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Volume 7, digest 199:
ISO Tracy Chapman (tchapman livetrade)
New Member: Mike Miller from Milwaukee, WI (Michael Scott Miller)
Depeche Mode Tapers and Traders. (depechemode1993@mailftp.com)
Sony PCM-701ESD failure (Aaron Heller)
QUESTION: Dave Mathews Band Alpine valley (analog414@comcast.net)
Bruce Hornsby on Mountain Stage (Meurglys3@att.net)
weed re-offer: Neil Young Bonnaroo 2003 matrix version (D Heatherly)

Volume 7, digest 198:
Taper Needed: 8/7/04 Natalie Merchant @ Edmonton Folk Festival (Justin)
DV Video + DAT audio (Gary Davis)
Need Tapers in Boston Area: Curiosa Festival, Melvins, Sonic Yout (Schofield, William)
For trade: 11/7/75 Keith&DonnaBand/Kingfish@The Beacon (JPollQs@aol.com)
iso daniel lanois/love with arthur lee (dolphin smile)
I/S/O Mark Lanegan Euro Tapers (P. Florin)
I/S/O Blind Melon shows... (P. Florin)
FS: Extra Coventry Ticket -- SOLD (Pat Moughan)
Jack Johnson, 2004 Neville Brothers (Pat Warner)
FS: Ecocharge Sigma Plus Battery system for D-7/8/100 or M-1 (KindTaper@aol.com)

Volume 7, digest 197:
ISO The Fall 2002-04 (TRANEHEAD@aol.com)
Stones live at Leeds on the Beeb (Keith Bode)
Stones live at Leeds on the Beeb (Dave Chapman)
ISO: T In The Park, Oxegen Festival, others (Schofield, William)
ISO Toronto FM taper august 9th The Cure (Andrew .)
WeeN video help (Bob S.)
MC5 taping policy? (rappard@dds.nl)
looking for jim carroll shows on cdr (cheeseguy usuck)
New Primera cd/dvd printer (Joe Navalance)
FS: Extra Coventry Ticket (Pat)
Gear for Sale (Brad Poulin)
Manual needed for Edirol UA-5 (JH)
Needed: Seattle-area portable deck or ADC (Mark Mayhle)
Fwd: failure notice (tom groff)
van halen 2004 (tom groff)

Volume 7, digest 196:
Manitoba Summerfest / "Legends".. results (Derrick Belbas)
Stones live at Leeds on the Beeb (Colin Liston)
FS: Dorsey Mod Oktava MK-012 Full Matched Cap Set (Chris M.)
FS: Dorsey Mod Oktava MK-012 Full Matched Cap Set (Chris M.)
iso: Melt Banana Japan tapers (Geoff/Morgan)
any way to bring down vocals + bring up guitars on tape? (avps)

Volume 7, digest 195:
Update on IDing these Nak/Sony/Teac capsules/windscreens: Got (JH)
Question: cleaning tapes (level43@juno.com)
Rolling Rock Town Fair 5- Latrobe, PA (Brian Dowling, DPM)
FS: Sony TCD-D8 and associated stuff. (zach)
Joni Mitchell - Philadelphia 1976 (KindTaper@aol.com)
ISO AKG CK4 figure eight capsule (Joe Thierry)
Sparta? (KindTaper@aol.com)

Volume 7, digest 194:
Please identify these capsules and windscreens (Paul K.)
weed re-offer: Neil Young Bonnaroo 2003 matrix version (Jim Kelly)
ISO '04 Kate Wolf Festival (michael ryan)
Repair of analog in jack on D100 (Mark Mayhle)
ISO Nak CP-4 windscreen (Chris Mcgrath)

Volume 7, digest 193:
Anyone tape the Delays? (Dave Chapman)
Sirius Radio (Keith Bode)
Please identify these capsules and windscreens (JH)

Volume 7, digest 192:
ISO: Crossroads Festival 2004 (Geetarz)
ISO: Crossroads Festival 2004 (Dave Chapman)
Battery Operated DVDR/Flash Memory Archiver (Phil Thenstedt)
FS: Tascam DA-P1 w/ extended warranty (low hours) (Dave Maley)
iso:Jim Hirte (Geoff/Morgan)
anyone tape siren 2nd stage or dnc boston shows? (avps)
Nomad (Alan Saferstein)

Volume 7, digest 191:
ISO: Crossroads Festival 2004 (Dave Chapman)
ISO: Boston Area Tapers (Schofield, William)
Melvins Tour - Boston (Schofield, William)
Nomad (Saint Steven)
Request for L.A. Taper - Joni Mitchell (KindTaper@aol.com)
Subject: The future of Live recordings (Gordon Gidluck)
Hillside Festival - Guelph (David Murray)
FW: There ought to be a law! (Slipkid)
joe walsh on tour with STP members (Slipkid)
Leo Kottke Tape Policy? (Kenneth Dudzik)
BT: Praxis 6/11/04 bonnaroo dpa 4022 (Benjamin Cho)

Volume 7, digest 190:
The future of Live recordings (Alfredo Caprio)
ISO: Crossroads Festival 2004 (Geetarz)
Anyone tape the Delays? (KindTaper@aol.com)
ISO Jackson Brown 7/25/04 Konocti Harbor Resort (Bill Craven)
Manitoba Summerfest (Derrick Belbas)
daniel lanois tampa 7-30 (dolphin smile)

Volume 7, digest 189:
CSN - Shelburne VT (Winnie)
FW: There ought to be a law! (Keith Bode)
Gear for Sale (zach)
ISO: Joan Osborne 2cd Dead comp (Eric Eckberg)
ISO: Black Rider (Daniel Potter)
information please (Stephen J Walker)
ISO Elvis Costello - O'Keeffe Center, Toronto (Philip Dinhofer)
Misc. cables for sale (Bill J)
for sale (Les Gordon & www.musicworldpa.com)
WASP (Colin Liston)

Volume 7, digest 188:
FS: Denecke PS-1 power supplies (Paul Chrostowski)
.md5 question (Randy Vogel)
FW: There ought to be a law! (Meurglys3@att.net)
laundry (Tim Alexander) (Kyle Gustin)
ISO leonard cohen tribute show nyc 28june03 (michael lopez)

Volume 7, digest 187:
FS/FA: Schoeps VMS_5u preamp (todd romero)
ISO: Michigan Tapers (Schofield, William)
Shows for blank cdr's (or DAT's) (Schofield, William)
Fwd: failure notice (tom groff)
Rush 7-16-04 Phoenix (tom groff)
Sony PCM R500 (Keith Bode)
Semi brickwalling question--help (Mark J. O Donnell)
Tascam DA-30 manual (Richie Taliani)
looking for a couple traders (cheeseguy usuck)

