Thrilla from Vanilla Mead recipe

Thrilla From Vanilla Mead

Recipe copyright (C)1993 Forrest Cook and Jonathan Corbet

Brewed 1993, Size 7 Gallons


The unfermented beverage tasted great, it bubbled away for over a month. I don't know how many vanilla beans are in one bottle, but I've heard that the raw beans are rather potent. After 6 months it tasted like it could use about twice as much vanilla. After a year it was beginning to mellow out but still needs more aging. After two years the flavor was excellent and the stock was dwindling. This mead was inspired by a vanilla mead that was poured at a "Beer and Steer" party many years ago. We have, in turn, inspired several friends to brew vanilla meads, all have been excellent.

The Beer and Steer was an occasional and often huge party in the mountains near Boulder, CO that was put on by several influential Boulder brewers. One year, the party featured "The hunt for the golden keg of mead", a keg of tasty mead was hidden in the woods and hundreds of people went off in various directions in search of the golden liquid. After a while, the mead became easy to find due to the the sound of distant laughter and merriment.

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