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Volume 8, digest 099:
For Trade: Arcade Fire @ Stockholm 23/3/07 (Mototaka Fujii)

Volume 8, digest 098:
Cornelius US tour (rappard@dds.nl)

Volume 8, digest 097:
refurbished DAT decks? (Scott Hansen)

Volume 8, digest 096:
ISO: MMW 10.07.06 Tall Stacks (Mike Vescovo)
Phantom power gear for sale (David Murray)

Volume 8, digest 095:
Stephen Stills (MarkS Barnett)
Fennesz tour (April) (rappard@dds.nl)

Volume 8, digest 094:
CSNY 6/4,5/1970 - do they have clicks (Dat Head)

Volume 8, digest 093:
FM Modulators/mobile LPFM Followup (Conall O'Brien)
DVD and CD organizer for archives? (Charles Quinn)
FS: Schoeps Apogee Rig.. (cmc6/mk41's) (Cliff.Kaelin)

Volume 8, digest 092:
FM Modulators/mobile LPFM (NDC) (jw@thewhitleys.com)
Ipod/LPFM followup (jw@thewhitleys.com)
Looking to trade for BORIS shows (ray peterson)
why is Tascam DP01 8-Track Digital HD Recorder only $300!? (Dat Head)
SXSW coverage also on XM43 (Gary Davis)
cool edit recording problems (michael hooker)

Volume 8, digest 091:
SXSW, RnRHoF on TV this weekend (Gary Davis)

Volume 8, digest 090:
Korg 1 bit unit (Larry Narachi)
OT: Truncate large file? (Gary Davis)
iso some dylan (dolphin smile)
NOLA JF (Richard)

Volume 8, digest 089:
FS Tascam DA40 & CDRW5000 (Bruce Burnett)
MicroTrack 24/96 M AUDIO (Carlos Martinez)
taping at Howlin' Wolf & Tipitinas in New Orleans (Dat Head)

Volume 8, digest 088:
NDC: Anyone have a JOOST invite? (Cliff.Kaelin)
FS: Tascam DA40 & CDRW5000 (Bruce Burnett)
Sirius .pac flie conversion (Philip Dinhofer)
MicroTrack 24/96 M AUDIO (macarone@mindspring.com)
J Grey and Morfro taping policy? (Dat Head)
Fwd: MicroTrack 24/96 M AUDIO (Dat Head)

Volume 8, digest 087:
MicroTrack 24/96 M AUDIO (kees van de broeke)
dvd-r archive thread... (Nick Zuccaro)
archiving (Alasdair Macdonald)
Neko Case and John Rauhouse taping policy? (Uncle Wilco)
JJ Grey and Morfro taping policy? (Uncle Wilco)
Tapes N Tapes taping policy (Uncle Wilco)
Archiving flacs (Paul Kaytes)
Archiving Audio (Scott)

Volume 8, digest 086:
DVD and CD organizer for archives? (jw@thewhitleys.com)
FS: Tascam DA40 & CDRW5000 (Bruce Burnett)

Volume 8, digest 085:
DVD and CD organizer for archives? (Jonathan)

Volume 8, digest 084:
ISO any tapers in Oregon (Portland, Salem) area. (chas)
Bill Frisell (Edwin Hurwitz)
tcd d3 power supply (Conall O'Brien)
Bill Frisell (Adam Smith)

Volume 8, digest 083:
Frisell taping.... (michael ryan)
FLAC CD-Rs/DVD-Rs up for grabs (redux) (rappard@dds.nl)
tcd d3 power supply (dolphin smile)
ISO Kentucky Taper (Dan Gale)
howlin wolf (Dat Head)
GM place security Vancouver (Chris Bold)
Richard Thompson policy? - late notice - show's tonite (Richard)
Lila downs (Sergio Gutierrez)

Volume 8, digest 082:
fs one vip for langerado below cost (MarkS Barnett)
Vancouver GM Place (Keith)
fs langerado vip below face (MarkS Barnett)

Volume 8, digest 081:
taping recommendation: Sleepytime Gorilla Museum (David Stovall)
Frisell taping policy (Uncle Wilco)
European tapers needed (Candace Horgan)

Volume 8, digest 080:
Frisell taping policy (Adam Smith)
blues (Dat Head)