Volume 7, digest 186:
Taping Outdoors (Gary Davis)
Sony PCM R500 (anthony patrizio)
Taper for prince chicago HOB (jim sori)
They Might Be Giants (C Matthews)
Looking for new trades (BCLedfoot@aol.com)
FS: Sennheisers 441N (Anelena Fowler)
Philips CD burner remote needed (BCLedfoot@aol.com)
ISO - Rush 7-12-04 Marysville (Sac Amp) (CC)
Black Crowes/Ten Years After/Eric Johnson and more available (BCLedfoot@aol.com)

Volume 7, digest 185:
Chicago FM Taper Need for this Sunday (Tom Brennan)
nak 300 batteries (Jason Carroll)
J McMurtry taping policy (swsmith@ix.netcom.com)
FS: Lunatec V2 Serial # V002 (swsmith@ix.netcom.com)
They Might Be Giants - TAPING POLICY? (thesmashingpumpkins-33@juno.com)

Volume 7, digest 184:
J McMurtry taping policy (Don Landis)
J McMurtry taping policy (DeMatt Harkins)
DVD-R content (Joe Navalance)
FS: Sony 75ES (Art Munson)
J McMurtry taping policy (Stephen Brown)
Tape Hiss Reduction Help (Kenneth Dudzik)
FS: Lunatec V2 Serial # V002 (swsmith@ix.netcom.com)
FT: shows on DAT for blanks (Robert & Karen)
FT: Sting, Annie Lenox, & Dominic Miller 07/18/04 Tweeter Center, Tinley Park, IL (Kenneth Dudzik)
Counting Crows Merriwehter Post 7.22.04 ( Counting Crows Merriwehter Post 7.22.04 )
media supply (Toby & Karen Germano)
Nak 300 batteries (david gatewood)

Volume 7, digest 183:
J McMurtry taping policy (Dan McDonnell)
RE: FS: Sony 75ES ( RE: FS: Sony 75ES )
FS: Sony 75ES (Seth Breidbart)
Looking for Kevin Sheets (Enrico Perissinotto)
FS: Lunatec V2 Serial # V002 (Michel Pacifici)
FS: D8 + Coventry ISO (Jordan Braunstein)

Volume 7, digest 182:
Mogwai taping policy (Martin van Rappard)
The Dead on Leno tonight (TUE) (Gary Davis)
311/Roots/MWW tour taper friendly (Mick)
7pin to coax question? (snuffyus64)
FS: Sony 75ES (Art Munson)
Australian (Melbourne) FM tapers (Brian Gemborys)
FS: Taping Gear (Marc Becker)

Volume 7, digest 181:
FS: Dmic-20 44.1 kHz (Middleton, Scott D.)
mogwai taping policy? (Colin Liston)
FS: 1 ticket to RUSH Nissan - VA (David Murray)

Volume 7, digest 180:
ISO Tapers for Los Lobos Shows (Dan Gale)
ISO: Axis of Justice Tapers (Clint)
iso LOVE shows (dolphin smile)
Robert Randolph 7-16-04 St. Louis FT (Danny T)
taping policy q's for Mum, Alanis, Barenaked Ladies (and venues) (David Mobley)
CSN allow taping? BTAT is vague (Winnie)
FS: Audio Magic X-tremes, D100, Active 7-pin ()

Volume 7, digest 179:
ISO : shows of Sonic Youth (appleweeder)
thanks for all the responses regarding the D7 manual (Bruce Burnett)
DATS (and other blank media) (Sim)
Looking for someone to travel to Coventry with (Bocabob)
DAT tape prices? (Dan Gale)
Fwd: failure notice (tom groff)
velvet revolver on leno (tom groff)
Tape prices... (michael ryan)
FS: Denecke AD-20 and New Blank Dat tapes (MTM20@aol.com)

Volume 7, digest 178:
ISO: Classical Music(orchestra)/Hindustani/Roma/Celtic Music (Masato Kato)
inquiry about listing a show (Ryan Gear)
DAT tape prices? (Sean Cartwright)
For Trade: Complete 2/7/70 Airplane,Hot Tuna & Its A Beautiful Day (JPollQs@aol.com)
Coventry Roadtrip, someone need a ride? (imissmybus@earthlink.net)
ISO: Coventry Extra...w/ BWT (john crouch)
32nd anniv of first Dead and Allmans (casey)

Volume 7, digest 177:
Pink Floyd Chicago '77 (the ratcatcher)
ISO: T In The Park, Oxegen Festival, etc.... (Schofield, William)
ISO: Patti Smith Bonnaroo Set and Other Shows. (Rjerehnson@aol.com)
D7 manual (Jason Carroll)
Going price on used gear?? (zach)
ISO more recent CD info... (michael ryan)
FS: Sony D7 DAT (Ken Mininger)
Taping policy re: Wilco , Gomez, Modest Mouse (Michael guess)
someone on the list has..... (Slipkid)

Volume 7, digest 176:
selling dennon avr5800 (Les Gordon & www.musicworldpa.com)
Burn Rome Burn (Chicago, Cleve., Lex., Louis.) Tapers Needed (Chris Black)
ISO Kate Wolf Festival (michael ryan)
Joel Osteen in Atlanta - anyone tape? (KindTaper@aol.com)
needed D7 manual (Bruce Burnett)
Santana Crossroads setlist? (Gary Davis)

Volume 7, digest 175:
ISO : Geof (TRANEHEAD@aol.com) (appleweeder)
Taping KRecs bands (Kay von)
FS: Sony R300 complete (last post before ebay) (jcarvalh)
Anyone tape Newburyport MA Riverfront Fest? (Jonatha Brooke/Grant Lee Phillips) (Jim Kelly)
iso Daniel Lanois (dolphin smile)
ISO: Modest Mouse Tapers (Christopher D Gacek)
ISO: Smile tour trades (Richard Levy)
2004 Little Feat Euro Tour (Chris Cafiero)

Volume 7, digest 174:
ISO / FT -- Souad Massi & Lila Downs (Matthew Thayer)
Good deal on "Japan" DVD-Rs at Office Depot (Gary Davis)
ISO Taper for Berlin/Germany ,Amsterdam/Netherlands and London/U.K. (Michael Kiefer)
camera obscura (jv)
Forget Regan, put RAY CHARLES on the $10 (DHami44862@aol.com)
Glastonbury Tapers? 2004.. (RIANGIE3@aol.com)
spam: rig for sale (montana shawn)
ISO: Dickey Betts Beloit ,WI (Joe & Gen Reed)

Volume 7, digest 173:
Avery Fisher Hall Security (Rbglea@aol.com)
ISO: Television DAT Trades (Rbglea@aol.com)

Volume 7, digest 172:
FS: PCM-M1 - approx. 75 hrs. on heads (Rich Hammond)
re: taping Guitar Shorty ( re: taping Guitar Shorty )
Looking for people to tape The Foxx (Karl Frinkle)

