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Please read this before sending me email.

I manage many different web pages covering many topics, please let me know which page you are referring to.

Email I like to receive

I appreciate feedback concerning broken links on my pages. Circuit corrections and software bug reports are always appreciated. I will consider adding links to related pages if the content is useful and there is at least SOME redeeming non-commercial content on the page.

Emails concerning the CirKits electronic kits are always welcome.

Suggestions for interesting circuit and software designs may inspire me, but I can't promise that I will design anything soon. If an idea intrigues me enough, I may consider designing and publishing a circuit or a program, but please don't expect it to be a priority job unless you are willing to pay.

The Dat-Heads mailing list archive has been shut down, you can find old versions of it on the archive.org wayback machine.

Link Requests

If you want me to add a link to your site in the CirKits Links to Alternative Energy Web Sites, FC's Electronic Circuits or The Strat Monger, email me your information and I'll consider adding it if I consider it to be useful to my readers.

Note that I will not add links for alternative energy system installers, that is beyond the scope of my pages. Please don't bother me with requests for links to sites with low-level general information and tons of advertisements.

I will only add a link if it is closely related to the info on my pages. I have had numerous requests for reciprocol links from companies who add my site to their links page, but hide their links page from their main page. That practice discourages me from adding your link.

Email that I Ignore

TV/Audio Repair Questions

I have received a lot of email from people asking where to get schematics for their TV set or stereo device and asking for help repairing stuff. I recommend that you look for a "Sam's Photofact" schematic at your local library, TV repair shop, or a repair parts store. Look for Sams Photofacts on the internet search engines. I don't recommend attempting repairs on older TV sets due to the lethal voltages inside. I'm not in the repair business myself, I recommend seeking help from a local electronics repair shop.

Design This For Me And Do It For Free

I'm a very busy person and don't have a lot of spare time to design circuitry for people, especially for free. I may be interested in doing consulting work if the work is related to my expertise. Please wave money at me to get my attention. I start getting interested around the $1000 mark.

Generally, single-copy hobbyist projects will cost more to design and prototype than the finished project is worth. If a product is already available commercially, there's not much point in paying the engineering costs to make a new design. That shouldn't discourage you from trying to invent a better wheel.

Help Me Do My Homework

The idea of homework is to learn how to do something yourself, not to ask someone else to do it for you. A good engineer should find research and design to be interesting and entertaining.

You may be able to take a circuit from an internet web page and turn it into a school project, that's fine but you should credit the source of the circuit. I generally grant permission to people who want to use my circuits for school projects, just give me credit and include a reference to my web page in your project documentation.

For general electronics info, I recommend the ARRL as a source of great books for design and theory of fun radio and electronics projects. Electronics stores usually have a selection of electronics books. Don't forget to visit the nearest library for useful books. I recommend the magazine Nuts and Volts, it has lots of fun electronics projects and many useful advertisements. Again, many questions can be answered by looking for key words on internet search engines such as Google. Another great place to find electronics information and about everything else is Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia.

Mead/Beer Homebrewing Sample Requests

I get a lot of requests for samples of the mead and beer recipes that I have online. Making your own homebrew is legal in most states in the US. It is fun and easy to do, but it is illegal to sell homebrew. The best way to get a sample of homebrew is to find a local brewer or homebrewing club. A local supplier of homebrew supplies is a good place to start.


For some reason, people like to send me their resumes. Sorry, but I don't employ anybody but myself.

Learn to use the Internet Search Engines

An incredible wealth of information is available to you by going to the various internet search engines. I usually find what I'm looking for at Google or other popular search engines.

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