug (Dave M)

Volume 6, digest 565:
ISO: Tapers in KPIG-FM area (Richard Russell)
ISO: Paul McCartney 5-04-02 (Gabe C)
FT: Peter Gabriel 2002 Radio show (=?iso-8859-1?q?Mal=20B...?=)
CD burners (max erenberg)
CD burners (Mark Mayhle)
ISO: 1 ticket to greyboy allstars on 12/27 (Jamie Lutch)
OT: Edirol UA-1D USB Digital Audio interface (jpff@cs.bath.ac.uk)
WTB: DAT drive (Wayne D. Hoxsie Jr.)
CMI9739 - bit for bit accurate? (Bob Haas)
DANZIG anyone??One battery died during my recording of the Munich show... (BlackCrowes@gmx.net)
ISO: M-Audio Flying Cow or Calf A/D box (skomp)

Volume 6, digest 564:
Re: Bit for Bit perfect, IMO re:U24 (Keith Bode)
Bit for Bit perfect, IMO re:U24 (Seth Breidbart)
ISO Dylan 10/20/02 (tony)
ISO: moe. 11.08.02 charlotte NC (Nemo420@aol.com)
Creative Nomad Jukebox 3 (David Sadowski)
Novwmber's My DAT mASTER (Tommy)
SPDIF lingo reminder aka 'resampling de-why-ces' (Thomas Wulf)
ISO: Ratdog SBD from Japan's Fuji Fest. Will trade Stones secret (Eric Reichenbach)
ndc: Crosby show info needed (Eric Reichenbach)
FS: DA 30 MKII (David)
ISO Diana Krall Memphis Orpheum show (CCage@aol.com)
ISO: U2, Portland, OR April 15, 2001 (erik johnson)
ndc: iso: VITO from San Diego (Eric Reichenbach)
FA/FS: Opcode DAT PORT - Free shipping!!!! (Otten, William)
December Springsteen Shows (Axl Slash)
ISO: Austin TX tapers - KGSR broadcast (Todd Norman)
no smoking policy and the beacon theatre in NYC (John R. Vanderpool)
WTB: DAT drive (Chris Mueller)
FS: 1 gnr MSG (Scott C. Brown 02)

Volume 6, digest 563:
Anyone get Dio at Pop's? (Rodney Rice Jr)
ISO Led Zeppelin, Jeff Beck, UFO, AC/DC (Gear119348@aol.com)
ISO Bruce Springsteen Milwaukee (Steve Trick)
Bit for Bit perfect, IMO re:U24 (Joe Rioux)
ISO: used preamp (Rory Heller)
De-Clicker/De-Esser (Candace Horgan)
HELP sound forge burning (Steve Hussong)
ISO - TOO 11/20 NJ & 11/22 CT (mike lyons)
FS: Springsteen Columbia, SC 12/9 GA floor ticket (george wang)
WTT: 2002 Guns N' Roses ( WTT: 2002 Guns N' Roses )
Looking for Drew Barrington (Becky Blaisure)
Looking to buy used Lunatec v2 (Richard Russell)
Looking to buy used Lunatec v2 (Todd Romero)
recording gear for sale (Bryan Fox)
Looking for Tori Amos show (Lane Kelly)
FS: Sony TCD-D8 w/ digi cable (Jagjit Chadha)
dds drives for dats (David N Hare)
WTD: Reutelheuber box, dead or alive! (Zach Payne)

Volume 6, digest 562:
Sonic Youth (Smashmark@aol.com)
ISO Foo Fighters Tapers? if they exist (Andrew .)
Cyro's BEAT THE DONKEY----please tape (Tompixie@aol.com)
ISO: Other Ones (Cherie Ruff)
Bit for Bit perfect, IMO re:U24 (Keith Bode)
Got Beck? (Kurt Kemp)
I need help getting mini disc to CD (simona loberant)
Message for David D-XJAKSTRAWX/Got Da Blues (Spyro Bouras)
I.S.O. - George Harrison Tribute Concert (Mexminute@aol.com)
FA: Opcode DATport (Otten, William)
Flaming Lips 11/4/02 out there? (Rich Vining)
D7 went swimming (Ken Max)
ISO The Other Ones 11-30-02 Detroit (DHami44862@aol.com)
ISO - 4pin connectors for AD1000 power, + D8 right angle plug (Holland, John)
anybody know why "liz reed" was cut off ABB Ludlow's CD? (John R. Vanderpool)
Recall: ISO - 4pin connectors for AD1000 power, + D8 right angle (Holland, John)
ISO: Mike Cohn (M.I.A. trade) (Delano)
FS: Earthworks SR 71's Cardiod Mics (Brad G Poulin)

Volume 6, digest 561:
For sale: Nuendo Multiset (CWDATHEAD@aol.com)
Peter Gabriel Tickets (Marc Nutter)
Gear For Sale (SolarRich@aol.com)
FS: Oade 7-pin digital I/O cable for Sony D7/D8/100 (Jeff Wright)
FS: Sony D8 (Jeff Wright)
Liquid Soul (S Randolph)
ben folds policy (Scott C. Brown 02)
FS: Sonic Studios DSM Mics (casey coniff)
Is ESI U24 bit perfect? (Daniel E. Estrin)
For Trade: Springsteen Orlando 11/21/02 (Dark Star Enterprises)
ISO these shows // mixer ? // BWT (Richard)
ISO OOPS! (Richard)

Volume 6, digest 560:
Holly Cole 11/30/02 Atlanta, GA Rialto Center **Need Taper** (C. Chambers)
cure trilogy shows? (sec1968@ezl.com)
ISO: Schoeps CMC6/MK4's (Zach Payne)

Volume 6, digest 559:
ISO: NEBULA (cale)
Cleveland area tapers? (Smagmapig333@aol.com)
DAT AES/EBU into Mac (Sherm Clow)
ISO these Dylan Fall 2002 shows (Michael J. Savage)
iso: reggae trades (avps)

Volume 6, digest 558:
geo harrison tribute? (mike hooker)
DAT AES/EBU into Mac (Tom McGee)
FS: NAKAMICHI (ADunn81878@aol.com)
THE BLASTERS Live in Boston 2 CDR FT 11-16-02 (Keith Bode)
DAT AES/EBU into Mac (David Mallick)
Iso: Slip info (alf)
Ego Sys help (drnmail@attbi.com)
giving thanks.... (DHami44862@aol.com)
Springsteen for trade (dolphin smile)
ISO: Sony D-10 Pro, 12 Pin Digital i/o cable ( ISO: Sony D-10 Pro, 12 Pin Digital i/o cable )
ISO: Sony D-10 Pro, 12 Pin Digital i/o cable ( ISO: Sony D-10 Pro, 12 Pin Digital i/o cable )

Volume 6, digest 557:
FS: portable headphone amp (david gatewood)
Need help with soyo dragon+ motherboard daughter board (Kevin Hatton)
Looking for Bruce Springsteen (Terry Singla)
ISO UK power adaptor for M1 (Kevin)
JK Labs DVC preamp (Robert & Karen)
THE BLASTERS Live in Boston 2 CDR FT 11-16-02 (eD)
David Sylvian (Digital Ambience)
ISO: Counting Crows @ Park West (Fares Halteh)
ISO: Porcupine Tree / Fillmore (Charles)
Missing Oade 7-Pin Sony Digital Cable At MSG TOO Show! (ISTEIN2@aol.com)
2 ECM-F01's for sale (Paul-Peter Polak)
Taping Policy of Kool Keith and Steve Earle? (Ryan Gear)
ISO: Bob Mould, Paul Westerberg 2002 (Mark Weygandt)
DAT AES/EBU into Mac (Sherm Clow)
Bad Religion (Sherm Clow)
FS: Mint Condition AD2K+ (William J. LaPier)
ISO: Schoeps cmc6/mk4 for Neumann SKM140 trade (Zach Payne)
mic repair (Dyson, Dana)
ft: X 11-26-02, Soft Boys 11-02 & 11-03-02 (Oleg Grinshpan)
ISO OZZY? (Duncan Oldham)
DPA 4060/ 4061 question (Richmond Mike)

Volume 6, digest 556:
DAT AES/EBU into Mac (Karl Lohninger)
ISO: Tom Petty 11/23/02 at the L.A. Forum (Adam)
Looking for Peter Gabriel trades (Stanley Lobitz)
ISO: Pat Metheny 8-10/02 (Son Volt)
WTD: garbage / radiohead european fm recordings (n o t h i n g)
A good Bruce Springsteen 2002 show? (Joost)
Microphone Madness mics (Kenneth Thomas)
Oade & Coresound D8/D7 Cables for Sale (Sokhi, Aman S)
TOO 12/5 and 12/6 (Eric Scott)
ISO: Pittsburg TOO tapers (Todd Romero)
ISO: Robert Garland (Wayne D. Hoxsie Jr.)
WANTED: dylan fairfax, va 22-nov-2002 (John R. Vanderpool)
ISO: 15 pin to 4pin XLR / SPDIF for AD1000 (Holland, John)