Volume 7, digest 171:
re; Taping Guitar Shorty (michael ryan)
ISO Kulica shows (michael ryan)
ISO some recent shows (Smashmark@aol.com)
FS - Stereo phantom power -> 1/8" - Beachtek DXA-6 (Erich S)
Need to sell: Fostex D5 ( Need to sell: Fostex D5 )
iso: Shellac, AMT, Melt Banana recent shows (Geoff/Morgan)
DAT Lottery Now Closed (Mike Bone)

Volume 7, digest 170:
Sharing the Groove Down? (David Sadowski)
FS: Sony D100 Portable DAT (Mike Lerman)
iso: the Chapper aka Mr. Ween (Geoff/Morgan)
sharing the groove status (dwb)
Again; JJ Cale in Chicago? Anyone? Bueller? (TheSchoolNerd@aol.com)
ISO: Non-Stealth Tapers for Upcoming Chris Whitley shows (Kenneth Dudzik)
Mic2496/D100 issue (Mark Mayhle)

Volume 7, digest 169:
DAT-heads Digest #168- EXCELLENT question (NOT Ignorant question) (acffh)
Ignorant question / erasing tapes (john e. bogus)
Ramblin' Jack Elliott tapers (The Williams')
tentative FS: Sony DTC-ZE700 DAT deck (Javi Dieguez)
Guitar Shorty taping (Mark McKay)
new ultra small computer (Eliot Byron)

Volume 7, digest 168:
Sufjan Stevens taping? (KindTaper@aol.com)
ISO/WTB: Schoeps VMS02 (Greg)
Ignorant question (jpff@codemist.co.uk)
Guitar Shorty taping? (Colin Liston)
ISO: Simon & Garfunkel 7-03-04 Las Vegas (Steven Shaw)
Primus tapers (BCLedfoot@aol.com)
ABB from Gorge (jeff travitz)
ISO: tapers for some RAQ shows... (SnowRide@aol.com)
FS Neumann KM140s & LC3 Cables (bfand)

Volume 7, digest 167:
Iso: Nightwish (ALF)
ISO Velvet Revolver TICKET 7-29 NJ (Keith Bear)
tech help (Joe Penczak)
bigger batteries needed for worlds longest concert (Eliot Byron)
ISO: Wallflowers 6/19/04 Slims (J. Ricci)
FS: Oade Mod SBM-1 (Mike D)
Neil @ Bonnaroo offer closed (Steve Marshall)
FREE shows on DAT to a good home (Dead, JGB, RD, Phish) (Mike Bone)

Volume 7, digest 166:
Joes Pub (h Grape Minkoff)
Joes Pub (h Grape Minkoff)
Jerry Cantrell (BCLedfoot@aol.com)
FS: Layla24 24/96 Digital Soundcard (ImGoinMad)
D Battery Sled (Steve Randolph)

Volume 7, digest 165:
ISO: Jane's Addiction tapers (Bill Graham)
joe's pub? (michael lopez)
ISO Crossroads Fest shows (Jim Kelly)
reoffer - Dan's sbd/aud matrix of Neil Young 6/13/03 (DTS 5.1) (stevem)
Rush Show Length (sec1968@ezl.com)
Antigone Rising (Sim)

Volume 7, digest 164:
ISO: Eric Johnson Stealth Taper in Texas (Kenneth Dudzik)
Rush show length (Cruz, Charles)
FS: Sony PCM-M1 (James Ballen)

Volume 7, digest 163:
Van Halen Hershey (Justin Greenwood)
FS: Tascam DA-20 mkII & Sony DTC-59ES home decks... (Justin)
Femi Kuti - Bonnarroo (Matthew Thayer)
For Sale: PCM-M1 w/Pro-Digital coax in/out 7 pin (passive) (Bill J)
GD DAT Liquidation (Dan Gale)
taping at El Rey in LA? (Stephen Brown)
Stealth Binaural Mics FS (Dan Gale)

Volume 7, digest 162:
Anyone taping 3 Doors Down this July ?!? (Michael Kiefer)
soundcard on notebook running linux - anybody have some advice? (John R. Vanderpool)
JJ Cale in Chicago Tonight? (TheSchoolNerd@aol.com)
ISO Jackson Browne '04 (David Danek)
Marantz CDR500 owners/Taiyo Yuden blank media (Stefan Morosky)
* ISO Taper July 5 and July 31st Marin County - Will Cover Costs (Music Is Special)

Volume 7, digest 161:
Bad Discs (Jeff Shirkey)
FS: Sony R300 complete. (jcarvalh)
Philips HDD100 15GB Recording Audio Jukebox (Daniel Sisler)
FS: Floyd Fest tickets (James Hobbs)
sts9/saxton DATs (Jimmy Stiefel)
sts9/saxton DATs (M S)
Bonnaroo FLAC Downloads!!! With Mp3 Samples (chris berryman)
Bonnaroo FLAC Downloads!!! With Mp3 Samples (chris berryman)
Queens of the Stone Age/Nebula tapers WTD (BCLedfoot@aol.com)

Volume 7, digest 160:
Naugahyde (Toby & Karen Germano)
AIR (French Band) from Southside Festival Germany, June 27, 2004 (rombachm@gmx.de)
anybody have complete audio from muddy waters tribute in 1997? (John R. Vanderpool)
ISO Nick Layman & BWT Offer (Tim Call)
sts9 / Saxton DATs (M S)
Anyone going to the Green River Festival (Greenfield, MA 7/17)? (Jim Kelly)
FT: Sony 7-pin cables (Michael Miller)
ISO: Sting 2004 shows (Rogier van der Gugten)
Sting / Anyone taping his new USA tour? ( Sting / Anyone taping his new USA tour? )
Philips HDD100 15GB Recording Audio Jukebox (Mark Mayhle)

Volume 7, digest 159:
WTD: D8, D100 or M1 (Jofa Jofa)
west coast tapers (?) (Slipkid)
Red Elvises 8/22/03 (Richard Levy)
ISO Los Angeles Tapers (Christopher D Gacek)

Volume 7, digest 158:
ISO: A few shows (Schofield, William)
Looking for lots of stuff!! (Schofield, William)
FS: Sony TCD-D100 DAT (Jazzman)
ISO: MMW November 14 + 15 2003 (Mike Vescovo)
iso: Depeche Mode from "Violator" tour 1989-90 (KindTaper@aol.com)
"Madviolet" Taping (David Murray)

Volume 7, digest 157:
Guitar Shorty taping policy (Keith Bode)
Fwd: Syncing two recordings & 100% Accurate sound/McCreadie's real (tom groff)
Syncing two recordings & 100% Accurate sound/McCreadie's real (tom groff)