Volume 8, digest 079:
Chick Corea and Bela Fleck (A. Rosenfeld)
Sony M1 hickup? (Fred Ek)
Bill Frisel Taping Policy (Son Volt)

Volume 8, digest 078:
Johnny Winter Band a BTAT ? (Conall O'Brien)

Volume 8, digest 077:
nrbq (dolphin smile)
Led Zeppelin (AC)

Volume 8, digest 076:
Chris Thile Tix ( Chris Thile Tix )
FLAC DVD-Rs up for grabs (rappard@dds.nl)

Volume 8, digest 075:
FS: Sonic Studios DSM-6S/L, PA-6LC2 battery box & Midiman C02 Coaxial/Optical Converter (Steven B. Toeniskoetter)
Heaven and Hell (Black Sabbath) upcoming tour (BCLedfoot@aol.com)

Volume 8, digest 074:
Bill Frisell Trio (Steve Randolph)

Volume 8, digest 073:
Haight Street Fair Organizer To Be Celebrated 2/25>>> (Conall O'Brien)

Volume 8, digest 072:
Please tape Strike Anywhere in Japan and Austrailia (John Reynolds)
FS Tascam DA-P1 (Kurt Ruthe)

Volume 8, digest 071:
joe walsh at bellyup tavern in solana beach (san diego) this wednesday (2/21) (Slipkid)

Volume 8, digest 070:
HD and Flash Recorders (Frank Rinaldi)
Iggy Pop Tour (Bruce Burnett)
FS - Sound Devices 722 (ngregory@nc.rr.com)

Volume 8, digest 069:
portable solid state recorders (edirol, microtrack, sony, ?) (Carlos Martinez)
portable solid state recorders (edirol, microtrack, sony, ?) (dave n)

Volume 8, digest 068:
Nakamichi Mics? (David Avery)
portable solid state recorders (edirol, microtrack, sony, ?) (Dat Head)

Volume 8, digest 067:
Nakamichi Mics? (Steve Novy)

Volume 8, digest 066:
The Police live via satellite Monday and grammys Sunday (The Kenster)

Volume 8, digest 065:
Little Big Town (Darryl Hirschler)
HEY! (Bob S.)
Searching used pair of SonicS DSM6 (Tonton Blino)

Volume 8, digest 064:
belle and sebastion pt 2 (dolphin smile)
Nakamichi CM-700 bodies? (rich)

Volume 8, digest 063:
belle and sebastian (Bob S.)

Volume 8, digest 062:
looking for Nick G - email bouncing (Roger)

Volume 8, digest 061:
Maxell DAt"S for sale (Larry Smith)

Volume 8, digest 060:
DATS (seanst@ntelos.net)
Reel to Reel Dolby (Gary Davis)
WTD: Sony M1 (BCLedfoot@aol.com)
Looking for Scratch Acid/The Jesus Lizard/Qui (Brian Dowling)

Volume 8, digest 059:
sony D8 error msg "no input" (angie pomeroy)
Dolby Question (Tom McCreadie)
Opcode DATport Drivers (dattrader@comcast.net)
car flac player (Dat Head)
Jackson Browne 1975 Bryn Mawr, PA recording wanted (Dat Head)

Volume 8, digest 058:
Dolby question (Carlos Martinez)
Dolby question (Gregory Garwin)
Dolby Question (Matt Sohn)
Opcode DATport Drivers (dattrader@comcast.net)
DDS drive on a Mac (David McGee)
Up for grabs: MiniDisc masters (Beck, Isis) (rappard@dds.nl)
Can I still get the full unrestricted DAT2WAV? (Kurt Ruthe)

Volume 8, digest 057:
Quebec TV taper needed (bigjazzfan@cableone.net)
Dolby question (Mike Parker)

Volume 8, digest 056:
Interesting 8-channel DAT application (Jonathan)
Hi / Anyone from Quebec or Holland on the list? Need to find TV taper (bigjazzfan@cableone.net)

Volume 8, digest 055:
Soundscards are okay (dave n)
FT: Iron Maiden-11-21-2006-Oslo_MK4 (Per S)
Wally Ingram Benefit - any LA (Glendale) tapers available? Weds 1/31 (wilson king)
The Police reuniting and touring (The Kenster)
Dylan 78 shows (Hirokazu Hara)
ISO: Philly video tapers for Friday February 9th at Avant Gentlemen's Lodge, (shane b)