Volume 6, digest 555:
extra dats (Phil Harris)
FA: HHB PortaDAT - ends soon ( FA: HHB PortaDAT - ends soon )
ISO Nero and Tala @ Comfort Zone 11/23/2002 (Alex Roche)
Anyone familiar with these mics? (Christopher D Gacek)
Walter Trout?? (Keith Bode)
ISO Guy Clark (paul gluchanicz)
cd & dvd duplicater special (Les Gordon)
The 3 Johns, Dead Kennedys, Carter USM DAT masters (Wayne Ellis)
anyone taping Peter Gabriel? (pwking)
Anyway to strip scms from an Edirol UA-30? (jcarvalh)
FS: D7 (not perfect, needs some love'n) (Erich S)
I.S.O. PETER GABRIEL @ MCI 11/24/02 (Mexminute@aol.com)
Update to FT: Dylan NYC, CT, RI (ACR7@aol.com)
jaco shows for trade (Boxcephus@aol.com)
ISO: Hiatt, RCash, MCCarpenter, Crowell @ Ryman 11/19/02 (David Danek)
ISO Elvis Costello 10/28/02 Newark (Charles David)
Repost: FS Oade stealh mics + SP's battery box (Zach Payne)
f.t too 11/15,11/16/11/18,11/19 (UCHAIN319@aol.com)

Volume 6, digest 554:
chun@etree.org (Gary Davis)
chun@etree.org (Gary Davis)
wtd: alice cooper 2002 (Matt C.)
FT Chris Robinson 11-23-02 Houston,Texas (TCH)
X (Mr Mxblxyxh)
looking for bruce springsteen miami 11-23 (dolphin smile)
Saint Etienne Opera House 11/23 - David Sylvian - PJ Harvey (Digital Ambience)
FT: R. Wasserman Trio w/ DJ Logic & special guest: Page McConnell (may tricks)
Holy Cow! Anyone Have Walter Trout @ the Galaxy Costa Mesa 11-23-02... (Dave-fortyacrerock)

Volume 6, digest 553:
Dead slogan (Richard Levy)
Help!! My battery pack for D-7 is broken (Jeff Holmgren)
ISO: Dylan 11/15 fleet Center (magichatr9@juno.com)
Lisa Loeb, anybody taping? (JHParkin@aol.com)
Getting Past the Metal Detectors at Miami's American Airlines (DOlstein@deweyballantine.com)
i stayed home (Bob Siegl)
FS: Pair of Stewart BPS-1s (Adam E)
john denver request (Bob Siegl)
"Scott Greenbaum" DATs (ronald cavellier)
ISO : Guns 'n Roses, Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck (Taka)
FT: Dylan NYC, CT, RI (ACR7@aol.com)
ISO Hornsby 11/07/02 Stamford & Gabriel 11/17/02 NJ (mike lyons)
TOO Taper Tickets Pittsburg & Cleveland (ronald cavellier)
Taping @ The Joint Las Vegas? (Aleal5687@cs.com)
Hello & Happy Weekend! (Steven Kingsley)
ISO: website that sold bubble #0 manila envelopes in bulk? (Tyler Huff)
FS: DA-P1 New in box... (Stanley W. Smith)

Volume 6, digest 552:
AKG C1000S vs. RODE NT3 (Michael King)
ISO: any Saint Etienne tapers for the short US/Toronto tour (GaoBest@aol.com)
Black Heart Procession (Christopher D Gacek)
DATS for sale (Scott Greenbaum)
FS: 2 7pin Coax Cables (Timothy Maus)
ISO: Meshell Ndegeocello 6/11/97 Seattle (D & H Forsha)
Dar Williams Lyric about a coffee shop in NY?? (Chris Mcgrath)
ISO: Hideki Takada (CatalystX)
Tool - 4/14/02 Nagoya, Japan (CatalystX)
ISO tickets for The Others Ones Sat 11-23 (Joe Thierry)
ISO tickets for The Others Ones Sat 11-23 (Joe Thierry)
ISO: Joseph Arthur DATs (CatalystX)
FS: DPA 4060's w/ battery box (Zach Payne)
FT: QOTSA 2002-11-16 (Sebastian Boschert)
iso the boss 11/16/02 (gordon wilson)
ATTN: All Tool Tapers/Filmers/Traders (CatalystX)
Morrissey 2002 Trades (Wayne Ellis)
Extra Cables... (Grayson Thrush)
iso Tahiti 80 (Ted Mattes)
Jimi Hendrix tribute @ EMP in Seattle (Bill J)
AGF: Radiators 11/21/02 (casey coniff)
ISO: Lloyd Jones Struggle (stuart)

Volume 6, digest 551:
Resampling under Windows (Tom McGee)
iso camper von beethoven (Matt Korman)
5/8/77 Dead Ithaca, NY (lee bittner)
ISO: Jewels & Binoculars CDR - out of print (Malachi)
AIWA HDV-2000 (Adams, Mark A.)
Black Heart Procession taperfriendly? (j.h.eikelenboom_pop.hccnet.nl)
ISO London Taper (Dan Gale)
chris robinson tx - fm.. friday (artood2)
any Japan tapers taping DEF LEPPARD JAPAN 2002 shows? (Kimmo )
Upcoming Boston FM: Jack Johnson WBCN Sat 8p EST (jcarvalh)
Thief alert /digest 545 / Christi Hatfield; ISO cmc641v's (Holland, John)

Volume 6, digest 550:
ESI U24 (Jamie Lutch)
ISO: neumann STH 100 (Todd Romero)
cool edit pro problem (Ernie Ensign)
recording microphone on computer (Ernie Ensign)
ISO: 1 taper ticket, TOO 11/27 Gund Arena (Ivan)
Neil Young Rock 'n Roll Cowboy (digit)
For Sale: ALD boxes (Dark Star Enterprises)
For Trade: Stones Florida 2002 shows (Dark Star Enterprises)
Portable HD Recorders (Bas Ruesink)
Looking for Bridge School Sets (Todd & Jen Guite)
FS: Wendt X2 (Wayne Brissette)
FS: DAP1 & accessories ( FS: DAP1 & accessories )
DATPort/Cool Edit Pro help (Otten, William)
ISO: Rush 2002 soundchecks (king lerxst)
FT: Pedro the Lion DSBD, 11-18-02 (Ragan Todd)
Anybody Stealth "Music To My Ears" in NY or Boston? (DATJAMS@aol.com)
10 1/2 " Reels for trade (DATJAMS@aol.com)
Kodak 80min Silvers in Jewel cases to trade for like on spindle (DATJAMS@aol.com)
Ummm, anyone need TOO 11/15 or 11/16/02 (Dean)
2 extra Floor tix for TOO Michigan (Jenkins, Dan)
Hendrix Celebration in L.A. 11/27/02 (DRider)
slightly OT: Rush Vapor Trails Recording History (Steve Mew)

Volume 6, digest 549:
FS: 1 taper ticket, TOO 11/27 Gund Arena (Benjamin Cho)
Is there such a thing? (Eric Angel)
ESI U24 (Daniel E. Estrin)
re: ESI Waveterminal U24 (Slipkid)
taping from XM radio (Mark McKay)
ISO: Lou Barlow solo shows (Marcus Winfree)
Take Heed Fish! (Mickey Forvey)
Rolling Stones: Sun Francisco & LA shows trade (hiroyuki tanaka)
DAT-heads Digest #548 (American-Digital)
FA: HHb PDR-1000 PortaDAT ( FA: HHb PDR-1000 PortaDAT )
6-8-77 (Duncan Oldham)
Dual optical output results 2 question (yes it can be done) (Dyson, Dana)
ISO: Any good recent Sigor Ros 2003 (jcarvalh)
ISO: Manual for Sony D8, any download locations? (Eric Eckberg)
possibly FS: 2 Taper Wed 11/20 Continental TOO (Eric Vandercar)
Tascam da30mk2 error 1 prob (Stuart Gerber)
Jayhawks Plea! (rich)

Volume 6, digest 548:
Remote control for decks (TheSchoolNerd@aol.com)
re: ESI Waveterminal U24 (Keith Bode)
Lemonwheel Tree still needs ADMIN (Gary Davis)
Sony R-500 repair recommendations (Moran, Doug - Denison)
ISO: Counting Crows 5-31-2000 (Gabe C)
ISO: V2 (john crouch)
ISO: V2 (Mark Mayhle)
D8 for sale on ebay (Scott Goodwin)
FT or B&P Rolling Stones 9/22/02 (Steve Novy)
Is there such a thing? (Dyson, Dana)
ISO: Smokey and Miho 2002-10-31 (gemini)
M1 coax 7-pin cable feed a ProTools Digi 001 box? (T Plum)
FT: Jewel 11/17/02 & Jason Mraz (sean stevens)
off topic : taping off XM radio (Jeff Lester)
FS: Oade stealth mics + Sound Pro's Battery box (Zach Payne)
FT:lisa loeb 11-17 (mike hooker)