Volume 7, digest 156:
Aud-Aud Matrix Mixing (David Sadowski)
Syncing two recordings & 100% Accurate sound/McCreadie's real (JH)
What can you record with a TiVo? (Gary Davis)
Synching Two Recordings (American-Digital)
Grady ? (Michael)
DMB Hershey, PA 7/10/04 (jmtooley@ce.net)
Guitar Shorty taping policy? (Colin Liston)
ISO Midwest Tapers (Dan Gale)
FS: Neumann KM140s with stereo kit (Trey Woodruff)
* ISO Taper July 5 and July 31st Marin County (Music Is Special)

Volume 7, digest 155:
ISO Meltdown 04 shows (TRANEHEAD@aol.com)
Jazz Fusion tapers? (Rico Maj)
drummers request (Rico Maj)
Cure swap (anthony patrizio)
FS: Lunatec V2, SBM1, D8 (Nick Graham)
iso Doc Watson from bonnaroo (gordon wilson)
Trade: David Byrne Chicago for Ann Arbor (DAVEDARC@aol.com)
Synching Two Recordings (Tom McCreadie)
FS: Eric Clapton 6/29 MSG Ticket (Rbglea@aol.com)
FS: Sound Devices MP-2 ( FS: Sound Devices MP-2 )
Super Deal on TiVo/DVD Player (Gary Davis)

Volume 7, digest 154:
Synching Two Recordings (David Sadowski)
FS: Pair of DPA 4061and Sonic Studio DSM-3's (Jan Freise)
ISO: L Sean Kennedy (Tierney, James)
Arvid Steinbach (BCLedfoot@aol.com)
is patti smith open taping (Ed Buckel)
ISO: Strokes Tapers (SERIOUS REQUEST) (Schofield, William)
ISO..... (ericB)

Volume 7, digest 153:
Rik Emmett 6/26/04 Duluth, GA (king lerxst)
synching up different dat sources (m s)
ISO: Yo La Tengo 5/29/04 Fillmore, San Francisco (john van)
FS: Eric Clapton/Gund Arena (Jeff Franzreb)

Volume 7, digest 152:
WTD Van Halen Worcester 6/19/04 (BCLedfoot@aol.com)
Jeff Buckley at Barrister's in Memphis (KindTaper@aol.com)
anyone tape mc5 at black cat wdc 6/18/04? (avps)
ISO Therapy? (ijwthstd)
Looking for Crossroads Festival (ijwthstd)
Anyone interested in going Video or DV > DVD? (KindTaper@aol.com)

Volume 7, digest 151:
ISO: Crossroads 2004 / FT: Clapton Miami 2004 (Geetarz)
New York Dolls - London RFH tapers (Alex Cohen)
dats for blanks (John L)
ISO Los Lobos set from Bonnaroo (Dan Gale)
Jimmie's Chicken Shack (Brian Dowling)
ISO: Patty Griffin, Chicago, 5/15/04 (Jeff Shirkey)

Volume 7, digest 150:
ISO auf der maur tapers (Andrew .)
Fwd: velvet revolver (tom groff)

Volume 7, digest 149:
MUSE, tapers during last US / Canada tour? (=?iso-8859-1?q?Reynaud=20Jonathan?=)
FS: Cure Tickets - Toronto (Fares Halteh)
FS: Portabrace AO2u Audio Bag (Trey Woodruff)
I.S.O. Los Lonely Boys (mexminute@comcast.net)
devendra banhart + vetiver on tour now across america (shane b)
Recommend cable/soundcard for doing DAT Transfers... (Maria Aguirre)
Recommend a CD Burner? (DCA)
recommendation needed (Steve Marshall)

Volume 7, digest 148:
ISO: Belle & Sebastian (Brian Gemborys)
The Bags / taping at The Middle East?? (john e. bogus)
They Might Be Giants Starting 2004-5 Tour (C Matthews)
Test message (Dan Kohn)
Recommend a CD Burner? (Dan Kohn)
Recommend a CD Burner? (Wayne Hoxsie)
Correction on Galactic/Last Call NBC (Gary Davis)
FS: Audio Technica AT4051a's (david gatewood)
woe is me / iTunes won't burn DAO / SBE trouble? (acffh)
ISO Dead Bonnaroo set (Chris Mcgrath)
ISO Dead Bonnaroo set (Wayne D. Hoxsie Jr.)

Volume 7, digest 147:
FT: Angelique Kidjo w/ Santana 6/10/04 plus Joan Jett 6/15/04 (Matthew Thayer)
Slint SBDs (rappard@dds.nl)
Subject: MC5 reunion tour....is taping allowed? (h Grape Minkoff)
Wilco /w Nels on Letterman Wed Night (Gary Davis)
ISO: Lost DAP1 at Bonnaroo (Doc Watson) (Benjamin Cho)
iso: Tapers for Shellac Tour this week (geofry@speedsite.com)
DAT recorder question (henry )
Galactic on Last Call Wed Night (Gary Davis)

Volume 7, digest 146:
DAT-heads Digest #145/ Re: Advice on archiving DATs (acffh)
new email addy (john e. bogus)
MC5 reunion tour....is taping allowed? (john e. bogus)
Hidden Hand European tour (john e. bogus)
BWT (RIP) (john e. bogus)
correction! (john e. bogus)
Stealth taping at Red Rocks (Andrew Dunn)
ATTN: Dave Matthews Tapers (Sim)
ISO: Casket Lottery recent tour (KindTaper@aol.com)
Slint (KindTaper@aol.com)
Slint repair request (KindTaper@aol.com)

Volume 7, digest 145:
FS: 2 20th row center Ben Folds/Rufus Wainwright at Ravinia, IL (Lerdawg@aol.com)
Funny taper cartoon and offer (KindTaper@aol.com)
ISO: KCRW Taper for The Dresden Dolls 6/24 9AM + Lollapalooza tapers WTD (David Mobley)
WTD: bay area metal band - "security" (amish_rake_fight)
Anniversary (Eliot Byron)
Advice on archiving DATs (James B. Wilkinson)
Manual needed (Stefan Morosky)
Simon & Garfunkel Cincinnatti 6/20/04 (roy dripps)

Volume 7, digest 144:
DAT-heads Digest #143 / Advice on archiving DATs (acffh)
ISO: Bruce Springsteen DATs (Antonino Giannetto)
ANy Tracy Chapman Traders (tchapman livetrade)
Dylan at Bonaroo WTD (dolphin smile)
FS: entire rig (second attempt) (Matt Shudtz)

Volume 7, digest 143:
Ray Charles (scott pendleton)
RIP Ray Charles closed (casey)
ISO: setlists for Crossroads (casey)
Advice on archiving DATs (Dr BA Styne)
Alison Krauss in Atlanta (KindTaper@aol.com)