Volume 8, digest 054:
dat > PC (Randy Vogel)
DAT -> PC (flac/wav) Migration? (Slipkid)
dat>pc for mac? (Mike Parker)
Soundscards are okay (Gary Davis)
DAT -> PC (flac/wav) Migration? (Michael Hackett)

Volume 8, digest 053:
DAT -> PC (flac/wav) Migration? (Wes Wagnon)
DAT -> PC (flac/wav) Migration? (Richard Campbell)
Free Mogwai FLAC DVD-R.... (rappard@dds.nl)

Volume 8, digest 052:
DAT -> PC (flac/wav) Migration? ( DAT -> PC (flac/wav) Migration? )

Volume 8, digest 051:
Schoeps CMXY4V/LunatecV2/Monster Mic Cables(made by Oade Brothers)/etc for sale (Peter Min)
new Hidden Hand tour, please tape! (john e. bogus)

Volume 8, digest 050:
Migrating media: Hi8/Digital8 cam/deck ISO for firewire XFR (Jonathan)

Volume 8, digest 049:
Up for grabs: MiniDisc masters (Beck, Beastie, Isis) (rappard@dds.nl)
FS: Sony PCM-R500 (Nowtrading)

Volume 8, digest 048:
NEED Early 90s Allman Bros and Govt Mule!! (Darren R)

Volume 8, digest 047:
Sharp MD-MT180H feedback (rappard@dds.nl)
FS various gear (Nick Georges)

Volume 8, digest 045:
FS: AKG rig (Nick Georges)
FT: Killing Joke '03 and '06 DATs (Wayne Ellis)

Volume 8, digest 044:
FS: Non-abrasive DAT cleaning tapes (Digital Ambience)
WTB: EcoCharge 66-A Smart Charger (Got Da Blues)
Sparklehorse US Tour (Daniel Potter)

Volume 8, digest 043:
FS: Sonic Studios DSM-6S Mics / PA-6 Phantom Power (Digital Ambience)
FS: DAT Blanks (Digital Ambience)

Volume 8, digest 042:
Recommendations for a mic with XLR connector (rappard@dds.nl)
For Sale: Shure VP88 microphone and A88SM suspension (Danny Meltzer)

Volume 8, digest 041:
Broken DAT Tape Fix Question (Jason K)
The Police to reunite and tour! (The Kenster)

Volume 8, digest 040:
Earthwork Mics for Sale ( Earthwork Mics for Sale )

Volume 8, digest 039:
Off Topic - Double CD Jewel Cases for sale or trade (Paul Beichert)

Volume 8, digest 038:
disposing of old broken DAT decks (Larry Slavens)
XTC (Henry Owings)
FS: Sony PCM-M1 + 7-pin cable (Craig Lefort)

Volume 8, digest 037:
disposing of old broken DAT decks (Thomas Narten)

Volume 8, digest 036:
ISO: a few Phish Shows (chas)

Volume 8, digest 035:
P Mccartney 2003/04 shows (m_gasperini1@virgilio.it)

Volume 8, digest 034:
Happy Holiday's to our Dear Friends! (michael ryan)

Volume 8, digest 033:
FS: 1 like new pair Schoeps MK41 (gray) capsules (ccryder@ix.netcom.com)

Volume 8, digest 032:
Security notice. ("Chase Bank") (Graham Newton)
Spam/phishing to dat-heads (Re: Security notice. ("Chase Bank")) (=?ISO-8859-1?Q?Liam_Se=E1n_Kennedy?=)
My old POLVO tapes (Henry Owings)
ISO: MMW 10.07.06 Tall Stacks (Mike Vescovo)

Volume 8, digest 031:
Madeleine Peyroux Policy? (Richard)
Security notice. (Chase Bank)

Volume 8, digest 030:
Security notice. (Chase Bank)

Volume 8, digest 029:
FT: Radio 4 Live Tapes (Wayne Ellis)

Volume 8, digest 028:
Security notice. (Chase Bank)

Volume 8, digest 027:
Security notice. (Chase Bank)