Volume 6, digest 547:
ESI U24 (Keith Bode)
WTB: AKG or Sanken stereo microphone (Karl Lohninger)
Belew & Claypool Taping Request (DRider)
ISO TOO Indy Ticket (Steve Novy)
ISO Ani Defranco 11/15/2002 Northrup in Minneapolis (Warren_Oates)
iso O1s-Washington MCI (billpannifer@easynet.co.uk)
TOO Trades (Comnaround@aol.com)
ISO Electric Prunes/Chocolate Watchband 11/16/02 S.F. (Stefan V Morosky)
ESI Waveterminal U24 (Slipkid)
FS: Complete Taping Rig (vince fortner)
FT Beck/Lips 11-13-02 Houston Texas (TCH)
ISO: Other Ones 8/3 WXRT show (JSmoliak@aol.com)
any miami tapers? (Slipkid)

Volume 6, digest 546:
Stolen Gear (Nate fisher)
ESI Waveterminal U24 (Daniel E. Estrin)
WANTED: Taste & ELP from Isle of Wight 1970 (DRider)
ISO: Peter Gabrial in Chicago 11-12-02 (Kathy & Mike)
PAUL McCARTNEY 3days inTokyo Dome (Tommy)
ISO: Sigur Ros in Chicago (Kathy & Mike)
Extra Other ones 11-4-02 for trade (Thomas A Small)
ISO:10/22/02 & 10/31/02 Trey Anastasio (Marcello Gasperini)
ISO: Peter Gabriel 2002 (esp. 11/15/02) (Brian Sleeman)
ISO:Otherones 11/14&15/02 (Nemo420@aol.com)
Grovel Fro Bruce Greensboro (CRAVER KELLY)

Volume 6, digest 545:
NY-area taper needed! (Chris Hickman)
soundcard options (Andrew .)
Service Advise Requested (Michael Weill)
FS: D7 w/active 7pin (Nick Georges)
Optical > S/PDIF Cable Existance? (Christopher A. Beth)
Kottke/Gordon Taping Policy (Joe Sweetser)
off topic : taping off XM radio (Brian Gemborys)
looking for white stripes trades (Kevin Landry)
ISO Rolling Stones 09/30/02 New York, NY Roseland (Steve Novy)
WANTED: Taste & ELP from Isle of Wight 1970 (John R. Vanderpool)
Sigur Ros 11-14-02 FT (Danny Thweatt)
THIEF ALERT - Christi Hatfield aka kirstejo@yahoo.com (Holland, John)
ISO - mod Edirol UA5, DMIC20, other non-expensive AD/Preamp and p (Holland, John)
Fw: Virus alert (hoax sorry)Disregard (Glen E Peladeau)
[no subject] ( [no subject] )
[no subject] ( [no subject] )
slightly-weird taping request: Grease musical in London (GaoBest@aol.com)
WOB tax - call me a whinin' boy if you will (Holland, John)

Volume 6, digest 544:
FS: rig.. just add deck :) (Todd Romero)
Trouble posting from AOL....again! (John Kupchik)
ISO- ZZ Top/ European tour tapers? (John Brinkley)
RE : my e-mail of yesterday (Dan Sisler)
ISO: Rush 10/5/02 Mexico City (king lerxst)
ndc: where to find CD accesories? (Eric Reichenbach)
Stones Atlanta/MULE 11-15-02 Tabernacle (Dan Boardman)
ISO: Pat Metheny 11/7/02 Missouri Theater (Son Volt)
Trouble posting from AOL....again! (Sean Kennedy)
thievery corporation taping (matt c)
ISO of east coast tapers: dredg tour dates-ozomtli and new (Steve Mew)
remote control and PCM-R300/500 (James B. Wilkinson)
ISO Last Minute LA Taper (Andy Swinburnson)
FS: Nakamichi Gear (ADunn81878@aol.com)
FS:Complete Taping Rig (vince fortner)
Billie Holiday info Needed (TheSchoolNerd@aol.com)

Volume 6, digest 543:
ISO Recent Ryan Adams (David Sadowski)
The Other Ones on Conan (Gary Davis)
anyone taping the Residents tour? (pwking)
Newbie/B&P offer CLOSED (Stephen Pzynski)
taper(s) needed in NY state w/bwt (SnowRide@aol.com)
Trouble posting from AOL......again! (DATJAMS@aol.com)
ISO Dylan 11/1/02 Rosemont (Steve Trick)
FS: DA-P1 Wall Wart (PS-D1) (ZepMan@aol.com)
Tool shows wanted (T. Simpson)
Subject: ISO: RiSinG PrOjEcT tapes (Springsteen) (Comnaround@aol.com)
ISO taping info for The Joint, Las Vegas (JBABC0CK@aol.com)
NJPAC taping info (JBABC0CK@aol.com)
ISO: Moody Blues @ RCMH / YES @ NJPAC (RAM110@aol.com)
TOO Detroit Taper Tix (Scott/ Debra McPherrin)
JID 11-12-02 (Neil Sturtevant)
Particle in Florida (DRider)
ISO paul galis (rob landis)
Donovan @ The Tin Angel (Tom Cavanaugh)
GD 7-27-73 Watkins Glen question (Chris Mcgrath)
ISO: Jimmy Vivino shows (Ryan)
D7 Issue (John Cocci)

Volume 6, digest 542:
ISO: U2 Red Rocks June '83 (Henry H. Owings)
FT:Lifehouse@Metropolis Munich/Germany 11-11-2002 (BlackCrowes@gmx.net)
External USB digital in (carlos martinez)
FS: Edirol UA-5 and Sony D7 w/extras (Nick Georges)
Jurassic 5 taping policy? (David S.)
Seeking service man for Marantz 2230 (Scott Goodwin)
FS: Peter Gabriel MCI Center, Wash DC tix (george wang)
ISO: WMBR-FM taper for Bill Janovitz et al TONIGHT, Tues 11/12 (Michael Edmonson)
ISO: RiSinG PrOjEcT tapes (Springsteen) (Otten, William)
Fleet center and backpacks & TOO (Winnie)
ISO: KBFH and WESTWOOD ONE RADIO SHOWS (Dark Star Enterprises)
[laptop-tapers] Fleet center and backpacks & TOO (Scott C. Brown 02)
Stones 9-22-02 b&p offer (Joshua Levine)
Newbie/B&P offer (Stephen Pzynski)
live PORCUPINE TREE (Slipkid)
FT: glenn tilbrook 11-9-02 (mike hooker)
sixpence show (sec1968@ezl.com)
FS: Sonic Studios DSM-6S/L Mics (Mike Valencia)

Volume 6, digest 541:
ISO: Stones/Atlanta (Oct. 02) (Dan McDonnell)
Televisions! $10 !! (Joe Rioux)
CD/DVDR burner (magichatr9@juno.com)
server move/AOL and plain text (Liam Sean Kennedy)
xtra dats for b&p (Thomas Bellanca)
xtra dats for cdr b&p (Thomas Bellanca)
Beck/Flaming Lips show in Houston (Bill J)
Alice Cooper European tapers (Alfred Ritter)
ISO pretenders Chicago (Matt Korman)
ISO: Tapers in these cities... (please help! : ) (WeAreThel@aol.com)
Alice Cooper European tapers (Matt C.)
FS: Sony D100 (Tom Reizes)
FS: GP DMIC-20 w/batt (Todd Romero)
TOO/up front taping ( cooper)
Montrose (DRider)
TOO/up front taping (Todd Romero)

Volume 6, digest 540:
Petty/Browne Show Info (Colin Robinson)
Help : MBHO 603a, Sony POC-DA12P cable and DMIC-20 (Sam Upton)
Attention Chicago, Sam Rivers @ The Jazz Showcase (DHami44862@aol.com)
iso: 10/20/02 ModeReko/Disco Biscuits z93 broadcast (Knicks1680@aol.com)
FS: Graham-Patten ADC-20 (Chris Maler)
EAC help needed (Joe Thierry)
FS:Audio Alchemy DTI (Jay Fagan)
toad taping policy (sec1968@ezl.com)
Current Jazz Is Dead Tour (Chris Cafiero)
Coltrane special tuesday WBGO-FM (Mike Parker)
Linux help? [redhat 8 && zoltrix] (Jackson Gibbs)
Anybody Out there/In Here Tape any MONTROSE November 2002.... (Dave-fortyacrerock)
* ISO JB - taper of 8/17/02 David Byrne Boulder ("Eric G. Postel \(home\)") ( * ISO JB - taper of 8/17/02 David Byrne Boulder ("Eric G. Postel \(home\)") )
Knitting Factory in L.A. (rob landis)
Televisions! $10 !! (Gary Davis)
cdr special (Les Gordon)