Volume 7, digest 142:
Seeking info - Ipod, taping, mics (Kimberly Long)
hi, 1x used DATs? (Steven Nilsen)
FT:New queens of the Stone Age show (1998) (BCLedfoot@aol.com)
LAST CALL: looking for input for Buddy Guy video compilations (John R. Vanderpool)
Clapton Summer Tour 2004 (Geetarz)
90 minute CD-R blanks/Mac (Richard Levy)
ISO: RW 99-02 Tour (T. Simpson)
RIP Mr. Charles & bp (casey)

Volume 7, digest 141:
ISO: Jolie Holland, Rosie Thomas, Nina Nastasia, Madonna (karatebabies)
Eric Johnson on XM radio (can someone tape?) (Danny T)
WANTED: Crossroads texas fest from hi-qual feed (John R. Vanderpool)
JJ Cale Taping Friendly? (DRider)
Free 302 offer closed. (CCage@aol.com)
FS: entire rig (Matt Shudtz)

Volume 7, digest 140:
Television taping policy? (rappard@dds.nl)
DA-P1 power supply (Bonnie & Cleve Svetlik)
FS 1 Bonnaroo VIP ticket (MarkS Barnett)
Questions about security at Hersheypark Stadium (Todd Bainbridge)
oade cable for sale (Eric Nelson)
WASP Taping (ijwthstd)
ISO: Aerosmith, Beck, and others (Schofield, William)
ISO: The Strokes shows (Schofield, William)
Rock am Ring 2004 (=?iso-8859-1?q?Gary?=)
"Free" DA302 offer (CCage@aol.com)
Burning Spear taping policy? (Colin Liston)
MMW 6/21 (John Florek)

Volume 7, digest 139:
FS: Norah Jones Tickets @ Blossom Music Theater Cuyahoga Falls OH (Fares Halteh)
WASP taping? (Colin Liston)
ISO: Bruce Springsteen DATs (Antonino Giannetto)
For Trade: COMPLETE SBDs of 4-15-70 Dead,Airplane&Quicksilver (JPollQs@aol.com)
DA-P1 power supply (Charles Quinn)
For Sale: PCM-M1 w/Pro-Digital coax in/out 7 pin (passive) + Otari CDR-18 burner (Bill J)
WTD-Core Sound mics/Sony D7 (BCLedfoot@aol.com)
ISO:Jeff Beck 5/13/72 Chicago (BCLedfoot@aol.com)
ISO: Patty Griffin, Joe Satriani, Eric Johnson (Jeff Shirkey)
ISO: Scott Henderson,Tribal Tech (Jeff Shirkey)

Volume 7, digest 138:
Tasca DA-P1 Power Supply Problems (Carlos Martinez)
Clapton Guitar fest (casey)
Velvet Revolver (BCLedfoot@aol.com)
ISO: Bruce Springsteen DATs (Antonino Giannetto)
Taping Crossroads festival (casey)
F/S: Soundman OKM II R Microphones (Christopher D Gacek)
Iso: Bill Morganfield (alf)

Volume 7, digest 137:
NAUGAHYDE in Sonoma (Toby & Karen Germano)
ISO Sam Bush 6/3/04 Mexicalli Blues (Brendan Murphy)
ISO: Tracy Chapman Live Shows (tchapman livetrade)
Crossroads Guitar Fest on Dish Network (Gary Davis)
ISO: Honeydogs and/or Dolly Varden Shows (ckc)
FS: Lunatec V3 (Jason Barbour)
fs: extra Warren Haynes 6/7-8-9 (casey)
Sirius satellite radion & Crossroads guitar fest (Eric Peterson)
FS: ADK A-51 TLs, MBHO 603/ka200, Shure Shockmounts (Nick Graham)
live & RCPM 6/7 (Marlene Planko)
wob for recent ticket sales (casey)
Trouble (Kyle Gustin)

Volume 7, digest 136:
ISO Crossroads Guitar Festival Tapers (Dan Gale)
FYI: Fillmore San Francisco (Matthew Thayer)
CLAPTON at Dallas Guitar Fest June 4-6 - Anyone receiving Sirius Satellite Radio?? (MAL BARKER)
Taper friendly: Piamenta & DJ Logic, 6/10 @ Mexicali Blues (ognelson@uchicago.edu)
Andy Summers @ the 1st World Guitar Congress (Kenneth Dudzik)
Taper friendly: Heavenly Jams Band (Oteil Burbridge and Piamenta) 6/16 (ognelson@uchicago.edu)
Help transfering DATs to CD-Rs (Brian S. Williams)
Tapes (Musicfan)
Tascam DA-P1 Power Supply Problems (Musicfan)
FS: Neumann SKM-140s (Nick Culbreth)

Volume 7, digest 135:
I.S.O. Lucinda Williams Set Lists (h Grape Minkoff)
tapes (Steve Sanford)
PJ Harvey (kount yansurak)
FS: MBHO 603As, Denecke AD-20, CSBs (Robert & Karen)
Sonic Youth: 6/10/98: source info needed (rappard@dds.nl)

Volume 7, digest 134:
I.S.O. Lucinda Williams Set Lists (mexminute@comcast.net)
Las Vegas / Aaron Lewis acoustic (vikas b)
Cowboy Junkies/Shawn Colvin (Eric Peterson)
Need Tapers For J Mascis and The Fog West (with Dave Schools and Kyle Spence) coast tour (Richard S. Campbell)
Rogier Lieshout (=?iso-8859-1?q?John=20Barnes?=)
Vince Neil Las Vegas taper? (BCLedfoot@aol.com)

Volume 7, digest 133:
FS: 3 Warren Haynes 6/9 tix (casey)
FS: 1 for Warren Haynes 6/8 (casey)
ISO George Harrison shows (GaoBest@aol.com)
Music File Too Big For 80 Minute Disk (Dave Chapman)
iso: yo la tengo/bonnie prince billy (jv)
still ISO HOT TUNA 2-18-04 WPB FL (dolphin smile)
Nebula (vikas b)
Shawn Colvin taping policy? (Eric Peterson)
Velvet Revolver tapers (BCLedfoot@aol.com)
Music File Too Big For 80 Minute Disk (csnmusic)
They Might Be Giants (C Matthews)
a strange Joy Division request (KindTaper@aol.com)

Volume 7, digest 132:
Anyone need an Emagic Audiowerks2 card? (Bill Wilner)
ISO: The Black Keys (Wade Cooper)
FS: Oade m248 and more (Wade Cooper)
ISO pixies/melt banana (TRANEHEAD@aol.com)
ISO George Harrison shows (TRANEHEAD@aol.com)
DAT-heads Digest #130 (Bill Hance)
fs: 2 bonnaroo tix (Scott C. Brown 02)
Yo La Tengo Southern tour (Kenneth Thomas)

