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Here is some free and open-source software, it comes with absolutely no warranty and minimal support. I am interested in hearing about bugs.

Unless otherwise noted, all of these programs have been licensed and released under version 3 of the GNU General Public License (GPL) as open-source software.

Stereo .wav file Volume Normalizer

A Python language script that uses ecasound to independently bring the left and right channels of a .wav file up to 100% volume.

Flac File Players

RandFlacPlay.py is a Python language script that recursively finds all the flac files in a directory tree and randomly plays them. Playflacs.py is another Python script that plays all the flac files in a specified directory, then exits. Both can easily be modified to play .wav or .mp3 files.

Unix File Date Watcher

The fwatch utility periodically checks a named file and runs a specified script when the file's date changes.

Unix X11 Color Table Editor

This program is very useful for manipulating color tables under various Unix operating systems. It only works under an 8 bit color model, which goes back to the Sun/Solaris system that it was developed under. The program compiles under Linux, to use xacte, start the Linux X server with the -bpp 8 option to use the 8 bit pseudocolor mode.

Davis WWW Weather Station

This code is used to connect a Davis Weather Monitor II to a Linux computer running Linux. It is known to work on Red Hat and Ubuntu Linux. The data is stored as one ASCII formated file per day. Version 2.3 was released February 18, 2006. The file maxmin.py is a Python language program that makes an html table with current, maximum, and minimum data values for the last 24 hours.

Morse Code Converter with Intel Hex and CSV file output

Here is a C program for converting Morse code into Intel Hex files and comma separated value (CSV) files. It can be used to encode Morse Code messages for beacons, automatic CQ devices etc.

Bandpass Filter Calculator

Here is a C program for calculating 2 pole Radio Frequency bandpass filters for use in the short wave bands and beyond. It is useful for designing ham radio filters.

Parallel Resistance Calculator

Here is a C program that calculates the value of a resistor to put in parallel with a known resistance to get a desired resistance.

Yagi Antenna Calculator

Here is a C program for calculating the element lengths and spacings for two and three element Yagi antennas. It is useful for designing ham radio antennas and single-station TV antennas.

Linux Cross Assemblers

Here is a list of free Motorola 68XX cross-assemblers and other microprocessor development resources for Unix and Linux environments.

DOS Fractal Generator

Here's an ancient DOS executable program that generates random fractals and hopalong curves, it's a bit dated, but it makes nice screen art.

Improved XCalc Button Colors

The ancient but useful Unix calculator program XCalc has an X11 config file that seems to be for an older version. This causes the button colors to be all messed up. Here is an improved version of the file that has been tested with Ubuntu Linux 22.04, it lives in /etc/X11/app-defaults/.

Check out FC's Electronic Circuits page, there are a few free programs associated with some of the projects there. My Morse Code Beacon Keyer project has a C program called cw2hex that generates morse code data for programming into EPROMs and the Arduino platform.

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