Volume 6, digest 539:
Mics and Pre-amp for sale!!!!!!! (Anelena Fowler)
Knitting Factory in LA (Random Gnome Generator)
ISO:Dylan shows from fall tour. (Marcello Gasperini)
ISO Merle Haggard 11-8-02 (Charles Muccia)
Monitors for Soundcard (Keith Bode)
Tom Petty 11/10 Portland, OR (Jim Hirte)
ISO Bonebash audio upgrade. (Stefan V Morosky)
ISO: Guns N Roses Tacoma WA 11.8.02 (hardrock taper)
Boston TAPER NEEDED: Sunday Nov. 10th! (WeAreThel@aol.com)
FT: Southside Johnny (janque@webtv.net)
Beck/Flaming Lips set lengths (Andrew Fogelsong)
Before & After the Simpsons at 8pm (Gary Davis)
Simpsons tonight at 8pm (Gary Davis)
FT: Hornsby Solo 11/9/02 (Richard Levy)

Volume 6, digest 538:
Jump, Little Children taping policy? (Rich Vining)
TOO MCI Center taper??? (craig davis)
FS: Lunatec V2 (Eric Naylor)
Ozomatli Taping Policy (K.A. Long)
Monitors for soundcard? (Stephen Pzynski)
Travelling with gear? (Todd Romero)
FS: HHb PDR-1000 ( FS: HHb PDR-1000 )
anyone tape aimee mann on her recent tour? (avps)
Travelling with gear (DRider)
Condom as windscreen (Erick del Valle)
Warren Haynes on Jam Nation (DRider)
ISO Frank Marino Shank Hall 10/3/02 (Stefan V Morosky)
ISO Frank Marino Shank Hall 10/3/02 (Stefan V Morosky)
seeking more stone roses (Chris Siegl)

Volume 6, digest 537:
Portable 24/96 DAT Replacement Coming! (Len Moskowitz)
Various Stealth Mics for Sale (mike mcelhatten)
mini-me power connector (Rich Perlman)
ISO: Jack Johnson or J5 Atlanta (Stuart Gerber)
I suck...ISO Stones Tacoma 11-6-02 (Chris Mcgrath)
ISO: Trey 10/31/02 FOB (Mincey, Patrick)
Upcoming Peter Wolf shows (Bill Hoy)
ISO: ZZ Top Capital Theater Passaic, NJ 5/30/80 (Phil Thenstedt)
Help!! ISO Rush 11/6/2002 Meadowlands (John)
Robert Bradley's Blackwater Surprise (S Randolph)
Ozomatli Taping Policy (S Randolph)
wierd noise on a DAT (rob landis)
FA: D8 / DA-P1 + Ecocharge x 2 (Chris And Berryman)
FOB Dead Tapers etc.. (casey coniff)
iso: taper Brian Ferry Chicago 11/19 (Geoff/Morgan)
Condom as windscreen (Charles Quinn)
David Gray taping policy? (mike lyons)
More Roanoke Other Ones Tix (Mark Baldwin)
Travelling with gear? (Scott Goodwin)

Volume 6, digest 536:
Other Ones DAT Group (Ken Miller)
mini-me power connector (Neil Sturtevant)
For Sale: Other Ones G.A. floor ticket for Roanoke (Todd Romero)
got any Garaj Majhal seeds to share? (skomp)
ISO Dave Nelson Band 10-31-02 (Neil Sturtevant)
ISO Cramps in Hollywood (Robert O'Haire)
port-o-bags (Degrado, Rob)
Thanks a lot Vern (Mickey Forvey)
Tickets For Sale: 11/24 The Other Ones, 11/27 Hot Tuna (Pete)
ISO Galactic 11/1/02 + 11/2/02 @ Tips in NOLA (rimas)
Albany TOO Taper Tickets? (DRider)
Have Other Ones pittsburgh..perfect fob (MarkS Barnett)
Looking for a taper in NYC... (J.C.C.)
NYC Tapers: DCFC and American Analog Set Solo Gig (Andy Swinburnson)
2000-01 All About Eve, New Model Army, Primal Scream and Priory of Brion Masters (Wayne Ellis)
Jr. Brown taping policy (Colin Liston)

Volume 6, digest 535:
ISO: Monte Montgomery 2002 (Brian Sleeman)
I.S.O. Duke Mucus & The Festering Sores (Junglework@aol.com)
Extra Dats for Sale (Sokhi, Aman S)
Mini-Me power - caution! - DC PLUGS?? (mboden1579)
iso mark mayhle (taperroy)
FS: Zoltrix Nightingale Pro 6 on ebay now... (O'Rourke, Justin)
BTAT (Adam Smith)
Albany TOO Taper Tickets? (ISTEIN2@aol.com)
ISO: European Dream Theater 2002 (Tatina, Bill)
SPOON live 9-20-02 CDR FT BOSTON (eD)
ISO: Denver Stealth Taper (DRider)
FS: Sony 7 pin optical miniplug cable POC-DA12SP ( FS: Sony 7 pin optical miniplug cable POC-DA12SP )
Keb' Mo' Taping Policy? (Jeff Lester)
ISO Joe Jackson Band reunion shows (David Danek)
RMD3K > D100/M1 (Gary Davis)
TOO tapers Tickets (pam marki)
test (John Cocci)
Recent Tacoma Dome security? (Chris Mcgrath)
stones atlanta (Tim Lowery)
ISO: Paul Westerberg 2002, especially NYC (ACR7@aol.com)
Springsteen in Europe (=?iso-8859-1?q?alberto=20agostini?=)
FT Marino , Cleveland, 9-28-2002 (bfand)
For Sale: Other Ones G.A. floor ticket for Roanoke (Elron Hoover)

Volume 6, digest 534:
ISO Rush Concord, California 9/17/02 (artood2)
looking for two shows (niallc@attbi.com)
Trade my Hartford for a Taper ticket HELP!!! (Winnie)
problems with feurio in xp (Bill Gardner)
one taper ticket TOO,Albany" (Duncan Oldham)
ISO Skew Siskin (bfand)
ATTN: Ozomatli Tapers november dates -dredg (Steve Mew)
ISO: Foo Fighters (Michael Hanson)
ISO: Aerosmith / Run DMC 2002 Tapers (Tatina, Bill)
M1 and RM-D3K? (Mark Weygandt)
irving plaza? (scott charles)
FS: Zoltrix Nightingale Pro 6 soundcard... (O'Rourke, Justin)
The OTHER ONES extra ticket FOR SALE (Bob Siegl)

Volume 6, digest 533:
Light of Day benefit last night (Tommy & Robin Danscuk)
Ryan Adams Taping (David Sadowski)
Chicago Taper Request - 11/9 (Chris Black)
Nakamichi 680ZX FS on Ebay (JH)
physical space (RE : Keller Williams ) (Eric Angel)
Mini-Me power - caution! - DC PLUGS?? (Todd Romero)
Banyan 10/12/02 for trade (Brad Burleson)
Dat's a Opera......! (JP Flanery)
Beatles info (Richard Levy)
Headphones for sale (Jeff Fulton)
I.S.O. Jason Crosby, Wetlands 3-10-01 (stuart)
FT: Bruce Springsteen 11-2-02 Tradewinds....Sea Bright, NJ (Dave M)

Volume 6, digest 532:
DAT Sourced Radiohead 2002 (Danny Thweatt)
RE : Keller Williams (Dan Sisler)
FS: Dat collection (vince fortner)
FS: Tape Rig (vince fortner)
ISO KM1xx mic clamp (Michael Miller)
strange B/P offer: Flaming Lips 3-18-88 and ps on Stones 9-22-02 (GaoBest@aol.com)
iso geoff lynch (ZepMan@aol.com)
ISO Beck 2002 (Dave)
FOR SALE ZEFIRO ZA2 (Unophamily@aol.com)
FT: Thrice/Coheed and Cambria + OKMII Rock Microphones (Steve Mew)
Ryan Adams - Taping Policy? ( Ryan Adams - Taping Policy? )
Mini-Me power - caution! - DC PLUGS?? (Winnie)

Volume 6, digest 531:
ISO: Keller Williams 10-15-02 (Seth Breidbart)
Source for ORTF/XY mounts (pherbig@purina.com)
Active Cable Questions (Chris Black)
Patcher Etiquette (Seth Breidbart)
ISO SCI 10/31/02 set 1 (Eugene Hu)
Source for ORTF/XY mounts (Mathias Rombach)
Patcher Etiquette (DRider)
iso kcy cable or just the ends (jeff travitz)
Furman power conditioner question (NDC) (Ryan)