Volume 7, digest 131:
KISS Japan Tour (hiroyuki tanaka)
John Bogus (Kyle Gustin)
ISO Sleater-Kinney tapers (Bill Graham)
pt 2 of Trey/Phish on Charilie Rose coming up (Gary Davis)
ALD (thesmashingpumpkins-33@juno.com)
Ricks Master Recordings (analog414@comcast.net)

Volume 7, digest 130:
Music File Too Big For 80 Minute Disk (csnmusic)
Music File Too Big For 80 Minute Disk (Seth Breidbart)
ALD (me@sloppyjoe.net)
ALD (me@sloppyjoe.net)
ALD (me@sloppyjoe.net)
ALD (me@sloppyjoe.net)
ald (me@sloppyjoe.net)
ALD (Sloppy Joe)
KCRW Taper needed Wed June 2nd (Daniel Crowell)
Looking for EJ, Strokes (Danny T)
Shoulder-mounted mics (Gary Davis)
europe tapers still needed for a couple of shows (Candace Horgan)
FS: 6-volt 7ah power supply - for summer tour "juice" (Winnie)
Velvet Revolver tapers? (BCLedfoot@aol.com)
DAT LIQUIDATION - Cheese and more (c k)

Volume 7, digest 129:
Cloning DVDs on eMac? (Bill Wilner)
Better to burn out, then to fade away.... (DAVEDARC@aol.com)
More chances to see Trey (Gary Davis)
phish - Charlie Rose (DAT-heads Digest #128) (Jack R. Lebowitz)
Trey on Charlie Rose (KindTaper@aol.com)
agf: PLQ 12/31/01 bp (casey)
Trey on Charlie Rose (todd romero)
Card catalogs--CHEAP--in Chicago area (ognelson@uchicago.edu)
OT: Stop "INSTALL ON DEMAND" Now! (Gary Davis)

Volume 7, digest 128:
Do you hate Clear Channel yet... ( Do you hate Clear Channel yet... )
Frontline: "When did the Money become more important than the Music?" (Gary Davis)
clear channel always the winner (DBC)
phish - Charlie Rose (Matthew Thayer)
DAT-heads Digest #127 (MattB)
Do you hate Clear Channel yet... (Seth Breidbart)
Correction! OM trio ISO 2003 onstage taper (Richard)
Alice in Chains tapers (BCLedfoot@aol.com)

Volume 7, digest 127:
ISO: Local H / Nebula tour tapers (PLEASE READ!!!) (cale w.)
burning CD-Rs with Windows 2003 ? (Bill Hance)
Phish announce break-up after Summer Tour (misty mckusick)
phish call's it quit's (DHami44862@aol.com)
Phantom Power on Y-split (Martin)
Clear channel is always the winner (casey)
DAT Liquidation part one - gone (Brad Burleson)
Clear channel is always the winner (David Carmean)
summer soundtrack (K.A. Long)
ISO: Onstage Taper Om Trio High Sierra '04 (Richard)
Trey on Charlie Rose tonight! (WED) (Gary Davis)
tapes (Steve Sanford)
tapes (Seth Breidbart)

Volume 7, digest 126:
Preventing misload in portables (Gary Davis)
HSFstival The Cure 22-05-2004 (Shane Joyce)
ISO- Jewel, late show, 5/22/04 (John Florek)
New JamBand Discussion Group (Stu Jones)
Clear Channel - Instant Live CDs patent (Long) (Music Is Special)

Volume 7, digest 125:
My Morning Jacket (Nick Graham)
mics for sale (scott pendleton)
ISO Brides of Destruction (Jason Johnson)
Maxell vs Sony for 3 hour tapes in a D8 (Adams, Mark A.)
Fishbone taping (Colin Liston)
My Morning Jacket = taper friendly (Jason Carroll)
ISO: Phish Saratoga Tapers (ronald cavellier)
searchable digest archive? (DCA)
ISO Therapy? on Bruce Dickinson's radio show (ijwthstd)
The Who, Mansfield, MA 5/20/04 (Slipkid)
DAT liquidation part one. (Brad Burleson)
FS: Sony Vaio C1VN Picturebook (jjjewett)
ISO: Dave "Bluestraveler" (Jim Kelly)
Peter Himmelman policy (Mark Mayhle)
FS: Rolls PB224 Phantom Power 48v dual channel (jjjewett)

Volume 7, digest 124:
iso: d100 remote (todd romero)
ISO-Eric G Postel (spyro)
ISO: The Who, Mansfield, MA 5/20/04 (Jim Kelly)
Todd Rundgren Florida shows (tomcannon@higherfidelity.net)
My Morning Jacket (Steve Randolph)
Phantom Power on Y-split, single microphone (Dan Lee)
ISO: Edgfest 08.25.97 (Steve Mew)
searchable digest archive? (Gregory Garwin)

Volume 7, digest 123:
Any Dallas, Texas posters on this list? / Need favor (bigjazzfan@cableone.net)
FS: Uncle Jon's Workshop DAT Racks (David Minches)
FS: JVC XD-P1PRO DAT ensemble (w/problem) $75 (Orhay@aol.com)
Maxell vs Sony for 3 hour tapes in a D8 (acffh)
tapers in Tampa (dolphin smile)
Please Tape this band! (michael ryan)
Page/Plant tapers (BCLedfoot@aol.com)
ISO Yardbirds taper (BCLedfoot@aol.com)
FS: Schoeps mk4vs, nbox, mod sbm-1, lunatec 316, access, 3373 stand (William J. LaPier)
Looking for James Helgerson (LOMBG)

Volume 7, digest 122:
RE ISO Richard Levy.... (ihor cheecha)
FO: 33 DAT's & DAT RAX Case (misty mckusick)
Fwd: ezmlm response (John Sunier)
FS: Tascam DA-P1 (Paul Chrostowski)

Volume 7, digest 121:
Looking for Scoopman NTC tapes (Nico van der Kamp)
ISO: Spiritualized, Verve recordings (j. Spaceman)
ISO:The Offspring - Chicago,IL Aragon Ballroom 05/16/04 (Gary)
dats for blanks (Tony)

Volume 7, digest 120:
Dat Liquidation (Matt Edlhuber)
DAT decks forsale (Matt Edlhuber)
ISO: The Strokes (Schofield, William)
ISO: Aerosmith 12/30/97 (Schofield, William)
ISO Black Country Bandits recording. Anyone? (Laurent Hotte)
FS: 6/1/04 Great High Mountain tour ticket (casey)
ISO: Final Fantasy Symphony (Steve Mew)
Minidisc recorder needed (BCLedfoot@aol.com)
Pint sized road trip to Shoreline & Sacramento? (Chris Mcgrath)