Volume 8, digest 026:
ISO: AKG C 34 or C 422 (The Williams')
CHAVEZ (Henry Owings)

Volume 8, digest 025:
Led Zeppelin low gens (zpln100)

Volume 8, digest 024:
new e-mail addy (Russell Brand)
JJ Grey bt (MarkS Barnett)
new addy (Russell Brand)
New Sony PCM-M1's for sale !! (Gary Davis)

Volume 8, digest 023:
Luther Allison: want complete 1995 Chicago Blues Fest broadcast (and any others!) (Dat Head)

Volume 8, digest 022:
Cherry Poppin' Daddies (Richard Levy)

Volume 8, digest 021:
DAT-heads Digest #20 (Carlos Martinez)
CHAVEZ (Henry Owings)
FT: Live DATs for Blank DVD-R's (Digital Ambience)

Volume 8, digest 020:
ISO: AKG repair + AT shockmounts and FYI: Calexico policy. (Richard)
ISO: David Grisman Quintet - 11/18/06 Troy Music Hall (Paul Beichert)

Volume 8, digest 019:
FS: DAT Tapes (Digital Ambience)
Tape speed problem (Charles Quinn)
Tape speed problem (Seth Breidbart)

Volume 8, digest 018:
Looking for Todd Norman (santoro@visi.com)
=?ISO-2022-JP?B?VTIgSmFwYW4gVG91cg==?= (=?ISO-2022-JP?B?SGlybw==?=)
ISO: NIN Shows (Ryan Jonik)

Volume 8, digest 017:
FS: Sony PCM-2600 Pro DAT recorder (Michael Peachey)
319 Dead and other DATs - trade for blanks (Michael Peachey)

Volume 8, digest 016:
Cheap Trick ISO (Jonathan)

Volume 8, digest 015:
splicing repairing dats (wilson king)
ISO: MMW 11.14.03 STL, MO & 8.23.05 Britt Festival, OR (Mike Vescovo)
splicing repairing dats (Seth Breidbart)
I'm looking for DAT clones of Oasis. (=?iso-2022-jp?B?GyRCPi5OUxsoQiAbJEJCQE86GyhC?=)

Volume 8, digest 014:
i river cradle question (dolphin smile)
splicing repairing dats (Russell Brand)

Volume 8, digest 013:
FS: DAT Tapes (Digital Ambience)

Volume 8, digest 012:
FS: Sony PCM-M1 + 7-pin cable (Craig Lefort)
Hi / Anyone tape recent Lindsey Buckingham tour? (bigjazzfan@cableone.net)

Volume 8, digest 011:
dap-1 for sale (aadam jacobs)

Volume 8, digest 010:
ISO Chris Smither / Peter Mulvey (Alan Goldenberg)
DAT won't eject (Grego Sanguinetti)
FS: Tascam dap1 (Nick Georges)

Volume 8, digest 009:
DA-P1 won't eject (aadam jacobs)
PDA package for sale-- suitable for recording (mark@mayhle.com)
Looking for Live Tracy Chapman Shows will trade or buy (tchapman livetrade)

Volume 8, digest 008:
Digital recorders (Nadyne Mielke)
DA-P1 won't eject (Grego Sanguinetti)

Volume 8, digest 007:
FS: Carver TFM-25 2 channel amplifier (jw@thewhitleys.com)
MP-2 SOLD (jw@thewhitleys.com)

Volume 8, digest 006:
FS: Sound Devices MP2 (jw@thewhitleys.com)
SBM-1 and M-box Sync Problems (zenzone)

Volume 8, digest 005:
vegoose 06 shows (Stuart Gerber)

Volume 8, digest 004:
Anyone from Philly on the list? (bigjazzfan@cableone.net)
ISO Florida Tapers (Dan Gale)
ISO Paul Simon AUD from June 13, 2001 (American-Digital)

Volume 8, digest 003:
aspiring drummer (Richard)

Volume 8, digest 002:
Wayne Ellis-Dead Kennedys dats (Bruce Burnett)

Volume 8, digest 001:
Van Halen, Tori Amos, Dead Kennedys, Heather Nova DATs For Trade (Wayne Ellis)
Stones: Beacon Theater 06 (Hirokazu Hara)