Volume 6, digest 530:
ISO: oade sbm1/sbm1 (Tatina, Bill)
ISO: TOO Taper's tix (k j)
ISO: oade sbm1/sbm1 (Todd Romero)
FYI: Roanoke TOO taper status (Todd Romero)
Patcher Etiquette (Jason Green)
ISO: keller & bela 8/9/02 (James Ballen)
My Stones offer (NOW CLOSED) (Sean Cartwright)
Rolling Stones Tower Theater 9/22/02 b&p (cps .)
Source for ORTF/XY mounts (Steve Meuse)
FOB Phish 11/06/1998? (Chris Black)
ISO: The Esquires (Mark Mayhle)
48 > 44.1 (Paul-Peter Polak)
FS: aerco mp2 preamp ( FS: aerco mp2 preamp )
FS: aerco mp2 preamp ( FS: aerco mp2 preamp )
FS: octava mic + 3 caps ( FS: octava mic + 3 caps )
Jerry Douglas Band 10-31-02 (stuart)
PACKAGE DEAL!!!! (Anelena Fowler)
taping beck/flaming lips? (pwking)
If anyone can tape these shows... (J.C.C.)
ISO: Dark Star Orchestra 10-31-02 State Theatre / KDTU 10-12-02 9:30 Club (CBTSC3@aol.com)
ISO Storyhill recordings (John Petroskas)
Fountains Of Wayne (WMMSLaw@aol.com)

Volume 6, digest 529:
sea horses (Chris Siegl)
active cable for MG 210 or 200 (gheston@att.net)
Bridge School Benefit-Thom Yorke solo wanted (Bill J)
Need info on.. (michael ryan)
LORDS OF ACID on tour (BadRep2000@aol.com)
Ellis Paul 10/23/02 upload offer... (O'Rourke, Justin)
D8 cable mods (carlos martinez)
ISO: Keller Williams 10-15-02 (Stuart Gerber)
48 > 44.1 (Dyson, Dana)
TOO Tapers NEEDED (Duncan Oldham)
Sony DTC-690 44.1 analog input record modification or schematics (Marek Peca)
Yohimbe Brothers Taping Policy? (Robert Hundertmark)
B&P Yohimbe, St. Louis (Was: Re: Yohimbe Brothers Taping Policy?) (Wayne D. Hoxsie Jr.)
Still FS: DAT d8 (Erik Heath)
BWT time..... (john e. bogus)
and a couple of grovels..... (john e. bogus)
TAPERS NEEDED: Fountains of Wayne 14-city US Tour (WeAreThel@aol.com)
ISO: Radiotaper from SAN FRANCISCO for next sunday! (Bas Ruesink)

Volume 6, digest 528:
other ones in philadelphia (Chris Siegl)
ISO: Used Lunatec V2 (steven wolf)
fs: lunatec v3 (Jamie Lutch)
ISO Scorpions (Gear119348@aol.com)
Recording Aadvice (Glen E Peladeau)
FT: Acoustic Other Ones 10/27/02 (Santa Cruz Taper)
seeking recent KCRW - Ivy, Ron Sexsmith, Bic Runga (Reboot)
Rolling Stones 9-22-02 Tower Theater B&P CDR offer (Sean Cartwright)
FS:Audio Alchemy DTI (Jay Fagan)
ISO: Derek Trucks Band 10-24-02 (Stuart Gerber)
FS: MBHO 603A/KA200 (with Actives) (Bendes, Richard)
DATport problems (Bollin III, John J.)
nomad jukebox3 update (Jamie Lutch)
blonde redhead/sonic youth offer (Bill J)
Stones 2002 seeds (skomp)
thanks for the Foam help!!! (Mike BB)

Volume 6, digest 527:
Recording Advice Requested (Michael J. Savage)
FS: B&K matched set of ADK TL's (gottajiboo40@mac.com)
FT: soft boys- 10-26-02 (mike hooker)
I.S.O Bridge Show from Saturday 10/26/02 (Junglework@aol.com)
protective foam for a suitcase...? (Mike BB)
ISO Teac DA-P20 Owner's Manual (Paul-Peter Polak)
Neil Young BBC 1970 SVCD (Gary Davis)
Phish Lemonwheel Tree - anyone? (Gary Davis)
Wanted: Bruce Hornsby Albany 9/29 (Jeff Chard)
D-8 Cable (American-Digital)
FS/FT: Lunatec V3 (William J. LaPier)
FS: 2 tix to OAR, Pseudopod, and Matt Nathanson 11/16 @ Uptown T (O'Rourke, Justin)
ISO:soft boys (steve fukawa)
*Austin* Harvest Moon Fest Update (just around the corner) (Jeff Anderson)
FS: Benchmark AD2K+ (K)
FS: Benchmark AD2K+ (K)

Volume 6, digest 526:
FS: TASCAM PS-D1 (ZepMan@aol.com)
Mini-me? (Eric Angel)
ISO Trey Utica 2d set (Duncan Oldham)
FS: MP2 (GR8FULHOME@aol.com)
Mini-me? (Seth Breidbart)
FS: Edirol UA-30 Audio Interface (Brandon Ally)
DAW software for Linux (zach)
bit perfect soundcard question (Seth Breidbart)
early funkadelic? (Jens Ljungkvist)
D-8 cable (carlos martinez)
Copying from DAT to CD (carlos martinez)
FT: 2 Other Ones Taper Tix for Roanoke to trade for 2 tix to TOO in Washington (Potter, Ray)
Taping equipment and tickets for sale.... (Anelena Fowler)
FS: Oade Mod. SBM1 (Nick Stiritz)
ISO Teac DA-P20 Owner's Manual (Karl L)
Recent Hornsby with Kimock? - "Chris Mcgrath" (ronald cavellier)
Captain Beefheart Town Hall Oct 28 1972 30th Anniversary B&P (h Grape Minkoff)
ISO DYLAN SHOWS (paul gluchanicz)
FS: Sonic Studios DSM6S/EL + PA-6LC3B (Drew Hintze)
ISO: Neumann SKM-140 Set (Bendes, Richard)
Dat Drive Firmware Upgrade problem (Pat Grismore)
ISO Aaron Mountain from MD (Todd Edgerton)
FS: AD2K+ or Apogee Mini-Me (george wang)

Volume 6, digest 525:
FS: Sony PCM-M1 + (2) 7-pins + accessories (Brandon Ally)
DMIC 20 MOD (Dave Stephens)
Sony CDRW33 (RWhiteFang@aol.com)
early funkadelic? (david)
FT/ISO Hothouse Flowers and more (janque@webtv.net)
ISO: NIRVANA (please take a look) (Mike Ziegler)
buying a DAP1.... battery pack Question (gordon wilson)
buying a DAP1.... battery pack Question (gordon wilson)
buying a DAP1.... battery pack Question (Todd Romero)
Frank Black recent shows (spnews)
Queens of the Stone Age - BBC broadcast (John Cooper)
ISO: U2 Cleveland & Detroit 2001 (Ivan)
buying a DAP1.... battery pack Question (Mark Mayhle)
Extra Cracker Master from 10/20/02 (Comnaround@aol.com)
Recent Hornsby with Kimock? (Chris Mcgrath)
FS: Apogee Mini ME (AGROSKIN@aol.com)
buying a DAP1.... battery pack Question (Todd Romero)
FS:Denecke AD-20, PS2, Oktava mics, Battery supply (Winnie)
Trade my Gov't Mule DATs of 10-25-02 Hollywood!!! (Dave-fortyacrerock)
FS: schoeps cmc6 mk4 matched pair w/a20 shock mounts (AGROSKIN@aol.com)

Volume 6, digest 524:
DDS drive in Linux (Philippe Legault)
Ratdog / Los Lobos on Austin City Limits tonight! (Gary Davis)
ISO: Joe Bonamassa 2002 Head Liner Shows (Tonton Blino)
texas cowboy junkies fans...heads up...fm broadcast... (gordon wilson)
F/T Robert Plant Sheffield Octagon 24/10/02 (David Carroll)
FS: apogee mini me (AGROSKIN@aol.com)
ISO Foo Fighters @ bridge school (Andrew .)
Queens of the Stone Age - BBC broadcast (Vikas Bhatia)
Minime pricing (Seth Breidbart)
Apogee AD-500 Questions (Matthew Bobiak)
xlr to 1/8" connections (david)
Apogee AD-500 Questions (Seth Breidbart)
FT: 311, Charlie Hunter & DEVO... (Matthew Thayer)
FT: 311, Charlie Hunter & DEVO... (Matthew Thayer)
Searching for Violent Femmes (jgreen11)
FS: MP2 (GR8FULHOME@aol.com)
for trade: Cramps 11/5/00 pre-FM (Reboot)
for trade: Billy Bragg 4/23/02 pre-FM (Reboot)
for trade: Emm Gryner 3/3/00 pre-FM (Reboot)
for trade: Neko Case 3/30/00 pre-FM (Reboot)
Sony CDRW33 (Axl 2076)
Minime pricing (Todd Romero)
I.S.O. Good Rats (Junglework@aol.com)
Apogee AD-500 Questions (Todd Romero)