Volume 7, digest 119:
WTD: Robert Randolph EC tour Openers (Rjerehnson@aol.com)
WTD: Patti Smith Warsaw, Brooklyn, NY shows. (Rjerehnson@aol.com)
New WHO Fan Looking For Trades (Tony Guagliardo)
DA-302 problem (Richard)
To trade: Private house concert-Phil Lesh Q/Warren 9-28-03 (JPollQs@aol.com)

Volume 7, digest 118:
test (Nico Nico)
FT: REM, Jack White,White Stripes, Von Bondies, Detroit Cobras, Darkness, 3 Johns FM/DSAT B'casts (Wayne Ellis)
ISO; Bob Dylan 4-9-04 Asheville, NC (KUZEN J)
iso velvet revolver nyc ticket (Scott C. Brown 02)
great new instant live soundboard official releases (ABB, NOJF, B. Guy, J. Beck, moe) (John R. Vanderpool)
Source for AIWA spare parts? (Reinhard Zwirner)

Volume 7, digest 117:
Zero 7 (Erik B)
ISO Taper - Sylph (bfand)
Diana Krall 2004 wanted (=?iso-8859-1?q?John=20Barnes?=)
Donna Jean & The Heart of Gold Band 5-14-04 (Chris Mcgrath)
Audience at Shows (Gregory Morgan)
Several card catalogs for sale in Chicago area (ognelson@uchicago.edu)
concert behavior (Jeff Frank)

Volume 7, digest 116:
GD Dat liquidation (B&P, Trade, or cost of blanks) (Ian Stone)
Bonnaroo 3days for your Great woods 2 days taper tix (enomoto yutaka)
headset feed ? (DCA)
PCM M1 and AT853 (Ayaz Asif)
concert behavior (Stefan Morosky)
concert behavior (Seth Breidbart)
Offspring tapers? - looking for auf der maur (Andrew .)
Lucinda on XM Radio Sunday May 16 (h Grape Minkoff)

Volume 7, digest 115:
Fishbone taping policy? (Colin Liston)
Apogee AD500 (todd romero)
Clapton Videos wanted... (Simon Wimpenny)
NRBQ video Chestnut Cabaret Philly (Bob S.)
ISO: Mich Gerber 17-Feb-2004 Cargo London (Drew Harrington)
FOR TRADE: Phish Taper's Tix 6xSPAC and 8xBoston (john crouch)
FOR TRADE: Phish Taper's Tix 6xSPAC and 8xBoston (wboswell@excite.com)
RE: FOR TRADE: Phish Taper's Tix 6xSPAC and 8xBoston (Jake Lewis)
FS: DA-P1 and battery pack (Derek Swingley)
headset feed ? (DCA)
concert behavior (some one)

Volume 7, digest 114:
concert behavior (tesla69@threelobed.com)
European and US tapers needed (Candace Horgan)
WTB: Sonosax sx-m2 (Trey Woodruff)
giant squid vs core-sound mics (Nanook Rubsit)
ISO: Brian Jonestown Massacre shows (Clint Ryan)
FOR TRADE: Phish Taper's Tix 6xSPAC and 8xBoston (wboswell@excite.com)
Apogee AD500 (Adam Smith)
giant squid vs core-sound mics (Wayne Hoxsie)
Concert behavior (Tom McCreadie)
ISO European tapers !! NEW BAD RELIGION TOUR (Christian Rodriguez)
FS: shock mounts and XLR interconnects (Nick Georges)
searching for specific shows (cheeseguy usuck)
ISO: Used Stealth Mics (KindTaper@aol.com)
recent masters for trade (Bill Graham)
Yappers (Matthew)

Volume 7, digest 113:
Starting out (John Johnson)
DAT (and CD) Liquidation Part 2 (Mark Lavallee)
DVD-R audio trading Ring (alf)
I am looking for the person who taped these Indigo Girls shows (Jeff Parkin)
ISO: Mars Volta Lowlands Festival (KindTaper@aol.com)
Relix subscription? (casey)
ISO: GD 7/6/72 (casey)
Concert behavior (Candace Horgan)
Need advice on a analog preamp (Mick)
DIO tapers (BCLedfoot@aol.com)
FOR TRADE: Phish Taper's Tix 6xSPAC and 8xBoston (Jake Lewis)
FS: MK41v Matched pair, mint condition... (john crouch)
7/16/72 Gd not 7/6/72 (casey)
Sony repairs (Todd Norman)

Volume 7, digest 112:
concert behavior (Mickey Forvey)
Stuff for sale (CMC-16s, M1, D7) (Richard Vining)
Need Taper in Los Angeles (Thomas J Roach)
FS: PCM-M1, DPA 4061s, DMIC20, and more. (Doug)
concert behavior (tesla69@threelobed.com)
sony help (Chris Simmons)
Undertones in Birmingham UK (h Grape Minkoff)
Looking for Stealth taper in Los Angeles for Andy Summers - Memorial Day (Kenneth Dudzik)
anybody ever tape at mohegan sun? (michael lopez)
Re: concert behavior (Barry Welch)
ISO Nakamichi windscreem (Chris Mcgrath)
sony help (todd romero)
Eric Clapton Wanted (aaa aaa)

Volume 7, digest 111:
FS: SBM-1 w/Oade Mod (line stage rebuild) (Mike Valencia)
DNA Lounge SF (Bas R.)
ISO: RAQ sourthern shows. (SnowRide@aol.com)
DAT-heads Digest #109 /Re: concert behavior (ethan@audio-crusade.com)
ISO: Fellow "archivist" from Flatlanders 5/7/04 Ann Arbor show (Marowski, Dan)
Trades with Dan Boardman (Dan Boardman)
concert behavior (zach)
FS: XLR interconnects and sabra shock mounts (Nick Georges)
concert behavior (Charles Quinn)
Check out this HOT Band ! (michael ryan)
WANTED: low gen Buddy Guy pro video clips (John R. Vanderpool)
ISO: Recent Aerosmith Shows (Marv Van Haitsma)
FS SP-CMC-12 microphones mini-shotgun with cardiod caps and battery box. (vataper@earthlink.net)
Please tape Eric Johnson! (Danny T)
Slim Dunlap, The Turf Club, St. Paul, MN TAPER NEEDED! (JH)
Brute Force/Misty's Big Adventure in Oxford (h Grape Minkoff)

Volume 7, digest 110:
cassette transfer recommendations? (todd romero)
cassette>CPU (Gary Davis)
Assholes talking/assholes beating on assholes (Jan Allbright)
cassette transfer recommendations? (Mikkel Breiler)
Cool Edit 2000 S.O.S (Meurglys3@att.net)
FS: DPA 4061 Mics (Malcolm Hathaway)
FS: Sony PCM-R500 (Matt Edlhuber)
FS: D8 and Lunatec 316 (William J. LaPier)
FS: Sony PCM-M1 + RM-D3K (Chris Black)
DAT-heads Digest #109 /Re: concert behavior (acffh)
David Bromberg Taping policy? (casey)
coax to optical s/pdif converters bit accurate? (Jonathan Casper)
extra for trade (alf)