Volume 6, digest 523:
FS: Sony D8 (Erik Heath)
ISO Mark Eitzel (Amjad)
FT: CoreSound D8 Digi 7-pin Cable (Will Wilson)
Robert Plant Sheffield Octagon 24/10/02 ( my blank tape up for trade) (Wayne Ellis)
FS: 12v/7a SLA Battery & Charger (DRider)
FS:Audio Alchemy DTI (Jay Fagan)
ISO: Aquarium Rescue Unit (Wade Cooper)
ISO Mark Eitzel 2002 recording (Music Rebel)
br549 (Christine Hartford)
ISO: Joe Bonamassa 2002 Head Liner Shows (Tatina, Bill)
DAT trades (Degrado, Rob)
Taper alert! Please record Rocker-T and I-Rootz -SOON come! (acffh)
Transport problem with Teac (Tascam) DA-P20 (Paul-Peter Polak)
WANTED: little feat 1973 santa monica and boston (John R. Vanderpool)
ISO Toshi Reagan 24 Oct 02 (Glen Vomacka)
NIACIN dates (Degrado, Rob)
GP DMIC-20 mod (Todd Romero)
Tapers Anecdote (Short..sorta) Plus Upload offers (Colin Robinson)
Dylan 10/04/02 Schoeps source (Ryan)
Subject: re-sampling help needed (Mathias Rombach)
bit perfect soundcard question (Mathias Rombach)

Volume 6, digest 522:
Dat trade anyone..... (greenleaf95@webtv.net)
ISO: hothouse flowers (Mike Hooker)
ISO: Sheryl Crow Las Vegas 9/27/02 (Otten, William)
I.S.O. (Mexminute@aol.com)
DAT-heads Digest #520 (American-Digital)
SonicPort died -> Help ! (Jeroen Zuiderhoek)
FS: Sony RM-D100K (7pin) (Bendes, Richard)
Job at Sony - someone here must be qualified :-) (David Nolan)
Spoon on KCRW (john van)
FS: MP2 (GR8FULHOME@aol.com)
sonotrims (Bob Siegl)
digest #520: TVBC in Minneapolis this Friday at 7th St. (john e. bogus)
...unwanted weeds... (Dgowc1st@aol.com)
stealth taping method (recording levels) (Michael Edmonson)
ISO: Info & review on DIAMOND CUT 32 noise reduction 'ware (Stanley W. Smith)
Job Opportunity at Sonic Sense (Marc Nutter)
minime pricing (Seth Breidbart)
Taping Policy (Todd Edgerton)
Rush and Tool Masters to Trade (mike mcelhatten)
ISO: Sammy Hagar 10-21-2002 San Fran (Tatina, Bill)
bubble mailers (why not re-use/recycle) (GaoBest@aol.com)
ISO Elvis Costello 10/21/02 (Damon Ritter)
FS: Apogee Mini me (AGROSKIN@aol.com)
FS: AD2K+ or Apogee Mini-Me (george wang)

Volume 6, digest 521:
stealth taping method (recording levels) (Todd Romero)
FS D100 with Accessories (William J. LaPier)
Extra DATs F/T (digit)
schoepsglasses (Bob Siegl)
Recorded DAT's for blanks offer! (Chris Brown)
ISO Sony MDS-JE530 (TriscitMan@aol.com)
Sony TCD-D8 for sale (Kenneth A. Lebofsky)
Paging KEVIN REYNOLDS (Gary Davis)
Trey Louisville Tapers for trade ( Trey Louisville Tapers for trade )
Someone please tape MeShell on KCRW Thursday (MattB)
Stand Alone CD Recorder Advice Needed (Tom Brennan)
FA: Core Sound High End Microphone Set DPA 4061 (Joost)
Mule Update (DRider)
#0 Bubble mailers CHEAP!!! Case Logic ProSleeves? (Andy Liu)
FS: apogee mini me (AGROSKIN@aol.com)
E-Z CD Creator and Enhanced CD's... (Graham Newton)
FS:Audio Alchemy DTI (Jay Fagan)
Transport problem with Teac (Tascam) DA-P20 (Paul-Peter Polak)
Transport problem with Teac (Tascam) DA-P20 (Todd Romero)
=?iso-8859-1?Q?Frank_Black_current_tour?= (=?iso-8859-1?Q?spnews@fnac.net?=)

Volume 6, digest 520:
TRADE (Tommy)
Patti Smith montreal 2000 (lassido@cam.org)
Eyeglass Mounting Schoeps... (Jamie Lutch)
FS: SCMS Buster... (Tom Morrison)
Ben Folds/Ben Kweller 10-17-02 (frappster@stny.rr.com)
ISO: BRAD Roxy W Hollywood 10/13 and Belly Up Tavern Solana Bch 10/15 (Michael Hanson)
TVBC in Minneapolis this Friday at 7th St. (onelson@enteract.com)
Long Island tapers into ska/rocksteady? (Robert O'Haire)
Mule performing live on KFOG (DRider)
ISO MO SSIA (Bob Siegl)
DA88 question /// ISO: 8 channel portable mixer & Eugene Hu /// BWT (Richard)
? about Zefiro ZA2 and Windows OS (Robert Radel)
FS:R500 (GR8FULHOME@aol.com)
LPD No Longer Taping Friendly (DRider)
CD burner problems (rob landis)
FS: in-dash Mitsubishi RD-9163 (Todd Romero)
ISO: Wilco Roseland NYC 10/17/2002 (jcarvalh)
Anyone have any Traveling Wilburys? (Jason Smith)
ISO: Nirvana 10/30/92 SBD (complete) (Gary Watson)
? about Zefiro ZA2 and Windows OS (Mark Mayhle)
re-sampling help needed (Dave)
ISO: Springsteen European Rising tour shows....LOTS to trade (Dave M)
Looking for Scorpions - UFA 10/22/02 (Bill Hoy)
FT: Rolling Stones 9/20/02 First Union Center, Philadelphia ...COMPLETE show (Dave M)
FS: Trey ATL & Pompano Tix (DRider)
MK4 with Sonosax or JK Labs DVC (SCHUBIDOO@aol.com)
musicians friend sale...if you want it (Bill J)
stealth taping method (recording levels) (christopher.j.bailey@us.pwcglobal.com)

Volume 6, digest 519:
Looking for Korn & Disturbed from Tweeter Ctr 10-12-02 (Alfred Ritter)
Questions regarding JVC XD-P1 and IEC-958 type 1 digital I/O (Ryan Boone)
seeking 3 david Bowie shows (JBABC0CK@aol.com)
Fwd: Sony D7 - problem with opening the door (GordonComs@aol.com)
FS/FT: Lunatec V3 (Jamie Lutch)
Springsteen 10/20/2002 (alf)
Can we please stop with the Virus alerts (Eric Angel)
DEF LEPPARD? (artood2)
FS: Stones Atlanta 10/26 GA field ticket (george wang)
FS:R-500 (GR8FULHOME@aol.com)
ISO: Nels Cline, Charlie Hunter, Zorn (JAZZPUNKER@aol.com)
Eyeglass Mounting Schoeps... (Grayson Thrush)
ISO: TASCAM DA-P1 POWER SUPPLY (magichatr9@juno.com)
FS/FT: Lunatec V3 (Mark Mayhle)
FT Norah Johnes - Cologne 17-Oct-2002 (Karl-Heinz Kuth)
LANDMINE DATE NEEDED! (Mexminute@aol.com)
Rolling Stones 2002 - Have some to trade/Want more (JPollQs@aol.com)
For Sale Sonic AD2K+ (Tim Danielson)
ISO: Underworld - Warfield - 10/20/02 (Owen Renn)
Neumann KM-140 active cable solutions (Jason Sherrett)
unidecker / newbie / whomever offer (just like last month) (E.Easterly)
Cheap Nomad Jukebox 3 (Mark Mayhle)
FS Matched pair of Earthworks SR 71's (Anelena Fowler)
ad2k for sale (Jamie Lutch)
Anyone tape Ryan Adams in Nashville recently? (kindtaper@aol.com)
Nakamichi MX-100 users?! (Andy Liu)

Volume 6, digest 518:
ISO: billy bragg (mike hooker)
off-topic: PC with xeon CPUs (Thetes)
VIRUS ALERT (it's a hoax) (Brandon Ally)
WARNING on Virus Warning (Gary Davis)
DAT-heads Digest #517 (lorez)
Virus in the address book (pronoblem)
jbdmgr.exe virus (is a Hoax) (JASON BRANTLEY)
Old-time trader, new to full-rig, needs advice (William Draper)
Anyone in Boston tape Clinic show on WBCN? (jcarvalh)
AttN. ALL Grey Bears! (JP Flanery)
DAT-heads Digest #517 - VIRUS HOAX (ronald cavellier)
Springsteen Berlin 20-10-2002 (BlackCrowes@gmx.net)
Virus in adressbook (Onno J.R. Bakker)
Heads Up European Tapers - JS Has Arrived (Lerner, David S, ALINF)
pat metheny trio van dyke shows (Skiadikt@aol.com)
question regarding dat media (Ryan Boone)
question regarding dat media (Wayne D. Hoxsie Jr.)
Fwd: Virus in the address book - A HOAX!!! (Jonas Karlsson)
OT: DVD/VCR Secam K1 (Klay Anderson)
FS/FT: Lunatec V3 (Jamie Lutch)
virus hoax (Bonnie & Cleve Svetlik)
Paul McCartney 10/19/02...anyone? (Bill J)
Sleater-Kinney & Yeah Yeah Yeahs recordings (Jo-Anne Chu)

Volume 6, digest 517:
iso beck tix @ the beacon (Scott C. Brown 02)
Ian Anderson/Jethro Tull in Connecticut (jagabrieljr@aol.com)
Old-time trader, new to full-rig, needs advice (Scott Goodwin)
wanted: Midiman CO2 (Mike BB)
FS: MP2 (GR8FULHOME@aol.com)
Fwd: Virus in the address book (DATJAMS@aol.com)

Volume 6, digest 516:
bit perfect soundcard question (Ryan Boone)
Springsteen in Bologna (=?iso-8859-1?q?alberto=20agostini?=)
wtd bruce springsteen in bologna italy, from last night (paul gluchanicz)
FA: Sony D7 (Mike BB)
DAT traders wanted (digitalman01@earthlink.net)
FS: 2 Tix to MMW in Philly this Friday (Dave Thoma)
FS: R-500 (GR8FULHOME@aol.com)
ISO McCartney Portland 10-18-02 (Chris Mcgrath)
indigo girls (Bob Siegl)
scandinavian FM tapers? (Norway Broadcast) (Brian Gemborys)
U.K. tapers needed (Stefan V Morosky)
What has better results: Sony SBM-1 or Denecke AD20? (DAW)
wtd:Dylan in San Diego (paul gluchanicz)

Volume 6, digest 515:
MV100 external power option ( MV100 external power option )
Sony RK-DA10 7 pin cable (Len Moskowitz)
Stealth V3? (Mark Mayhle)
ATTN: SoCal Tapers (David S.)
90m DAT tapes question (jfranzreb)
I have a Sony DTX-10 in Dash DAT for sale. (Michael Weill)
paging Roman Baird... (pwking)
Gear FS (GR8FULHOME@aol.com)
Bruce Springsteen@MTV Live Europe..anyone DAt tape it?? (BlackCrowes@gmx.net)

Volume 6, digest 514:
All the DAT talk.... (Paul Lucente)
saint etienne USA brief tour dates (GaoBest@aol.com)
Sony RK-DA10 7 pin cable (Adam Smith)
Beyer MV-100 (Greg)
Harvest Moon Fest @ The Well *Austin, TX* (Jeff Anderson)
ISO : Ian Anderson "Rubbing Elbows" Tour Tapes (Don Webb)
FS: SCMS Buster? (Tom Morrison)
Tom Petty 10/15 Pre-FM Offer (Comnaround@aol.com)
FS: Graham Patten ADC-20 (James G. Lykos)
Scott Greenbaum: DATs for sale (Darren)
ISO: European tapers - Tragically Hip tour ( ISO: European tapers - Tragically Hip tour )
ISO: European tapers - Tragically Hip tour ( ISO: European tapers - Tragically Hip tour )

Volume 6, digest 513:
Looking for any Antibalas (Jason Peterson)
looking for tapers on the upcoming mountain goats tour... (cory rayborn)
MULE Tapers in L.A. ? (Dave-fortyacrerock)
Seattle/Tacoma help if possible (Bill J)
Looking for Dylan in Sacramento 02 (Mark Rodriguez)
Bowie NY Marathon Shows (Tom Brennan)
looking for a portable.. (janpaul westgeest)
Yohimbe Brothers (Ethan)
Bruce Springsteen (jeff travitz)
ISO: recent Will Bernard & otherbug shows (Mr. Groovunit)
Mike's Stones 9-22-02 B/P is over! (GaoBest@aol.com)
Help with corupt wav file (Dan Babcock)
Dickey Betts Set Times (DRider)
Cult @ Fillmore 10/15/02 (Lane Kelly)
Audiodesk files from a Mac>W2K machine. How do I open them? (JH)
FS: Sony R-500 (GR8FULHOME@aol.com)
DATs for sale - $1 each (Scott Greenbaum)

Volume 6, digest 512:
MoRRissey Trades wanted! (RT Radel)
three dollar tapes (Chris Siegl)
Stones / Springsteen tapers! (aneurhythms)
LPD Opener (DRider)
Question about Wilco taping (CBrady9158@aol.com)
toad reunion (sec1968@ezl.com)
I.S.O. "Little Feat & Friends" Waiting for Columbus Live 14-oct-2002 Lisner Auditorium Washington, DC (stuart)
Newbie Gear for Sale / Full rig (Hayden Berard)
ISO Gomez (Edward Davis)
Anyone tape Stone Temple Pilots in Boston (10/15)? (bth_away)
da 30 MKII vs 90m tapes solved and rw disks are taken (Roger)
ISO: Phish 10/31/98 video (kindtaper@aol.com)
fs: oktava m012 cards and mp2 (badhat)
Radiohead 2001-07-07 (for download) (Jason Green)
extra TAB 10-31-02 (Bob Silver)
Anyone get Gomez from this current tour? (Kevin)
Tascam DA 30 MKII and 90m tapes ("Roger") (American-Digital)
Tascam DA 30 MKII and 90m tapes (Michael B. Green)
Where to buy Zoltrix Nightingale Pro 6.... (O'Rourke, Justin)
*Austin* Durha Trava/Lorin Rowan Tomorrow! (Jeff Anderson)

Volume 6, digest 511:
Little Feat tonight... (gordon wilson)
ELP tapers (pendragon@elp-cdtrading.com)
Tascam DA 30 MKII and 90m tapes (Roger)
$3 tapes (RE: Used tapes) (American-Digital)
Need some help taping some upcoming shows... (O'Rourke, Justin)
Need Gov't Mule Info.... (DHami44862@aol.com)
ISO Little Feat 10-14-02 set II (pwking)
[COtapers] Trading etiquette (Wayne D. Hoxsie Jr.)
MINIME Help?!?! (john crouch)
Subject: Re: [COtapers] Trading etiquette (Charles Muccia)
Old Settlers Music Festival Early-Bird Tickets *Austin* (Jeff Anderson)
FS: Earthworks SR71's (Anelena Fowler)
very important taping opportunity (Tatina, Bill)
ISO: Bowie Camden, Who Camden, Supertramp Beacon (Dave Avery)
need a good cable supplier ( need a good cable supplier )
MINIME Help?!?! (Todd Romero)
little feat "waiting for columbus" 25th anniversary show (John R. Vanderpool)
FS: Beyer MV-100 (Bob1355740@aol.com)

Volume 6, digest 510:
Eddikette (Scott Goodwin)
[COtapers] Trading etiquette (Chris Siegl)
ISO: Tom Petty 8/21/02 Red Rocks (Vikas Bhatia)
FS: Beyer MV-100 and also a 4-track recorder (Kevin Landry)
Strangefolk Needs Tapers! (magichatr9@juno.com)
any tapers in the dade city fl area?? (dolphin smile)
What Are the Best Mics (poll) (Jason Green)
Stinky Green ! (-bob)
MP3.. wait.. don't yell at me!! (Winnie)
ooops-atrac (Winnie)
ISO: Lifter Puller (Christopher D Gacek)
$3 tapes (RE: Used tapes) (Michael Parker)
[COtapers] Trading etiquette (Candace Horgan)
[COtapers] Trading etiquette (Matt C.)
$3 tapes (RE: Used tapes) (Matt C.)
$3 tapes (RE: Used tapes) (Seth Breidbart)
FT:3 Doors Down@Metropolis 10-14-02 (BlackCrowes@gmx.net)
FT:3DD@Metropolis 10-14-2002 (Part II) (BlackCrowes@gmx.net)

Volume 6, digest 509:
Selling Dat Tapes (Keith Bode)
DAT prices & selling used tape (david cohen)
Mofro is taper friendly (Joshua)
ZA2 and W2000? (Fred A)
need DDS drive assistance? (pwking)
selling DAT tapes (Mark McKay)
FS/FT: New Toshiba satellite 1805 (DMB6string92@aol.com)
selling DAT tapes (Mattwillia@aol.com)
Help needed. I can't see my OS8.6 machine on the W2K network. (JH)
Selling DAT tapes (John Bartol)
ZA2 and W2000? (Mark Mayhle)
Blank DATs (Mike B)
DAT deck remote controls (Mike B)
selling DAT tapes (gordon wilson)
AAE, The Church & Jesus Jones DAT Masters For Trade (Wayne Ellis)
Trading etiquette (Candace Horgan)
[COtapers] Trading etiquette (Joshua)
Tinsley Ellis taping policy (Jeff Holmgren)
FS: D-MIC 20 preamp/a-d converter $360 with battery (JHudson199@aol.com)
Best Mics? (Klay Anderson)