Volume 7, digest 109:
ISO: Austin, TX tapers (Grady) (Mark Sloggett)
re-post: still looking for Chicago taper for 5/8 Piamenta show (ognelson@uchicago.edu)
DAT Liquidation, FS: Sony D8+OADE Active cable (Matt Edlhuber)
Ben Folds and Tesla (Smashmark@aol.com)
Subject: FS: Sonic Studios (ijwthstd)
ISO Belle & Sebastien 4-30-04 Warfield (GaoBest@aol.com)
Bela Fleck/Edgar Meyer (Smashmark@aol.com)
Assholes talking/assholes beating on assholes (Todd Bainbridge)
Assholes talking/assholes beating on assholes (Seth Breidbart)
concert behavior (DCA)
concert behavior (Seth Breidbart)
Michael Hedges trades (Mark Domyancich)
cassette transfer recommendations? (David Mobley)

Volume 7, digest 108:
FS: shock mounts and IC's (Nick Georges)
Subject: FS: Sonic Studios SS-DSM-6/L + PA-6CL Battery Box (Samuel Phipps)
FS: Sonic Studios SS-DSM-6/L + PA-6CL Battery Box (Todd Norman)
ISO: The Black Keys - Coachella Festival (Wade Cooper)
Subject: FS: Sonic Studios SS-DSM-6/L + PA-6CL Battery Box (Seth Breidbart)
ISO: Core Sound HEB (Dave)
Spare CD-Rs up for grabs.... (rappard@dds.nl)
FS: Lunatec V3 and Ecocharge (PAUL HOVORAK)
Blondie "Live by Request" Fri 9pm ET (Gary Davis)

Volume 7, digest 107:
anyone tape ravi shankar? (mike hooker)
WTD: 20db Passive attenuator cable (Danny T)
ISO: The Cure @ Coachella 5/02/04 (Dave Chapman)
Greg Brown shows, Berkeley 4/2004 (Jim Manniello)
FS: Sonic Studios SS-DSM-6/L + PA-6CL Battery Box (Barry Welch)

Volume 7, digest 106:
apollo theater security (mike hooker)
FS: sony dtc700 (w ratt)
ISO: The Cure @ Coachella 5/02/04 (Mark Lavallee)
Bobby Previte taping policy? (Ben Collette)
Austin, TX Taprers - Local H (Saturday @ Antones) (Franklin Morris)
Liars Liars Liars (r.zarkesh)
My Confirmation (=?iso-8859-1?Q?music_=A0tradet?=)
Tracy Chapman and new to your group (=?iso-8859-1?Q?music_=A0tradet?=)
FS: Sonic Studios SS-DSM-6/L + PA-6CL Battery Box (Franklin Morris)
ISO: Derek Miller Band (m s)
How to mount mics in a hat (Bas R.)

Volume 7, digest 105:
ISO: WNYC FM taper (karatebabies)
Piamenta Band in Chicago, 5/8 & 5/9, seeking taper(s) (ognelson@uchicago.edu)
DMB tix (dolphin smile)
ISO: Velvet Revolver on KROQ 4/30/04 (John M)
For Sale: DAP-1 with man xtras (Anelena Fowler)
FS: Zaolla 15' XLRs and Audio Magic Presto II XLR-RCA IC (ngregory@nc.rr.com)
rechargeables for PCM-M1 ? ( rechargeables for PCM-M1 ? )
rechargeables for PCM-M1 ? (Seth Breidbart)
Fw: FT -- Norah Jones, March 23, 2004 (Kenzo)
ISO: Chicago Velvet Revolver taper - extra ticket (jim sori)

Volume 7, digest 104:
2003/2004 Bowie (ijwthstd)
ISO Phish Vegas run 2004 ( ISO Phish Vegas run 2004 )
DAP-1 vs. Marantz CDR-300 (Kay von)
DAT masters for blanks trade offer (Richard Levy)
SoundBlaster Audigy2: Resamples? (DATtrader)
Problem with my Tascam DA30 (Thomas Siomopoulos)
Bromberg this Friday in Pricenton, NJ (jeff travitz)
ISO tokyo tapers for Squarepusher and luke vibert (TRANEHEAD@aol.com)
Violin vs. Storyteller (Gary Davis)

Volume 7, digest 103:
OT: White House Correspondent's Dinner tonight! (Gary Davis)
ISO Toby Lightman tapers (Ty Barrett)
* ISO James Blood Ulmer April 17 Bamboo Room, Ft. Worth FL (Music Is Special)

Volume 7, digest 102:
looking for some more indie traders (cheeseguy usuck)
ISO - taper Minoru Niwa (Clint)
iso: sleater-kinney 4/29 philadelphia (Larry Shewack)
iso: sleater-kinney 4/29 philadelphia (Larry Shewack)
FS: Sabra SSM-1 shockmounts (pair) (Nick Georges)
FS: Zaolla Silver XLR interconnects (Nick Georges)
Question about scratches? (Bruce Burnett)
need info on sony tcd d10 (Mick)

Volume 7, digest 101:
Response -> taping live storytelling help, please (Martin)
Zoltrix or other Coax In sound cards (todd romero)
Wanted: 7 Pin to Coax cable (Danny T)
ORIGINAL MASTER RECORDINGS (analog414@comcast.net)
eMusic Live - Concert Recording (Charles Quinn)
FS: 210 PRO AUDIO DATs - LOWER PRICE! (james helgy)
FS: 210 PRO AUDIO DATs - LOWER PRICE! (Liam Sean Kennedy)
ISO: Ekoostik Hookah Setlist Madison, WI 4/10/04 (Joe & Gen Reed)
WTD: Patty Griffin (Jeff Shirkey)
ISO: URL of mounting AT831 in a hat (Bas Ruesink)

Volume 7, digest 100:
Sony PCM-F1 (Steve Thompson)
FT: Strokes St. Louis 4-27-04 (Danny T)
=?iso-8859-1?Q?ISO:_Kraftwerk_Tapers?= ( =?iso-8859-1?Q?ISO:_Kraftwerk_Tapers?= )
ISO: 6/9 warren ticket (casey)
thanks for the shn help (cheeseguy usuck)
WTD: quasi 5/31/02 blackbird, portland, OR (cheeseguy usuck)
Heading to Coachella? (Musicfan)
FS: OKMIIR binaurals, MP2 preamp ( FS: OKMIIR binaurals, MP2 preamp )
M1 xfer to laptop (Shannon Hauerwas)
Zoltrix or other Coax In sound cards (Dan Lee)