Volume 6, digest 508:
selling DAT tapes (John Tsalikes)
I.S.O. Landmine Benefit Dates (Mexminute@aol.com)
ISO: Interpol shows and stealth video advice (KindTaper@aol.com)
Dat-heads digest #506 (Jagjit Chadha)
[no subject] ( [no subject] )
FT: Springsteen Philly (Schoeps) (Drew Caruso)
Camper Van Beethoven 7-18-02, 7-19-02 available FT or B&P (pwking)
SV-3700 remote and rack mount for adoption (Stanley Lobitz)
FT-Rush-September 21, 2002 - MGM Grand. Las Vegas, NV (Marc Kim)
Best Mics? (Jason Green)
iso Diana Krall Tanglewood Jazz fest 2002 (Red Eye)
ISO: Dirtbombs (Matthew Thayer)

Volume 6, digest 507:
Newbie to DAT (John McMann)
2496 Audiophile card/software (Keith Bode)
New program: wdat -- for linux and audio capable DDS drives. (Wayne D. Hoxsie Jr.)
DAT-heads Digest #506 (Dgowc1st@aol.com)
FS or FT: Brand New matched set of ADK A-51 TL's (gottajiboo40@mac.com)
2496 Audiophile card/software (Duncan)
Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey trade (andy hopkins)
Extra TOO 11/29/02 FOB (DRider)
ISO: Television / Tom Verlaine / Richard Lloyd (Steven E. Rovner)
Turtle Beach - Santa Cruz soundcard. (Rawknya@aol.com)
Rolling Stones 9-22-02 Tower Theater B&P CDR offer (GaoBest@aol.com)
Question about AIWA HD-S200 (Alejandro Montiel)
Doing a hard limiter in Cool Edit (Mark Mayhle)
is anyone taping keller at stella blues?? (Stu Jones)
anyone seen/heard/used these mics... (William Draper)

Volume 6, digest 506:
Foo Fighters Supper Club NYC 10-31-02 (Brian Dowling)
Digital video tapers forum? (O'Rourke, Justin)
dual well cdr decks (Skiadikt@aol.com)
ISO: McCartney in St. Louis (Steve Marshall)
Fwd: Yohimbe Bros Taping (Joshua)
Fujifilm CDRs at Best Buy (Mark Mayhle)
2496 Audiophile card/software (Smagmapig333@aol.com)
FT: Springsteen Philadelphia 10/6/02 (Drew Caruso)
Extra DATS up for Grabs!!!!!!!!! (Jagjit Chadha)
iso MMW (Ross Carlson)
USB > RCA dig I/O cable? (Richmond Mike)
FS: 3 wooden DAT racks (John Joyce)
virus (Michael Parker)
GP DMIC-20 gain MOD! (Todd Romero)
DAT Giveaway (Bill Lakenan)
midiman co2 may not be bit-accurate/ jb3 progress (Mathias Rombach)
ISO Midwest tapers for upcoming Los Lobos shows (Dan Gale)
Lets trade ! (purple)

Volume 6, digest 505:
ISO sleater kinney club congress audio (grafixx@jps.net)
ISO Sony 7 Pin Digital (John McMann)
2496 Audiophile card/software (Duncan)
Springsteen - Stones (aneurhythms)
dat heads virus (Mike Hooker)
DAT-heads Digest #504 (MattB)
sorry, a CDR burning question (pronoblem)
FS: Core Sound 7 Pin Cable (Nick Graham)
Oade Micro Mics (Matthew Thayer)
Heads-Up !- Digestifier Infected with Virus (-bob)
byrds of a feather (Slipkid)
FT:THE MUSIC@Atomic Cafe Munich/Germany 10-09-02 (BlackCrowes@gmx.net)
Digest #503 (Scott Goodwin)
Yohimbe Bros taping policy (Joshua)
7-pin Digi-Cable for Sony Portable DATs still for sale... (*anonymized*)
Digest #503 (=?ISO-8859-1?Q?Se=E1n_Kennedy?=)
Digest #503 (Todd Romero)
Tom Petty October 15th 2002 (American-Digital)

Volume 6, digest 504:
Paging Matt Korman (Matthew Thayer)
ISO: JJ Cale Summer 2002 (Kowrzesz@aol.com)
2496 Audiophile card/software (David Toomey)
kevin shapiro?? (DAT-heads Digest #503) (Jack R. Lebowitz)
FS: AKG Rig (re-post) (Kris Kjellquist)
Strictly Bluegrass (Adam McMillen)
Oade bro mods (DRider)
ISO Robert Plant's recording from his latest tour (Laurent Hotte)
sorry, a CDR burning question (greg weston)
Sound cards that dont resample? (Greg)
Anyone Tape Jamgrass Seattle? (DCin10AC)
Problems with vdat and dat2wav (Will Foy)
CSC mics for sale (=?iso-8859-1?q?alberto=20agostini?=)
Re Oade Bros Mods (Spyro Bouras)
iso bob dylan 11-10-01 (Dave Stephens)
ISO Dylan Sacramento from last night (paul gluchanicz)
DATs FS as blank stock (JH)
ISO: Stones Roseland 9/30/2002 (Hirokazu Hara)
ISO any Oct. 2002 Dylan (Steve Trick)
FS: Sony PCM-M1 DAT (Brandon Ally)

Volume 6, digest 503:
ISO: clean copy of Prince 3-3-02 (pwking)
Oade bro mods (Bill J)
looking for ACL Trades (Boogie Shafer)
FOR TRADE Van Morrison Dublin 5-3 and 5-4 (dolphin smile)
Jeff Beck trade anyone? (John Fink Jr)
kevin shapiro?? ( kevin shapiro?? )
Bowie NYC tickets wanted (JBABC0CK@aol.com)
cmedia chip on soyo mobo (John Cotter)
Elvis Costello 10-7-02 For Trade (TCH)
Music To My Ears Benefit in Boston (tonight) (Chris Tashjian)
FT Springsteen - Boston & Philly (Dave M)
ISO (Eddie Woodward)
WTD: Gong, Uni of Errors, Charlie Hunter (JAZZPUNKER@aol.com)
NRPS/Dead@Wesleyan U. 5/3/70 1st Gen Aud Reels to trade or B&P (JPollQs@aol.com)

Volume 6, digest 502:
U2A in XP Help? ( U2A in XP Help? )
midiman co2 may not be bit-accurate/ jb3 progress (DRider)
stealth taping methods (Michael Parker)
for the Chapper.... (john e. bogus)
help with SV-3500 and recording from DAW (david@insight.rr.com)
Beacon Theater Taping/Security (Rbglea@aol.com)
some stealth taping FAQ's i have learned ... (Re: new to .... (Slipkid)
Advice on DAT recorders?? (daniel clayton)
fs - pre/mics : good for starters (Erich S)
"The Shining" (Jason Neely)
FT: Bruce Springsteen Boston (Drew Caruso)
Rush and Tool - extras for trade (James D. Kerr)
ISO Bruce in Philly and Dylan in Eugene (paul gluchanicz)
FT: Emmy Lou Harris - Strictly Bluegrass (Matthew Thayer)

Volume 6, digest 501:
ISO Stones Hartford 10/05/06 (mike lyons)
FT: Rush - Irvine Meadows 09-28-02 (Darryl Deyerle)
fs: schoeps mikes (=?iso-8859-1?q?Mr.Binaurals?=)
status of DAT-heads (L Sean Kennedy)
Chicago (John M. Tooley)
Creative Nomad Jukebox Survey -HELP ! (-bob)
FS:64-CD capacity Caselogic Nylon Wallets (Winnie)
midiman co2 may not be bit-accurate/ jb3 progress (Jamie Lutch)
Creative Nomad Jukebox Survey -HELP ! (Mark Mayhle)
midiman co2 may not be bit-accurate/ jb3 progress (Mark Mayhle)
new to stealthing (ISTEIN2@aol.com)
some stealth taping FAQ's i have learned ... (Re: new to stealthing) (Tyler Huff)
ft: elvis costello 9-25, 9-27, 9-28, 9-29, 10-1, 10-2-02 (Oleg Grinshpan)
W2K Digital Output - (Jason Neely)

Volume 6, digest 500:
luna on tour in europe (Stonecutter15@aol.com)
FS: DA-20mkII and DA-30mkII (Greg Starks)
F/T Bad Company Sheffield England (David Carroll)
Rush 9-14-02 B&P problems (Chris Mcgrath)
John Scofield taping policy (gottajiboo40@mac.com)
trade grovel: Saint Etienne UK tour/etc (GaoBest@aol.com)
FS: Sony D7 (again) (Stanley W. Smith)
Dylan set info (Jeff Franzreb)
rude comments.... (john e. bogus)
Supergrass/Black Sabbath (Digi Nerd)
dylan seattle 10-4 wanted (paul gluchanicz)
FS: Sony 7-pin (Andrew Kurzon)
ISO Queens of the Stone Age 10-4-02 (Edward Davis)
dylan seattle 10-4 wanted (Mark Mayhle)
FT: QOTSA 10/01/02 Denver (The Chapper)
new to stealthing (Thetes)
Oops, one more thing (Thetes)
W2K Digital Output - (l-dat)
stewart phantom power unit (Jeff Holmgren)